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YOUNG LIFECLUB TALK YEAR LONG SEQUENCEEach semester we take kids through the process of the gospel (God’s amazing love story to us). The formatfor these talks comes out of a book called Basic Christianity by Stout. It is this simple yet complex journey thatJesus Christ invites us into. Semester club talk sequence in Young Life:1.Person of Christ Talk(s)- Jesus being both 100%GOD and 100% MAN did amazingthings. It is not only about theamazing things he did, but also howdo those apply to us here today!Jesus has power over nature, lifeand death, and the spiritual world.How does He have power in ourown lives? Jesus did these things.Can you believe that He did thesethings? Can your high school ormiddle school friends believe thatJesus did these things? is God and does Godexist? - God has created inyou a desire to know Him. If God iswho He said He is, isn’t He worthchecking out? If God is who Hesaid He is, what does He think ofyour existence? If God is who Hesaid He is, what does He want totell you? We are put here to trulylive life. Look around to see thepresence of God. This semesterlearn about the God of the universe,this Jesus guy, and living.Jesus as Fully God - Jesusis God. God made Himselfknown by sending Jesus to earth.Don’t be misled. Jesus claimedto be God and the Bible says thatHe was. He has all the power ofGod and walked and lived amongus as God on earth. God isn’t thismysterious far away thing, He isclose and knowable by looking atthe person of Jesus.Jesus as Fully Man - Jesusexperienced life fully onearth. God knows what it is to beone of us. Jesus offers hope thathumanity can know God becauseGod knows humanity.Need Talk - We all ask abasic question in life, “Isthere something more to life?”Create an atmosphere in this talkwhere you create an explanationthat we all have a need for Jesus.And it is only this need that can besatisfied by Jesus. The need wehave for more in life can only bequenched through Jesus Christ!Sin Talk - We all have asin condition in our lives.Sin goes back to the choice ofus humans choosing NOT tobe obedient to God resulting inus being separated from God.Although the sin condition isnot visible itself, we see theconsequences of sin in our ownlives and the world around us. Sinis a choice that we have alreadymade. Sin has created a brokenrelationship between us and God.This relationship was perfect andbroke with sin. There is more tothis story, so come back and hear it.Cross Talk - We have aneed for the abolishment ofour sin. The ONLY way in whichwe can be in perfect relationshipwith God is through Jesus’ deathon the cross for our sin. Jesusdied for us individually and for allof humanity. Jesus died one deedfor all humanity. Jesus’ death onthe cross showed us He was NOTa victim, He was a volunteer. Justlike Jesus’ death on the cross He ischoosing you to see the simplicityand the complexity of the cross.Appropriation Talk - Jesusis asking us to follow Him.We are asked to step out in faithand trust Him as our Savior; inacknowledgment that we aresinners, which can only be forgivenby His death on the cross and thatonly God could raise Jesus fromdeath through the resurrection.We have opportunity to be inrelationship with Jesus. He asksus to do three things; admit that weare sinners, believe that Jesus diedon the cross for our sins and Hewants us to commit our lives over toHim. The ball is in your court andwhat decision will you make afterhearing this?

HOW TO PREPARE A YOUNG LIFE CLUB TALKWe have had the honor, privilege andhigh calling of making Jesus and HisGospel of love and life known to kids formore than 70 years in Young Life. Thefollowing is what characterizes Young Lifetalks.We pray — we pray a lot — before,during, and after, knowing that: When hearts turn to Christ it is theFather’s doing (John 6:44, 65). It is the Holy Spirit who brings anypower (1 Corinthians 2:1-5). It is the Holy Spirit who convictshearts we only “set the table” forHim to move (John 16:8-11).We proclaim the Person of Jesus inevery message (John 3:14-15).“We affirm that Young Life is, and alwayshas been, a Christ-centered mission. Asour founder, Jim Rayburn, said, ‘Jesusis not just what Young Life is all about.Jesus is all that Young Life is about.’We talk about Jesus knowing that mostkids do not have a clear picture of Hischaracter, His personality, His power, Hislove. A great distinctive in Young Life ishow we share the Gospel narratives withour young friends. We help them seethis amazing person who cares so muchabout them. Jesus comes alive for themas we present Him in Gospel accounts.”From Young Life’s Proclamation PaperWe always open and read the Bible. We know God’s Word carries moreweight than our human words(Hebrews 4:12; Isaiah 55:11). We demonstrate that the Gospelis based on, and springs from, theScripture.We bring the Scripture to life,particularly Jesus’ miracles andwords. This takes a lot of time for us, abidingin the Scripture and preparing. We have fun with this. Kids are then able to enter into aJesus event, to live it/feel it as if theywere there.We rely on story-telling. We are rabbi-like in this way. We are like Jesus, using a parable/illustration (Mark 4:34) to bring alivewhatever point we are trying tocommunicate.We weave in our own testimony — ourexperience of Jesus and of life — intoeach talk. We connect with our talk; the talk isnot outside of us.We love humor. Laughter disarms resistance, is fun,and opens hearts to listen. Our humor is never “put downs” or “offcolor” or “bathroom-like.”We uphold a profound respect for akid’s choice and what is believed. There is no “finger-pointing”: We say“we” and “us,” not “you.” There is no pressure or cornering withan argument. We do not assume anything aboutkids, in terms of their understanding.We don’t use religious jargon, butour perspective is that kids owe it tothemselves to consider the Gospel. We respect God’s work and His timingwith a person. God is involved withkids long before we come to knowthem, and long after we have no morecontact with them.We invite kids into a relationship/friendship with Jesus Christ. He is the starting point (Creatorand Incarnation), middle point (ourRedeemer) taking on our sin on thecross, and ending point (He’s theobject of our faith — the One in whomwe entrust our lives) of our Gospel.* “If kids knew how wonderful the Savioris, they’d fall in love with Him.” - GeorgeScheffer, Young Life staff from the1950s-1970s. Jesus reveals/explains God’s heart —Who God is (John 1:1-4, 14, 18).Jesus shows us life to the full (John10:10).Jesus enters into our lives, knowingand bearing its pain and chaos(Hebrews 2:18 and 4:15-16).Jesus is who we invite into our heartsand who we live “with” the rest of ourdays and for eternity (Colossians1:27).“First, we must stick to presentingJesus Christ. There are all kindsof secondary things we could getinvolved in, but they aren’t YoungLife’s business. We are not to ‘majorin minors,’ but in the one all-importantessential: that Jesus Christ is ourgreatest need, and that He’s all weneed.” - Jim Rayburn, quoted fromYoung Life’s Proclamation Paper.The A rt ofStory TellingWe all have a desire to tell our ownstory. Jesus taught the people aroundHim by telling stories to help them andus what the kingdom of God is all about.You don’t have to be the greatest storyteller in the world to be a great speakerat Young Life club, just share what Godhas placed in your own heart to sharewith your friends. The Holy Spirit leadsus and guides us to share what God hasplanned to share.ThreeElements ofYoung LifeClub TalksOur Story.The best tool that God has given us toshare about the love of Jesus Christ isour own story of following Christ. We areable to share stories from our own livesto help relate the stories of scripture tokids. God does something in our ownhearts and minds when we share how Hehas shaped us.Their Story.We relate to them on their level in theirown lives. We do not talk down to kids,we treat them like our peers and sharein their story. To relate to them in theirworld we use culture materials of videoand music.God’s Story.We open the Bible in front of kids. Thereis something still special about openinga Bible in front of kids and reading outof it to tell His story. The Bible tells usthat people can not run from Him whohave read His word. We share Hisword in simple ways so that anyone canunderstand who Jesus is and was allabout.

YOUNG LIFE CLUB TALK - DELIVERYHow are you going to engage your audience from the start of your Club talk?You need to have an interesting hook to engage kids into your Club talk. If you start yourClub talk flat, you might have a difficult task of keeping them engaged throughout your talk.You don’t have to be the funniest person, but you can bring energy to the start of your Clubtalk. If this is an area that you need help in, ask others to help you.Practice. Practice. Practice.If you are unprepared to deliver your Club talk, you will do a disservice to kids in your YoungLife Club. You are responsible for practicing your own Club talk. If your notes were lost andyou had to give your Club talk without them, could you? The proper response would be to beso practiced for your Club talk, that you could do it without any notes.Go over your Club talk with someone else.Your Club talk, before you present it to kids, needs to be heard by someone else that will giveyou honest feedback. You need to present it to an audience before you present it to yourmain audience. The more you do your talk in a presentation mode the better you will be. Anexpereinced leader on your team or your team leader would be great people to hear yourClub talk before it is presented to kids.Know your Club Talk content like the back of your hand.The better you know your Club talk content the more comfortable you will be in presentingit to kids. The background, audience, apologetics and theology of the talk are importantto know when presenting to kids. Do research around the passage. Find a great Biblecommentary to use. Ask questions if you don’t understand or know what is going on in thepassage of scripture.Visualize your talk.Picture the room, the kids in the audience, other leaders in the room, the smell and feel of theroom, etc; then go through your talk in your mind or out loud with your eyes closed visualizingall these things. Think through how you want different parts of your talk to come across tokids.Use voice inflection to control the room.Kids will get distracted by the simplest things. You can use inflection in your voice to talkloudly over the crowd or become soft to let the crowd lean in to hear. If you only use thesame tone and volume of your voice during your Club talk, you miss out presenting the mostimportant things. Your point(s) can come across better to kids, the more you use inflection inyour vioce during a Club talk.Know what your one thing is.You want kids to know the one thing you are trying to communicate in your Club talk to them.If a kid goes home after Club and a parent asks them, “What did you talk about at YoungLife”, you want them to share your one thing you communicated in your Club talk. Also,weave your one thing throughout your talk. The more times you can hit on it the better yourClub talk will be. Also, you can use your one thing statement to be the transitions in yourClub talk from part to part.Deliver your Club talk with Joy.I have seen too many Club talks given without joy. We are a new creation because of Jesus.We should have a sense of joy each time we talk about our amazing Saviour and what Hehas done in our lives. He is worthy to be discussed with passion and joy in our voices.Make sure the tech works.If you are using a video clip or a song to highlight or draw the audience in to your talk, makesure it works. Have the sound person run it before Club to know all is good. You don’t wanta critical part of your talk to not be presented well or at all if it is not working.Gospel SynopsisWhen preparing an excellent YoungLife Club talk, it is important to knowthe background of the scripturepassage you are presenting. Knowingthe author of the Gospel and to whataudience they are presenting it to, willhelp you deliver a better Young LifeClub talk.Matthew Audience - Jews Author - Tax collector and apostle.Also known as “Levi.” Date Written - 37-68 A.D. Probablywritten after Mark. Depiction of Jesus - King of theJews Key Words - Kingdom, Fulfill Key Verse - Matthew 27:37 Characteristics - Evidence to proveJesus was the promised Messiah.Mark Audience - Romans Author - Missionary with Barnabusand Paul. Called a son by Peter.Date Written - 40-65 A.D. Probablythe 1st gospel written. Depiction of Jesus - PowerfulServant of God Key Words - Immediately, Authority Key Verse - Mark 10:45 Characteristics - Fast paced andvisual.Luke Audience - Greeks Author - Greek doctor who travelledwith Paul. Wrote Acts as sequel Date Written - 59-61 A.D. Probablywritten after Mark and Matthew.(Luke 1:1-3) Depiction of Jesus - Perfect Saviorof Man Key Words - Son of Man Key V

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