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Accessibility conformance report Moodle 3.11 audited forre-accreditationAccessibilityUpdate

StatusUPDATE Code freeze is here! (Oct 4th) Many of the major changes have landed(information architecture) UX projects continuing to finetunechanges and visual design We will take a moment to take stockprior to launching into QA cycle Working on exploratory test sessions

Moodle 4.0scheduledreleasetimeline October 4:Code freeze November 1: QA cycle start December 13: Release

Our QA siteWhere can Ifollow thedevelopments? Our project prototype site Our code repository Our issue tracker(requires tracker login) Our developer update doc Our 4.0 UX forum

TeamUX reinforcements!Uli (UX Lead)Shasa (UX Designer)

TeamMore recruitment!PHP Developer / DevOps: Community engagement teamComing soon:PHP Developer roleContact me: sand[email protected]

Moodle 4.0 previewWork in progress!

UX research Surveys & Workshops Key findings: Admins, teachers, students Teacher user journey: Difficulty finding what they need quicklyConfusing interface with too many optionsand completing common tasks is difficultNavigate between courses at speedCreate, edit, move, duplicate contentGrading, activity, resources, quizStudent user journey: Navigate between courses and activitiesWhat do I need to do next?Tracking progress

Key theme areasTeacherStudentNavigationTeacherStudentCourse creationDo a courseMoodle (activities)Gradebook(key pages)

Navigation Improve site, course and module navigation Simplify navigation hierarchy Reduce cognitive load Single pathway to a destination Common patterns Contextually relevant Consistency between desktop and mobile

Course experience New course page structure Course index for quick navigation Improved drag and drop Collapsible sections Activity cards New activity icons Collapsible blocks area

Login page Onboarding experience Welcome message Updated user toursMoodle 4.0highlights Dashboard Calendar & Timeline Navigation Primary / Secondary / Tertiary My courses page Course page Editing on Course index Activity icons & cards Footer update

Atto accessibility (MUA) LTI 1.3 Advantage provider BBB integrationMoodle 4.0highlights Report Builder System reports Custom reports Question Bank Moodle configuration Removing unused plugins Component library

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Moodle LMS HQ Update Sander Bangma Head of Moodle LMS Oct 2021 @sanderbangma #moodledev. Accessibility Update Accessibility conformance report Moodle 3.11 audited for re-accre