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Note: Please read the following sections before using theCharger Amplifier for Digital G-Series Voice Pager.※IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATIONTo ensure the safe use of this product:Use your charger amplifier only with the supplied power adaptor.Use the batteries provided by Unication for your G-Series product.Keep your charger amplifier away from high temperature, high humidity, dust, chemicals andcorrosive materials.Do not disassemble your charger amplifier or power adaptor.This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules.Operation is subject to the following two conditions:(1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and(2) This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may causeundesired operation.2

AOVERVIEWA-1 Standard Package:Standard package contains:Charger Amplifier for Digital G Series PagerAdaptorExternal AntennaManual3

A-2 Specification:ItemSpecificationCharging TypeMain Charging SocketBT Charging SocketFor USB Device (BT headset supported)Power SupplyAdaptor Input / OutputInput: 100 240VAC / 50 60 Hz Output:12Vdc / 1.5ASPLExternal I/OLED IndicatorsPhysicalHanding TemperatureCertificationFor one Digital G-Series Voice PagerNormal Charge Current900 mA / 5.0 VFull Recharge Time3 HoursAlert Output 106 dBSPLSpeech Output 104 dBSPLAudio Distortion Audio Distortion:Real Time Audio: 5 % (Electrical) / 6 % (Acoustic) Audio Distortion:Stored-Voice Playback: 8 % (Electrical) / 10 % (Acoustic)Audio Out3.5mm Audio Jack *1Ext. Antenna PortBNC Jack *1USB Charging PortUSB A-Type *1Controller PortRS485 (DB-9 Female) *1Power Input (DC)12Vdc / 1.5AHorn Speaker Port4 Pin Port6 Pin DIN Port6 Pin DIN PortPower LEDGreenCharging LEDRed / Orange / GreenAlarm LEDOrange / GreenHorn Speaker LEDOrange / GreenDimensions162(L) x 115(W) x 53(H) mmWeight600 gOperation Temperature0 40 CStorage Temperature-10 60 CCE, FCC, RoHs, UL, CUL4

BAPPEARANCEOVERVIEW162 mm116 mm51 mmB-1 Front View:F1F2ItemDescriptionF1SpeakerF2Volume ControlKnob5

B-2 Top View:F3F4F5F9ItemDescriptionF3Pager SocketF4Alert LightF5Reset ButtonF8F7F6F1B-3 LED Indicators:No. ItemColor LED Action DescriptionF6 Power LEDGreenF7F8SteadyCharging LED Orange SteadyAlarm LEDPager is charging.GreenSteadyPager is fully charged.OffSteadyAlarm device is not connected.Orange SteadyGreenF9Charger Amplifier Power Turn ON.SteadyHorn Speaker OffLEDOrange SteadyGreenSteadyAlarm device is connected, nomessages received.Alarm device is connected, receivingalarm messages.Horn Speaker is not connected.Horn Speaker is connected, nomessage received.Horn Speaker is connected, HornSpeaker message received.6

B-4 Rear View:R1R2R3ItemDescriptionR1External Antenna Port (BNC)R2Horn Speaker 4 Pin Horn PortR3Controller Port (RJ485)R4Alarm Device 6 Pin Din PortR5Audio OutR6USB Charging PortR7Power Input (DC)R4R5R6R77

COERATIONOVERVIEW1Power Source:A Connect the Charger Amplifier to power outlet (110/60Hz) with the supplied Adaptor.B Connect the Charger Amplifier to vehicle’s lighter socket with optional vehicle charger cable.2Charging Digital G Series Pager:Insert Digital G Series Voice Pager into Charger Amplifier’s Pager Socket tightly. The chargingprocess starts with Charging LED indicator shows orange. When the battery is fully charged, theLED turns green.3Charging USB device:Connect the USB device to the Charger Amplifier’s USB Charging Port with USB Cable.4Voice Message Amplification:Turn on Digital G Series Voice Pager and put into Charger Amplifier’s pager socket.When the pager receives voice messages, it will be amplified based on the volume knob setting.8

5External Antenna Port:Please select antenna depending on the frequency use. Unication provides the antenna options below:UHF1 750 860 MHzUHF2 406 512 MHzVHF 136 174MHzLow Band 30 88 MHz6Horn Speaker 4 Pin Horn Port:PIN 1 Horn Relay ContactPIN 2 Horn Relay ContactPIN 3 Ground (Audio)PIN 4 Audio*PIN 1Horn RelayContactPIN 1AudioPIN 3Ground(Audio)PIN 2Horn RelayContact7 Controller Port: (RJ485)The Controller Port is for external LED or Uni-controller use.PIN 3: RS485 APIN 2: RS485 B54321PIN 3: RS485 APIN 2: RS485 B98768 3.5mm Audio Jack:This connections audio output is controlled by the volume knob on the device and mutes the onboardspeaker when in use.9

9Alarm Device 6 Pin Din Port:The Charger Amplifier for Digital G-Series Pager provides 2 modes to select via Side Switch1. M5 Mode (default)2. Horn Speaker ModeDIN Jack Pin Definition:PIN 6Ground(Audio)PIN 3Relay DryContactPIN 1AudioPIN 5Relay ClosureTimingPIN 4Relay ClosureTimingPIN 2Relay DryContactPIN 1 Audio*PIN 2 Relay Dry ContactPIN 3 Relay Dry ContactPIN 4 Relay Closure TimingPIN 5 Relay Closure TimingPIN 6 Ground (Audio)*This Connection provides line level audio not controlled by the volume knob. Using thisconnection will not mute the onboard speaker.10USB Charging Port :This port is for charging USB device and Bluetooth earpiece. (5V/300mA)11Power Input :The Charger Amplifier for Digital G Series Pager use a 12V/1.5A DC ADAPTOR,power input is 100 240VAC with maximum power 18W. Please connect to the poweroutlet with supplied power adaptor.10

12 External Equipment ControlThe Charger Amplifier provides a variety of I/0 for external device control.12-1. Horn Speaker (Loudspeaker)Step 1. Insert the G-Series Pager, turned on, into the Charger Amplifier.Step 2. Select RCA connector and connect the external equipment.Step 3. When any message is received, the relay closure is asserted and audio is active.Step 4. Audio can be terminated by either shutting the G5 off or depressing the Reset buttonon the G5.12-2. Fire Alert IndicatorStep 1. Insert the G-Series Pager, turned on, into the Charger Amplifier.Step 2. Using the DIN Connector, connect the external equipment to the appropriate signalingpins. Pins 1 and 6 are outputs and are used to control a remote speaker. Pins 2 and 3 are normally open dry contacts and close when a page is received. Pins 4 and 5 are not utilized on the G4/G5 Amplified Charger, all timing of the dry contactsis controlled via the Pager Programing Software.Step 3. Upon receiving a page, the relay and audio output are activated.13 Amp Charger ConnectorsG-Series Charger Amp Terminal Connector BlockPart Number: 2811923-AMPG-Series Charger Amp Din ConnectorPart Number: CP-1050-ND11

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