AVA: AMERICA’S WALKING CLUBBOARD OF DIRECTORS XXII MEETINGCONCOURSE HOTELMADISON, WISCONSINJUNE 29, 20211. Call to Order: The final meeting of the AVA: America’s Walking Club Board ofDirectors (BOD) XXII was called to order June 29, 2021, at 2:05pm CDT, by BoardChair Dr. David Bonewitz at the Concourse Hotel in Madison, Wisconsin.2. Introductionsa. Board of Directors members present: David Bonewitz (Board Chair),Nancy Wittenberg (Board Vice Chair), Cecilia Miner (Board Secretary), HenryRosales (Corporation President, CEO), Mike Green (Atlantic RD), Robert (Bob)Buzolich (Mid-America RD), Butch Spaulding (North Central RD), Chris Mellen(Northeast RD), Tom Baltes (Northwest RD), Carl Cordes (Pacific RD), SherrySayers (Rocky Mountain RD), Lucy Yother (South Central RD), John McClellan(Southeast RD), Sammy Hunnicutt (Southwest RD). A quorum existed.b. Guests signed in: Todd Oberlander, Port Hadlock, WA; Dawn Gruber,Fairborn, OH (MA DRD); Ellen Ott, San Antonio, TX; Cindy Hilling, Columbus, OH;David and Ann Doerffel, Warminster, PA; Jim Medzuleca, Miamisburg, OH; SusanMedlin, San Antonio, TX (SW DRD); Kathy Mack, Schenectady, NY; Wayne Knapp,Schenectady, NY (incoming NE RD); Pauline Mellen, Tyngsboro, MA; Ed Hainline,Happy Valley, OR (incoming NW DRD); Margie MacLeish, Wyoming, DE; SusanPinneke, West Des Moines, IA (incoming NC RD); Kathy Szczesiak, Wilmington, DE;Timothy Miner, Woodbridge, VA (AVA Program Chair); John Ives, San Antonio, TX;Judy Gordon, Sparks, NV; Karen Kaufman, Wyoming, DE (incoming AT DRD); LeslyVillanueava, AVA National Office.3. Approval of agenda: (Attachment 1)a. Changes: Board Finance Chair report will come from Convention program Governance Committee report in unfinished business Report on Crazy Horseb. Agenda approved with changes.

4. Approval of May 18, 2021, Electronic Board Meeting (EBM) Minutes:Approved.5. Reminder of Standing Meeting Rules. The central part is Robert’s Rules ofOrder. No one speaks twice till all have spoken and speak only twice.6. Announcement of results of At-Large Board Member Election: In a specialcalled vote after the May EBM, the Board approved Dr. Kathleen Connell to be thesecond at-large member based on rules established for approval of suchmembers. Dr. Connell was not able to attend this meeting.7. Reports of Officers:a. Board Chair (verbal, submitted by David Bonewitz):This will not be the usual kind of report (that is in my Convention Report); insteadthis is more of a series of challenges.We got the Bylaws updated, but there are some elements that were missed—e.g.,definition of a quorum (filled in by definition provided under Texas law), timing ofterms for National Officers (following the guidance provided for RegionalDirectors), etc. So, there is some cleanup work to be done here.Also, frankly, I have come to realize that I don’t like the titles of Board Chair andBoard Vice Chair. While this was driven by Texas law terminology (giving specificduties based on position titles), I recommend revisiting to evolve into somethinglike National President to distinguish from Corporation President, who is the CEO.Honestly, the title Board Chair just doesn’t roll off the tongue quite like NationalPresident. This is especially true when talking to people outside of AVA.We managed to get the NEC Handbook redrafted into the Board Handbook(draft), principally thru Butch’s hard work. (Thank you, Butch). The next Boardneeds to pare it down to the real essentials. Too much in there that may belong ina Policy Manual, but not the Board Handbook. While talking about paring thingsdown, I’d challenge the next Board to cut back on the rules—there are just waytoo many rules impacting the clubs. Now the Board shouldn’t be doing thecutting; that’s what committees are for. However, the Board directs the action tobe taken and approves the final result.

Two elephants in the room for the near future must always be Olympiad and aWalking App. These two elements can make a world of difference for AVA.Four years ago, it seemed that the NEC spent most of its time down in the weeds.We now have a Board that (most of the time) thinks and acts strategically. Thischange in culture takes time and can be frustrating. The challenge is to continuethe process. Maybe it’s a different way to hold meetings, or maybe it’s a way tofurther define the roles of the RD and DRD. Whatever it is, AVA must continue toevolve.We have been very successful in obtaining two of the potential three At-LargeBoard Members. This was a big step for AVA, and I believe it will pay bigdividends.AVA must continue to promote change with such things as a new business model,moving everything to digital, and strongly promoting our mission and vision in ourlocal communities.Most of you are rolling off the Board, but you can still make a difference. Get onone or more committees and provide the benefit of your experience to those whofollow. Energize those around you. Promote change! Stay positive! And stayinvolved!b. Board Vice Chair (Attachment 2): In addition to the written report, ViceChair Nancy Wittenberg added the next two years will be a time of transition, andstrategic thinking is key. Nancy has a passion for keeping walks when clubs goaway and for making life easier for clubs. She applauded the AVA move into SanAntonio in two neighborhoods that allows the CEO to get out into the community.She looks forward to the Olympiad in 2023, as this big event will bring AVA muchvisibility. Finally, the upcoming retreat is important for coalescing the new Boardinto a strategic-thinking organization.c. Board Secretary (Attachment 3). The Board Secretary job is about details,and Cecilia has enjoyed keeping the minutes and engaging in committee work.d. Board Treasurer. Written report from Convention Program:

The AVA BOD approved a balanced budget for calendar year 2021. Budgetrevenues were helped by a new revenue source from our partner Element3Health (E3H). Also boosting revenues this year are the 22nd Biennial Convention inMadison, Wisconsin and the amazingly generous contributions through the BigGive fundraiser.Thank you to all those walkers who got out there and walked during thegeneral COVID-19 lockdowns. Revenues from traditional events suffered fromgovernment orders that limited group events. However, revenues from yearround and seasonal walks significantly increased over the budgeted amount!During 2020, the AVA received 50,700 from the federal governmentthrough the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). As you may know, the PPP is aloan designed to provide an incentive for small businesses to keep their workerson payroll. The PPP loan can be used to help fund payroll costs, including benefits,and may be used to pay for mortgage interest, rent, and utilities. In order for thePPP loan to be forgiven, the AVA was required to maintain employees and paylevels and spend at least 60% of the loan on payroll costs. Thanks to the incredibleefforts of the AVA National Office, the full amount of the 50,700 PPP loan andinterest were forgiven!You may have heard there was a second round of PPP loans offered. In2021, the AVA applied for an additional 50,700 in the second round. Therequirements for loan forgiveness are essentially the same as the first round, sothe AVA expects that its second loan and interest will also be forgiven.8. CEO Report (Attachments 4 and 5):a. Attachment 4 of the CEO report covers administrative issues, such aspersonnel, partnerships, special programs, and club status; financial data; and anupdated incident report. In his report, CEO Henry Rosales urged clubs to visit theElement 3 Health booth at the Convention.b. Attachment 5 is a report on Acceptance of New, Reactivated, andDeactivated Clubs. The Board voted to accept the report. Discussion focused onhow to keep walks from clubs that deactivate. To avoid placing extra burden onclubs, state associations, and regional directors, several members suggestedputting active walks on the Online Start Box and archiving inactive walks topreserve the trails for future use.

9. Awards Committee Reports (Attachment 6)Carl Cordes, PA RD and Awards Committee Chair, stated a majoraccomplishment was preparation of a policy revision to make Section 3 on awardsclearer. The Awards Committee moves that the Board accept the policy rewrite.Coming from a committee, the motion did not require a second.Motion: Approve changes to the Policy Manual under Awards.Discussion: Carl noted that the changes include new Board titles, whichbrings an issue for the President’s Award and what it should be called in thefuture. No awards were changed in the rewrite.Passed on voice vote10. Unfinished Business:a. Motion on 2023 membership meeting, presented by GovernanceCommittee member Butch Spaulding (NC RD)Title: Split General Membership Meeting for 2023Motion: We move that the General Membership Meeting for 2023 be held as asplit meeting. Session 1 to be held during the week of the Olympiad and the IMLTexas Trail Roundup. Session 2 to be held online during the month of June, 2023.Exact dates and times to be determined at a later date.Summary of Proposed Action: The Board has previously voted to not have aregular Convention in 2023 due to Olympiad being held that year in San Antonio.However, the Bylaws require that we hold a General Membership Meeting on theodd years. This motion would allow the General Membership Meeting to be heldwith the in-person portion during the week of Olympiad and the online portion inJune. Everything else (exact timing, what is on the agenda for each session, etc.) isdetail that does not need to be decided by the Board. All the Board must do isdirect those who are doing the planning to conduct a split General MembershipMeeting as stated.Submitted By: Governance Committee

Seconded By: Committee Action/No Second RequiredName of person submitting proposed motion: Governance CommitteeBoard Action: Passed on voice voteb. Crazy Horse. National leadership was represented by David Bonewitz,Butch Spaulding, Carl Cordes, and Jerry Wilson. In the past, canned food wasaccepted for entry. This year, the organization charged half the normal entry feeinstead of accepting food. About 3000 walkers participated on day one, 2000 onday two. The Black Hills Volkssport Association sold at least 30 new walkerpackets to people from 11 states. David encouraged the next Board to supportmajor events such as Crazy Horse, the U.S. FreedomWalk Festival, and the TexasTrail Roundup as a means to meet new people and spread the word. There will bea second Crazy Horse event in September. Volunteers are always needed. c. RD reportsSoutheast (John McClellan): A member of his region had a serious heartsurgery and is doing well in recovery. His full report is at Attachment 7. Inaddition, John added an excerpt from a social media post on survival of AVA(Attachment 8).Northwest (Tom Baltes): The region is seeing increased activity for hostedevents. Attendance is light but gaining momentum. There have been anumber of memorial events, unfortunately.Mid America (Bob Buzolich): Mid America is also picking up activity. Therewill be Save-the-Date cards at the MA table announcing the MA 2022conference.Rocky Mountain: Down to 6 clubs.Southwest (Sammy Hunnicutt): Continuing to open up. New Mexicopostponed one event till next year. The Texas Trail Roundup is on the booksfor 2022, and there will be registration forms at the exhibits.North Central (Butch Spaulding): Long time president of the Lincoln clubpassed away recently. Event activities are increasing.Northeast (Chris Mellen): The Albany Convention committee members arestill recovering. That said, Wayne Knapp stepped up to take on the RD job.The Albany team can provide good advice for future conventions.

Pacific (Carl Cordes): The YRE on Coronado Island is once again open afterbeing closed for a year. He hopes the San Francisco walks will reopen soon.The California Convention will be October 1-3 hosted by the SacramentoWalking Sticks in a suburb of Sacramento. South Central (Lucy Yother): The following report was submitted in writing.The South Central Region was the only Region to hold ourRoundup/Conference in 2020; attendees came from five of the ten Regions.We have been walking Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri counties, andLouisiana parishes - thanks to the East TX Trekkers and Helen Hull. The 77Oklahoma counties have been completed but counties are being offeredagain, as requests are received. Multiday events and three kickoffweekends for new Missouri and Kansas counties were offered in 2021.Eight new Kansas counties were offered the first weekend in May, andwalkers attended from eight of the ten regions - only the NE and NWRegions were not represented. Seven Missouri counties were offered overMemorial Day weekend by the five Missouri clubs. Atlantic (Mike Green): Atlantic Region had to cancel the region conferencein 2020. The hope is that there will be a 2022 conference. The new RD willbe Jeff Giddings, who handled the conference registration. The new DRDwill be Karen Kaufman.11. New Business:a. The Governance Committee received a motion from a region regarding abylaws change extending the length of terms for national officers and regionaldirectors from two years to four years. The Governance Committee presented themotion to the Board. The Board’s role is to recommend to the membershipwhether a bylaws change should be made or not. The Board does not recommendthe change be made. The motion will be presented to the membership during theGeneral Membership Meeting with the Board’s recommendation.b. John McClellan (SE RD) submitted a writeup based on a social media poston Reddit (Attachment 8).12. Next Meeting: In person (New Board Orientation and Meeting) July 22-24,2021, in San Antonio, Texas.13. Audience Comments:

Susan Medlin, SW DRD and TTR President, thanked the RDs for all they dofor AVA. The Olympiad Committee has stood up and is looking forcommittee chairs. Susan Pinneke (NC DRD and incoming NC RD) thanked the RDs and theConvention Committee. Margie MacLeish, First State Webfooters, Delaware, thanked AtlanticRegion RD Mike Green and his wife Betty for an awesome job. Kathy Mack, Empire State Capital Volkssporters (ESCV), thanked the Boardfor their service. Wayne Knapp, ESCV and incoming NE RD, looks forward to joining theBoard and thanked the outgoing Board. Ed Hainline, Columbia River Volkssport Club and incoming NW DRD,thanked the Board for dedicated service. Dawn Gruber, Ohio Wanderfreunde, offered for purchase thecommemorative coin from the canceled Mid America conference. Karen Kaufman, First State Webfooters and incoming AT DRD, thanked theoutgoing Board and is ready to go to work.14. Board Comments: Nancy Wittenberg, Vice Chair, thanked David for his leadership. John McClellan, SE RD. Katherine King from the East Tennessee Wandererswill be the new SE RD. John recommends the new Board focus onmembership. AVA is a national membership organization, though we haveissues defining what membership is. Most funding comes from members.He suggests we look at different models and mentioned the VFW, which isa successful membership organization that recruits and retains itsmembers. We should find a way to wrap club members into nationalmembers. Tom Baltes, NW RD, echoed appreciation of David’s and Nancy’s leadershipand of the National Office headed up by Henry. Also, thanks to the ITCommittee for great work. Sharon Moats will become the new NW RD andEd Hainline the new NW DRD. Tom talked about the issue of homelessness.In Oregon, there is legislation that will allow the homeless to populate anypublic space, which is an issue for walk organizers to consider. Bob Buzolich will return as MA RD. Roberta Allen will take Dawn Gruber’splace as DRD. Currently the Mackinac Bridge walk is still on for Labor Day.

Sherry Sayers, RM RD, acknowledged the hard work that has gone intoputting on the 2021 Convention during all the challenges. Sammy Hunnicutt, SW RD, recognized Susan Medlin as the SW DRD. Heenjoyed working with Henry on a number of issues. As Training CommitteeChair, he has handled all workshop details for the Convention andrecommends there be a separate committee just for workshops. Butch Spaulding, NC RD, expressed thanks to all for their hard work. Chris Mellen, NE RD, thanked Henry and his staff for his work pulling theorganization through a pandemic and thanked David Bonewitz. Chrisrecognized Donna Seline for her work on The American Wanderer. Finally,he thanked all the volunteers at all levels in the AVA Nation. Carl Cordes, PA RD, showed the traveling trophy for small groups for theVirtual Online Program. Thanks to Frank Sayers, there is an ArizonaCounties program. Walking Adventures took a tour there and completedthe program. Carl thanked David for his leadership on the strategic plan.Carl will stay involved on the Olympiad organizing committee and fired upthe audience to volunteer. Lucy Yother, SC RD, said it has been an honor to serve on the board for thelast four years and will help any way she can in the future. Mike Green, AT RD, read his report from the Convention program:It is my strong opinion that the most successful clubs in the Atlantic region(and the AVA) are those who schedule group walks at the same time and dayof the week. This regularity inspires prospective walkers to plan their futureappointments and other activities, to avoid conflicting with the club’s weekly“walk day.”In this day and age, there are many ways to find walking opportunities. Thevalue that AVA adds to walking is through its clubs. It is AVA clubs who create,monitor, and maintain routes who, by following AVA standards, policies, andtraditions/culture, create a uniform event expectation with a quality and socialexperience for walks throughout the US. Clubs should rightfully be proud oftheir important role in creating this uniform event expectation. It is thisexpectation that permits participants to confidently find/discover and do thewalks, in an otherwise unfamiliar location. AVA walks have a precise start/endpoint, driving direction and addresses to the start/end point, predeterminedwalk lengths, a well-defined walk difficulty rating, and step-by-step walk

directions and/or maps that are designed and maintained by a local club thatoften pass by points of historical/cultural interest.The current club officers need to regularly point out the unique value of AVAevents to their membership to help them realize the honor of serving as anAVA club leader with the hope of attracting future club leaders to continue theAVA legacy of Fun, Fitness, and Fellowship. Henry Rosales, CEO, briefing on Convention logistics David Bonewitz thanked all the Board members for changing the Boardculture to more of a strategic focus, but there is more to do, becausechange is tough. Also, thanks to Henry for his continued hard work. It hasbeen an honor to serve as President/Board Chair.15. Adjournment: 4:17pm CDTRespectfully submitted,Cecilia MinerAVA Secretary

TM AMERICA'SWALKING CLUB-ESU,8LISt1EO 197'-AVA Board of Directors Meeting AgendaTuesday, June 29, 2021 / 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.Madison Concourse Hotel - Capitol Ballroom 81 West Dayton StreetMadison, WI 53703(608) 257-60001. Welcome & Call to Order2. Secretaiy Calls Roll/Introduction ofBoard3. Introduction ofGuests4. Approval ofAgenda5. Approval ofMay EBM Minutes6. Reminder ofStanding Meeting Rules7. Announcement ofresults ofAt-Large Board Member Election8. Reports ofOfficersa. President - David Bonewitzb. Vice President- Nancy Wittenbergc. Secretaiy - Cecilia Minerd. Treasurer - Chase Davis9. CEO Report10.Committee Reportsa. Awards Committee on revision to Awards Section ofthe Policy Manualb. Other Committee Reports11.Unfinished Businessa. Governance Committee proposed approach to the 2023 General Membership Meetingwith Olympiadb. RD Region Status Reports12.New Business13.Next Meeting - In Person (New Board Orientation and Meeting)July 22-24, 2021 (San Antonio, TX)14. Audience Comments15. Board Comments16. AdjournmentAttachment 1

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AMERICAN VOLKSSPORT ASSOCIATIONEXECUTIVE DIRECTOR'S REPORTAMERICA'SJune 29, 2021/2:00p.m.-5:00p.m.Madison Concourse HotelMadison, WIWALKING CLUB- ESTABLISHED 1976-I. ADMINISTRATION/OPERATIONSPersonnelAll hourly employees are currently at a 32-hour work week, Monday-Thursday and some Fridays asneeded. After the board retreat, all employee hours and work responsibilities will be reevaluated basedon changes made to the strategic plan that impact operations.New Board Member Orientation-July 22-24, 2021Board orientation and training for all incoming board members and deputy directors is scheduled forThursday, July 22 - Saturday, July 24, 2021. Everyone should arrive Thursday before 6pm so they canattend the welcome reception and plan to stay through Saturday night because most likely we will beworking late Saturday. Some members may want to arrive early Thursday to attend a special training onevent sanctioning and other IT related topics. More information on the training and orientation will besent directly to all new members.Community Walk During the Board OrientationA community walk will be sponsored by the AVA on Saturday, July 24, 2021. This event is being heldin conjunction with the board orientation so eve1yone can attend and get involved with communitypartners and residents. Hopefully, this event will also bring good exposure to the AVA!Virtual Online Program (VOP)VOP numbers are holding steady at 289, no increase the past two months. Total revenue generated fromthis program is 11,147.New, Reactivated, Deactivated Clubs.No activity since March 2021.The total number of clubs we currently have is 187 clubs and 10 State Associations.National PartnershipsElement3 Health, Inc.Marketing efforts with Element3 Health are slowly generating more walk participants to club events.This pilot program started in Januaiy and like most pilots, it is still too early to determine howsuccessful it will be. The good news is it looks like 20 participants have returned for more walks orevents. These are our potential club members!Total participation to date: 137Total unique participants to date: 114Total clubs with participants to date: 57There are 20 participants out of the 114 total that have participated in 2 AVA events.Attachment 4-1

2021 AVA Convention, Madison, WIThe Mayor of Madison has confirmed to speak at the start of the Presidents walk on Thursday, July 1,2021, at 8:00a.m. Please encourage all walkers to meet in front of the Monona Terrace ConventionCenter (on MLK street) at 7:45a.m. The city of Madison has expressed how excited to have us in theircity because we are the first big event since the pandemic started. We should anticipate plenty of mediaand press coverage!Full Registrants 204Other Registrants 132Total Revenues 80,557 ( 10,650 from sponsors and grants)II. FINANCE (Unaudited Preliminary P/L Statement)Preliminary May 2020 Profit Loss statement reflects a net loss of ( 35,434). After adjustments of 29,000 for 2nd quarter projected revenues, and 50,700 for wages from the PPP loan, andapproximately 80,000 for convention expenses have been made, we are looking at an approximate netloss of 37,000. This is the net loss we anticipated covering by the convention surplus which no longerexists because our convention numbers dropped. Modifications to the budget will be made in July.Account Balances as of 02.08.2021:Savings Account 25,925.00 13,544.00Credit Card Account 1,476.00Operational Account 35,044.00Online Start BoxConvention Accounts 80,557.00 (Natl) 2,100.00 (WI)Accounts Receivables 4,31.00AVA Investments Account 450,830.25Paycheck Protection Program Loans (PPP)The AVA has been awarded a second round of PPP stimulus funds in the amount of 50,700. The loanforgiveness application for the first PPP loan of 50,700 has already been submitted and forgiven.RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED:Henry J. RosalesAVA Executive DirectorJune 10, 2021Attachment 4-2

Attachment 4-3

frt{ERl A'Sffi! rl g[l;tl America n Vol kssport AssociationAcceptance of N w, Reactivat d, and Deactivated ClubsMarch 2021New*SW Region Southeast Texas Volkssport Club (pending documents)ReactivatedNoneDeactivatedNW Region 06-AVA-0679 Turnaround Trekkers (6 members; 10 YREs; 0 SE; 0 Trad )NC Region 04-AVA-0102 Lincoln Volkssport Club, lnc. (30 members; 4 YREs; 0 SE; 2 Trad)NC Region 04-AVA-0032 Red River Volkssport Association (12 members; 2 YREs, 1 SE, 0 Trad)RM Region 08-AVA-0436 Golden Spike Striders (5 members; l YRS; 0 SE; 0 Trad)*MA Region 03-AVA-0397 Lebanon Cedar Cruisers (12 members; 6 YREs, 2 SE, 0 Trad)RM Region 08-AVA-0859 Northern Front Range Wanderers (5 members; 3 YREs; 2 SE; 0 Trad)*SW Region 11-AVA-0106 Kerrville Trailblazers (43 members, 6 YRES, L Trad)*Deactivation status is pending receipt of all required documents.Reasons for ClosingTotal clubs to date: 197 clubs (includes State Associations). As of March 23,2021.Attachment 53/3l2o2L3/3l2o2l3123/202L

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Can Volksport and Volksmarching survive/adaptPOSTED ON REDDIT, by Brian DermThese are from the AVA (American Volksport Association) website:Mission Statement: Promote and organize noncompetitive fitness activities thatencourage lifelong fun, fitness and friendship for all ages and abilities.Vision Statement: Increasingly engage Americans in lifelong walking and othernoncompetitive physical fitness· activities.Yet events held in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, a metroplex of over 7,000,000 people, drawvery few people on the best days/most interesting walk events. The typical programmember seems to be retired or close to retirement. There's a glaring discrepancybetween the mission statement/vision statement and reality, and I just have never seenany effort to deal with that.I'll be brief, but I could write pages about what I believe could have helped theorganization grow instead of decline. As "America's Walking Club", this organizationwas perfectly poised to take advantage of America's interest in fitness and walking.When Fitbit sales began to take off, the program should have changed to incorporateencouraging and rewarding the 10,000 steps crowd. Today, there is a growingparticipation by the public in medal programs for completing personal distance goalssuch as and similar "vitual events". On any given day in just the northDallas portion of the DFW metroplex, I can join a group of walkers via MEETUP thatwalks 4-6 miles on hike/bike trails in this area.Yet the Volksport organization is tied to only rewarding distance credit via sanctionedevents. Perhaps they should have kept their pins and books for these sanctioned eventsbut also created a program within the program that recognized and rewarded self reported fitness efforts/distance accomplishments. That could have grown theirmembership. The thought that they've limited "America's Walking Club" to only givecredit from events that actually require DRIVING or FLYING to attend to earn a creditreward just doesn't make sense in today's world.I wouldn't really be posting this if I didn't care. I own the books, I have a few event pins,but haven't taken part in over 15 years. I truly wish the Volksport program was moresuccessful. As a person actually pursuing "lifelong walking and other noncompetitivephysical fitness activities" (see vision statement), I wish the program could find a waythat rewards those things better, while still hosting events and volunteer opportunities topromote and reward socialization at the local and global level.Attachment 8

Jun 29, 2021 · Texas Trail Roundup. Session 2 to be held online during the month of June, 2023. Exact dates and times to be determined at a later date. Summary of Proposed Action: The Board has previously voted to not have a regular Convention in