Intro du c ing th e6-Speed 6F35TransmissionStarting in 2009, Ford Escape,Mercury Mariner, and MazdaTribute will be equipped with anew 6F35 6-speed transaxle. Externallyit looks like a cross between a CD4Eand an AF21B. Internally it looks like alittle Allison LCT 1000 with three setsof planets and five sets of clutches. Butthe clutches operate the geartrain differently than an Allison.This unit may be a preproductionor a test unit, since there were no external tags or labels to identify it. But eachinternal part was carefully scribed witha part number.Some of the general features of thisunit include:40Figure 1 A fill tube with a dipstick. No access to the filter unless thecase is split. A fluid drain plug located at thebottom of the case.There’s a pass-through electricalconnector on the side pan. It has aline tap, and additional taps for checking lube pressure, compensator feed,3-5-reverse clutch, and 4-5-6 clutch(figure 1).Behind the side pan is a valve bodywith seven solenoids and electrical connectors for the Transmission Rangesensor (TR) and Turbine Speed Sensor(TSS). After disconnecting the connectors and removing several bolts, theby David SkoraValvebody ProTech Directorvalve body comesright off.Thecasesplitseasily.When pulling thefront case, whichincludes the differential ring gearand pump assembly, the differential, chain assembly, and some ofthe drive shellsand planets cameout, too. This wasprobably becausethe unit was on itsside. If it were vertical, just the frontcase assembly halfwould have comeoff.One of theother unusual features for this unitis its ability to provide lubrication when flat towed behindanother vehicle. When the differentialrotates, the chain picks up fluid andallows some of the fluid to fall into atrough at the upper part of the case.With the engine off and being flattowed, fluid in the trough can flow pastthe lube checkball and lubricate the rearplanet assembly (figure 2). If you seeone of these with a planetary failure,make sure the lube checkball is presentand not stuck.Inside, the unit looked very cleanand straightforward. It looks like theonly tricky part to assemble wouldbe the Belleville spring under the 2-6clutch span ring. Other than that, itGEARS May/June 2010

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Introducing the 6-Speed 6F35 Transmissionlooks very easy. The pump assemblyis a basic gear pump in an aluminumhousing. The housing also includesthe pressure regulator valve, convertercontrol valve, and a couple of reliefcheckballs (figure 3).The 6F35 includes a sprag for firstgear operation in drive range (figure 4).The sprag is a ratchet or diode type andlooks like it can only go in one way.The clutch names follow gearapply, so the low and reverse clutch isapplied in L (Manual 1) or R. The 2-6clutch only holds in 2nd and 6th gears.The forward clutch holds in 1st through4th and is called the 1-2-3-4 clutch.Valve body issues can be a hassle.Let’s take a good look at some of theconditions that might affect it. Thevalve body assembly includes sevenFigure 2Figure 342GEARS May/June 2010

Introducing the 6-Speed 6F35 Transmissionsolenoids which are a Bosch design andrequire an oversized valve or a newknown to be fairly reliable.pump assembly.The engineers really put someAt the moment it’s hard to predictthought into simplifying the job ofwhich bushings or hard parts are goingtroubleshooting this valve body. In thisto be weak links inside this unit. I’ddesign, there’s one solenoid and oneexpect the pump assembly to causeregulator valve that control each of thepressure and lockup problems.four shifting clutches. Keep in mind thatAs for the valve body, look foreach shift is accomplished by releasworn Actuator Feed Limit (AFL) anding one clutch and applyinganother. The one shift thatisn’t a clutch-to-clutch shiftis the downshift from 2nd to1st, because the low sprag isholding.In diagnosing a transmission for general slips, flaresor bangs, you’ll probably bedealing with an overall pressure or computer strategyproblem. If you’re dealingwith a shift problem that onlyaffects one clutch, all youneed to focus on is one solenoid, one regulator valve, orone clutch.There is an exception tothis: A compensator pistonis mounted inside the clutchhousing on the 3-5-reverseand 4-5-6 clutch pistons(figure 5). The compensatoris there to assist the returnFigure 4springs of both clutches during release. So if the compensator piston or circuit fails, thetransmission might develop aslower or faster clutch actionduring some situations.There’s one on-off shiftsolenoid. Its job is to apply thelow-reverse clutch and blockthe TCC apply circuit. So iflockup comes on in low orreverse and kills the motor,the problem is most likelya crossleak in the pump, astuck TCC control valve, or aClutch Housingrestricted cooler.IncludingHydraulically, we seeCompensatorpotential for problems in thePistonpump assembly and valvebody. Any wear in the pumppocket will have a big effecton pressure, due to the smallsize of the pump gears. Andthe pressure regulator valvedoesn’t have a wear sleeve,Figure 5so any wear in this bore will44compensator valves. I’d also suspectboth the 2-6 clutch regulator and 3-5-Rclutch regulator valves to wear, sinceeach valve has to stoke eight timesshifting up to sixth gear and then backdown to first (figure 6).During a rebuild, watch out forthe Teflon seal at the back of the statorshaft. If it’s cut or nicked, you couldhave a converter circuitleak.Use extra care withthe Belleville spring andsnap ring for the 2-6clutch at the bottom ofthe case. Someone couldeasily damage the snapring seat and ruin thecase.But in general, itlooks like a fairly easytransmission to dealwith: So until footballseason starts up again,don’t be afraid to tacklea 6F35.GEARS May/June 2010

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applied in L (Manual 1) or R. The 2-6 clutch only holds in 2nd and 6th gears. The forward clutch holds in 1st through 4th and is called the 1-2-3-4 clutch. Valve body issues can be a hassle. Let’s take a good look at some of the conditions that might affect it. The valve body assembly includes seven Figure 3 Figure 2 Introducing the 6-Speed 6F35 Transmission . 44 GEARS May/June 2010 .