Rational Developer for System zUniversität Leipzig18.12.2008Benjamin StorzIT Specialist Rational for System [email protected] 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz RoadmapRDz V7.1 Easier host configuration Support for CICS V3.2 Support for IMS V10 Better editor support forCOBOL and PL/I Dataset search capability Enhanced BMS/MFScreation PL/I Web Service support Enhanced SCM integration Integration with IBM FileManager Integration with IBM FaultAnalyzer New program generationwizards Code snippet insertion0920RDz V7.1.1.2 iFixRDz 7.52008 Release0802RDz V7.1.1.1 iFixRDz V7.1.1 Support for CICS PL/Iprogram local syntax check Editor enhancements Flex LM licensing support Citrix support Enhanced zOS ClearCasesupport0720 2006 IBM Corporation

Repackaging (RDz 7.5)2 package bundles are now being offeredRDz with JavaTMSame package asRDz 7.1RDz with JavaTMRDzEdit, Compile, DebugWeb ServicesPD IntegrationRADJEE, JSF, Web 2.0Visual designeretcEclipseRDz with EGLOfferings for traditionalprogrammers creatingService OrientedApplications/Web UIRDz with EGLRDzEdit, Compile, DebugWeb ServicesPD IntegrationRBDEGL, JSF, Rich UICOBOL Gen,etcEclipse 2006 IBM Corporation

IBM Rational Developer for System z V7.5JES and PD ToolsTraditional Development Read/Write/Update VSAM datasets via integration with IBMFile Manager Access IBM Fault analyzer reports for analyzing ABENDS andassociating back to source code Interact with the Job Entry Subsystem (JES) to submit jobs,monitor jobs, and review job output Debug zOS applications from with workstation as they executelive in the remote runtimeIntegration with EGL using RBD Quick and easy development of modern enterpriseapplications for procedural programmers Simplify and speed up creation of Web applications andservices without having to learn Java or J2EEDevelopment Environment Connect to z/OS systems Work with z/OS resources like COBOL, PL/1 , C, C , JCL, etc. Perform dataset management actions like allocating datasets andmigrating datasets Perform typical edit, compile, and debug tasks on remote z/OSresources from the workstation Create, build, and catalog DB2 stored procedures on zOS Compile and test programs locally to ensure correctnessScreen design Visually create, modify, build, and deploy BMS maps sets or MFS/IMSmaps remotely or on the local workstationCode Generation Generate CRUD DB2 program code from UML, which can also beeasily integrated into web service applicationsIBM Rational Developer for System zHostToolingIntegrationRBD[JES, FA, FM,Debug Tool]zOSApplicationDevelopment[COBOL, PL/I,C/C , JCL,Screens, StoredProcedures, etc]EnterpriseService Tools[Web ServicesFor CICS/IMS]Host / Distributed SCM IntegrationzOS Web Service and Flow Creation Implements SOA and Web Services SOA access to CICS V3.2 and IMS V10 COBOL, PLI applications Bottom-up/Top-down or meet-in-the-middle COBOL,PLI to XMLmapping support Integrated COBOL,PLI XML converters, XML schemas, and WSDLgeneration Service Flow Modeler to build/deploy service flows out of your existingCommarea, Channel, MQ, and Terminal CICS applications.SCM Support Access to host SCMs such as SCLM Framework for writing/deploying custom SCM integration code Support for storing zOS resources in distributed SCMs such asClearCaseWeb and JEE DevelopmentIBM Rational Application Developer Create Web Pages / JSF / StrutsJEE/Java DevelopmentJCA ConnectorsDistributed debuggerWeb Services and Test environment 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz Local & Remote DevelopmentCheckCheckOut/Out/LoadFileLoad FullParseParseHighlightHighlightSystem alBuildBuildandDebugand Debug 2006 IBM Corporation

Remote development – so farStart IBM PersonalCommunicationsexit SDSFLog on to TSONavigate to memberfind code linefind code line(remember error)change codefind error msgsave and exitlocate JCLselect jobswap to SDSFsubmit compile jobedit JCL 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz DevelopmentEdit SourceSyntax checkOutline viewError FeedbackSimplified development on a common development environment 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz Die WorkbenchPerspective:Workbenchan arrangementof viewsViewViewViewView 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz Die WorkbenchRemoteSystems 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz Developer pektiveRemoteSystems View5566RemoteError List 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz Remote Systems – Verbindung zum Host 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz TSO Logon------------------------------- TSO/E LOGON -----------------------------------Enter LOGON parameters below:Userid STHOMASPassword RACF LOGON parameters:New Password Procedure BASICGroup Ident Acct Nmbr 3300Size 2000000Perform Command Enter an 'S' before each option desired below:-NomailPF1/PF13 Help-NonoticePF3/PF15 Logoff-ReconnectPA1 Attention-OIDcardPA2 ReshowYou may request specific help information by entering a '?' in any entry field 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz ISPF Primary Option Menu -------------------------ISPF Primary Option Menu0SettingsTerminal and user parametersUser ID . : ARNOLD1ViewDisplay source data or listingsTime. . . : 09:392EditCreate or change source dataTerminal. : 32783UtilitiesPerform utility functionsScreen. . : 14ForegroundInteractive language processingLanguage. : ENGLISH5BatchSubmit job for language processingAppl ID . : ISR6CommandEnter TSO or Workstation commandsTSO logon : BASIC7Dialog TestPerform dialog testingTSO prefix: ARNOLD9IBM ProductsIBM program development productsSystem ID : SYS110 SCLMSW Configuration Library ManagerMVS acct. : 330011 WorkplaceISPF Object/Action WorkplaceRelease . : ISPF 5.912 z/OS Systemz/OS system programmer applications13 z/OS Userz/OS user applicationsEnter X to Terminate using log/list defaultsF1 HelpF10 ActionsF2 SplitF3 ExitF7 BackwardF8 ForwardF9 SwapF12 Cancel 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz ISPF Command 3.2 – Data Set UtilityMenuRefListUtilitiesHelpData Set UtilityA Allocate new data setC Catalog data setR Rename entire data setU Uncatalog data setD Delete entire data setS Short data set informationblank Data set informationV VSAM UtilitiesISPF Library:ProjectGroup. .Enter "/" to select option. . ./Confirm Data Set DeleteType . . . .Other Partitioned, Sequential or VSAM Data Set:Name. . . . . . . TSOCOBOLVolume Serial . . .Data Set Password. .(If not cataloged, required for option "C")(If password protected)Option aF1 HelpF10 ActionsF2 SplitF3 ExitF7 BackwardF8 ForwardF9 SwapF12 Cancel 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz ISPF Command 3.2 – Data Set Utility 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz ISPF Command 3.2 – Data Set UtilityMenuRefListUtilitiesHelpAllocate New Data SetData Set Name. . . : ARNOLD.TSOCOBOLManagement class . . .Storage class(Blank for default management class). . . .(Blank for default storage class)Volume serial . . . . S1PROD(Blank for system default volume) **Device type . . . . .(Generic unit or device address) **Data class . . . . . .(Blank for default data class)Space units . . . . . TRACK(BLKS, TRKS, CYLS, KB, MB, BYTESAverage record unit(M, K, or U)or RECORDS)Primary quantity. . 300(In above units)100(In above units)Secondary quantityDirectory blocks. . 20(Zero for sequential data set) *Record format . . . . FBRecord length . . . . 80Block size. . . . . 0Data set name typeLIBRARY(LIBRARY, HFS, PDS, LARGE, BASIC, *EXTREQ, EXTPREF or blank)Expiration date . . .Enter "/" to select optionAllocate Multiple Volumes(YY/MM/DD, YYYY/MM/DDYY.DDD, YYYY.DDD in Julian formDDDD for retention period in daysor blank)( * Specifying LIBRARY may override zero directory block)Command 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz ISPF Command 3.4 – Data Set UtilityMenuRefListRefModeUtilitiesHelpData Set List Utilityblank Display data set listP Print data set listV Display VTOC informationPV Print VTOC informationEnter one or both of the parameters below:Dsname Level . . . ARNOLD.*COBOLVolume serial. .Data set list optionsInitial ViewEnter "/" to select option11. Volume/Confirm Data Set Delete2. Space/Confirm Member Delete3. Attrib/Include Additional Qualifiers4. Total/Display Catalog NameDisplay Total TracksWhen the data set list is displayed, enter either:"/" on the data set list command field for the command prompt pop-up,an ISPF line command, the name of a TSO command, CLIST, or REXX exec, or" " to execute the previous command.Option F1 HelpF2 SplitF3 ExitF7 BackwardF8 ForwardF9 Swap 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz ISPF Command 3.4 – Data Set UtilityMenuOptionsViewUtilitiesCompilersHelpDSLIST - Data Sets Matching ARNOLD.*COBOLRow 1 of 9Command - Enter "/" to select SR2***************************** End of Data Set list ****************************Command Scroll PAGEF1 HelpF2 SplitF3 ExitF10 LeftF11 RightF12 CancelF5 RfindF7 UpF8 DownF9 Swap 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz ISPF Command 3.1 – Library UtilityMenuRefListUtilitiesHelpLibrary Utilityblank Display member listI Data set informationB Browse memberC Compress data setS Short data set informationD Delete memberX Print index listingE Edit memberR Rename memberL Print entire data setV View memberP Print memberEnter "/" to select optionISPF Library:/Project . . .Enhanced Member ListGroup . . . .TypeConfirm Member Delete. . . . . . . . . .Member. . .New name(If B, D, E, P, R, V, or blank selected). .(If R selected)Other Partitioned or Sequential Data Set:Name. . . . . . . 'ARNOLD.TSOCOBOL(HELOWTSO)'Volume Serial . . . S1USR2Data Set Password. .(If not cataloged)(If password protected)Option EF1 HelpF10 ActionsF2 SplitF3 ExitF7 BackwardF8 ForwardF9 SwapF12 Cancel 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz Member – Edit TSOFileEditEDITEdit WTSO) - 01.05TestHelpColumns 00001 00072****** ***************************** Top of Data 000007000008IDENTIFICATION DIVISION.000009PROGRAM-ID. HELOWTSO.000010AUTHOR. Arnold.000011000012ENVIRONMENT DIVISION.000013000014DATA DIVISION.000015000016PROCEDURE DIVISION .000017DISPLAY"Hello World"000018STOP RUN .****** **************************** Bottom of Data ****************************Command Scroll CSR 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz Member – Compile, Link, L.JCLNamePromptRow 00001 of 04/25 22:53:52ARNOLDCDS701362007/12/212007/12/21 09:17:59ARNOLDECIPROG362008/04/222008/04/22 17:23:20ARNOLDHELLON372008/02/292008/02/29 13:12:11ARNOLDHELLOW382008/04/032008/04/28 15:16:50ARNOLDHELLOWCI362008/02/272008/04/25 22:50:15ARNOLDHELOWAPG362008/05/052008/05/05 15:35:12ARNOLDsub HELOWTSO402008/05/052008/05/05 15:41:48ARNOLDHICWS372007/12/132007/12/13 21:23:46ARNOLDISA0XCMN362008/04/142008/04/14 21:39:57ARNOLDMMJCL392007/12/182007/12/18 01:16:03ARNOLDTIMEZONE402008/02/272008/02/27 21:43:37ARNOLDX998362008/04/262008/04/28 09:33:54ARNOLD**End**IKJ56250I JOB HELOWTSO(JOB07412) SUBMITTED*** 2006 IBM Corporation


RDz Member – Cobol Application Pattern GeneratorFile New Other COBOL COBOL Program 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz Member – Edit & Syntax Check RDz 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz Member – Compile, Link, Go 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz Und was ist mit Java? Compile once, run anywhere Drag and Drop Classfile to Host and execute 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz Member – Debug 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz End 2 End Debugging with IBM Debug Tool 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz End 2 End Debugging with JPDA (Java PlatformDebugger Architecture) 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz RTW Analyzer for Eclipse Additional RDz views Eases– Understand relationshipswithin programs and betweenprograms and data– Visualize program structure– Identify potential impactsof proposed changes– Search for relevantpatterns in sourcecode 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz Integrated Test environments 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz DLIModelUtility-Plugin für Visualisierung von IMS DB 2006 IBM Corporation

CICS Explorer Navigate resources defined in CICS Regions Verify Program and Transaction resources exist before deployment Use existing definitions to create new resources Adheres to CICS security settings for users 2006 IBM Corporation

CICS Resource definition editor Define program resourcerequirements in a fileincluded in a RDz project Install program code andresource definitions into testregion(s) from RDz Easily and repeatedly verifyand enable resources duringcode development 2006 IBM Corporation

Advanced COBOL Editing Validation without compilation Data Element refactor Perform Hierarchy view Improved source navigation 2006 IBM Corporation

UML to COBOL Introduces COBOL SpecificProfile Class Diagrams are used togenerate COBOL DataElements Activity Diagrams used togenerate Procedure Division 2006 IBM Corporation

Integration des Fault Analyzers Bietet die Möglichkeit, einen Abbruch-Analyse-Bericht, welcher zum Abbruchzeitpunkt eines Programmeserstellt wurde, anzusehen. Unterstützte Umgebungen: COBOL, PL/1, Assembler, C/C , Java, CICS, MQ, IMS und DB2. ’COBOL Working Storage’ wird angezeigt unter Verwendung von ’Mini-Dumps’ und ’Side Files’. Voraussetzung: IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS auf dem Mainframe.Liste ungderEntwicklungsdatei 2006 IBM Corporation

Integration des File Managers Erlaubt das formatierte Edieren vieler Datentypen. Darunter sind: VSAM - KSDS, ESDS, RRDS, VRRDS QSAM – PDS, SDS Zur Verfügung stehenunterschiedlicheBetrachtungsmöglichkeiten zum formatiertenBearbeiten dieser Daten:– Tabelle– Einzelansicht Ansehen und Ändernvon VSAM-Daten istohne Verlassen derEntwicklungsumgebungmöglich! Voraussetzung: IBM FileManager auf demMainframe 2006 IBM Corporation

Integration des Fault Analyzers Bietet die Möglichkeit, einen Abbruch-Analyse-Bericht, welcher zum Abbruchzeitpunkt eines Programmeserstellt wurde, anzusehen. Unterstützte Umgebungen: COBOL, PL/1, Assembler, C/C , Java, CICS, MQ, IMS und DB2. ’COBOL Working Storage’ wird angezeigt unter Verwendung von ’Mini-Dumps’ und ’Side Files’. Voraussetzung: IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS auf dem Mainframe.Liste ungderEntwicklungsdatei 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz Integrationsmöglichkeiten für RDzJ2EE olRational Developerfor System zRationalRequisitePro/WebFaultAnalyzerRationalData WorkbenchMVSUSSRationalSoftwareArchitectRTW AfE3270Rational FunctionalTester 3270,Performance Tester,Manual TesterClearQuestBuildForgeWebSphereStudio SAA BridgeSCCM (SCLM, 3rd Party) 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz Host Architecture 2006 IBM Corporation

RSE Client - Host Architecture pre RDz 7.5z/OSRDz HostUSSIBM RSE ICUIBM RSEserverJESJES Job MonitorTSO CommandsServiceTCP/IPTCP/IPRDz ClientIBM RSE clientWindows XP Pro / Windows Vista / Server 2003 2006 IBM Corporation

RSE Client - Host Architecture starting RDz 7.5LPARMVSJVMUSSAPPCJESJVMSocketpairRSE Daemonprocess verstart as a processSTC6715RSE Portrange 8018 - 811840358001Rational Developer for System z ClientRSE – Remote SystemExplorer 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz 7.5 Host startup flowJVMconnect via socketJVMRSEDaemoncommunicate viasocketpairServerprocess(running as daemon)start as a threadServer ThreadsTSO Server(running as daemon)Authenticate clientstart as a threadstart as a processMiner Threads A single RSE Daemon is running and provides daemon socket for each client Multiple Server processes are running as a daemon and accommodate clients until its heapusage ratio will reach some threshold. 2006 IBM Corporation

Details of the new server model RSE Daemon runs in a JVM and starts the Server processes– There will be one daemon per installation– Responsible for doing the load balancing and routing requests tovarious server processes– System admin can specify the number of server processes tostart by default– Daemon starts a new server process if needed Each server process runs in a JVM and handles a set of client connections– Number of client connections each server process handlesdepends on the maximum heap storage size– Heap Storage size is something the system admin can specifyduring the host customization 2006 IBM Corporation

Memory Comparison between old and newarchitecture Consider an example of a shop having 1000 users using RDz– Using the old server architecture, memory consumption is:1000 * 37.8 MB 37800 MB– Using the new server architecture Assuming 128 MB heap size for each server processes, every user consumes 1.3 MB TCP/IP performance optimization dictates controlling the # of threads per addressspace– RDz 7.5 default 50 threads/address space Number of user processes needed for 1000 users 1000/50 20 Memory consumption by all server processes is:20 * (128 MB 22 MB (JVM overhead)) 3000 MB Memory consumption by 1000 TSO server processes is:1000 * 2.3 MB 2300MB Memory consumption 35 MB 3000 MB 2300 MB 5335 MB (total) 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz User Assistance Innovations and Impact Welcome– Get up and runningquickly with prioritizedgetting started and outof the box content– New multimedia addition:User Assistance Tourprovides an overview ofRD/z user assistancefeatures 2006 IBM Corporation

(Click the image above to see a preview) 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz User Assistance Innovations and Impact New Welcome Experience New InfoCenter common navigation– Consistent high-level topicsacross Rational productInfoCenters– When multiple Rationalproducts are installedtogether, InfoCentersmerge under the commontopics 2006 IBM Corporation

What’s (potentially) new for RDz (2009) RTCzIntegration CICS runtime related enhancements IMS runtime related enhancements COBOL Editor Enhancements Integration Clear Case integration Data Power Integration RAA Integration Various 'customer' requirements coming in? APIs - GA Others Cobol data diagram 2006 IBM Corporation50

RDz demos and forum Demos on Education Assistant– Learn the features of RDz– sst/rtnv1r0/index.jsp V7.5 demos coming soon!– CICS st/stgv1r0/index.jsp Online community– Q&A, best practices, news, and discussions– forum.jsp?forum 1131 2006 IBM Corporation

Some RDz Themes for 2008 - continued Tooling performance– Continued decrease in resource usage on client and host– Faster startup and editor load times Web Services– Greater support for IMS– Greater support for PL/I– Ease-of-use enhancements Miscellaneous enhancements– Project structure improvements– API hardening– BMS map editor– Menu Manager functions/ease-of-use– LPEX enhancements 2006 IBM Corporation

Maximize application performance with the latest compilersIBM Compilers on System zNew and enhanced products and resources z/OS XL C/C V1R10 (Available now) Exploit the new z10 processor including the Decimal Floating Point module. Middleware (DB2, CICS, IMS) integration METAL C Compiler option XL C/C for z/VM V1.2 (Available now) C/C development for z/VM programmers Supports the C99 programming standard New optimization levels to improve performance Enterprise COBOL for z/OS, V4.1 (Available now) Supports high speed XML parsing and generation. COBOL XML parsing supports offloading to zAAP specialty engine Enhanced DB2 support through new SQL data types and syntax Integrated CICS translator and provide access to IBM IMS system Supports integration of COBOL and web-based business processes in Webservices, XML, and Java applications Enterprise PL/I for z/OS, V3.8 (Coming Soon in 4Q 2008) Exploit the new z10 processor including the Decimal Floating Point module PL/I XML parsing can be offloaded to zAAP specialty engine Powerful set of functions for the UTF-sensitive processing Support integration of PL/I and web-based business processes in Webservices, XML, and Java applications Access to IBM DB2 , IBM CICS , and IBM IMS systems* Exploitation depends on language53 Maximize System z10Performance *Exploitation new z10 instructions andarchitecture. Exploit new DFPinstructions. New Metal C support forSystem zProvides ability to generate codewithout Language Environment runtime dependencies and supportsHLASM embedded source within Cstatements. Support latest IBM XML parsingtechnologyEnables offloading of COBOL and PL/IXML parsing to zAAP specialty engine Support ApplicationModernizationLegacy COBOL and PL/I can now beintegrated to web-based businessprocesses in XML, Web services, andJava applications. 2006 IBM Corporation

RDz References 2006 IBM Corporation

2006 IBM Corporation

Edit, Compile, Debug Web Services PD Integration RBD EGL, JSF, Rich UI COBOL Gen, etc RDz with Java TM RDz with Java TM Same package as RDz 7.1 Eclipse RDz Edit, Compile, Debug Web Services PD Integration RAD JEE, JSF, Web 2.0 Visual