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Global Learning Opportunities in Business EducationHong Kong. Copenhagen. Chapel Hill.Knowledge. Experience. Network.The GLOBE in your hands.GLOBE has been a pioneer in business education at the undergraduate level in Hong Kongand also in the international education arena. It is designed to empower highly aspiringstudents with distinct business acumen, cultural fluency and entrepreneurial mindset,through an internationally oriented curriculum and unique tri-continental learning experience, to become leaders who create meaningful impact in the global community.Knowledge: Best of 3 top business schools from 3 continentsStanding on the academic frontier, GLOBE offers an innovative curriculum that includes thebest and most challenging business courses from the three top international businessschools. This is achieved with the expertise of each school, and by integrating the tailored,regional-focused classes on global business environment, hands-on projects on differentindustries, and study trips across the three continents. GLOBE courses focus on case studies,international management issues, and the understanding of business climates around theworld. Moreover, CUHK students have the option to select a second business concentration,a minor or second major offered by different faculties.Experience: Genuine cultural immersion and enrichment activitiesUnlike other exchange opportunities, GLOBE admits 18 students from each of the three1partner schools every year, who will study as an international cohort in Copenhagen, HongKong and Chapel Hill for three semesters. Their class-based learning is reinforced bystudy trips across the three continents, and other enrichment activities such as GlobalBusiness Forum, workshops on team effectiveness, case analysis, career planning, andvarious company visits. Their experience of living and working with their global counterparts allows them to fully integrate into and understand the nuances of the localcultures, developing their global mindset and essential skills to confront the challengesin the ever-changing business environment.Network: Lifelong relationship and global alumni networkGLOBE not only provides learning opportunities for students, but also a nonpareilplatform to amass top students from three continents together. The 18 months of livingand studying together helps build strong and long-lasting bonding within the class. Inaddition, through various alumni engagement opportunities, students can developconnections across the uniquely global alumni network. Such an international networkwill surely bring lifetime benefits to students.

3 Top Business Schools from 3 ContinentsCUHK Business School (CUHK)Hong KongBeing the first business school in Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong BusinessSchool is recognized as one of the leading business schools in Asia. It has received numerousawards for its dedication to provide world-class business education that attains internationalrecognition. In 2014, its EMBA Program was ranked No.24 worldwide by the Financial Times.The University of Texas-Dallas in 2011 ranked CUHK Business School No. 1 worldwide ininternational business research, based on publication counts in Journal of InternationalBusiness Studies (JIBS).Hong Kong is best known as one of the world’s leading international financial centres, wherethe city’s convergence of global and Chinese advantages offers prominent business opportunities in Asia and the rest of the globe. Demonstrating confidence in its monetary andmarket systems, Hong Kong gains strong global acceptance for its quality regulatory regime,rich human capital and efficient infrastructure. Extensive trade and investment ties withMainland China outstand the dynamic city from neighbouring competitors such as Singapore and South Korea. A place where “East meets West”, Hong Kong has much to offer fromfusion cuisine to characteristic skyscrapers.Copenhagen Business School (CBS)CopenhagenEstablished in 1917, Copenhagen Business School is one of the largest business schools inNorthern Europe. It offers comprehensive range of university level degrees in businesseconomics. In 2014, CBS was ranked No.1 in the world by Eduniversal based on Dean’sRecommendation Rate, before London Business School and Harvard Business School.Copenhagen’s world-conquering urban quality of life makes it the most liveable city in theworld 2013, according to the Monocle Magazine. The Danish city, known for its entrepreneurial culture and sustainable green society, demonstrates strong global competitiveness asthe economic and financial centre of Denmark. Being the home to many well-knownmultinational corporations, Copenhagen is a perfect place to examine the corporateresponse to European integration. During your stay, be sure to take a stroll along its colourfulwaterfront lined with quaint townhouses, bike around the architectural landmarks and liveout your life at a place ranked as one of the world’s happiest nations.UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School (UNC)Chapel Hill, NCThe Kenan-Flagler Business School of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is one ofthe world’s best business schools. It offers a rich portfolio which prepares business leaders tomanage successfully in a global environment. As part of the 2013 Best UndergraduateB-Schools ranking, Bloomberg Businessweek has ranked The University of North Carolina’sKenan-Flagler Business School in second place for “Top Undergraduate Business Schools forInternational Business”.Located at the heart of the Research Triangle Region, Chapel Hill is a thriving hub of innovation known as one of the most prominent research and development centres in the UnitedStates. The Research Triangle Region is home to pioneering industries and a mixture ofhigh-tech start-ups, cultivating science advancement and a competitive eminence culture.The Carolina Tar Heels fuels passion for Chapel Hill’s campus sports, which has always been adistinctive feature of the town’s culture vis-à-vis three proximate rivalry schools. Explore, tasteand tune into the sounds and sights at edge of the triangle – Chapel Hill.2

Internationally Oriented CurriculumStudents in GLOBE own the privilege to study three semesters at three top business schools,each of which is positioned in the major economic and cultural hub of Asia, North Americaand Europe respectively. GLOBE brought together the expertise of each school, to offertailored courses with focus on the regional and global business environment, combinedwith projects, case studies and complementary study trips. This equips students withdistinctive business expertise, in-depth understanding of the nuances of doing business invarious global settings, and the desire of being a change agent in our world.Program structure and suggested study planEconomics for Business Studies IIOther Foundation CoursesYear 1 @ CUHK1st TermYear 2 @ CUHK2nd TermEconomics for Business Studies IPrinciples of ManagementOther Foundation Courses#GLOBE courses provided by each university3Financial ManagementIntroductory Managerial AccountingMarketing ManagementMarketing Research1st TermChina Business#Marketing in China#Business Information SystemsElective CoursesStudy Trip(s) in AsiaYear 32nd TermIntroduction to International BusinessIntroductory Financial AccountingOperations ManagementStatistical Analysis for Business Decisions1st Term @ CBSBusiness Policy and StrategyLegal Environment, Corporate SocialResponsibility and Business EthicsElective CoursesYear 42nd Term @ CUHKCorporate Response to European Integration#Finance and Financial Institutions in Society#Elective CoursesStudy Trip(s) in Europe1st Term @ UNCGlobal Venturing#Global Innovation#Elective CoursesStudy Trip(s) in the U.S.2nd Term @ CUHK

Global ImmersionTri-continental cohort exchangeLiving in this global village, every top-tier business leader cannot hope to escape the need todo business on an international level. It is therefore critical for business undergraduates tolearn to be versatile and equipped with diverse cultural knowledge to face the dynamic andchallenging business world. More privileged to other students in Hong Kong, GLOBEstudents have the unique opportunity to step out of Asia and have a taste of studying andliving in both Europe and North America. These cross country experiences enrich students’learning by giving them ample avenues to explore different cultural heritages with theirpeers from two other continents as a cohort.Learning how to work in an international group is also crucial these days. GLOBE studentscan learn how to cooperate with teammates from different cultural backgrounds throughhaving lessons, doing projects and engaging in discussions with promising students fromCBS and UNC. Also, interaction with other elites motivates students to further explore anddevelop their goals and strengths, and build up their confidence in their abilities.Truly, the convergence of 54 brilliant minds creates a platform for exchange of ideas, innovations and aspirations. The strong bonding among GLOBE students is indeed a covetedadvantage.Study tripsTo further reinforce their learning in the GLOBE courses, GLOBE students participate in studytrips in Asia, Europe and the U.S. Attending executive briefings at selected organizationsenables students to get firsthand perspectives from those working in a global setting. In thisway, students can learn how different corporations adapt to the global environment andhow cultural differences influence business operations.In addition, an orientation trip is arranged every August for Year 1 students before they starttheir university studies.Cities visited in the previous three years include:2016Orientation TripOsaka2015Tokyo2014NagoyaAsiaEuropeKuala Lumpur, Penang, BrusselsSingaporeBangkok, Guangzhou, BrusselsSingaporeBali, Jakarta, Yogyakarta BrusselsU.S.Chicago, ResearchTriangle ParkChicago, ResearchTriangle ParkChicago, ResearchTriangle Park4

Professional DevelopmentGlobal Business ForumGlobal Business Forum is the annual signature event of GLOBE where students from thethree partner schools and prominent leaders from various sectors are brought together todiscuss emerging global trends or focus issues.The Forum consists of a speaker series where different industry experts share their insightsand experience with the students, breakout sessions for in-depth discussion on the focusissues among students from diverse cultural backgrounds, and a spring dinner wherestudents could mingle with guests and alumni at the dining table, accompanied by sharingfrom keynote speaker and student performances by each of the partner schools.In such a setting, students have the opportunities to interact closely and develop professional networks with seasoned leaders, demonstrate their potential and skills to a variety of firms,consolidate their industry necessary skills via workshops and experience sharings fromexperts from different fields, and have fun with alumni so as to reinforce the strong affiliationwithin the GLOBE family.The themes and speakers (in alphabetical order) of the Forum in the past two years were:52016 New Normal on Entrepreneurial LeadershipKeynote speaker: Mr. George Yong-Boon Yeo, Chairman, KerryLogistics Network, and Chancellor, Nalanda UniversityMr. Alan Yip, Co-Founder & CEO, Guru OnlineMr. Andrew Reynolds, Managing Director, CFO, Asia Pacific,BlackRockMr. Danny Yeung, CEO, Prenetics, and Serial EntrepreneurMr. Rudi Spaan, President & CEO, AIG Hong KongMr. Xiang Wang, Senior Vice President, Xiaomi2015 Innovation in TurbulentTimesKeynote speaker: The Honourable John C Tsang, GBM, JP, FinancialSecretary, The Government of the Hong Kong SARMrs. Christine Ip, Managing Director and CEO Hong Kong ofUnited Overseas Bank LimitedMr. David Lee, Partner and Managing Director of The BostonConsulting GroupMr. George Hongchoy, Executive Director and CEO of The LinkManagement LimitedMr. Harry O’Neill, Managing Partner, Head of Financial ServicesPractice, APAC & Middle East, and Head of CEO & Board Practice,Hong Kong of Heidrick & StrugglesDr. Richard Vuylsteke, President of The American Chamber ofCommerce in Hong Kong

Mentorship programTo enable students to look beyond the classroom and learn from their seniors, who areprofessionals and experts in their own fields, every Year 1 student is matched with analumnus as his or her mentor. Having gone through the same GLOBE journey and accumulated ample industry experience, the mentors could provide each mentee with properguidance and insights to prepare them for the challenges ahead in their study and futurecareer. This fruitful and long-lasting friendship with alumni would be one of the greatestassets the students could gain from the program.Team effectiveness workshopA team effectiveness workshop is held annually to help students develop management softskills and transfer the relevant knowledge and attitude to the workplace. The workshop takesan experiential development approach in fostering team spirit, leadership, communicationand problem-solving skills via various physically and mentally challenging team-buildingactivities, coupled with reflection and sharing sessions for the teams to understand theirstrengths, weaknesses and blind spots. Not only does it strengthen the bonding among thestudents, but it also proves the power of having a “can-do” attitude despite the anxietyassociated with unfamiliarity, encouraging the students to go beyond their limits.Case analysis trainingCase analysis is a key learning approach of GLOBE. Supplementing other case-orientedclasses, systematic training sessions are provided to develop students’ problem solving andpresentation skills through tackling real life business cases. This helps students synthesizetheir business knowledge and soft skills and apply them in the real business environment,which is critical to the success of their career and personal development. GLOBE studentshave been actively participating and achieving outstanding results in various internationalbusiness case competitions.Career workshops and company visitsA multitude of career workshops and company visits are organized for students all yearround. Leading recruitment consultancies are invited to offer students insights into the latestjob market trends, graduate job and internship searching, as well as advice on interviewingand CV writing as to how to stand out from the crowd. Moreover, opportunities to visitrenowned companies allow students to gain deeper understanding of the working environment and business trends in various industries, and discover their own career interests.6

Student and Alumni CommunitiesThe international yet strong bonding within the GLOBE family is one of the most unique andvaluable assets of the program. There are respective initiatives to connect current studentsand alumni of GLOBE, making the GLOBE network one of the most dynamic, supportive andglobal of its kind.GBS IgniteGLOBE AlumniEstablished in 2012, GBS Ignite (GBSI) is a student-led community within the CUHK GlobalBusiness Studies (GBS) program, aiming to strengthen internal bonding among the GBSfamily and to promote current students’ welfare by living up to the spirit of “take and give”.GLOBE Alumni is established to maintain and foster relationships among former andcurrent GLOBE students. The organization is founded and run by GLOBE scholars and,while formally independent from GLOBE, seeks to further the program’s mission ofstimulating a dynamic, international, and collaborative business environment.There are four functional teams within GBSI, including the Careers & Personal DevelopmentTeam, Product Development Team, Publication & Communications Team, and RecreationalActivities Team. They organize various career sharing sessions, design GBS-branded products,produce publications for internal and external communication, and hold a variety of socialevents where students can have fun and mingle with each other.This not only fosters the intra- and inter-cohort relationships within the GBS family, but alsoencourages students to give back and serve the others after benefitting from the generoussharing by their seniors.7GLOBE Alumni organizes different formal and informal gatherings as well as maintainsand develops an online platform to facilitate effective communication among alumniaround the world. It also initiates and promotes mutually beneficial relationships withcorporations, leveraging the resources of both GLOBE Alumni and the corporations.The Regional Boards are responsible for organizing activities in their respective regionswhereas the Global Executive Committee takes charge of the global coordination ofGLOBE Alumni strategies and activities. This ensures that both local and global alumnirelationships are robust and well maintained.

The GLOBE Stories‘What makes GLOBE really unparalleled is the 1.5 years of studying, travelling, and even livingwith students from three continents. Time flies when you join GLOBE because the experience is overwhelming. You encounter cultural clash almost every day – sometimes conflictarises, but you always end up gaining deeper insights into diverse cultural perspectives andbuilding stronger friendships. I once got into a serious conflict with GLOBErs in a classproject, primarily due to different views towards recommendations made to solve a company’s problems. Everyone supported practices that are common in his or her country of originbut not necessarily worldwide. When the project failed to move forward and the teammorale was low, we simply tried to set aside our own cultural background and got intoothers’ shoes. In the end, everyone agreed to compromise and tailored a cross-culturalsolution. Essentially with that solution, we won the best presenting team in that class andour relationship grew. Thus, to me, GLOBE is always a unique place where there are continuous learning opportunities, genuine interactions, and everlasting friendship.’‘I like to see the small class size being the niche of our program, allowing us to bond and stayintact within our batch and across years. Here in Hong Kong, I have always valued ournetwork of seniors and alumni who graduated as investment bankers, consultants, entrepreneurs, postgraduates and other fascinating roles. The program does not promise a ticket orfast track to any career path, but our people make the path accessible and do their best toguide you through. Our GLOBE journey then leads us to realize our natural limitation ofcoming only from one side of the globe. I am always impressed by the Danes’ earnest pursuitof knowledge and answers on various business topics, and how Americans would approachpresentations and discussions with bubbling creativity and confidence. Whether you'reseeking an international business perspective, an ambitious future career, footmarks acrossthree continents or cross-cultural friendships, GLOBE is a great enabler of personal growthand excellence.’Kate TsoiClass of 2016Cherry YauClass of 2017‘As part of GLOBE, I have the privilege to live and study with the American and Danishstudents from partner universities on all three continents for one and a half years. I have juststarted the exchange program in Denmark, and the experience thus far has been magnificent. In addition to lectures on the history of European integration, we have taken part in acase competition, group projects, and a study trip to Belgium. Close interactions have givenme deeper understanding of the American and Scandinavian cultures, habits and values.The experience has altered my previously held stereotypes of the Americans and the Danes,and connected me to the more intricate facets of their cultures. I believe the development ofcultural sensitivity is the most rewarding part of GLOBE, and it will definitely help me adaptto culturally diverse environments in the future.’Nicholas LamClass of 20178

‘Sharing two short episodes of my work life post GLOBE:1. Surviving the first client dinner: Despite how easy people seems to talk about going to clientmeetings and dinners, my first client dinner proved it in fact requires conscious efforts and thoughtfultactics to create a fruitful and engaging client conversation.And luckily I survived it with the skills I picked up from GLOBE. During the dinner, I managed to buildrapport with my client over small talks, similar to how I bonded with my peers in GLOBE despite ourvery different upbringings. I gained credibility from the client with my subject matter expertise inequities, which I developed a strong foundation since my GLOBE days. And sometimes when ourconversation drifted away from the agenda, I can naturally bring the client back to our focus, as similarsituations have happened before during our GLOBE projects for many times. This experience hasserved as a good reminder to me how business maturity and soft skills can make a difference in yoursuccess.2. Extending thought leadership: I often ask myself how GLOBE students can make the best out ofour education in the adult world. Gradually I found the answer – to become thought leaders in asmany industries as possible.I chose to be one via social entrepreneurship and hence, co-founded Lensational, a global womenempowerment organization. The inputs from GLOBE, be it diverse study experience, program flexibilityfor students to explore new areas or academic support, are all very conducive to nurturing youngthought leaders. We are trained to be informed opinion leaders and “go-to” persons. The educationenabled us to inspire others and replicate successes in various fields.What I see now is that many classmates from my batch and others are working hard to create differentforms of thought leadership in areas we are each passionate about, be it finance, startups or arts. Allthese efforts turn into a very valuable GLOBE network across borders that I dearly hold tight to, and bywhich I am motivated to work even harder for my goals.’Peggy TseClass of 2013Equity Solutions Analyst, Private Wealth Management, Goldman SachsCo-Founder and Advisor, Lensational9‘Coming to GLOBE is no doubt one of the best decisions I've ever made. The immersiveexperience living, studying and working with top students from entirely differentcultures has triggered me to deeply reflect on my perceptions and instilled in me a freshopen-mindedness when encountering different perspectives at work and in civil society.This learning has been instrumental to my work in HK's civil service, which required meto understand social problems and solutions from various angles. Meanwhile, theexposures in entrepreneurship during GLOBE has taught me not only solid businessskills but also how these skills are crucial to building enterprises with social missions – apursuit that I believe is an effective way of improving the society. Such skills and inspirations laid a strong foundation for me to work effectively at Enactus, one of the largestglobal NGOs that promote social entrepreneurship, to groom student-led social enterprises and raise awareness on social entrepreneurship.’Henry KeungClass of 2012Schwarzman Scholar at Tsinghua UniversityFormer Administrative Officer, HKSAR GovernmentHong Kong Regional Program Manager (2015-2016), Enactus

Career ProspectGLOBE equips students not only to succeed in any opportunity but to create their own. Overthe years, our graduates are eagerly sought after by the most prestigious global companies.Breakdown of offers accepted by the CUHK graduates in the past four years:15% Further Studies55% Banking / Finance6% OthersIncluding entrepreneurship8% GovernmentAdministrative OfficerAirport Authority Hong Kong8% Conglomerate / MarketingL'OréalMTR CorporationSwire9% ConsultingAccentureIBMMcKinsey & CompanyOliver WymanThe Boston Consulting GroupAdmissionsBank of America Merrill LynchBarclaysBlackRockCitiCredit SuisseDBSDeutsche BankGoldman SachsHKEXHSBCJ.P. MorganStandard Chartered BankThe Chinese University of Hong Kong accepts applications to GLOBE through its GlobalBusiness Studies (JS4214) program, with an admission quota of 18 students.JUPAS applicants must have obtained the following requirements:(1) A minimum TOEFL score at 600 (paper) / 250 (computer) / 100 (internet) or a minimumIELTS score at 7.0* or native speaker documentation, AND(2) Level 3 or above in Mathematics, Liberal Studies and best two elective subjects; ANDLevel 4 or above in Chinese Language; AND Level 5 or above in English Language in theirHong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) examination.For non-JUPAS applicants, their applications will be considered case by case, provided thatthey have obtained the above mentioned minimum TOEFL or IELTS score*.*Applicants should have obtained the required TOEFL or IELTS standard before the interview.For details on minimum admission requirements and channels, please refer to the website ofthe University’s Office of Admissions and Financial Aid at

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In 2014, its EMBA Program was ranked No.24 worldwide by the Financial Times. The University of Texas-Dallas in 2011 ranked CUHK Business School No. 1 worldwide in international business research, based on publication counts in Journal of International . The Kenan-Flagler Business School of The Un