New Mexico State UniversityMaster’s/Doctoral Major and/or DegreeNew Curriculum Form- GuidePurpose:This form is used when a new Master’s Degree, a Master’s Major or both is needed, or either a new Doctoral Degree, Doctoral Major orboth. This process is more extensive than a change form and requires external approval from HED and HLC before being processed in bannerand added to the catalog/degree audit systems.Guide for completing the form correctly:Completing the Form- Please make sure to complete the form as a fillable PDF (Do not hand write the information into theform), then add any necessary/required attachments after the last page of the form.a. DO NOT TYPE THE TITLE INTO THE “New Curriculum Name” LINES AFTER THE HEADING OF THE FORM, THIS FIELDWILL AUTOPOPULATE FROM THE PROPOSED NAME OF DEGREE/MAJOR FIELDS.b. Please make sure that there are no abbreviations in the titles to ensure accuracy in adding the correct program inbanner. Also list the Major – Degree titles as seen below in the correct example.CORRECT EXAMPLE: Chemical Engineering – Master of ScienceINCORRECT EXAMPLE: Chem. Engr. – MS2. Section 1- All questions under section 1 are needed for HED approval.a. Please make sure to check the boxes for each attachment for the Catalog Description, Roadmap and Letters ofSupport areas, this helps submitters and approvals know that the documents are attached.b. “Is there a certificate embedded in the degree program” question – please make sure to list active/approvedcourses in the box below.c. “Does this program articulate into a doctoral program” question – please make sure to have the naming schemefollow the above example.d. Also make sure that you provide concise information to each question, you will want to provide enough information toask the question but HED is looking for precise answers to the questions.3. Section 2- All questions under section 2 are needed for HLC approval. The first seven questions are informational that therequestor should be able to answer, if HLC requests that information, but is not officially apart of the proposal questions.a. On Page #10- The question/table that is on the form only needs to be filled out when the new degree/major will have acontractual agreement and involvement of external organization. It is an important piece for HLC, if the degree/major hasthis type of agreement, to have the information from the table but not all new degrees/majors will need this filled out. Ifit doesn’t apply to you, please put N/A in the boxes.4. Section 4 -For the catalog description and curriculum please lay it out in catalog format based on the template from the UniversityStudent Records Office, so that it can be used when adding the content to the catalog (contact the Student Records Office if youneed assistance). Also include a roadmap of the coursework that shows students how to complete the coursework in a timelymanner utilizing the template.a. Make sure to include all the course descriptions of the courses that are used in the program and indicate which coursesare new (created for the purpose of this new degree). NOTE: The new courses must already be approved and in bannerduring the Curriculum approval process.b. Also include any other requirements that students must complete in order to be admitted into the program and graduatefrom the program. This includes minimum grade requirements, internship/co-ops, capstone, exit(comprehensive/standardized) tests, licensure completion, etc. to name a few.5. For Section 5: Approvals on page #13- all signatures need to be on the original paperwork, once the NM Council of GraduateDeans signature is obtained the completed paperwork (with all signatures) must be submitted to the University StudentRecords Office (SRO) for the final receipt of paperwork signature and will then begin any HED/CIP code/HLC approvals (viathe SRO). Once all approvals are received, the SRO will begin to formally process the change into banner.6. For Section 6: Administrative Processing on page #4- Once the University Student Records Office processing the changesinto Banner, they will complete this area and then send a copy of the entire paperwork to the initial submitter and theAcademic Dean (as listed on page 1).Contact Information:1.For questions about which form to utilize, how to complete the form, where the form goes next in the approvals, etc. Please contactthe University Student Records Office for assistance. [email protected] or 575-646-3411

New Mexico State UniversityMaster’s/Doctoral – Major and/or DegreeNew Curriculum FormNew Curriculum Name:Degree Type:Master’s MajorBoth (Master’s Degree & Major)Doctoral MajorBoth (Doctoral Degree & Major)New Curriculum Name (no abbreviations for titles and separate the degree and major title with a dash):College/Department Information:College:Department:Submitter and or/Administrator Contact Information:Name:Title:Phone:Email:Academic Program Review (Administration Processing):Section 1: HED Required Questions (CANNOT BE HAND-WRITTEN)(Notify NMSU-O)Summer 2021Revision date 7/15/2019 (V.3)Page 1 of 14

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Section 2: HLC Specific Questions (CANNOT BE HAND-WRITTEN)If applicable, the following conditions could impact HLC approval (this is included for informational purposes only):If any of the institution’s accreditation relationship (including other regional, specialized, or national accrediting agencies) arecurrently under or recommended for a negative status or action (e.g., withdrawal, probation, sanction, warning, show-cause,etc.)If the institution is undergoing or facing substantial monitoring, special review or financial restrictions from the U.S.Department of Education or other federal or state government agencies.If the institution’s senior leadership or board membership has experienced substantial resignations or removals in the pastyear.If the institution is experiencing financial difficulty through conditions, such as, a currently declared state of exigency, a deficitof 10% or more, a default or failure to make payroll during the past year, or consecutive deficits in the two most recent years.The following will be required if the proposal must be submitted for HLC Approval. Please check with your institution todetermine what will be required for your proposal.HLC requires an attachment that inventories each faculty member employed to teach in the program, including: Names of existingpersonnel; a description of each faculty member’s academic qualifications; their prior instructional responsibility and otherexperiences relevant to the courses they will teach in the program in question; each faculty member’s course load in the newprogram; and the course work each teaches in other programs currently offered. This information should be provided in a tableformat, with a one paragraph summary for each faculty member regarding their qualifications to teach the assigned course load.CVs will not be accepted.HLC criteria may necessitate more information than is allowed by the 500 word max limit that HED has enforced. In suchcircumstances it may be necessary to provide additional explanation to what is included in the HED portion of this form prior tosubmission for HLC approval. You will be notified by the Executive Director for Accreditation.For some changes/new programs, an HLC site visit may be required.These questions will be utilized for the completion of the official HLC form that will be completed by the HLC Liaison.Is the program seeking specialized accreditation?YesNoIs specialized accreditation required for licensure or practice in the program?YesNoHas the program already obtained the appropriate specialized accreditation? If so, attach a copy of the letter from the agencygranting accreditation.YesNoIf the program has not yet obtained accreditation but has begun the process of seeking or plans to seek specializedaccreditation, specify the name of the agency and provide the time-line for completing the process in the space below. (Ifapproval is a multi-stage process, the program should contact the institution’s HLC Accreditation Liaison Officer to discuss thetimeline before submitting this application form.)Revision date 7/15/2019 (V.3)Page 8 of 14

If the program does not plan to seek specialized accreditation, provide a rationale for not-seeking accreditation here. (If thereis not specialized accrediting organization for this program, indicate so as your rationale).Provide the following information as applicable:If the program includes any of the following, explain how it will ensure that student work and levels of knowledge andcompetencies achieved will be comparable to those achieved through traditional formats. Award credit for prior learning; useof compressed time frames; use of on-line delivery; inclusion of accelerated formats; or other approaches to learning. If noneof these apply, please put N/A in the box.Will the program be part of contractual or consortial arrangement?Contractual: A contractual arrangement in which the institution outsources some portion of its educational programs i.e.degrees or certificates offered for academic credit (including instruction, oversight of the curriculum, assurance of theconsistency in the level and quality of instruction and in expectations of student performance and/or the establishment of theacademic qualifications for instructional personnel)Consortial: A consortial agreement is one in which the institution develops an agreement with another institution or group ofinstitutions in which the consortial party(ies) each agree to provide some portion of one or more educational programs (i.e.degrees or certificates offered for academic credit)Yes (Contractual)Yes (Consortial)NoIf the program is planning any involvement by external organizations (other than from accredited higher educationinstitutions) in the key operations as identified below, provide the information as requested. Prior to HLC submission aContractual Screening Form must be completed by the institution’s HLC Accreditation Liaison Officer for each plannedinvolvement. (Note: that such involvement by a parent company or by one of its subsidiaries external to the institution in any ofthese operations should be reported.) If the screening form indicates contractual approval is required, the program will need tocomplete the full contractual application and submit it in conjunction with the program application to HLC. If the screeningform indicates no further action is required attach the confirmation email from HLC.Revision date 7/15/2019 (V.3)Page 9 of 14

Type of InvolvementName(s) of External Organization(s)Percent of InvolvementA. Recruitment and admissionof studentsB.Course placement andadvising of studentsC.Design and oversight ofcurriculumD. Direct instruction andoversightE.Other support for deliveryof instructionBriefly describe the planning process for the proposed program, including the role of faculty in the planning and approvalprocess:Describe the process for assessing and improving student learning in the proposed program:Revision date 7/15/2019 (V.3)Page 10 of 14

Describe the process for assessing and improving student persistence and completion in the proposed program:Section 3: System Requirement (CANNOT BE HAND-WRITTEN)These questions are specific for NMSU System approval.List of academic departments/units and or institutions involved in the delivery of coursesIs this program going to impact other program(s) and/or course(s) across the system? (yes/no)If yes, was the department/college/campuses notified? Please include the name/title and date of the individual(s) contacted.Name of Contact/Title/Date contacted:Name of Contact/Title/Date contacted:Name of Contact/Title/Date contacted:Name of Contact/Title/Date contacted:Name of Contact/Title/Date contacted:Name of Contact/Title/Date contacted:Describe any concerns other campuses/departments had with this change and the resolution of those concerns. Pleaseinclude the name and date of the individual(s) contacted.Revision date 7/15/2019 (V.3)Page 11 of 14

Describe the primary target audience for the program (e.g., full-time, part-time, traditional college age, working adults,transfer students, military personnel, or particular ethnic group)How will you ensure that the information presented to all constituencies in advertising, brochures, and other communicationswill be accurate?How does the proposed program align with the department, college, and campus mission?Section 4: Required AttachmentsMake sure all required attachments are attached after the last page of the form and are legible and meet all the belowinstructions.The following must be included as an attachment to this form:Catalog Description and Curriculum in the Template FormatDegree Plan/ Roadmaps in the Template FormatLetters of SupportIf there are minimum grade requirements for specific courses, the entire program, etc. (that are below the traditional D grade)that requirement needs to be clearly stated in the catalog content, degree-plan and roadmaps. This will make sure that thechange is made in degree audit.*All courses that are on the attachments must be active in banner or are within the CAF cycle for approval (past collegeapproval-minimum).Revision date 7/15/2019 (V.3)Page 12 of 14

New Mexico State UniversityMaster’s/Doctoral – Major and/or DegreeNew Curriculum FormDegree Type:Master’s MajorBoth (Master’s Degree & Major)Doctoral MajorBoth (Doctoral Degree & Major)New Curriculum Name (no abbreviations for titles and separate the degree and major title with a dash):Submitter/ Department Faculty:Section 5: Approval Signatures:Printed Name:Signature:Date:Department Head:College Curriculum Committee:Academic Dean:Graduate Dean:Associate Deans Academic Council:Academic Deans Council:Faculty Senate:ProvostPresidentBoard of Regents:NM Council of Graduate Deans:The Student Records Office (SRO) Signature below is not needed for approval but all paperwork must be received arepresentative in the SRO and receive their signature in order to officially process the paperwork for submission to HED.Univ. Student Records Office (SRO):NM Higher Education Department(HED) Approval:NM State Board of Finance:Signature received via the HED Submission Portal, will be printed and attached.CIP Code (requested by SRO):Once the Univ. SRO Receives the Code, they will add it to the front of the form in the“Official CIP Code box”Is requested through your HLC representative on your campus, once they receive theapproval it needs to be sent to the Univ. SRO to attach to the packet and begin processing.Higher Learning Commission (HLC):Revision date 7/15/2019 (V.3)Page 13 of 14

Section 6: Administrative ProcessingStudent Records Office Processing Only- do not fill this portion outThe below information will be completed once the program is added into banner, then a copy of the entire packet will be sent tothe individual listed in the contact information and the appropriate Associate Dean based on the college.AREASBANNER CODINGBANNER CODING amDegreeMajorCIP CodeBanner Rule #TermCredit HoursNote*Program Review Cycle Effective Date:*Program Review Date- is decided on by the Director of AccreditationRevision date 7/15/2019 (V.3)Page 14 of 14

New Mexico State University Master’s/Doctoral Major and/or Degree New Curriculum Form- Guide . Purpose: This form is used when a new Master’s Degree, a Master’s Major or both is needed, or either a new Doctoral Degree, Doctoral Major or . program; and the course work each teaches in other