Department of Public Safety and Correctional ServicesMaryland Correctional Enterprises7275 WATERLOO ROAD. JESSUP, MARYI-AND 20794. 540-5400. FAX (410) 540-s570. TTY USERS (800) 735-2258STATE OF MARYLANDLARRY HOGANGOVERNORBOYD K. RUTHERFORDLT. GOVERNORSTEPHEN T. MOYERSECRETARYWILLIAM G. STEWARTDEPUry SECRETARYADMINISTRATIONJ MICHAEL ZEIGLERDEPUTY SECRETARYOPERATIONSRHEA L. HARRISASSISTANT SECRETARYPROGRAMS ANDSERVICESDAVID N. BEZANSONASSISTANT SECRETARYCAPITAL PROGRAMSSeptember 2018Dear MCE Employees and Stakeholders:On behalf of Maryland Correctional Enterprises (MCE), it is indeed a pleasure to present a copy of theStrategic Business Plan Fiscal Years 2019-2021 for your review. The Plan was developed by MCEemployees, facilitated by the DPSCS Police and Correctional Training Commissions, and is based onthe goals of: maintaining a self-supporting status, increasing inmate employment, increasing customersatisfaction, improving organizational excellence, and providing support and services for successfulinmate transition to the community.In May 2001, the first MFR Seminar was held at the Maritime Institute of Technology to review thefirst Business Plan published in September 2000 and to prepare for the next edition. MCE has held tothis schedule ever since.DIVISION OF CORRECTIONDAYENA M. CORCORANCOMMISSIONERCAROLYN J. SCRUGGSACTING DEPUryCOMMISSIONERThe 2018 MFR Seminar occurred on May 15,2018. This year's seminar focused on preselectedstrategies to encourage participation, teambuilding, and promoting interdepartmental communicationthroughout MCE.201 8MARYLANDCORRECTIONALENTERPRISESMFR ParticipantsFacilitators: Jennifer Beskid and Darla Rothman(DPSCS Police and Correctional Training Commissions)STEPHEN M. SHILOH, CCECHIEF EXECUTIVEOFFICERMichelle BaldwinTodd DeakAshley LohrStephen SandersDonna BeckJames JacksonThomas McBurneySteve ShilohCliff BenserDave JenkinsJeffPetersonJoe SommervilleEngrican BudoyJames JohnMatt RobinsonChris StoufferStephen ComptonScott JohnsonMark RowleyStability has been established in working towards attainment of the long range Goals and Objectivesby the accomplishment of the shorter term Strategies. However, success of the plan can only beachieved through cooperation and teamwork. Any questions or comments may be directed to myself,Cliff Benser (410-540-5404) or Tom McBurney (410-540-5439).Best Regards,Steve Shiloh.Ifrats"Chief Executive Officer


Strategic Business Plan FY 2019 - 2021MISSION STATEMENTThe mission of Maryland Correctional Enterprises (MCE) is to provide structuredemployment and training activities for offenders in order to improve employability uponrelease, to enhance safety and security, to reduce prison idleness, to produce quality,saleable goods and services, and to be a financially self-supporting State agency.VISION STATEMENTTransforming lives through mentoring, providing marketable skills, and instilling positive workethics to contribute to a safer community.VALUES STATEMENTThe following beliefs (core principles) support our mission and vision statements:Quality and Customers - We are committed to provide our customers with the highestquality products and services in a timely manner within all areas of Maryland CorrectionalEnterprises.Environmentally Friendly – We are committed to improving our environmentalawareness in all areas of Maryland Correctional Enterprises.Financially Successful - We will manage our financial resources (assets, profits, sales,cash, investments) to support existing operations and future expansion.Transition Services - We are committed to quality training and preparation of our inmatework force to enhance their employment opportunities upon release.Teamwork and Communications - We value each employee as an important asset inhelping to achieve the mission of the agency through teamwork and effectivecommunications.Professionalism - We value effective leadership and strive for impartiality and fairness inthe workplace. We encourage personal and professional development. We recognize andreward dedication and commitment to excellence.

MCE STRATEGIC BUSINESS PLAN FISCAL YEARS 2019-2021Chief Executive OfficerExecutive AssistantProjects ConsultantChief Operating OfficerManagement Council Executive DirectorChief Administrative OfficerChief Development OfficerAdministrative AideDesignManagerDesign,MCIWDirector ofSalesDirectorofMarketingCust. tionTechnologyManagerChief FinancialOfficerAccts. phicsRegional ManagerJessupRegional ManagerTextilesRegional ManagerCentral WarehouseManagerSign, PATXGraphics I, MCIJGraphics II, MCIJQuick Copy,MCIJGraphics, RCIFurn. Manufact., JCITag, JCIMailing/Dist., MCI-WFurn. Restor., ECILaundry, CMCFSew, JCISew, MCIWTextiles, ECILaundry, ECICourier ServiceMoving & LaborTextile esAccts. Rec.ManagerPolicies &ProceduresManagerDirector ofReentry ServicesFixed Assets/Payroll ManagerCost AccountingManagerHagerstownWarehouse ManagerWesternRegional ManagerUpholstery, MCIHMetal I & II, MCIHMeat, MCIHLaundry, MCIHInmate WorkersMANAGEMENTMaryland Correctional Enterprises7275 Waterloo RoadJessup, Maryland 20794(410) 540-5400TitleNamePhoneChief Executive OfficerExecutive Assistant to the CEOChief Operating OfficerChief Administrative OfficerChief Development OfficerDirector of MarketingExec. Director of Mgmt. CouncilDirector of SalesSales ManagerChief Financial OfficerOperations ManagerProjects ConsultantCustomer Service ManagerDesign ManagerIT ManagerRe-Entry Services DirectorSteve ShilohVacantJoe SommervilleMark RowleyAshley LohrVacantDavid JenkinsTodd DeakJim HookVerona WilliamsStephen SandersCliff BenserShari HoffmanTerry HillEngrican BudoyVacant(410) 540-5401RegionNamePhoneWesternJessup/ECI Furniture RestorationTextiles/ECI LiaisonActing GraphicsCentral Warehouse ManagerActing Hagerstown Warehouse ManagerRon BrownMat HallDonna BeckJim ClusterVacantRicky Rowe(240) 420-1255(410) 540-6381(410) 651-9102(410) 540-6727(410) 540-5402(410) 540-5412(410) 540-5405(410) 540-5472(410) 540-5409(410) 540-5407(410) 540-5403(410) 540-5479(410) 540-5404(410) 540-5452(410) 540-5441(443) 936-8357REGIONAL MANAGERS(240) 420-1232Partition, MCTCFurniture, WCIBrush/Carton, MCTC

Maryland Correctional Enterprises/Q00A 03.01Fiscal Years 2019 – 2021Goals, Objectives, StrategiesGoal #: 1.1 To maintain self-supporting status to support existing operations and future expansion.Objective #: 1.1.1Strategy #: achieve a 3% net operating income level every fiscal year through June2021.Analyze revenues and expenditures, including agency wide control of costs, on amonthly basis and take corrective action when necessary to ensure the objective.Performance MeasuresChairpersonMembersNet operating income level achieved in each fiscal year.Chief Executive OfficerChief Operating Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Financial Officer,Regional Managers, Senior Accountant, Operations Manager, Inventory Manager,Invited Guest MemberSummary of Strategy et Operating Income4.2%(1.2%)2.2%2.3%5.3%6.9%9.3%Adjusted Net OperatingIncome (after nts:FY2012( 325,000) transfer to State’s General Fund for the Budget Reduction and Financing Act of2011.FY2013( 500,000) transfer to State’s General Fund in FY2013.FY2014( 1,800,000) transfer to State’s General Fund in FY2014.FY2015( 1,000,000) transfer to State’s General Fund in FY2015.FY2017( 2,500,000) transfer to State’s General Fund in FY2017.1st Quarter2nd Quarter3rd Quarter4th QuarterFiscal Year 2019The Chief Executive Officer conducts Gross Profit meetings with the Committee Members each monthexcept for July, August, and September when financial data is not available due to the annual financial auditof MCE.1

Evaluate the purchasing practices of our customers to determine trends and analyzedata.Annual review of top 10 customer’s data to be compared to data from threePerformance Measuresprior FYs (2016, 2017, 2018).ChairpersonDirector of SalesStrategy #: Manager, IT ManagerSummary of Strategy Results FY17 Customer Analysis was finalized: FY17 Customer percentage of sales broken down into 7 categories: Furniture, Meat, Graphics, Textiles, Tag, Services, Miscellaneous MCE will switch to a 3-year comparison in FY2019.Monitoring Monthly Quick Ship Sales FY19 Target Goal:FY 18FY 19Difference 1st Quarter313K2nd Quarter231K3rd Quarter305K4th Quarter453KYTD1.3M2nd Quarter49K3rd Quarter26K4th Quarter98KYTD149.4KMonitoring County K-12 SalesFY 18FY 19Difference1st Quarter23K Monitoring Monthly Graphics Sales Utilizing report to pursue customers that have purchased from us in the past or ones that are notutilizing our graphic capabilities. Monitoring Weekly Open Order Reports For: University of MD – University College MD Transportation AuthorityUniversity of MD – College Park University of MD – Eastern ShoreTowson University MD State Department of EducationMD Aviation Administration Department of CommerceSalisbury University Morgan State University Account reps continually review/analyze on a monthly basis Monitoring Website Sales FY 18: 1st Qtr.: FY 19: Monitoring Incoming Orders FY19 Target Goal: FY 18: 1st Qtr.: FY18 Daily Average: FY 19: 1st Qtr.: FY19 Daily Average: Continually Evaluating Waiver Requests/Bid opportunities. Pursuing opportunities for a budget friendly sit/stand desk top model. Now offering Humanscale Models (Shop #123).Pursuing opportunities to print on rolled paper/stickers. MCE will be providing this out of Shop #149. Pursuing opportunities for interior signage. MCE awarded SHA Map Bid Distribution.12

FY17/18/19 COUNTY K-12 SALESCounty K-12 SalesFY 17Allegany CountyFY 18 0.00 0.00Anne Arundel County 40,156.95 42,545.00Baltimore City 6,111.29 2,669.83Baltimore County 6,340.00 10,054.00Calvert County 0.00 734.40Carroll County 2,346.95 2,397.80Caroline County 0.00 0.00Cecil County 0.00 0.00Charles County 0.00 0.00Dorchester County 12,579.56 15,532.15Frederick County 2,064.00 516.00Garrett County 0.00 0.00Harford County 4,887.00 2,157.00Howard County 48,673.00 69,198.00 0.00 0.00 25,570.69 2,877.67Prince Georges County 0.00 0.00Queen Anne’s County 0.00 0.00Somerset County 0.00 0.00St. Mary’s County 0.00 0.00Talbot County 0.00 0.00 2,048.50 719.10 0.00 0.00 854.65 0.00 151,632.59 149,400.95MD State Dept. of Education HQSMSDE-Library for theBlind & Physically HandicappedMSDE-Division of Rehab Services(Timonium)MSDE-Division of Rehab Services(Baltimore)MD School for the Deaf (Frederick) 147,488.22 402,165.22 14,970.00 881.48 7,525.80 5,298.00 284,089.96 309,176.28 22,766.00 23,929.92MD School for the Deaf (Columbia) 7,619.57 9,975.36 636,092.14 900,827.21Kent CountyMontgomery CountyWashington CountyWicomico CountyWorchester CountySub Total:Grand Total:Note: % comparison is based on FY 17/18 numbers3FY 19% Comp.

Identify, share and implement quality improvements and cost reduction/avoidanceprograms each year.Implement, share and document cost reduction/avoidance and reportPerformance Measuresquality assurance programs per fiscal year.Strategy #: ManagerChief Operating Officer, Director of Sales, Regional Managers, IT Manager, PlantManagersSummary of Strategy Results1. Quality Improvement: Plant 124 uses a powder coat paint system, oven and conveyor process to applythe paint finish to its products. Integral components have failed over time due to the age of theequipment. Larger products such as the Board of Election, Election Carts have put a strain on theconveyor system. A combination of these factors has created quality concerns related to paint finish. Toremedy the situation, the oven and conveyor system have been refurbished. Our Plant Manager hasdesigned and incorporated an enclosed and covered spray booth area to reduce or eliminateenvironmental contaminants from entering the powder paint spray process. The new and improvedconveyor chain eliminates chain related break downs and thus eliminates the potential for dirt andcontaminants from dropping on the painted surfaces while traveling through the oven. A variable speedconveyor control allows our staff to bake the powder paint for the correct amount of time. The newignitors and controls will provide for consistent, specific and continuous heat and eliminate faults thatcause production interruptions and quality concerns. The result is a perfect painted surface free of dirtand paint mars, a reduction in paint repairs, an increase in our First Time Pass Rate, and happycustomers.2. MCE is continuing to monitor quality in all areas of production.During the 4th Quarter, the process of refurbishing, updating and reprogramming the CNC router beganin Plant # 146. MCE is currently updating and uploading all furniture software. Once complete, MCE willbe able to program the specifications for each product line of furniture top that we produce. This willensure consistent quality production 100% of the time. Operations that were previously performed byseveral machines will be accomplished by this CNC, therefore increasing the efficiency of the operationby eliminating product travel and operator walk time. Additional quality checks will be created to monitorthe output of the machine before the product is transferred to the next phase of the production process.MCE will reduce cost by building it right the first time.Strategy #: standard costs and selling prices on an annual basis.Performance MeasuresChairpersonMembersAnnually review and audit business unit standard costs and selling pricesfor profitability.Chief Financial OfficerCost Accountant, Director of Sales, Chief Operating Officer, Director of Marketing,Senior Accountant, Purchasing Manager.Summary of Strategy Results1. During the fourth quarter of FY18, the Finance Department completed standard costs and selling priceanalyses as follows:Upholstery Plant #122: Individual guest chairs series: Item nos. 122138xxx -122138xxxSign Plant #111: Picture Frames Item nos. 111FR006; 111FR007 and 111FR0026Results were that the upholstery items were within the standard gross profit range while the pictureframes were under the expected gross profits and therefore discontinued.In addition to the above, the pricing for all items listed in the FY19 catalog were successfully updated.4

Network with other state correctional industries to identify best practices andadditional venture opportunities.Compile an annual FY report identifying relevant best practices & additionalPerformance Measuresventure opportunities.ChairpersonChief Development OfficerOperations Manager, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, RegionalMembers Managers, Director of Marketing, Plant Managers, Director of Sales, Guest (otherstate rep).Strategy #: of Strategy Results1. MCE will continue to review the following items produced by the National Correctional IndustriesAssociation (NCIA): Annual Directory, Quarterly News Publications, and Webinars. MCE’s ChiefAdministrative Officer is also a member of the NCIA Board of Directors.2. MCE received the annual NCIA Directory in January. MCE was again among the top ten correctionalindustries in the nation ranking 8th in regards to sales and 6th in regards to the number of inmatesemployed.3. The MCE Projects Consultant reviewed the Directory for future opportunities. When staffing permits;MCE will investigate feasibility of additional certificate based programming.4. Mark Rowley, Todd Deak, and Stephen Sanders attended the NCIA National Conference in Atlanta fromApril 15-17. Stephen Sanders was awarded an Honor Role Award for his successes with MCE. Theattendees explored new venture opportunities and investigated current practices for inmate savingsprograms.5. MCE Staff participated in a “Managing Transportation and Logistics in CI” Webinar on May 23rd.MASSCOR discussed a newly opened optical lab which has quickly become a top revenue generator.MCE will investigate this opportunity and feasibility.5

Objective #: 1.2.1Continue to achieve annual sales of at least 50,000,000.Biennially* (beginning January 2020) review and update the Marketing and SalesStrategy #: Plan.*Biennial means every other year.Performance Measures Sales achieved in each fiscal year.ChairpersonsDirector of Sales and Director of MarketingChief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Sales Manager, OperationsMembersManagerSummary of Strategy 2018 53,026,538 50,819,576 51,799,493 54,049,268 61,442,491 58,951,233 ative Totals1st Quarter2nd Quarter3rd Quarter4th QuarterFiscal Year 2019FY19SALES(#’s taken frompreliminary reports) FY18INCOMINGORDERSWEBSITESALES1st Quarter2nd Quarter3rd Quarter4th QuarterYTD 13.4 million 12.3 million 13.1 million 16.2 million 55.0 million 12.6 million 11.1 million 9.9 million 13.8 million 47.4 million 137 thousand 108 thousand 165 thousand 346 thousand 756 thousandFY19FY18FY19FY186

Objective #: 1.3.1Improve MCE’s visibility among our customer base and other stakeholders.Strategy #: and educate customers and stakeholders.Performance MeasuresAt least (12) presentations annually to new customers/stakeholders.ChairpersonsDirector of Sales and Director of MarketingOperations Manager, Regional Managers, Sales Manager, Chief DevelopmentMembersOfficer, Director of Reentry Services, Design Representative/GuestSummary of Strategy Results1. FY2019 Conventions: MD Association of Counties (MACo) DNR-MD Park Field Service Day Association of Boards of Education (MABE) State Board of Elections; Biennial Meeting Association of School Business Officials (ASBO) MCE Annapolis Showcase MD Association Elementary School Principals (MAESP) MD Library Association (MLA) Association of School Business Officials (ASBO) MD Correctional Administrators Association (MCAA) MD Municipal League (MML) MD Fireman’s Association (MFA)Goal #: 2.1 To maximize inmate employment by providing occupational skills and training.Objective #: 2.1.1Continue to employ inmates while maintaining a safe staff to inmate ratio.Investigate inmate employment opportunities based on industry standards asStrategy #: recommended by National Institute of Corrections and National CorrectionalIndustries Association (NCIA).Maintain an appropriate number of civilian staff members in order to ensurePerformance Measuresa safe, secure, & efficient workplace.ChairpersonChief Executive OfficerChief Operating Officer, Chief Development Officer, Operations Manager, RegionalMembersManagers, Plant ManagersSummary of Strategy ResultsInmate 182,0652,0382,09112,0412,0352,0421,71921st Quarter2nd Quarter3rd Quarter4th QuarterFiscal Year 2019NOTES:1MCE was forced to close its Upholstery Plant at NBCI in October 2013 due to the continuing Lock-down situation at that Institution.This action resulted in the loss of 25 inmate positions.2MCE has a current vacancy rate of 25%. Recruiting difficulties negatively affected FY18 inmate employment.7

Strategy #: private industry partnerships.Performance MeasuresChairpersonMembersPursue new PIE partnerships each fiscal year.Chief Development OfficerExecutive Director of Management Council, Chief Operating Officer, ProjectsConsultant, Administrator I, Appropriate Plant Manager(s), Operations ManagerSummary of Strategy Results1. MCE actively pursued the establishment of a PIECP program at Metal Plant 124 with Total Electric, Inc.The program consists of assembling and packaging electrical boxes. NCIA and the BJA were notified ofthe intent to start a new PIECP project.2. The Total Electric, Inc. PIECP program began on July 25, 2018 and employs eight men at Metal I.Goal #: 3.1 To increase customer satisfaction.Objective #: 3.1.1Determine customer satisfaction factors and take appropriate steps to addressthese issues.Strategy #: customer survey to identify areas of customer needs.Performance MeasuresChairpersonMembersSurvey results and analysis annually.Director of MarketingCustomer Service Manager, IT Manager, Regional Managers, Sales Manager,Director of Sales, Operations Manager, Warehouse ManagersSummary of Strategy ResultsThe following graph represents findings from the Fiscal Year 2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey. Data wascollected from 130 participants (Survey was closed 6/30/18).Overall Customer Ratings for MCE Products and Services – Fiscal Year %CUSTOMER SATISFACTIONPRICESQUALITYThe majority of respondents rated MCE GOOD or EXCELLENT inCustomer Satisfaction, Prices, Quality and Delivery Time.8DELIVERY TIME

Objective #: 3.1.2Continue to improve MCE’s delivery time.Strategy #: evaluation of overdue orders.Performance MeasuresChairpersonMembersActual delivery times and monthly value of overdue orders.Chief Operating OfficerOperations Manager, Regional Managers, Warehouse Managers, Director of Sales,Administrator I, Administrative Assistant to COOSummary of Strategy Results1. MCE Operations continues to track all overdue orders. At the end of fiscal year 2018 overdue orderswere at 9.79% of total sales which is an increase compared to last quarter. This was due to one orderMCE could not complete due to a failure from an vendor for over 900 stools. With staff shortages MCEanticipates this goal may trend in the wrong direction temporarily. Operations will continue to monitor andkeep its focus on minimizing lead times for its customers. Overall, MCE is holding its own but may seedelivery times continue to vary from one quarter to the next.Average Delivery Time .526.231.325.422.322.924.4The following divisions are tracked quarterly and annually:Fiscal Year 2019 (Days)2nd Qtr3rd Qtr1st Qtr4th AGE DELIVERY TIMESGraphics – 2 WeeksTextiles – 6 WeeksFurniture – 7 Weeks9Miscellaneous – 2 ½ Weeks

Strategy #: the MCE Quick Ship product line.Annually review the MCE Quick Ship product line based on customerPerformance Measuresrequests and needs.ChairpersonOperations ManagerDirector of Sales, Director of Marketing, Warehouse Managers, Plant Managers,MembersRegional Managers, Cost AccountantSummary of Strategy Results1. June 2018 sales results for all Quick Ship items totaled 279,015.00. This was a new MCE monthlyQuick Ship sales record. An increase of 116,626.00 over the previous record of 162,389 which was setin October of FY 2013.FY 2018 sales results for all Quick Ship items totaled 1,371,257.00. This is also a new MCE record. Anincrease of 38,131.00 over the previous record of 1,333,126 which was set at the end of FY 16.MCE continues to deliver Quick Ship products within 15 business days or less. Orders placed over themaximum quantity identified in the Quick Ship guidelines, even though not guaranteed to be deliveredwithin 15 business days or less, are generally delivered within the same time frame.The customer feedback to the Quality of MCE’s Quick Ship products and quick delivery times have beenoverwhelmingly positive.Objective #: 3.1.3Use of technology to enhance customer service and satisfaction.Strategy #: MCE’s infrastructure to align all processes which provide enhanced internaland external customer service.Performance MeasuresChairpersonMembersImplement IT infrastructure by June 2020.Chief Administrative Officer and IT ManagerDirector of Sales, Customer Service Manager, Director of Marketing, WarehouseManagers, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Operations Manager,Regional Managers, MCE StaffSummary of Strategy Results1. MCE has decided to upgrade the current AS400. New hardware & software is being purchased.2. Ongoing discussions continued between MCE and DPSCS procurement for acquisition of a new ERPsystem.A new six month software maintenance agreement was initiated with INFOR.Continue to repair the IT infrastructure throughout MCE.10

Goal #: 4.1 To improve organizational excellence.Objective #: 4.1.1By June 2019, establish and implement additional initiatives to improveteamwork and morale.Strategy #: opportunities to improve staff development.Performance MeasuresChairpersonsMembersDevelop and implement a staff development and/or field training program.Chief Development OfficerMCE Training CommitteeSummary of Strategy Results1. On March 28th, the Training Committee met and voted to move forward with the implementation of “JobShadow Days.”2. A cross-training / job shadow program was approved for FY19. The program will begin implementationafter July 1st and be monitored for effectiveness.Continue and enhance opportunities to improve communications betweenheadquarters and field staff.Identify opportunities to improve communication between headquarters and fieldStrategy #: opportunities to improve communications between headquartersPerformance Measuresand field staff.Objective #: 4.1.2ChairpersonMembersDirector of MarketingChief Operating Officer, Operations Manager, Regional Managers, Plant ManagersSummary of Strategy Results1. The 2017 Training Needs Assessment revealed that communication training is a large interest for theagency. Training opportunities to enhance communication will be investigated.2. Round three of the fireside chats will begin after July 1, 2018 and take the form of a town hall meeting.3. The first MCE staff town halls will be held at the new Brock Bridge Road Warehouse.11

Objective #: 4.1.3Maintain ACA accreditation.Strategy #: ACA performance compliance annually.Performance MeasuresChairpersonMembersMaintain ACA accreditation.Policy and Procedures ManagerChief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Regional Managers, ChiefAdministrative Officer, Operations Manager, Administrator I, Chief DevelopmentOfficerSummary of Strategy Results1. The ECSO continues to prepare documentation for the upcoming ACA audit in conjunction with regionalmanagers, business units, HRSD, and institutional representatives. The initial electronic database iscomplete and undergoing adjustments.2. The Annual ACA Compliance Report was submitted on January 18th.3. The ECSO conducted an annual safety inspection at Plants 104 and 106, which included a NIC safetycheck.4. The ECSO is finalizing ACA documentation. Pre-audits of Jessup plants will be conducted in early FY19.Objective #: 4.1.4Establish and implement an employee recognition program by June 2019.Strategy #: Develop a committee to research and identify an employee recognition program.Performance MeasuresEstablish and implement an employee recognition program by June 2019.ChairpersonAccount RepresentativeMembers Departmental VolunteersSummary of Strategy Results1. A meeting was held with members of the committee to discuss an employee recognition program. At themeeting, members discussed survey questions and developed an effective survey for gathering data.The survey was distributed to MCE employees.Objective #: 4.1.5Streamline paperwork by updating policy and procedures across all units.Strategy #: Evaluate documents that are currently being used for effectiveness.Performance MeasuresCreate uniformity in paperwork, policy and procedures.ChairpersonsChief Development OfficerPlant Managers, Regional Managers, Departmental Managers, Chief OperatingMembers Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, Operations Manager, Policy and ProcedureManager, IT ManagerSummary of Strategy Results1. The Fiscal Department began a new scanning project that will eliminate the storing of paper files andreduce clutter in the work areas.12

Goal #: 5.1 To provide support and services for successful inmate transition to the community.Objective #: 5.1.1Monitor, evaluate, and enhance MCE CARES.Partner with State, county and local organizations to increase the effectiveness of theCARES program for eligible participants.Monitor the outcomes established by MCE CARES (Enrollment,Performance MeasuresCompletion, Employment, Recidivism)Strategy #: of Reentry ServicesChief Executive Officer, Chief Development Officer, Chief Operating Officer,Executive Director of the Management CouncilSummary

Design, Sign, PATX Furn. Manufact., JCI Sew, JCI Courier Service Upholstery, MCIH Partition, MCTC MCIW Graphics I, MCIJ Tag, JCI Sew, MCIW Moving & Labor Metal I & II, MCIH Furniture, WCI Graphics II, MCIJ Mailing/Dist., MCI-W Textiles, ECI Textile Coordinator Meat, MCIH Brush/Carton, MCTC