Date: - October 26, 2021Dear Sir:The AUC invites you to submit your quotation for printing services of magazines for the AU.Any resulting order shall be subject to the General Conditions of Contract for Purchase Orders(attached) except where modified by this Request for Quotations (RFQ).SECTION A: REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONFor Production of office equipment for DIC Directorate1)2)3)4)5)Currency of Quotation: - ETB, USD/EuroServices are to commence by: Immediately after Purchasing order.Services are to be completed by: shall be fixed at the time of contract negotiation.Quotations must be valid for two weeks from the return by Date given below.Quotations and supporting documents as specified in Section B must be marked with theProcurement Number given above and indicate your acceptance of the stated terms andconditions.6) Quotations must be received, no later than: November 10, 2021 on or before 3:00PM AddisAbaba time. Bidders Shall have the option of submitting their bids electronically Electronic proposals shall be permitted Maximum size of the attachment should not beabove 10MB. The bidders shall submit their technical and financial bids electronically as per thefollowing details. The PDF copy of the technical and financial proposals in separate Zipped files shall besubmitted by EM (Electronic e-mail). The Zipped files of the technical and FinancialProposal should be separately encrypted, or password protected. The Email shall not beencrypted but only the Technical and Financial Proposals shall be encrypted or passwordprotected. The procedure is: The bidders will receive the confirmation email from the Borroweronce the Proposal is received by e-mail.(i) Password or encryption key should be broken into both the technical and financial proposalzipped files and send by EM to: [email protected]) Time of sending of password or encryption key for the technical and financial proposals: Thepasswords or “encryption key” for technical proposals will be sent at least four hours before bidsubmission deadline.The subject of the email address should indicate the full title of the assignment and procurementreference number.2

a)The separate Zipped files of the technical and financial proposals should be sent to thefollowing email addresses: [email protected] should ensure documents are not corrupt or affected by any computer virus that maypossibly deny an access to the files. The Client shall not be responsible for such corrupt fileswhich may deny access during the proposal opening process7) Quotations must be returned to:Attention: Head Procurement, Travel and Stores DivisionStreet Address: African Union Commission, Roosevelt StreetFloor/ Room number: 3rd Floor, Building CCity: Addis AbabaZIP/Postal Code: P.O Box 3243Country: Ethiopia8) The attached Schedule of Rates and Prices at Section C and Technical Data at Section D detailthe services to be performed.9) You are requested to quote by completing Sections B, C and D. Quotations shall cover all costsof labour, materials, equipment, overheads, profits and all associated costs for performing theservices. The whole cost of performing the services shall be included in the items stated andthe cost of any incidental services or materials shall be deemed to be included in the pricesquoted.10) Quotations that are responsive, qualified and technically compliant will be ranked accordingto price. Award of Contract will be made to the best quality and lowest priced quotation by theissue of a Purchase Order.11) Payments will be made in accordance with any resulting order within thirty (30) days of receiptof an invoice supported by a certificate of satisfactory completion signed by user department3

SECTION B: QUOTATION DETAILS1) Currency of Quotation ETB, USD or Euro2) Services will commence within 7 days/weeks from date of Purchase Order.3) Services to be completed by shall be fixed at the time of contract negotiation4) Validity period of this quotation is 60 days from the Return by Date.5) We enclose the following document(s) as required by the Purchaser:6) We confirm that our quotation is subject to the African Union General Conditions of Contractfor Purchase Orders and is based on the terms and conditions stated in your Request forQuotation referenced above.7) We confirm that the prices quoted are fixed and firm for the duration of the validity period andwill not be subject to revision or variation.QUALIFICATIONS & ELIGIBILITYTo apply for the Service contract, the responding companies are expected to provide thefollowing in their proposals:a.b.c.d.e.Valid Business Registration DocumentsValid LicenseTax Certificates (Tax Clearance, VAT certificate, Tax payer’s registration)Minimum of 5 years’ continuous business experience in the area of printing serviceSample work done.SECTION C: SCHEDULE OF RATES AND PRICES (TO BE PRICED BY BIDDER)NoDescription1Magazine:- A4 ,Pages:32 ( Coverincluded ), Paper:-Silk 120g, Cover:Silk 120gUnit costTotal costPAYMENT SHEDULEPayments will be made in accordance with any resulting order within thirty (30) days of receiptof an invoice supported by a certificate of satisfactory completion signed by user department4

SECTION D: TECHNICAL DATANo1MagazineMagazineSpecificationFormat :- A4Pages:32 ( Cover included )Required deliverydateTwo Weeks after theContract agreementPaper:-Silk 120gCover:- Silk 120gWe confirm that we comply with the technical requirements as detailed above.Authorised By:Signature:Name:Position:Date:Authorised for and on behalf of:Company:5

Procurement Number: ET-AUC-175152-NC-RFQ . 2 Date: - October 26, 2021 Dear Sir:- The AUC invites you to submit your quotation for printing services of magazines for the AU. Any resulting order shall be subject