Sindhudurg District Central Co-Op. BankRFP for Procurement of Data Center HardwareSINDHUDURG DISTRICT CENTRAL CO OPERATIVE BANKRequest for Proposal –Data Center Hardware at Its Head Office at Oros, SindhudurgNagari, Dist. SindhudurgDated: 5st December 2019Document NameRequest for Proposal For Data Center HardwareDocument VersionDate of Issue/Release of RFPDate of Submission ofPre-Bid Queries to BankDate of Pre-Bid Meeting at BanksHOV1.15th December 201914th December 2019Last Date of Submission of BidCost of TenderNo. of Pages23rd December 201916th December 2019Page1Rs. 5000/71

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Sindhudurg District Central Co-Op. BankRFP for Procurement of Data Center HardwareTENDER NOTICESINDHUDURG DISTRICT CENTRAL CO-OPARATIVE BANK LTD.At Post Sindhudurg Nagari, Dist. Sindhudurg, MaharashtraState, Pin Code - 4168121) Invitation of Bids:1.1. Sindhudurg District Central Co-op. Bank, a District Central Co-op. Bankestablished under The Maharashtra Co-op. Societies Act for SindhudurgDistrict, Maharashtra, India, hereinafter called “The Purchaser” or“Bank”, which term or expression unless excluded by or repugnant to thecontext or the meaning thereof, shall be deemed to include its successorsand permitted assigns intends to issue this Bid document, hereinaftercalled Request for Proposal, or “RFP”, for procurement of hardware forData Center for Core Banking Software of the Bank at its Head Office atOros, Sindhudurg Nagari, Maharashtra.1.2. In this connection, sealed Technical bid and Commercial Bid are invited,from eligible bidders for Supply, Installation, Commissioning &Maintenance of the items mentioned as under:1.3. Server Servers and storage of IBM /HP / Dell brand. Detailedspecification and quantity will be as per (Annexure-II)1.4.Details of the tender are as under:RFP ReferenceTender FeeBid SecurityRs.5,000/- (Two thousand Only)Rs.1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lac only)Date of commencement of sale of tender5th December 2019Date of Submission ofPre-Bid Queries to BankDate of Pre-Bid Meeting with the bidder14th December 2019Last date and time of submission ofBid (Technical & Commercial)23rd December 2019 15:00 Hours ISTDate and time of opening of TechnicalBids23rd December 2019 16.00 Hours ISTAddress of Communication and Pre BidMeetingChief Executive OfficerSindhudurg District Central Co-Op.BankPage416th December 2019

Sindhudurg District Central Co-Op. Banke-mail AddressRFP for Procurement of Data Center HardwareAt Post Sindhudurg Nagari,District. Sindhudurg,Maharashtra – [email protected] Information:1.5. Sindhudurg District Central Co-Op. Bank, is District Co-Op. Bank for1. District and has 99 Branches spread across SindhudurgDistrict and has Core Banking Solution installed at its Data Center onHP hardware and is due for refresh.Core Infrastructure for the Centralized Banking Solution is hosted atthe Data Center (DC) and Disaster Recovery Center (DRC). DC has beenset up at Banks HO and DR site is hosted in Andhra Pradesh. DC &DRC are operational on 24 x 7 basis and have necessary infrastructurefor that.The replication is done directly at DRC from DC. The data at DRC is notmore than 10 minutes behind the production data at DC. In case ofdisaster, the DRC can be up and running within 2 hours.Bank intends to procure hardware and other accessories required forrefresh of the existing Hardware from Authorized Service Providerwhich will be installed in New Data Center being commissioned by theBank at its head office.Bank also intends to implement Internet Banking System at its DC forwhich Global Server Load Balancer, WAF, DDOS Solution as per BOMgiven in Annexure III. Network diagram will be made available tobidders on request.2) Definitions:In this contract, the following terms shall be interpreted as indicated:2.1.“The Contract” means the agreement entered into between the Bank(Purchaser) and the Service provider, as recorded in the Contract Formsigned by the parties, including all the attachments and appendicesthereto and all documents incorporated by reference therein.2.2.“The Contract Price” means the price payable to the Service providerunder the Contract for the full and proper performance of itscontractual obligations.Pageprovision of technical assistance and other obligations of the biddercovered under the Contract.52.3.“Services” means services which includes installation, commissioning,

Sindhudurg District Central Co-Op. BankRFP for Procurement of Data Center Hardware2.4.“SI” means Bank’s System Integrator for CBSi.e. M/s InfrasoftTechnologies2.5.“DC” means Data Centre.2.6.“DRC” means Disaster Recovery Centre.2.7. “The Purchaser” means Sindhudurg District Central Co-Op. Bank.2.8.“Authorized Service Provider” means bidder authorized by OEM (IBM/HP/Dell) who intends to participate in bid for supply, installation andcommissioning of hardware for implementation at Data Center of theBank at Oros, Sindhudurg Nagari, Maharashtra.3) Scope of work:The broad scope of work is as hardware mentioned in Annexure-II and Annexure-III and therelevant software and other relevant technology components includingsystem software at the Bank’s Data Center to cater the load of CBSSystem.The selected Bidder has to supply and install the servers & storages asper specification mentioned in the RFP. They also have to install ESXon the supplied servers and add servers & storages to the exitingVMware clusters according to the timelines and SLA levels prescribedin the RFP.Bidder shall supply the Licenses as specified in the RFP for operatingsystem and virtualization.Bidder has to install virtualization software for the supplied hardwareand create required VM’s as per Banks requirementsBidder has to provide necessary expertise including OEM expert forinstallation of Operating system and DatabaseBidder has to configure replication between critical applicationsbetween DC and DRVendor will have to complete the successful migration of data from oldstorages to new storages with minimum downtime.The Bidder should have back to back arrangement with the OEM sothat bank will be able to log a call with the OEM directly for thecontract period of 60 months.The Bidder to ensure that the proposed equipment / components mustnot be declared “End of Life” within the next 7 years from the date ofpurchase.The Bidder should have contact center (central or location wise) inorder to log the calls on 24x7x365. They should also provide onsitesupport on 24x7x365 basis. The contact center numbers should beprovided to the Bank along with the escalation matrix mentioning thecontact person’s name, number and designation in the company.63.1. The Bidder would be responsible to supply, install and commission the

Sindhudurg District Central Co-Op. BankRFP for Procurement of Data Center Hardware3.11. Bidder shall support the Bank’s SI in integration of Data Center Site3. existing hardware of DC and also with the vendor providingbandwidth for seamless and flawless data flow between DC and DR.Warranty, Annual Maintenance Contract and Annual technicalsupport – All the hardware and software supplied by the Biddershould come with Five Years Free Product Warranty, Onsite Service/Support, AMC / ATS etc. as applicable. From the Sixth year onwards,after expiry of warranty period, AMC/ATS will come into effect whichwill be for successive two years. The Bidder may charge the Bank forthe AMC/ATS at the completion of each half-year.Bidder must ensure no hardware equipment or software, for which‘End-of-Sale’ has been declared, is offered as part of this RFP. None ofthe hardware or software should have an ‘End-of-Support’ mandatedby the respective OEM within five years from date of initial successfulcommissioning of hardware.The Bidder is expected to provide adequate training to the Bank andCBS Vendor for operations / maintenance of new hardware, storagemanagement solutions etc. deployed. The training should be providedat no additional cost by the Bidder.Supply and installation of Load Balancers at DC and DR as pertechnical specifications given in technical bid along with necessarydocumentation etc.Configuration and Integration of LB with existing network at DC andDR.All the equipment (hardware, software) supplied as part of solutionshould be IPv6 ready from day one and should support all theprotocols4) Two Bid Tender System:PageDecember 2019 to 11thDecember 2019 (till 3.00 PM) on all workingdays on payment of Rs. 5000/-from the Head office of the Bank atOros, District Sindhudurg on cash payment or by submitting a DemandDraft in favour of “Sindhudurg District Central Co-operative Bank. Thetender document can also be downloaded from the website of the Bank for which tenderer / bidder would berequired to enclose a Demand Draft of Rs.5000/-towards the cost of thetender document along with their quotes, failing which the tender shallbe out rightly rejected4.2. Bidders are required to submit the Technical Bid and Commercial inphysical form, on or before the last date and time mentioned in RFP.The Language of Bid should be in English.74.1. The tender document may be obtained during working hours from 5th

Sindhudurg District Central Co-Op. BankRFP for Procurement of Data Center Hardware4.3. The bidder will take care of submitting the Bid properly filed so that thepapers are not loose. The Bids, which are not sealed as indicated above,may be liable for rejection.4.4. The bid not submitted in the prescribed format or incomplete in detailsis liable for rejection. The Bank is not responsible for non-receipt of bidwithin the specified date and time due to any reason including postaldelays or Holidays.4.5. The tenderer / bidder is also required to submit a soft copy of theTechnical Proposal and the Commercial Proposal (in doc format), eachon separate USB sealed with the respective Technical and CommercialBid envelopes along with the original Proposal4.6. The sealed tender duly super scribed, “RFP for Procurement of DataCenter hardware”, should be addressed to Chief Executive Officer,Sindhudurg District Central Co-Op. Bank and sent to the Bank’saddress given below either by registered post/speed post/or bydropping in the tender box placed at Head Office of the Bank & shouldreach on or before 3.00 PM on or before 23rd December 2019Address:Chief Executive OfficerSindhudurg District Central Co-Op. BankAt Post Sindhudurg Nagari,District. Sindhudurg,Maharashtra – 416812Tenders received after the stipulated date and time shall not beentertained. Bank shall not be liable for any postal delays what so everand tender received after the stipulated time/date are liable to berejected summarily without giving any reason.4.7. Submission of Technical Bida) The Bidders shall submit the Technical Bid and Commercial Bid intwo separate sealed envelopes. If above bid is found not properlysealed, the bid is liable for rejection. The envelope containingtechnical bid shall be marked as “TECHNICAL BID for Procurement ofData Center hardware and “COMMERCIAL BID” for Procurement ofData Center hardware”changesinthetechnicalPagec) The Bank shall not allow/permitspecifications once it is submitted.8b) In addition to the above marking, the envelope must be super-scribedwith the following information – RFP reference number and b) Nameand Address of Bidder

Sindhudurg District Central Co-Op. BankRFP for Procurement of Data Center Hardwared) The offer may not be evaluated by the Bank in case of non-adherenceto the format or partial submission of technical details as per theformat given in the RFP. This could also result in disqualification ofthe bid of the concerned bidder.i.The Technicalinformation.Bidmustnotii.The Technical Bid shall comprise ofcontainanypriceCovering letter in Company’s letter head duly signed byauthorized signatory with name, title and seal (Copy of Powerof attorney to be submitted).ii. Compliance w.r.t. Eligibility Criteria (Annexure-II).iii. Technical requirement Compliance (Annexure-II & III.iv. Masked Commercial Bid as per Annex. IV and Vv. Bid Form as per Annexure VIvi. Bidders Information as per Annexure VIIvii. Manufacturer Authorization Form as per Annexure IXviii. Technical Deviation Statement as per Annexure Xix. No Black List Undertaking as per Annexure XIx.Balance sheet & P/L Statement of last three financial years.xi. A true copy of Registration certificate.xii. Other documents/credentials (required documents foreligibility criteria compliance etc.) asked in RFP.xvi.RFP and subsequent addendums, if any, signed & stampedon every page by the authorized representative of thebidders.xvii.Details of past installation Annex. XIIxviii. Details of Service center Annex. XIIIxix.Checklist of documents (Annexure-XIV).i.Submission of Commercial Bida) Commercial Bid of only those bidders will be opened whoqualify in Technical evaluation. The total cost of ownership shallbe calculated over the contract period of 5 years. The biddershall not add any condition / deviation in the commercial bid.Any such condition / deviation may make the bid liable fordisqualification.Page9b) The Commercial Bid should contain the Price Information onlyand to be submitted strictly as per the format provided inAnnexure-IV and V.

Sindhudurg District Central Co-Op. BankRFP for Procurement of Data Center Hardware5) Eligibility Criteria:Sl. NoParticulars1Bidder should be company registered in India,Under the companies Act, 1956.23456The Bidder should be an OEM or authorizedsupplier of OEM of proposed Class of servers,SAN storage, Network equipment’s etc. TheOEM should offer back to back support(AMC/ATS support) for a period of 5 yearsfrom date of acceptance of hardware by bank.Supporting rationshould be provided.Authorization letter fromOEM hastobeprovidedThe bidder should have an annual turnover ofat least Rs.10 Crores per annum for last 3financial years (i.e. 2016-17, 2017-18, 201819)Audited Financialstatements for the financialyears 2016-17, 2017-18,2018-19.The Bidder should have positive net worth ineach of the last three audited financial years,that is financial years – 2016-17, 2017-18,2018-19Audited Financialstatements for the financialyears 2016-17, 2017-18,2018-19.Bidder should have a prior experience of setup and operations for at least three DC/DRinfrastructure set up project in Government /PSU Sector / Co-op. Banks in India havingvalue more than Rs.75 Lacs.Bidder should not be blacklisted / debarred byany Statutory or Regulatory Authorities in thepast.Credentials from clients hasto be provided.Letter of confirmation.6) Bid Security /EMD:6.1. The Bidder shall furnish, as part of the bid, Earnest Money Deposit(EMD) of an amount of Rs.1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lac only) in form ofDemand Draft or a Pay Order. The draft/pay order should be drawn infavour of ‘Sindhudurg district Central Co-Op. Bank’, payable at Oros,Sindhudurg District. EMD is required to protect the Bank against therisk of Bidder’s conduct.6.2. EMD should be valid for ninety (90) days beyond the validity of the bid.submitted by the Bidder. Failure to comply with this condition viz.,EMD of Rs.1,00,000/- shall result in rejection of the tender offer.Page6.3. The EMD should form part of the response to the RFP (Technical Offer)10Any Bid not secured in accordance with the above will be rejected byBank as nonresponsive.

Sindhudurg District Central Co-Op. BankRFP for Procurement of Data Center Hardware6.4. The Bid security of unsuccessful Bidders shall be returned, only afterthe successful completion of the tender process and for successfulbidder (L1 bidder) it will be returned after submission of performanceBank Guarantee.6.5. The EMD shall be forfeited if the Bidder:a)withdraws its Bid during the period of bid validity; orb)having been notified of the acceptance of its bid by the Bankand the Bidder during the period of bid validity:iv.v.fails or refuses to execute the Contract Form; orfails or refuses to perform, in accordance with the Terms andConditions of the RFP or Contract; orvi.fails or refuses to furnish the Performance Guarantee, inaccordance with the Terms and Conditions of the RFP orContract No interest will be paid on the EMD amount.The Bank’s decision in the above cases will be final.7) Taxes and Duties:7.1. The Bidder will be entirely responsible to pay all taxes including GSTPage7.4 All the necessary arrangement for the delivery of equipment’s at theproject site has to be done by bidder without any additional cost.11corporate tax and income tax, duties, license fees, octroi, road permits,etc. in connection with procurement and delivery of goods at siteincluding incidental services and commissioning.7.2. Wherever the laws and regulations require deduction of such taxes atthe source of payment, the Bank shall effect such deductions from thepayment due to the Bidder. The remittance of amounts so deductedand issuance of certificate for such deductions shall be made by theBank as per the laws and regulations in force. Nothing in the Contractshall relieve the Bidder from his responsibility to pay any tax that maybe levied in India on income and profits made by the Bidder in respectof this Contract.7.3. The Bidder is expected to quote all components and services in IndianRupees (without decimal places) on a fixed price basis as part of thecommercial Bid inclusive of all costs and taxes like customs duty,excise duty, import taxes, freight, forwarding, insurance, delivery,installation, training etc. at the respective delivery location of the bankbut exclusive of only applicable (in India) GST. The Bank will not payany other taxes, cost or charges.

Sindhudurg District Central Co-Op. BankRFP for Procurement of Data Center Hardware8) Pre-Bid Meeting:8.1. The prospective bidders, who have submitted the tender fee, shall bepermitted to attend a pre-bid meeting to be held as per schedulementioned above. Upto a maximum of 2 (two) representatives of eachprospective bidder will be permitted to attend the pre-bid meeting.However, the Bank, at its discretion, may permit any additionalrepresentative of any prospective bidder to attend the pre-bid meeting.8.2. The purpose of the meeting is to clarify issues and to answer questionson any matter that may be raised upto that stage. The issues/questionsto be raised must be in writing. The Bank will have liberty to invite anyoutside agency, wherever necessary, to be present in the pre-bidmeeting to reply to the technical queries of the bidders in the meeting.8.3. Any modification of the RFP, which may become necessary as a result ofthe Pre-Bid Meeting, shall be made by the Bank exclusively through theissue of an Addendum and will be sent to all prospective bidders whohave purchased the RFP, allowing at least 4 days’ time prior to the lastdate for receipt of bids.8.4. Non-attendance at the Pre-Bid Meeting will not be a cause fordisqualification of a bidder.9) Proposal Ownership:The proposal and all supporting documentation submitted by the biddershall become the property of the Bank.10) Preliminary Scrutiny:The Bank may, at its discretion, waive any minor non-conformity or anyminor irregularity in the bid. This waiver shall be binding on all the Serviceproviders and the Bank reserves the right to exercise such waivers.PageIn order to facilitate scrutiny, evaluation and comparison of offers, theBank may, at its discretion, ask some or all Service providers forclarifications on the offer made by them. The request for such clarificationsand the Service provider’s response shall necessarily be in writing.1211) Clarification of Offers:

Sindhudurg District Central Co-Op. BankRFP for Procurement of Data Center Hardware12) No Commitment to Accept Lowest or Any Offer:Sindhudurg District Central Co-Op. Bank is under no obligation to acceptthe lowest or any other offer received in response to this RFP and reservesthe right to reject any or all the offers including incomplete offers withoutassigning any reason whatsoever.13) Amendment to tender Contents:13.1. At any time, prior to the last date for bid-submission, the Bank may, forany reason, whether at its own initiative or in response toclarification(s) requested by a prospective Bidder. modify the RFPcontents by amendment. Amendment will be notified in writing or by email to all the prospective Bidders and will be binding on the Bidders.13.2. The Bank will not be liable for any communication gap. In order toprovide reasonable time to prospective Bidders to take the amendmentinto account for preparation of their bids, the Bank may, at itsdiscretion, extend the last date for bid-submission.13.3. Bank reserves the right to scrap the tender at any stage withoutassigning any reason thereto14) Evaluation Process (Technical & Commercial Bid): technical bid and commercial bid separately. Bank shallevaluate Technical response of the RFP first and shortlist the Bidderswho qualify in technical evaluation for further evaluation.Commercial bids of only those Bidders who qualify the TechnicalEvaluation shall be opened.The Bank reserves the right to change any terms and condition of thistender.The evaluation by the Bank will be undertaken by an appropriatecommittee of Board formed by Bank and its decision shall be final.Commercial Bids will be evaluated based on total cost of equipment’sfor five years as mentioned in Annexure-IV and V (Summary sheet).Bidder quoting least total cost will be selected successful bidder.Bidders should strictly follow the format as given in Annexure-IV andV. If there is any difference / discrepancy in the total price and unitprice, unit price will be considered for evaluationSuccessful Bidder will be given Purchase Order which has to beaccepted /acknowledged by the selected bidder within 7 days. After1314.1. The Bank has adopted a two bid system in which the Bidder has to

Sindhudurg District Central Co-Op. BankRFP for Procurement of Data Center Hardwarereceipt and acceptance of purchase order successful bidder shallsubmit Performance Bank Guarantee as per format provided.14.7. Successful bidder shall execute Non-Disclosure Agreement and SLAwith the Bank within 15 days of issuance of purchase order.15)Late Bids:Any Bid received by Bank after the deadline for submission of bidsprescribed by the Bank will be rejected and returned unopened to theBidder.16)Modification and Withdrawal of Bids:16.1. The Bidder may modify or withdraw its Bid after the bid’s submission,provided that written notice of the modification including substitutionor withdrawal of the Bids is received by Bank prior to the deadlineprescribed for submission of bids.16.2. No Bid may be modified subsequent to the deadline for submission ofBids.17)Period and Validity of Bids:17.1. The bids shall remain valid for 120 days after the date of opening ofTechnical Bid prescribed by the Bank. A Bid valid for a shorter periodshall be rejected by Bank as non-responsive.17.2. In exceptional circumstances, Bank may solicit the Bidders’ consentfor an extension of the period of validity. The request and theresponses thereto shall be made in writing or by fax/ email. The Bidsecurity provided shall also be suitably extended.Payment Terms:18.1. The project will be for a period of five (5) years from the effective dateof successful commissioning of hardware, software etc. at DataCenter. The same date shall also be treated as initial successfulcommissioning date.18.2. The Bidder must accept the payment terms proposed by the Bank.18.3. The following payment terms will apply:a) Hardware and Software14The commercial Bid submitted by the Bidder must be in conformitywith the payment terms proposed by the Bank. Any deviation fromthe proposed payment terms would not be accepted. The Bank shallhave the right to withhold any payment due to the Bidder, in case ofdelays or defaults on the part of the Bidder. Such withholding ofpayment shall not amount to a default on the part of the Bank.Page18)

Sindhudurg District Central Co-Op. BankRFP for Procurement of Data Center Hardwareiv. 50% of the delivered hardware cost would be payable ondelivery and post-delivery inspection of the hardware at theData Center.v. 30% of the delivered hardware cost would be payable onsuccessful installation, commissioning of the hardware andsuccessful implementation at Data Centervi. Balance 20% will be paid after giving Bank Guarantee of10% of the Purchase Order from any Scheduled Bank for theperiod of 5 years.b) AMC, ATS and other services costsThe annual amount to be paid towards AMC, ATS and otherservices would be divided into 2 equal instalments, to be paidhalf yearly at the end of each half year.19)Service Levels:19.1. Response and Warrantya) The Bidder as part of this RFP should provide 24/7 response inb)c)d)e)case of hardware failure during operations.The OEM response time should not be more than 4 hours.Additionally, the OEM of the blade and rack server must ensurethat all the component spares are readily available from theirrespective offices in Bengaluru and Mumbai.The availability, stocking and delivery of spares to the Bank has tobe necessarily undertaken by the OEM for a faster response timeand resolution.In the event bidder fails in their obligations to provide the productupgrades (including management software upgrades and newproduct feature releases) within 30 days of release /announcement, the OEM should assume complete responsibilityon behalf of the bidder to provide the same to the bank at noadditional cost to the bank and install the same at the Bankspremises.The bidder has to provide undertaking letter from OEM for thesupport available from OEM19.3. Mean Time to Restore -PageIf during the warranty period and AMC period (if contracted), anyhardware items fails on three or more occasions in a quarter, suchhardware items shall be replaced by equivalent/superior hardwareitems by the bidder at no additional cost to the Bank1519.2. Mean Time Between Failure –

Sindhudurg District Central Co-Op. BankRFP for Procurement of Data Center HardwareThe bidder’s response time shall be less than 1 hour and the MTTRshall be less than 4 hours. Time specified above is from the time oflodging the complaint or intimation to the bidder.19.4. Uptimea) The bidder shall guarantee a 24*7 availability of their suppliedhardware with a monthly uptime of 99.9% during the contractperiodb) The uptime is for calculation purposes equals to the totalcontracted hours in a month minus the downtime. The downtimeis the time between the time of failure and time of restorationwithin the contracted hours. Failure is a condition that renders theBank unable to perform their normal business operations due tothe non-availability of the supplied hardware failure due tocomponent or part or whole. Restoration is the condition thatwhen the selected bidder demonstrates that the solution is inworking order and the Bank acknowledges the same.c) If the bidder is not able to attend the trouble shooting calls onsupplied hardware working due to closure of the office/nonavailability of ac cess to the solution, the response time/uptimewill be taken from the opening of the office for the purpose ofuptime calculation.d) The downtime calculated shall not include any failure due to Bank,third party or force majeure.e) The percentage uptime will be calculated on a monthly basis asfollows(Total contracted hours in a month minus downtime hours withincontracted hours)/ (total contracted hours in a month) *100Where contracted hours in a month N

Sindhudurg District Central Co-Op. Bank RFP for Procurement of Data Center Hardware Page 7 3.11. Bidder shall support the Bank’s SI in integration of Data Center Site with existing hardware of DC and also with the vendor providing bandwidth for seamless and fla