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Michigan is the smart choice for your business. We are a global leaderin advanced manufacturing, transportation mobility, technology andmore. Our world-class talent pool includes a multitude of skilledtrades, engineering and R&D, among other concentrations. Also,Michigan is in geographic proximity to half the U.S. and Canadianmarkets, expediting transport and reducing your costs.An ideal place for business, Michigan is also a great place to live andenjoy. With a low cost of living, including a truly affordable housing market, it’s easier toattract top talent. The 3,200 miles of freshwater shoreline, millions of acres of forestedlands and more than 11,000 lakes, are proof that Michigan is a natural paradise.The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), our state’s lead advocatefor business development and economic vitality, is ready to help your company prosperin Michigan. The MEDC offers a spectrum of programs and incentives that can assistyour company in making the move to Michigan. Additionally, they can help you locatetalent, strategic partners and customers that will grow your business.Michigan stands ready to be your next home for opportunity. I invite you to learn moreabout our state and the many opportunities it can offer your business.Sincerely,Gretchen WhitmerGovernorMICHIGAN.PURE OPPORTUNITY.2

INVESTING IN INNOVATIONFORTUNE 500 COMPANIES PROSPER IN MICHIGANMichigan is home to 16 companies on the Fortune 500 list, including:Ford Motor Company (12)Automotive ManufacturingGeneral Motors (13)Automotive ManufacturingPenske Automotive Group (136)Transportation ServiceLear (147)Automotive ManufacturingWhirlpool (148)Appliance ManufacturingDTE Energy (220)UtilitiesStryker (233)Medical Device ManufacturingKellogg (234)Food Processing ManufacturingBorgWarner (301)Automotive ManufacturingAlly Financial (303)Financial ServicesAutoliv (321)Automotive ManufacturingMasco (366)Construction Materials & ServicesSpartanNash (377)Food Processing ManufacturingAuto-owners Insurance (382)InsuranceAmerican Axle & Manufacturing (418)Automotive ManufacturingCMS Energy (440)UtilitiesMICHIGAN IS HOME TO FOUR UNICORN COMPANIES.*Michigan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is reaching new heights of maturity—Michigan is1 of 10 states with more than one Unicorn startup.1 Duo Security Rivian OneStream Software StockX*A unicorn company is a technology startup with a valuation of at least 1 billion dollars.3SOURCE:1.

FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT IN MICHIGANMichigan is a top global destination for foreign direct investment with more than 1,460foreign companies with a total of 5,346 locations across the state1 totaling 11.3 billion ininvestments since 2015.2By matching established and diverse industries with foreign companies that have similargoals, Michigan is the premier gateway for businesses fromaround the world to expand.TOP 10 COUNTRIES INVESTING IN MICHIGAN (2015-2019)3U.K. 3,088.2 millionGermany 2,308.2 millionSouth Korea 1,221.6 millionJapan 883.2 millionChina 800.3 millionCanada 751.6 millionFrance 361.9 millionIndia 307.7 millionSwitzerland 289.7 millionSpain 232.6 millionTOP FIVE INVESTING INDUSTRIES (2015-2019)4Automotive components 3.4 billionAutomotive OEM 2.5 billionCoal, oil and gas 1.1 billionIndustrial equipment 648 millionElectronic components 428 millionSOURCES:1 D&B Hoovers 2-4 fDiMarket.comMICHIGAN. PURE OPPORTUNITY.4

LEADING INDUSTRIES.ADVANCEDMANUFACTURING Employment in Michigan’sadvanced manufacturingindustries grew nearly twice asfast as the rest of the nation onaverage between 2015 and 2019.1 Michigan ranks No. 4 in thenation and first in the Midwestfor aerospace manufacturingattractiveness.2 Nearly 45,000 workers wereemployed in advancedmaterials industries in Michiganin 2019, making employment inthese industries almost 130% moreconcentrated in the state than thenational average.3 Michigan has over 28,000industrial robots in use, makingup a 12 percent share of the AND AUTOMOTIVEMANUFACTURINGENGINEERING,DEVELOPMENT AND DESIGN Ranked first in “AutomotiveManufacturing Strength” inBusiness Facilities magazine’s 2019state rankings.5 Employment in EDD industriesis almost twice as concentratedin Michigan as the nationalaverage, with over 115,000employed in related industries in2019.11 Home to nearly one-fifth of production, more than anystate in the nation.6 No. 1 in automotive and mobilityR&D, with 73% of total U.S. spendtaking place in Michigan.7 Home to 18 of the world’s largestOEMs and 96 of the top 100suppliers.8,9 Michigan ranks 6th in the nationfor employment in industriesrelated to electric vehicle batterymanufacturing, with 1,500 workersemployed at various Michiganbattery manufacturing and OEMlocations.10 Michigan businesses spent 18.8billion on R&D in 2016, ranking 4thin the nation.12 Michigan is 6th in the nation forpatent awards. Michigan residentswere awarded 6,460 utility patentsin 2018.13 Detroit is the United States’ onlyUNESCO City of Design. Michigan has the highestconcentration of commercial andindustrial designers in the U.S. at 5times the national average.141. Emsi, 2019.4 (QCEW, Non-QCEW, and Self-Employed). 2. PricewaterhouseCoopers. (July 2019). 2019 Aerospace Manufacturing Attractiveness Rankings: Geographic assessment foraerospace manufacturing investments. 2019.pdf 3. Ibid 4. Muro, M. (August 14, 2017). “Where the robots are.” Brookings Institution. 5. “Business Facilities’ 15th Annual Rankings: StateRankings Report.” (July 24, 2019). Business Facilities. 6. Center for Automotive Research. Governor’s Dashboard: Michigan Automotive Industry Metrics, 2nd Quarter, 2019. 7. Center forAutomotive Research. Technology Indicators, 2nd Quarter, 2019. 8. Detroit Regional Chamber. (March 21, 2019). Michigan is Automobility. 2019. 9. Ibid 10. Emsi, 2019.4 (QCEW, Non-QCEW,and Self-Employed). 11. Emsi, 2019.4 (QCEW, Non-QCEW, and Self-Employed) 12. National Science Foundation. (May 2019). Science and Engineering State Profiles. 13. U.S. Patent andTrademark Office (USPTO). Patent Counts by Origin and Type: Calendar year 2018. 14. Ibid.5

VISIT MICHIGANBUSINESS.ORG/INDUSTRIESMEDICAL DEVICES Top 10 medical devicemanufacturing workforce withnearly 13,000 people1 Michigan’s University ResearchCorridor (URC) the No. 1 clusterfor undergraduate and advanceddegrees in medicine andbiological science, and theonly cluster of its peers to offer adoctorate in osteopathic (DO)program.2 Michigan is home to 383 medicaldevice firms. University of Michigan ranked No.1 in R&D expenditures and No. 5 inU.S. News Best Hospital Rankings The University of Michigan is thethird largest institution forNational Institutes of Health (NIH)funded medical research with 552 million in FY 2018.3.TECHNOLOGY Ann Arbor ranked No. 3 amongthe nation’s top tech hubsaccording to Bloomberg’s 2019Brain Concentration Index.4 Top 10 state for net techemployment, net tech jobsadded and share of workers intech industries.5 Over 85,000 workers employed inindustries in the technologycluster.6 World’s largest tech companiesincluding Amazon, Microsoft andGoogle are investing in the region Michigan’s Cyber Range is thenation’s largest unclassified cyberrange.PROFESSIONAL ANDCORPORATE SERVICES 185,000 headquarters andprofessional services workersin Michigan.7 Professional and corporate servicetalent in Michigan is 2/3 moreaffordable than coastal markets.8 Michigan outperformed the U.S. inheadquarters employmentgrowth, increasing 17% between2015 and 2019.9 Michigan ranked 3rd in the Midwestand 10th in the nation for businesscompetitiveness in Site Selectionmagazine’s 2019 Prosperity Cupawards.10SOURCES:1. Emsi, 2019.4 (QCEW, Non-QCEW, and Self-Employed) 2. Anderson Economic Group. (August 14, 2019). Opening Doors to the Future: 2019 Benchmarking Report of Michigan’sUniversity Research Corridor. 3. National Institutes of Health. Awards List 2018. 4. Strauss, D. (November 19, 2019). “Boulder, San Jose, and Ann Arbor? These are America’s top 12 techhubs, according to Bloomberg.” Business Insider. 5. CompTIA. (March 2019). Cyberstates 2019. 6. Emsi, 2019.4 (QCEW, Non-QCEW, and Self-Employed). 7. Emsi, 2019.4 (QCEW, NonQCEW, and Self-Employed). 8.lbid. 9.Emsi, 2019.4 (QCEW, Non-QCEW, and Self-Employed employees) 10. Arend, M. (May 2019). 2019 Prosperity Cup. Site Selection.MICHIGAN. PURE OPPORTUNITY.6

WORKFORCE EXPERTISEABUNDANCE OFWORLD-CLASS TALENTEmployers find that Michigan has one ofthe most talented, diverse and abundantworkforces in the U.S. and resourcesthat ensure new talent is always beingdeveloped. Michigan ranks first in theU.S. for concentration ofemployment in engineeringrelated occupations. In 2018,the engineering workforce inthe state totaled over 130,0001 250,000 skilled tradesworkers ranking Michigan in thetop 102 2nd in U.S. for growth oftechnology-related jobs since20103HOME FOR OPPORTUNITYGovernor Whitmer’s goal to increase thenumber of Michiganders with a postsecondary credential to 60 percentby 2030 will help define Michigan asa preeminent home for opportunity.And through proposed programs likethe MI Opportunity Scholarship —which provides qualifying high schoolseniors either two years of tuitionfree postsecondary education at acommunity college or tuition assistanceat a four-year institution — and theMI Reconnect program — a workforcedevelopment initiative that will create atuition-free pathway for Michiganders toreceive in-demand industry certificatesor associate degrees — Michigan isalready working to both anticipate andfill the skills gaps that exist in our talentpipeline. Michigan experienced its thirdstraight year of positive netmigration in 2018.4SOURCES:1. Ibid 2.Emsi 2. 019.1, QCEW, Non-QCEW, and Self-Employed 3., 2019 Tech Industry JobMarket & Salary Trends Analysis 4. U.S. Census Bureau, Population Estimates Program. (December 2018).“Estimates of the Components of Resident Population Change: April 2010 to July 1, 2018.”7

LOCATION & LOGISTICS.GLOBALLY CONNECTED INFRASTRUCTUREMichigan is one of the most globally connected regions inthe nation. The state is within 500 miles (800 kilometers)of nearly half the U.S. and Canadian populations andcommerce centers, providing unparalleled access tomarket while expediting transport and reducing costs.Michigan’s expansive transportation infrastructure alsoincludes convenient, multi-modal access to locationsaround the globe. More than 25% of 700 billion annual trade betweenthe U.S. and Canada crosses theAmbassador Bridge, the mostactive border crossing in NorthAmerica1,2 33 active deep-watercommercial cargo ports3 18 commercial airports,including Detroit MetropolitanWayne County Airport (DTW)4- the number one mega airportin North America, ranking highestin customer satisfaction5 26 freight railroads with 3,600miles (5,793 km) of track acrossMichigan6SOURCES:1., Michigan Department of TransportationMICHIGAN. PURE OPPORTUNITY.8

PRO-BUSINESS ENVIRONMENTTHE SMART CHOICE FOR BUSINESSProgram IncentivesThrough a wide variety of programs andresources, Michigan offers customizedincentive packages for business attractionopportunities that create jobs and newinvestment, including: Michigan BusinessDevelopment Program:Provides grants, loans andother economic assistance forhighly competitive projects. Jobs Ready Michigan:Provides funding for talentrecruitment and jobtraining for companiesrelocating to or expanding inMichigan. State Essential ServicesAssessment Exemption:Exempts or reduces theassessment for projectsthat create jobs and/or privateinvestment in Michigan.SOURCES:1. Site Selection magazine’s Prosperity Cup rankings 2. FDI Markets, 20199MEDC’s Suite of ServicesThrough the Michigan Economic DevelopmentCorporation’s suite of services, we’re here tohelp businesses build relationships through thePure Michigan Business Connect program, makeintroductions to the entrepreneurial ecosystemand expand into global markets.Michigan Tax InformationMichigan is continually finding ways to reduceand/or maintain low taxes to be a top choice forbusiness opportunity. Michigan’s business climateis ranked among the top 10 in the nation.1 Since2014, global and U.S. companies have investedmore than 22.7 billion in capital projects acrossMichigan.2 6% Corporate Income Tax 4.25% Personal (flat) Income Tax 6% Sales Tax ( no local sales tax)

LIVING IN MICHIGANA LIFESTYLE THAT OFFERS QUALITY AND AFFORDABILITYMichigan’s cost of living is 10 percent below the national averageand ranks as the fourth most affordable state in the country.CALIFORNIA ISWASHINGTON, D.C. ISNEW YORK ISILLINOIS IS48%76%24%10%more expensive than living in Michigan.1Not only is Michigan one of the most affordable states in the country, but ourPure Michigan way of life just can’t be beat. Grand Rapids recognized as the 2nd best place to live in the United States2 Michigan is surrounded by four of the five Great Lakes, boasting more freshwater coastline thanCalifornia. Detroit’s entertainment scene is unmatched with year-round festivals and four major pro sportsteams. Michigan is home to more than 100 wineries and is known as a top 10 craft beer state in the U.S. Michigan offers award-winning communities, beaches, forests, parks and the most public golfcourses in the country.SOURCE:1. EMSI 2.The Wall Street Journal, 2019MICHIGAN. PURE OPPORTUNITY.10


DTE Energy (220) Stryker (233) Kellogg (234) BorgWarner (301) Ally Financial (303) Autoliv (321) Masco (366) SpartanNash (377) Auto-owners Insurance (382) American Axle & Manufacturing (418) CMS Energy (440) Automotive Manufacturing Automotive Manufacturing Transportation Service Automotive Manufacturi