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Trusted by2600 Service Providersacross 78 countriesREVE Systems commenced operation in 2003 with afocused approach to serve the IP Communicationsindustry.Headquartered in Singapore, REVE has its developmentcentres in Bangladesh and India, and regional offices inHong Kong, Russia, UK and USA.The company offers a wide assortment of productsranging from backbone infrastructure to client-sideapplications, including middleware.A telecommunication & software solutions provider,REVE Systems ensures best returns on technologyinvestments and strengthens the Service Providers’market presence by providing them with best-in-classVoIP solutions.A Red Herring 2012Top 100 Global Company

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Industry’s most popular Mobile VoIP Client

A full-business Mobile VoIP PlatformiTel Mobile Dialer is a unified communication tool which enables endusers and businesses to originate Calls, SMSs, Instant Messages andmore from their data enabled mobile phones, using IP networks.iTel Mobile Dialer supports G.729, G.711, GSM and AMR-NB codecs. Themobile application has efficient implementation of Jitter Buffer anduses Silent Suppression and Comfort Noise Generation Technology forbetter voice experience.In order to use the dialer, end users only need to download it on theirmobile phones with minimal configuration requirements.At the backend, the dialer is automatically configured with the ServiceProvider’s softswitch.Full brandingoptions according toServiceProvider’s choiceService Providerscan log on towww.revesoft.comfor Free DemoCompatible with all standard SIPsoftswitches and SMS gatewaysyour brandAward Winning Technology

Supports widest range ofmobile handsets

iTel Mobile Dialer can bypass all internet firewalls in combinationwith iTel Byte Saver and works smoothly even in low bandwidthareas.Being fully customizable, the dialer enables Service Providers tooffer Mobile VoIP solutions to their end customers in their ownbrand.Key FeatureslCompatible with all standard SIP softswitcheslInterchanges between 3G and Wi-Fi while on a calllRuns behind NAT and on private IPlService Providers can change switch IP or port from theirservice panel, which takes effect immediately withoutbothering end userslBuilt-in IVR functionalitylSupports EDGE/GPRS/3G/4G and Wi-FiIdeal for Low Bandwidth Networks inassociation with iTel Byte Saver“Implementation ofiTel Mobile Dialer intoour network has beeninstrumental incapturing market share.The ease of use of themobile app has spurredrapid adoption by ourcustomers.”Jean TemplinDirectorProduct Marketing“This Technology hasallowed us to capturehuge market sharethroughout the world, dueto the ease of using themobile app. On behalf ofAcion, I want to thank youfor an opportunity to workwith your teams.”Steven TruongDirectorAcionTalk, USA

Now addINSTANT MESSAGING to your VoIP services suiteand enhance your Brand Presence

iTel Mobile Dialer also offers a range of functionalities besidesregular IP calls / SMSs.Instant Messaging (IM)Cross-platform Instant Messaging facility forms a part ofthe iTel Mobile Dialer suite of services. With this, aNokia user can chat with a BlackBerry user, or aniPhone user can chat with an Android user. The facilityuses the same mobile data that end users use for emailingand web browsing, enabling Service Providers to offerunlimited mobile chat, thereby increasing stickiness to theirbrand.lFacilitates peer-to-peer Texting / ChattinglFacility to set & modify Online StatuslOption to send the IM as SMS when buddy is offlinelAttractive emoticons add spice to chatAuto ProvisioningAuto Provisioning means that end users can Sign Up to yourservices with their Mobile Number as their identity. The MobileNumber is authenticated by sending a one-time passwordthrough an SMS or an IVR call. So the Mobile Number becomesthe PIN of the user. This also allows the end user to spot thosewho are already using the app, through a Buddy List that getsautomatically created out of the mobile phone contact list.lSeamless integration of the App with mobile phonebooklFacility to invite phonebook contacts to install the appCross-platform mobile Instant Messaging

iTel Hybrid Dialer is a mobile app that offers dual advantageof automated Calling Card experience and Mobile VoIP over asingle platform. The app integrates with the mobile phonebook,enabling end users to simply select the person to be called fromthe mobile Contact List and press ‘Dial’, the rest of the processlike dialling the Access Number, PIN and even the DestinationNumber is automatically completed by the application.Furthermore, when end users are out of your Calling Cardcoverage area, they can make low cost IP calls using mobile data.Key FeatureslMultiple DIDs / Access Numbers can be pre-configuredfor different coverage areaslComplete White Label branding availablelPhonebook integration, Call Log and Account BalancedisplaylSaves time in Calling Card operation leading to a betteruser experience“With theintroduction ofthe dialer wehave been able toadd thousands ofnew customersin Europe.”Han KleppeNetherlands9:41 AM100%Full Branding Opportunity

iTel Dialer Plus is a mobile VoIP application which comesequipped with in-built Byte Saver technology. This allows VoIPService Providers to offer their services seamlessly in all networksacross different geographies, with just a single Operator Code.It comes as fully-managed thereby allowing its absolute hasslefree operation.Gives redundancy& higheruptime to yourVoIP businessiTel Dialer Plus is fully customizable and suits all your brandingrequirements. You can also opt for its hostage packages whichcome with in-built Byte Saver for 50, 100 and 150 ConcurrentRegistrations.Key FeatureslSame branding & Operator Code possible as iTelMobile DialerlCan co-exist with iTel Mobile Dialer in the samephonelOption of mapping the dialer with the same switch asiTel Mobile DialerlFull branding options availablelBalance Display and Call Duration shown ondisconnectionlSupported in Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Symbianoperating systemsFully managed &hosted servicesrenderingEase inOperationsWhite LabelBrandingas per ServiceProvider’srequirements

Passes through any firewall whilesaving up to 70% bandwidthiTel Byte Saver is a server-side software application whichreduces bandwidth usage by up to 70% at the originatingend allowing service providers to render services even in lowbandwidth and SIP blocked areas.Generally a VoIP call made from iTel Mobile Dialer on G.729codec consumes 25 kbps, however in conjunction with iTelByte Saver the bandwidth consumption can be reducedto as low as 9.6 kbps.The software allows Service Providers to offer smoothervoice quality and better call connectivity to their endusers.Key FeatureslCompatible with any standard SIP softswitchlSupports G.729 codeclControls RTP packet size according to specific networkrequirements, thereby rendering smoother voice qualitylHandles 1,000 concurrent calls per serverlCompatible with all versions of iTel Mobile Dialerand iTel PC DialerlDistributed media for less voice delayCrystal Clear Voiceeven in Low Bandwidth Networks“iTel Byte Saveris ideal in lowbandwidthenvironment.Thanks toiTel Byte Saver.”United Kingdom

iTel Hybrid Dialer is a mobile app that offers dual advantage of automated Calling Card experience and Mobile VoIP over a single platform. The app integrates with the mobile phonebook, enabling end users to simply select the person to be called from the mobile