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CONTENTS// 0 3Introducing Domain Venture Partners// 0 4 - 05The Internet and Domains: An Introduction// 0 6 - 07Registry - Registrar Structure// 0 8Registry Revenue Streams// 0 9 - 10 Potential Average Year 1 RevenueStreams in a gTLD Registry// 11The Deregulation of the Internet// 1 2Brand Name Applications// 1 3Position of New gTLD Applicants// 1 4 - 16Domain Venture Partners II// 17 - 18Market Squeeze// 1 9 - 20ICANN Process Investment Risk Profile// 2 1 - 22The Perfect Option// 2 3 - 25Partner profiles// 2 6 - 28Famous Four Media// 2 9 - 30DOMAIN VENTURE PARTNERS PCC Limited (DVP I)// 31Structural Details// 3 2Who’s Who?//PREVIOUSPAGE 02//NEXT

//Back to ContentsINTRODUCINGDOMAIN VENTURE PARTNERSDomain Venture Partners, working with Famous FourMedia, are launching this Fund to bridge the gapbetween the demand for and supply of finance andtechnical support in ICANN’s new generic top leveldomain name gTLD process.Key benefits of investing at this stage include:Domain Venture Partners II shall provide a uniquestructured regulated investment opportunity to participatein the new gTLD programme to provide secured fixedannual returns along with additional venture type returnsat a time in the process where most of the major riskshave been removed.// Portfolio spread by investing in multiple applicantsThe combination of financial overstretching of applicants,the complexity of the technology and policy surroundingthe space and the structure of the ICANN new gTLDprogramme has provided a perfect opportunity fromwhich DVP is uniquely placed to benefit from.//PREVIOUS// Reduced risk profile// Ability to target specific Strings// Investment cost only if successful in auctionor purchase of uncontested Registry// Short time period between investment andcash distributionsIain RoacheChairmanPAGE 03//NEXT

//Back to ContentsTHE INTERNET AND DOMAINS:AN INTRODUCTIONDomain Name System (DNS)Top Level Domains (TLD)The Domain name System (DNS) is the technology thatunderpins the operations of the Internet, communicationvia the Internet and ecommerce. The purpose of the DNSis to enable Internet applications and their users to namethings that have to have a globally unique name. Domainnames must be unique to ensure that Internet trafficreaches the desired location.Every domain name is composed of at least two parts: atop-level domain (TLD) which is the final part of the nameand a second-level domain. In the domain name, the .com part is the top-level domain, and the word‘amazon’ is the second-level domain. Whilst there are analmost infinite number of second-level domains, there arecurrently only 22 generic TLD (gTLD) Registries whichare listed below.The DNS was developed to ensure that every computerconnected to the Internet has its own unique and easyto remember address. In the DNS system the address ofa computer is actually a set of numbers which is calledthe computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) address. However,DNS allows you to assign a domain name in a more userfriendly alphabetical rather than numerical form, such rather than ic organisations.orgorganisation.postPostal mmunications.milUS military.mobimobile devices.traveltravel & tourismrelated.xxxadult entertainmentPAGE 04.museummuseums.nameindividuals byname//NEXT

//Back to ContentsTHE INTERNET AND DOMAINS:AN INTRODUCTIONSecond and Third-level DomainsDomains and Real Estate: An AnalogyThe second-level domain is the part of a domain nameimmediately to the left of the top level. It is the partof a domain name that most commonly identifies theorganisation to which the domain name belongs such as‘amazon’ for ‘, Inc.’ Third-level domains arewritten immediately to the left of a second-level domain.Within the context of routing within the Internet a domainname or the IP address is similar to a postal address.However, the real estate analogy can be carried further.The third-level domain is typically used to refer toa specific server within an organization. In largerorganisations each division or department might haveits own third-level domain, which can serve as aneffective means for identifying it. www is often usedto identify the web service of an organisation and isthe most used third-level domain.//PREVIOUSFrom an ownership basis there is a direct overlap.ICANN issues Registries with Registry licenses in thesame way that in the UK the Crown assigns freeholdtenures. The Registry operator then holds the right tolicense out a potentially limitless amount of virtual realestate to end consumers (Registrants) for periods of1 to 10 years in the same way a freeholder may leaseout property. The Registrars and resellers providethe same function as estate agents. Domain namesare foundations on which a website (like a house orcommercial building) can be Domainwww.example.comPAGE 05The analogy is also useful to understand the type ofregistrations that take place during the different revenuephases. For example, some people register trademarksduring the Sunrise period for active use, others mayregister defensively to prevent others from misusing thespace (similar to creating greenbelt land). During theLandrush phase professional domainers buy up plots ofland for commercial purposes like real estate developersmight. The Premium name Strings are perceived to havethe most value and are the virtual real estate equivalentof beach front land. Domains, just like real estate, canappreciate over time, even more so if they are developed.//NEXT

//Back to ContentsREGISTRY REGISTRAR STRUCTUREThe Registry BusinessSince ICANN was appointed to oversee the Internet in1998 Internet Registries have operated as wholesalebusinesses providing registration services to retailRegistrars (such as Go Daddy or Network Solutions) whomarket registrations to end users known as Registrants.At the close of Q2 2012 there was a base of more than240 million domain name registrations across all TopLevel Domains (TLDs). This is an increase of 7.3 milliondomain names (3.1%) over the first quarter of 2012, andY/Y registrations have grown by 25.5 million (11.9%).For more vertical TLDs the growth has been evenlarger with 5.7% Q/Q and 18.5% Y/Y.//PREVIOUSOperating Internet Registries can be an extremelyprofitable business. Verisign (which operates and .net Registries) reported:// operating income of 772m in 2011; and// an operating margin on Q3 of 2012 of 51.9%.It is believed that a number of the Registries that maybecome available as part of the New gTLD programmeare extremely valuable, a number being valued in excessof 100m with the asset having been acquiredfor potentially less than 1m.PAGE 06//NEXT

//Back to ContentsRegistration Business StructureA domain Registrant is an individual, organization orcompany that holds the rights to the use of a particulardomain for a set period of time. The Registrant, oruser, decides how to utilise the domain name within theRegistry Operators T&Cs.A domain Reseller is a company that is not directlyaccredited as an ICANN Registrar, but still resells domainnames and domain name service through an existingICANN accredited Registrar. These companies are oftenISPs or other service providers and there are manythousand Resellers globally.domain name Registrars, inserts that information into acentralised database and distributes the information viaInternet zone files so that domain names can be foundby users around the world.Relationship between istry(e.g WIN)A domain Registrar is a company that is directlyaccredited by ICANN. The Registrar provides directservices to domain name Registrants. There are nowover 960 Registrars that provide services to Registrantsand Resellers or users around the world.Registrars(e.g GoDaddy)Auction ProvidersA domain Registry operator maintains and operatesthe infrastructure that makes it possible to convert IPaddresses to domain names. A Registry receivesdomain name service (DNS) information from//PREVIOUS(e.g SEDO)Resellers(e.g Federations, Groups)Registrants(e.g Joe Smith, Companies)PAGE 07//NEXT

//Back to ContentsREGISTRY REVENUE STREAMS// Sunrise – the period prior to the launch of the Registrywhen trademark holders may register a domainname containing their marks. Should more than oneapplication be received for a particular String theregistration will be decided by an auction.// Landrush – Landrush is the period prior to theopening of the Registry to general registrationwhere Registrants with particular interests in nontrademarked Strings can apply to register such String.Should more than one application be received for aparticular String the registration will be decided byan auction.// Premium String – Those of extremely high valuereserved by the Registry to be auctioned. The markethas valued single Strings on new gTLDs in excess ofUSD 0.5M.(6)The last few gTLD launches like .ASIA and .XXX havedelivered significant revenue during these phases – USD7.2M.(7) (.ASIA Sunrise and Landrush) and USD 13M.(8)(.XXX Sunrise before auctions only) ASIA:SUNRISELANDRUSHGENERAL REGISTRATIONPEAK MONTHLY REVENUE 7.2mING-GOONRESAMTREESUVEN// General Registrations – This is the period after theinitial launch of the Registry where domains aresold on a first come first served basis.//PREVIOUSPAGE 08//NEXT

//Back to ContentsPOTENTIAL AVERAGE YEAR 1REVENUE STREAMS IN AgTLD REGISTRYThe projections set out below are aimed to highlightthe potential year 1 revenues for an average Registry.These are based on historical data points establishedby the existing operational gTLD Registries. The domainname registration business is highly statistical andquantifiable. Each Registry must publish monthly salesvolume and make available their various pricing forgeneral registrations. However, not all gTLD Registrieshave accessed each potential revenue stream (forexample .com and .net developed gradually before theconcepts of Sunrise or premium name registrationswere established) and not all information regarding salesvolume and pricing are publically available (for examplewith premium name registrations or auction prices).//PREVIOUSThe figures are averages and therefore would representprojections for a standard gTLD Registry. Potential year1 revenues for specific Registries may be below or abovethis average. It may be possible to increase the revenuestreams by optimising marketing and sales, in additionthere are further revenue streams being developed byFamous Four Media Limited (FFM).PAGE 09//NEXT

//Back to Contents//PREVIOUSPHASE 1PHASE 3PHASE 5Sunrise RevenueLandrush RevenueGeneral Availability RevenueEstimated Market Size 39,679Estimated LandrushVolume 34,375Mean Average Volume 225,759Mean Average Price 173.5Mean Average Price 111Mean Average Price 18.47Potential Revenue 6.9mPotential Revenue 3.8mPotential Revenue 4.1mPHASE 2PHASE 4PHASE 6Sunrise Auction RevenueLandrush Auction RevenuePremium Name RevenueAuction Volume 1,401Auction Volume 45,697Premium Volume 5,500Mean Average Price 2,000Mean Average Price 213.34Mean Average Price 202Potential Revenue 2.8mPotential Revenue 9.7mPotential Revenue 1.1mPAGE 10//NEXT

//Back to ContentsTHE DEREGULATIONOF THE INTERNETThe DNS is evolving through the introduction of new gTLDs following in the footsteps of .com and .net. There arecurrently two types of TLDs: gTLDs such as .com, .mobi, and .info, and country code top-level domains (“ccTLDs”)such as .uk, .br, and .cn. There are currently 294 ccTLDs and 22 gTLDs in the IANA root zone.(1)On the 20th of June 2011 ICANN, which oversees theInternet addressing systems, voted to withdraw certainrestrictions on the use of new gTLDs from the current 22and invited an unlimited number of applicants to apply tooperate gTLD Registries based on potentially any genericterm. ICANN stated “we have opened the door to anera of creative innovation unlike any other since theInternet’s inception”.// Number of applications: 1,930// Number of unique Strings: 1,409// Number of brand applications: 652// Number of geographic place names: 66// Number of generic terms: 691The window for filing applications to operate gTLDRegistries was open between the 12th of January and the30th of May 2012. ICANN publicly announced the numberof applications that it had received, and disclosed whichgeneric words had been applied for and which entitieshad applied to operate those Registries on the 13th ofJune 2012(2)//PREVIOUS// Number of terms contested by morethan one applicant:232 applied for by 751 applicantsPAGE 11//NEXT

//Back to ContentsBRAND NAME APPLICATIONSA large number of internationally recognised companies from all market segmentshave applied for trademarked Strings.These include:Generic PortfoliosMicrosoft, Yahoo, Apple, Samsung, Flickr, JP Morgan,HSBC, American Express, Visa, KPMG, Nike, Audi, Ford,Ferrari, McDonalds, BBC, L’Oreal, Hermes, Nikon, Nokia.// Donuts, Inc:307 applications;149 uncontested.Brand Generic Applications// Amazon:76 applications; 41 uncontestedIn addition, a number of groups applied for generic termsassociated with their various market segments.// Google, Inc:103 applications; 38 uncontested//, .llp, .site, .gmbh, .lol,.diy, .inc, .dog,llc, & .wow// TLD Holdings:70 applications; 14 uncontested//, .author, .read, .song & .tunes// L’Oreal:beauty, hair, makeup, salon & skin// Richemont:.jewellery, .love & .watches//PREVIOUS// DVP I:60 applications; 10 uncontested // UniRegistry:54 applications; 9 uncontested// Radix:31 applications; 3 uncontestedPAGE 12//NEXT

//Back to ContentsPOSITION OFNEW GTLD APPLICANTSA combination of factors have combined to create aperfect investment environment for a well capitalisedinvestment fund with technical and policy knowledgeto make informed investment decisions. The costsassociated with applications in the new gTLD haveincreased, the financial strength of most applicantshas been reduced and the knowledge barrier toentry is too high to interest large standardventure investors.Financial IntroductionTechnical and OperationalIncreased Costs// Delays in New gTLD programme// Portfolio players investing the majority of financialresources in application fees rather than reservingfor future operational costs// Increased number of applicants and applicationsmeans more contention sets leading to more auctions// Underestimation of operational costs to launch; and// Underestimation of the cost of marketing tosuccessfully maximise gTLD value and reach// A number have used debt rather than equity financeApplication MistakesExamples of serious application mistakesthat have already taken place include:Transaction FlowApplicants require extra funding for both operational andauction costs.Following a survey of all generic applicant groups// 42% of potential generic applicant groups stated thatthey were interested in receiving additional funding// This percentage represents 148 applications//PREVIOUSPAGE 13// Placing all applications in one Corporate entity. Creates legal and commercial contamination risk Restricts the transfer of Registry assets// Major application errors. Applying for prohibited StringsGoogle has withdrawn 3 applications Applying for Strings that are confusinglysimilar to existing gTLDs or ccTLDs Applications for closed generic Strings Applicants wishing to switch fromopen to close Registries Applying for new Registry serviceswithout public consultation Invalid claims for community status//NEXT

//Back to ContentsDOMAIN VENTURE PARTNERS IIDomain Venture Partners, working with Famous Four Media, are launching this fund to support and bridge the gap betweenthe demand for, and supply of, finance relating to the new gTLD process. Domain Venture Partners II shall provide astructured regulated investment opportunity created by the New gTLD programme and the Fund’s success to date.Key benefits of investing at this stage include:// Reduced risk profile based on the advanced stageof ICANN process// Ability to target specific Strings// Portfolio is diversified by investing in multiple applicants// Valuation discipline applied using proprietary valuationmodel/methodologyDomain Venture Partners II is a unique offeringto investors:// It is the only regulated investment fund establishedto invest specifically in this stage of the ICANN newgTLD programme// Domain Venture Partners II, partnered with FamousFour Media, has the Operational Capacity as amarket leader to launch, monetise and managethe Registries// Investment made only if applicant is successful in theauction or via a purchase of an uncontested Registry// Short time period between investment and operation//PREVIOUSPAGE 14//NEXT

//Back to ContentsDOMAIN VENTURE PARTNERS IIThe Fund has identified the following two main categories of investment in Investment Entities://1. Auction Investment Method//2. Purchase Investment MethodThis is where the Fund shall invest in auction InvestmentEntities to provide funding for such entities to participatein String auctions.These involve equity purchases of InvestmentEntities. These shall be sourced from two areas:// New gTLD programme Applicants// Existing Operational RegistriesInvestments within the auction Investment Method shallbe subject to the following terms:// The Investment Amount determined by theInvestment Valuation Matrix.// The Investment Amount shall be paid only to auctionprovider should the Investment Entity win such auction.// The Fund shall take controlling stakes in such entitiesand rights over initial revenues in return for providing theability of the Investment Entity to win the String auction.// The Investment shall be repaid by the auctionInvestment Entity from initial revenues with suitablesecurity taken over such revenues.// This ensures prioritised early repayment of the IEinvestments and provides the funding for the preferredreturn, which is distributed to investors in the Fund.// The Fund shall require the auction Investment Entity(subject to ICANN permissions) to transfer theoperations of the Registry to the Famous Four MediaOperating Platform.//PREVIOUSEquity purchases of New gTLD programmeApplicants shall be subject to the following terms:// The Investment Entity must hold an uncontestedapplication that has passed evaluationwithin the New gTLD programme.// The Investment Amount shall be no greater thanthe Fundamental Value of the proposed Registry asdetermined by the Investment Valuation Matrix.// The Fund shall require the Investment Entity (subjectto ICANN permissions) to transfer the operations of theRegistry to the Famous Four Media Operating Platform.// This will enable the Fund to maximise the valueof the Registry by harnessing the benefits of theFamous Four Media Operating Platform, significantlyincreasing revenues and lowering costs, resultingin higher initial returns to investors, and venturereturns based on increased entity values.PAGE 15Equity purchases of existing operational Registriesshall be subject to the following terms:// The Investment Entity must hold the rights tooperate an existing gTLD or ccTLD Registry.// The Investment Entity must be able tomove its operations on to the FamousFour Media Operating Platform.// The Investment shall only be made should theFund believe that it can increase the profitabilityof the Registry by moving it to the FamousFour Media Operating Platform and usingthe intellectual property rights of DML II.// The increased profitability shall provide an initialreturn on investment and an increased entityvalue allowing for a venture type return whilstproviding regular distributions to the Fund.//NEXT

//Back to ContentsDOMAIN VENTURE PARTNERS IIMethods of increasing the entity value above theFundamental Value for New gTLD programmeApplicants or improving net profit margins for suchoperational Investment Entities include:// Reducing costs by using economies of scalecreated by Famous Four Media;// Increasing the number of revenue lines availableto the Registry;// Utilising the Famous Four Media OperatingPlatform’s Registrar channel links to reach alarger Registrant community;// Using DIP’s methods of Registry andRegistrar management;// Forming part of Famous Four Media’s marketing reach;// Utilising DIP’s protected systems andbusiness methods;// Restructuring the business to reduceunnecessary costs; and//PREVIOUS// Re-domiciling to a more tax efficient jurisdictionsuch as Gibraltar;// Commercialising a ccTLD with limited appeal byrebranding it as a gTLD in a similar way to .co or .tv;// Removing restrictions on Registrant qualification toopen it up to a wider market; and// Removing registration complications that createbarriers to registration, for complex application forms.PAGE 16Management Alignment and IP consideration:In order to align the management to optimise Registryprofitability and maximise returns to the Fund, B Sharesshall be issued to allow the management to participate indistributable profits above the hurdle and Preferred Return.The profitability of investee Registries is highly dependenton unique intellectual property rights (both current andfuture) developed by DVP, Domain Intellectual PropertiesLimited (DIP) and FFM. These have been provided forthe use of DVP II by way of licensing agreements inconsideration for the B Shares.//NEXT

//Back to ContentsMARKETSQUEEZEThe funding gap has not been bridged for a number ofreasons including:// Traditional financial institutions restricting lendingand investment criteria.// The highly technical area of ICANN policy and Internetinfrastructure makes the market appear higher risk tostand alone venture investors.// Lack of specialist investment funds with marketknowledge and strategic positioning to expertlymanage investments at this stage.//PREVIOUSPAGE 17//NEXT

//Back to ContentsGrant ThorntonKPMG(Administrator)(Auditor)COI ProviderDOMAINVENTUREPARTNERS IIstInvemeGoldman Sachs&Credit SuisseSteptoe & Johnson&Wilmer Hale(ICANN Policy Lawyers)ntWilson Sonsini&FenwickDML IIRegistry(Investment Director)FixedC ont r ac(Corporate Lawyers)Neustar / ARItIP Rights(Backed Service Provider)DomainIntellectualProperty Limited//PREVIOUSBurson MarstellerPublic RelationsFAMOUSFOUR MEDIAOver 100 RegistrarAgreementsIron MountainSteptoe & Johnson&Wilmer HaleAllianceManagementGoldman Sachs(Governance Council(Banker)(ICANN Policy Lawyers)Management)PAGE 18(Escrow Provider)//NEXT

//Back to ContentsICANN PROCESSINVESTMENT RISK PROFILEPre-ApplicationPre Evaluation// Programme Cancelled// Timeline Delayed// Timeline Delayed// Extended Reviews DelayingContention Sets// Batching and DelegationTiming Uncertainty// Community Objection// Failure of Application// ICANN Contract Challenges// GAC Objections// Trademark law Suits// No Visibility of Competitors// No Clarity on Success ofVerticalisation ProcessDVP 2// Failure of Application// Extended Reviews DelayingContention Sets// Community ObjectionsPost Evaluation// GAC Objections// IANA Delegation Uncertainty// Ability to OperateRisks managed by FFM// ICANN contract challenges// ICANN Contract Challenges// IANA delegation uncertainty// IANA Delegation Uncertainty// Ability to operate// Ability to Operate//PREVIOUSPAGE 19//NEXT

//Back to Contents Initial Evaluation Pace vs. Delegation:The structure of the ICANN new gTLD process hascreated a perfect investment environment for the Fund.2000150010005000May 2015Mar 2015Nov 2014Sep 2014Jul 2014May 2014Mar 2013Jan 2013Nov 2013Sep 2013//PREVIOUSJul 2013May 2013Mar 2013 Initial EvaluationFormal contention sets were announced from March2013. However, the results of the application evaluationswill be released in a staggered format between Marchand June 2013 with between 30 - 100 being announcedper week. Pre-delegation testing for resolved contentionsets will take place at a rate of 20 per week. The orderin which applications are evaluated and eventuallydelegated is based on a prioritisation lottery that tookplace in December 2012. This staggered approachprovides a structured timeline for contention sets tobe resolved. It allows the Fund to focus its investmentprocess on targets individually and then move on to thenext investment opportunity in the investment window. DelegationPAGE 20//NEXT

//Back to ContentsTHE PERFECT OPTIONAn investment in gTLD applicants at the predelegation stage in the New gTLD programme can be viewed as similarto an investment in a stock option, but a variety of factors enables this to display similar characteristics to a highlyvaluable equity option:// Availability - Depth and breadth of demand; High levelof applicants requiring finance to fund their applications.// Price of option. The price of the option is theinvestment level. lack of funding in the market lowers auction price. The Fund sets maximum investment level.// Free option. Financing of the acquisition by way ofcash/earn-out ensures that the revenue of the Registrypays for the purchase price of the option. The equityelement provides for the venture upside for investors.// Future exercise price. The Investment Valuation Matrixassists in assessing the future value of the investment. Investment methodology sets large margin betweenInvestment and sale price. Investment price based on early revenue streams.//PREVIOUS The Fund can improve the future value of the registrythrough the 9 strategies explained on Page 16, e.g.,via the IP, operational and distribution reach, andefficiencies offered by FFM. The future exercise price is pure venture profitbecause investment amount is repaid fromRegistry revenues.// Volatility. Initial high volatility as asset price increasesupon delegation followed by stable revenue streams.// Exercise Date. The Fund controls when to exercise theoption (i.e. when to sell the Registry). It is an AmericanOption rather than a European Option that the fund cansell the Registry when it finds a suitable purchaser.// Dividends. Unlike an option the Registries can paydividends throughout the option period.PAGE 21//NEXT

//Back to ContentsPortfolio Bundling on ExitsPlatform BusinessVenture UpsideDVP/FFM Intellectual Property Investment Returns:Channel Management and Incentives Across gTLDsEconomies of Scale - Service Providers (e.g Neustar, Sedo)Additional Revenue Streams - Landrush and Premium StringsFloor Value for gTLD license only - Based on Sunrise onlyFundamental Value setby Valuation MatrixExercise Price(Investment Repayable)//PREVIOUSDebt finance producing25% p.a to back10-12% preferential returnPAGE 22//NEXT

//Back to ContentsGEIR RASMUSSENPartner– Domain Venture PartnersChief Executive Officer- Famous Four Media Limited.ExperienceGeir Rasmussen was a founder and CEO of the GlobalName Registry Ltd (GNR), the operator of the .name toplevel domain (gTLD).GNR focused on digital identity services, utilising gTLD as a core part of providing individualsworldwide with personal and memorable digital identities.GNR offered two core products: a personalized emailaddress with forwarding capabilities (e.g. [email protected]), and a personalized domain name (e.g. was the CTO of the company during its initial phase,and was responsible for building its own Registry system,global DNS resolution infrastructure, as well as a 24/7/365//PREVIOUSnetwork operations function. He further managed theintegration of the Registrar channel and the differentphases of the .name launch in 2002.Later, Geir managed the transition from an in-houseinfrastructure to an outsourced backend provider in orderto optimize the cost base of the company. Global NameRegistry Ltd was acquired by VeriSign Inc. in late 2008.Prior to GNR, Geir was a founder of the personal emailprovider providedemail accounts using personal domain names to over1.5 million users. The company managed over 100,000personal domain names on a number of TLDs, providingconsumers with a highly personal domain name usingtheir name as an email address. wasacquired by in 2002, and is nowpart of Tucows following an acquisition in 2006.the Free Pad, a Linux based touch-screen, wirelesstablet PC. He was a co-founder of one of the first webcontent management systems (IMAKER CMS) whichlaunched in 1995.Geir managed sales, project management, developmentand deployment of a large number of Internet projectsin the early days of the World Wide Web. Theseprojects included developing and launching 52 onlinenewspapers, online travel agencies, financial institutionsand a number of other commercial, government andeducational websites. Geir also co-founded Synaps as avehicle for the research and development of a laser andimage recognition based optical weighing systemfor industrial use.Before his tenure at, Geir was afounding investor in a web-pad company producingPAGE 23//NEXT

//Back to ContentsIAIN SIMON ROACHEPartner– Domain Venture PartnersChairman and Chief Executive Officer- Domain Venture Partners PPC Limited & DomainVenture Partners II Limited.- Iain also acts as a Director of the businessExperienceIain Roache graduated with the top First in his year at theLondon School of Economics, winning the Arthur Andersenprize in the process.He spent his early career in investment banking structuringand marketing derivatives with Nomura, Kleinwort Bensonand Merrill Lynch. He then moved into strategy consultingwhere he was elected a Partner and led th

Domain Name System (DNS) The Domain name System (DNS) is the technology that . The Premium name Strings are perceived to have . (e.g GoDaddy) ICANN Auction Providers (e.g SEDO) Resellers (e.g Federatio