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--*.Ii-%4*\-*z3. %cJ-"Vol. 2CPTd0. 21-.--AP-.Jacksonville (Alabama! State Univers t ------ -- --.---JULY 1, 1974---"---contests,New LavvUniversity Joins Suit.\-k(Photo B y T I M MASON)in blood d r i v eood Drive Suceessfu,JPIi !losf ed the F 4 Ci. ss Aut:. irn thls year In the p m to aliow member.; nS theBlwd Drive Jam 27, in the percentage of student wmmunity to participate.StudentC o m m o n s enrollment donatuag blood.In all 165 persons gaveT h s dr:ve pushed JSU even 41.: 3i?o7il!.r7-iblood. Eighty-one of thisfurtheraheadAccor.j!ng 'lo Shdo M a y u .number were male while 69SCA president, the drive wasVeda Barn served as head were female. One hundredi.;12.31 10 c !le:? Slwd for the of the &we. Jlm Owen was and fifty were collegeJuly 4 weekend.pubhclty director.students and 15 werec:;;.I! ;li33 al;.eady je2ti.nThe drlve was open until 5 members of the comrnunity.Graduate Enrollment UpBy GENE RHODESStaff WriterGraduate student enrollment has reachedapproximately 900 students for the 1974summer session, up from 581 in 1973.The tremendous growth in the GraduateSchoal can be illustrated by comparing thenumber of students er rolledin the past fourprevious summer school periods. Thesummer enrollment for 1970 was 109; 1971,216; and 1972, 384.Dr. James Reaves, Dean of the GraduateSchool, contributes the growth of theGraduate School to several factors. Themost important reason for the growth of theschool is the conscious and 1aIInedeffort ofthe administrators on this campus to gatherfeedback from offcampus by questionnaires and visiting other schools,superintendents and other educationalsupervisors to determine what coursesshould be provided.Other reasons for the increase are recentrulings by the State Board of Educationwhich strongly recommends public schoolteachers to work towards their advanceddegrees; use of extension centers, expansion of old programs and innovation ofnew programs for offcampus groups ofteachers arid Saturday workshops whichmeet only on Saturday.In Graduate school programs, Dr. Reavessaid, "There is a national trend in simplifying and modifying Graduate school.entrance requirements." "The shift is fromomission to retention." Dr. Reaves furtherstated. "At JSU anyone will be admitted tothe Graduate program who has a degree andthe proper background."Dr. Reaves is a former JSU student andSGA president. He received his MS in SchoolAdministration a t JSU and his Ph.D a t theUniversity of Alabama with post-Doctoratework a t the University of Florida. Hebecame the Dean of the Graduate School in1966.The Graduate program a t JSU began in1957. The first degree given was MS inEducation. The other degrees were added in1968. Master degrees are now given in thefields of Education in 13 different areas: M.A.'s in 4 different programs; Master ofBusiness Administration; and Master of. Science in 5 different areas, excludingEducation.According to Dr. Reaves, two new degreeswill be added this fall. A Master of Arts inGeneral Studies and a Master's in PublicAdministration will be offered.By VERONICA PIKEAssistant EditorJacksonville State Universitj ? u sjoined agroup action suit seeking to ramove col!egea d university faculties a1-d administraticr:sfrom the jurisdiction c;f the corltroversialethics laws.Dr. Mary Martlla Thomas. president ofJSU's faculty senate, is reprr-,e.i?ili;; i!ieuniversity in the suit,ir,c:li.iL-:,i t bUniversity of '\labam. kub::"r! ?.,f!?j.v rb! ,a e University of MontevaUs, ' T , : I StatdUniversity and 'the State Technjca: !il-ctitui and Colleges Association n d ? r tkt? i;[email protected] lof Kufsls Behel, University of 'lab rl a'sattorney.'The suit contests the ruling of the StateEthics Commission that faculty membersand administrative officials whc make morethan 12,000 annually disclose their finanolalinterests. The commission also requestsinformation about the finawial interests offarnily members."Ti-is violates our Constitutions! rightsunder the 14th amendment," Dr. Thomas.*id.But she a h said, "The disclosur eforrrl isnot as all-inclusive as many think." Theform asks the person t' eheci.; s L; iricome category a d list the stocks Ae owns inany companies who do business ;r, 4:zb:.:"c.a.He then must give the name, occnlxigci. 3,zdsocial secunty number of his spzlse,children, parents a d bri;thers :&orsisters and their mouses.The form doesn9easkfor speclflc niomesof farroly members, but Dr. Thomas said. with a social security nurnbef-,you can findout "all sorts dtehiri:-;.""It is the feeling oi the facu:l.y senate andother members that this d:;?; rot apply tous, and we elsould be exempt,' Dr. Thomassaid.In a recent meeting, the 27-memberseaate, wiiichrepresrnts the various schoolsancl colleges witljii? the al?iversity on aproportio a! basis, .!iic;nirna!!slypqssed aresolction supportin:: ithe at.;,ii;iistration iliits cffcrls to r;xr.,. :.- - - : I - . ' - ti:ernsalves from thecommission's jiidsdiclion.Although Dr. Thonlas said the code was*'hastiljr written a t the end of last year'slegislature," a d ''it's not specific enough,"she also said, "I do not think the idea shouldbe throwr; out. They just need to be a littlemore pre-ise."Dr. Theron Montgomery, vice presidentfor academic affairs a t the university,at the recentrepresented the insn;;(,il'utionka.riig. There, argul-mits were presentedsayhg this disclosure would be cause foririciSeasedfacuity reSlgnaZiori3."I don't see t m t happening at Jacksonville," Dr. Thomas said. "There is no opgvrtunity for us to have a conflict of i n terests since we have no purchasingau4&;r,o;ity,"The Jure hearing re,?;il',cd in an extensionof the temporary injunction which enjoinedthe ethics commission from enforcing thedisclosure deadline. set for todav.The flnal decislon wlll come"1akr h ssummer at a yet to be determined date.Buttram Works With BaxleyBy DEBBIE BEVISStaff WriterDean Buttram J r . , aJacksonville State graduatestudent, served a s EastAlabama coordinator forAttorney General BillBaxley in his bid forreelection.In early March, Baxleyfaced opposition in hisreelection bid and Buttramwas summoned by Baxley tohelp out. Shortly thereafterthe opposition candiate withdrew from the primary race,but Buttram and hiscolleagues continued to run apublic relations campaignfor Baxley."I a m very much interested in the statelegislative races of 1978, butmy future candidacy willdepend on the response thatmaterializes in Cherokeeand Etowah counties overthe next four years. I thinkJacksonville State shouldwelcome, encourage andsupport its graduates whowish to become active in thepolitical arena, especiallysince two of our university'sstaunchest supporters in theAlabama Legislature weredefeated in May. ( P e t eMathews and Fred RayLybrand)"Buttram went on to add,"However, my primaryobjective a t the present is toaid the Attorney Generalevery possible way. I want tobe in a position to help himshould he decide to run forGovernor in 1978."Buttram served as interimSGA president last year andis presently a member of theuniversity Liason Committee, chief justice of theTraffic Appeals Court, amember of the universityPublicationsBoard,executive assistant to theSGA president, a member ofthe Pi Kappa Phi socialfraternity, and honorarymember of Pi Gamma MuHonorary Society.Buttram also served as thecollege coordinator andCherokee County chairmanfor Bert Nettles, U. S.Senatorial candidate, in 1972.

N e w HoursFriday Comes FreeLibrary Posts'5U students have been given a long holiday weekend.4, ilruverslty president Dr. ErnestIn addliioir to ;I,'Stone has app. oved J ul] 3 as an ad: 6 d i a a - f rdaye e so thatstudents can have a better hol day.WP at Thf rhantlcleer urge ou al! to exerclse the utmost,aithorl o w ,his weekend a d rejoin 11s when classesesu!ile -VI, 1 '-I'"'Li:iNr1.derb7class tls:, surnnlel , I X ejUC11L!IP ;:[email protected],I ETJacksonvilleStateUniversity Library has beenarranged by subject areas sothat books, periodicals,m i c r o f l m s , and othern0n'otli.k makerlab can bef o u i)n the same floor. Rut,t1:e a;'? to the Ilbrary, the.-?,Ii atalog, 1s !ocated onti o t - , :i.r oznd floor211kd&burgerThere is nc2-h?.sro for the course, although UCM ask, tora 1.50 tee to (#oversupplie:. The ciqss 1s open to eve i ne,dwordlng i.: ,!m Short, U r M director.Short said ti I t ,- s to rc2rta ! r3?lenursing iourbe 2oon.Cosponsorec: by UCM and the Aia;t.r:cal: Xed Cross, theclass m111 bc taught by a registered nurse.Anyone interested in elther course should call 435-7U64, orgo by the UCM bullding, 300 N. Peiham Road.JSU Jumps OffJSU has initiated somethng new--a free jumper cablesernce.Students whose car stalls anywhere on campus can phonethe maintenance bulldim at exknslon 275 for irnmecilateassiclance. Setweeri 7:30 a r;-, ,ird 4:30 2.m according toSGA prtts de: Smio M: Tat:: er.:qt, w!?7 ? a P-, E S I \ C C 31;s :, en1 SL.LO,I- t i, T - T L:,LC6C :-\;nb.",t12clr*@"q ., dildllloria'" I [a)I *c (1.1),,tiL vvli:.U:V %Th2 JSU Library uses a8 ctionarycdtalog whch has'! srds -author, tltle,,abjx:, and other entnesflied m one alphabet. Thecall number 1s located in theupper left hand corner of thecard.The Library Arrangementis a s follows:Ground Floor: CardCatalog, newspapers, oldand rare books, books on thehistory of Jacksonville andbooks by Alabama authors,as well as the instructionalv e d i a center with thevertical file, film catalogs,E'X!films and equipmerit for d5S1'001nUSZ.2ndB!gol :Library,;lericz,eiu!augraphy.rpn?' i: Vro*% , I'hf,osophy, ; ckl ?c;)r, !teilyD 7 1 , z1idEidersVisitCampusA group of five MormonElders and their familiesvisited the JacksonvilleState University campus,June 22.The purpose of their tripwas to look the campus overand to prepare for a youthmnference to be held hereJuly 25-27.The tour consisted of allfacilities to be used fcr theconference to be held thisJuly.The group came fromthree of the four wards inAlabama : Montgomery,Birmingham, and theHuntsville area.The Church of Jesus Christof Latterday Saints foundedby Joseph Smith has nationalheadquarters in Salt LakeCity, Utah. Its membershipin the United States hasreached 2.5 million.On a national basis theGem Of The NPBIsdlurch is ruled by a body of38 men called the GeneralNancie Ellis reminds all palricvlic 46-.,r!ric.r.nsto '!:fEirAuthorities. On a local basisflag high July 4th. is a 5' 2'' k !!::-; ;:ri I?;.a;alc.i:?. i?;ji:i:!::. .:I(.the church is divided intofroan For: Blame, She is a se;bi("r i83%jo;,.wards,andstaka.Eachelemeztsry; hg;,,LAj7100rHlbto!. , stake is governed by aqgraphy Anthropology, president and 2 counselorswith an advisory council oft q - l Physical Sducahox. I E ? i o o .Busi.iess, 12. A stakes rrlembershipE'lnance, Sociology, and ranges from 2,000 to 10,000By FRFTZ HUGHESPolitical, Legal, Military, members. A ward isgovernedbyabishopand2and Naval Sciences.5th Floor: Education, counselors. Its averageQueen-Queen I1metal band album.membership is 500 to 600Music, and Flne Arts.Electra-EKS 75082The best cuts are "Whitemembers.6thFloor:ForeignThey're back with another Queen," "Some Day, OneLanguage and JuvenileIn the area of music and attempt a t toppling Led Day," "The March of theLiterature.fromtheir Elack Queen," and "Thearts, the Mormon Church Zeepelin7th Floor: Literature.has a 375 voice choir, the "Number One Heavy Metal Pven Seas of Rhye." The;est of the songs on the9th Floor: Mathemabcs, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, RandJ' position.P h y s i - c s , C h e m i s t r y , which is more than 100 yearsWith enough attempts like album aren't really lacking.BlologlcalS c i e n c e s , old and has been heard on this they may succeed. This It's just they don't match theMedicine, and and television since is definitely another heavy . power generated by thosefour listed above. Another10th Floor : Agriculture, 1929.Technology, and HomeEconomics.Reference assistance isMike Oldfieldavailable on each of theTubular Bellsfloors. To check outVirgin Recordsmaterials, a student needs toVR 13-105sign the book card with hisTubular Bells has beenname and Social Securitycalled the album of theNumber, and present hisThe English Department of Jax State is offering 24 hours decade, and I can certainlycurrent identification card.of public speech instruction to volunteer employees from see why.An album that is producedAll books must be inspectedRepublic Steel Corporation a t their request.when leaving the library.After successfully exhibiting the ability to present a 23- and recorded to such perEach floor of JSU's Library minute welldelivered speech, the volunteers go on file with fection is certainly ahasperiodicalsand the corporation's speech bureau. The responsibility of the masterpiece.The instruments played byperiodical indexes which Republic Steel Speech Bureau is "to provide trainedsupport the subject collec- speakers for civic, fraternal, church and school Oldfield an this album ingrandpiano,tion.organizations" throughout Etowah County and the cludeglokenspiel, farfisa organ,surroundingareas.The library officials askThree English professors-Dr. Clyde Cox, Carlton Ward, bass guitar, electric guitar.that you PLEASE M3 NOTandMrs. Sylvia Malone-bve provided lectures to these speed guitar, taped motorHESITATE TO ASK FORspecialstudentsfrom which they have gained the know-how drive amplifier organ chord,ASSISTANCE.mandolin-like guitar, fuzztoprepareanddelivera speech effectively.The hours of the library forguitar, assorted hes:Thethe summer semester are asinstruments, acoustic on".follows:These lectures are held from 2 to 4 p.m. Mondays through flageolet, lowery organ andtubular bells.Monday-Thursday,7:30 July 8, 1974.All are welded into aa.m. to 9 p.m.; Friday, 7:30beautiful piece of studioa.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Saturday,work. Without a doubt, this9 a.m. to 12 noon; Sunday, 6album is a great buy.p.m. to 9 p.m.4;Mew Found SoundsOn behalf of the Student Govermlent Association, I wouldiike to thank you the students, faculty, and staff of JSU foryour support and participation in once again making theCampus Blood Drive a success.The Alabama Blood Banks were low due to the tornadodisasters in the spring. However, now with your help, wewill be able to maintain and have available an ample bloodsupply in case you need it. With the coming fourth of Julyholiday this will be especially important.I would also like to thank Mrs. Veta Bain, the Blood DriveChairman, for her hard work and time spent in planningand coordinating the drive.Once again, on behalf of the Student GovernmentAssociation and the Red Cross, thank you for your donationand participation in this campus endeavor.Sincere1y,Sindo MayorStudent Government Association Presidentw mTB-ChanticleerStaffJim OwenEditorVeronica PikeAssistant EditorJames McDonaldBusiness ManagerDr. Clyde Cox, Bob Clotfelter-FacultyAdvisorsWritersDebbie Bevis, Deborah Braden, Tim Childers, BuckleyChisolm, Doug Dixon, Cynthia Ellison, Russell Glass,Fritz Hughes, Janice Jennings, Debbie Kean, Mary JaneMarbury, Tim Mason, Gene Rhodes, Rebecca Sewell,Becky Smith, David Steele, Deborah Stoudemire.1Speech Taught-

C a l d w e l l ResignsJSU head basketball coachMitchell Caldwell resignedJune 25.Caldwellhasbeenassociatedwiththeuniversity the past six yearsas a player and a coach.During his three years a t the'helm of the basketballprogram he compiled a 36-36record.Caldwell expressed appreciation to the adr,inistrationforitsboperation, to the playersfor their efforts and to thefans: for their loyal support.He also said, "You cannotfind a better university thanJSU. "For DedicationCALDWELLStone NewCSC Leaderleague coaches and Conference officials, accordingto Dr. Stone.Dr. Ernest Stone wasrecently elected President ofthe Gulf South Conference.His one year term of officebegan the day of the election.The Conference is composed of three universitiesfrom Louisiana, two fromMississippi, one fromTennessee, and four fromAlabama.Stone was selected for theoffice because of hisqualifications a d seniority.Stone said SSU can beproud of thts honor, andn J i i i l look forulard to thesuec dlmest s w d k a s whchwill visit the campus due toour close association withthe GliX South Corderence.Our athletes will benefitfrom working with bigWill ContinueThe Gulf South Conferenceholds a general conventiononce a year. The athletic andexecuhve committees meettwo or three times a year.The coaches and faculty willGary Leach, assistantalso hold several meetingsduring Dr. Stone's ad- personnel directoratministration.Callaway Gardens, was oncampus July 27 to talk withstudents interested inbeen instituted a t JSU, and working in a co-op program.they will continue, despiteStudents will work the fallrumors that the tests will nolonger be administered after semester - a t Callaways forSeptember, according to Dr.Schmitz.HEY HEY HEYMore than 1500 colleesand universitiesin the program annually.About 170 JSU students havetaken CLEP tests, or haveTO Theregistered to take the teststhis year.Registration deadline inorder to receive scores byCOFFEEHOUSEAug. 23 is July 8, and Aug. 2to receive scoi-es by Sept. 20.No. Ave. & Twine St.For additional information,talk with Dr. Schmitz inBlue Mountain, Ala.Abercrombie Hall Cound i n g Center.COME ONDOWN-Brewer Speaks(Photo B y T!M M A S O N ). . . A t D e d i c a t i o n CeremonyLaw Enforcement, Political Science, and Sociology. Areastate investigators of the Department of Public Safety areheadquartered in the building. Space for a criminal investigating laboratory of the Alabama Department ofToxicology and Criminal Investigation was provided by theuniversity.A crowd of about 75 people filled the lobby to see andhonor Brewer. All were eager to see the former governorand excitement could be felt before the ceremony as peoplegreeted friends and talked among themselves.JSU will grant nineteen degrees in Law Erlforceicefii a tsummer graduation. Brewer Hall was occupied in the fall of1972.1.minimum wage. A bonus of 225 will be given the schoolin the spring semester on thetuition of that student if hereturns to JSU.Callaway officials feel awork opportunity will breakthe monotony of study andhelp a student decide hisfuture.The purpose of theprogram is to give morepeople a college education.Applicants were reviewedfor attitude and appearance.This is the first co-opprogram for JSU, and LamySmith, financialaidedirector, is optimistic aboutthe results.Jacksonville is the firstUniversity on the semestersystem to be involved in thisprogram with CallawayGardens.-The S.G.A. PresentsMARA AN AT HA FREEAssociation. The vicepresident shall be chairmanand appoint the members ofthis committee."TEACHERS WANTEDIIISGA Amends RulesThe Student GovernmentAssociation recently passeda n amendment to its constitution.Section ll, Part E wasamended to read:"Entertainment shallresponsible for advising inthe area of and assistine inthe production of all socialactivities conducted by theStudent GovernmentBy JANICE JENNINGSStaff WriterJacksonville State University dedicated the Albert PBrewer Hall June 25, in a ceremony honoring former Gov.Brewer and his wife Martha.Dean Miles, Master of Ceremonies, welcomed the visitorsto the campus and to Brewer Hall,Dr. Cole, President Emeritus of JSU, introduced theformer governor, commending him for his sustained effortsin support of education.In his speech, Brewer stated that every facet of thecommunity-businesses, churches, schools, homes,depends on the law enforcement agencies of the state. "Acareer of law enforcement is a noble calling, a direct service to the people," Brewer said.He further stated that the School of Law Enforcementwas the first and only such law enforcement institutiongranting a degree in Alabama.President Ernest Stone concluded the ceremony byformally stating, "I a m pleased to name the Albert P.Brewer Hall, housing what is destined to be one of the greatschools of law enforcement."A portrait of Brewer was unveiled. It is to be permanentlydisplayed in the lobby.Brewer said, "I a m always thrilled to come toJacksonville and to see old friends. But I a m amazed a t thegrowth of the university. Not only in the Law EnforcementSchool but the broadening of the university program andthe move to true university status. It's good to see."A reception followed the ceremony. The building wastoured and a movie was shown in the Law Enforcementauditorium. The Police Academy sponsored a display.Multi-purpose Brewer Hall houses the Departmelits ofDirector Ta ks With StudentsCLEP TestsStudents enrolled a t JSUmay earn college credit foracceptable scores on CollegeLevel Examination Program(CLEP) tests.According to Dr. Don Schmitz, Dean of Student Affairs, students may earncredit in basic liberaleducation courses if theyhave not received a failinggrade in a basic course or ifthey have not taken upperlevel courses in the area theywish to be examined in.CLEP tests recently haveBrewers HereSOUTHWEST TEACHERS AGENCY1303 Central Ave. N. E .Bonded, Licensed, Member K A T AInlbuqu1AdmissionEntertainmentICake, CoffeeOPENITuesdayFriday7 pm-"s pmI EVERYONEIIIIA UNIVERSAL/MACPASO COMPANY [email protected] PANAVISION @July 11, 1974At 8 PM ROUNDHOUSEI

At .jacksonvI e State UniversityNeed Assistance? Need CounseT 4% Z-T.3.*w y.-,@Drl George French, DirectorRoam 310, Bibb Graves\3--'CT*I,/.% \". ---2&-Mrs, M a v / o r i e Wa ters, ManagerAdmissions Office435-9828 ext. 307ATTENTIONVETERANS" .\.' fYw-p""g-0"7--,s'

Jacksonville State University JSU Digital Commons Chanticleer Historical Newspapers 1974-07-01 Chanticleer Vol 20, Issue 21 . In Graduate school programs, Dr. Reaves said, "There is a national trend in sim- pl