The Value of CloverDo you know the value of Clover?Clover Systems are an easy sell for vendorsworking with small businesses withoutexisting POS Software in place.1.Highlight support features that areavailable2. Emphasize the ease-of-use3. Reduces paperwork by automaticallygenerating accurate reporting4. Customer Relationship Management5. Employee Management

Clover DemoDid you know your merchant can DEMOClover’s Web Dashboard? Take a tour and view all the reportingoptions available to the merchant Keep track of customer contacts Get Feedback from customers Offer rewards to keep their customerscoming back Offer promotions to keep the customercoming back Control how employees will use the CloverSystem View over 300 Apps that are available

CLOVER APPMARKETPLACEDid you know Clover has over40 apps that are FREE?In Addition to the core apps, Clover provides hundreds oftools in the Clover App Market to help the merchant runtheir business. Whatever their needs are, payroll, staffing,selling, online stores, or something else, you can find free,paid, and subscription-based apps made by third-partydevelopers.Apps by Clover 21/apps/collections/all?developerId CLOVERDEVApp Marketplace roup &developerId &itemsPerPage 50&page 1&q

Apps by VerticalDo you know what apps are best to pitch by business type? Restaurant:Salon-Barber-Spa:Retail:Auto Repair:Clover DiningSalon SchedulerInventoryInventorySmart DiscountsSmart DiscountsSmart DiscountsSmart kFeedbackFeedbackFeedbackSmart Online OrderingBooker-Clover Mini Connector

Brief App DescriptionsInventory- Manage all youritems, categories, andmodifiers in one place.Feedback- Feedback lets youhear directly from yourcustomers. Find out whatthey love most about yourbusiness and help keepharmful negative feedback offpublic review sites like Yelp.Smart Discounts- createand manage discounts, bogos,cross-sells, spend X andbundles on your Clover pos.Create as many special offersas needed to help increasesales and move inventory.Clover Dining- views ofyour floor, bartenders getpowerful bar tab and tickettransfer capability, servers geta fast and intuitive orderinterface, and managers getcontrols, oversight functionsand reports.Homebase Track Time & SimplifyPayroll Employee Scheduling Hiring Team CommunicationSmart Online Order WordpressUnlimited Online OrdersMultiple Location SupportWorks with All WebsitesOrders Print to Clover andKitchen PrinterPromos- Automaticallycollect customer contactinformation and build yourmailing list, Engage and retainin-store customers withcouponsSalon SchedulerAutomatic appointmentremindersCustomer online schedulingReportingSet Employee CommissionsRewards- Create a simple,custom loyalty programwithin minutesBooker-clover Mini ConnectorAppointment Booking-integratewith Facebook, Yelp, and moreComplex SchedulingManage Customer RelationshipsTrack staff SchedulesReportingPersonalize Gift Certificates

Cash Discounting AppDid you know Clover offers Cash Discounting? A The #1 Cash Discount Program fully compliant with "Cash Discounting"guidelines Dramatically Reduce your cost of processing: Recoup most fees incurredby processing Easy to print and use signage for the point of sale and store front &Product Labels printing BONUS: Integrated Customer CRM &Rewards Program included withSMS feature, product labeling module BONUS: Invoice customers directly from the app great for ServiceIndustry Increases all inventory by 3.99% (for example) automatically. Whencustomer chooses to pay by Cash, they don't pay the 3.99%, if pays bycredit card pays the other price with the 3.99%

Did you know that POYNT is a terminal andClover is a POS System?Is POYNT a POS System? The PoyntSmart Terminal is a payment terminalwith basic register functionality builtin. 3rd-party applications likeeHopper, eThor, and LightningRegister can provide richer POSfunctionality.Is Clover a POS System? CloverPOS Software. Clover is an integratedpoint-of-sale (POS) system withcustom hardware designed for severaltypes of retailers. . Clover replacescash registers, terminals, receiptprinters, label printers and barcodescanners.

BookerBypass MobileCareCloudIdeal POSCloverIntegrationsDid you know that Cloversemi-integrates with someISV Partners?ShopKeepUpserve / BreadcrumbDatapointSpringboardMiPointQuickbooks by Commerce SynceThor (Micros 3700, NCR Aloha, and DinerwareShopify

Clover SupportDid you know Clover offers tons of Support to you and the merchant?

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Clover is a POS System? Is POYNT a POS System? The Poynt Smart Terminal is a payment terminal with basic register functionality built-in. 3rd-party applications like eHopper, eThor, and Lightning Register can provide richer POS functionality. Is Clover a POS System? Clover POS Software. Clover is an integrated