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Product overviewWith the unprecedented increases in scale and complexity of networks, it is challenging to keep up with thedemands of operating a large network without the aid of intelligent and adaptive tools. The Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights for the data center stands out as the first comprehensive technology solution in the industrydeveloped by Cisco for network operators to manage operations in their networks.For operators to manage, maintain and troubleshoot their networks effectively, it is important to have a deepunderstanding of a network’s constituents and their properties, what the network is doing, how it is being used,how it is responding to the demands on it, and, most importantly, how it will respond to new loads arising dueto new business processes. When changes occur in the control plane, data plane, and forwarding plane of anetwork, it is important to detect, locate, and root cause anomalies as close to real time as possible. Proactivenotification of known vulnerabilities that may cause suboptimal network behavior is very critical. Timelydetection and reduction of human errors can help minimize the operational and financial impact associated withnetwork downtime.The Operational Intelligence Engine of Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights incorporates a set of advanced alerting,baselining, correlation, and forecasting algorithms to provide deep insights into the behavior of the network byutilizing telemetry data obtained from networking and compute components. Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insightsautomates troubleshooting and helps rapid root-causing and early remediation. Unified network repository andcompliance rules keep the network state aligned with operator intent. It simplifies audits and ensurescompliance while also helping infrastructure owners comply with SLA requirements for their users.The Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights for the data center is supported for deployments based onCisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI ) and Cisco NX-OS with Cisco Nexus Dashboard FabricController (NDFC) – formerly Cisco Data Center Network Manager (Cisco DCNM).Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights features and benefitsTable 1.Features and benefitsFeatureBenefitMultisite supportUse a single instance of Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights application to monitor, maintain, andtroubleshoot multiple data-center sitesUnified applicationDeploy a single tool with assurance, advisory, and troubleshooting capabilities to address youroperational needs for prevention, diagnosis, and remediationHybrid sites supportUse a single instance of the application to onboard and operate Cisco ACI and DCNM multi-sitedeploymentsOne viewWith Single Sign-On (SSO) and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), operate your multisiteenvironment distributed across multiple Cisco Nexus Dashboard clusters from a single focalpoint of controlNetFlow collectorMaintain business continuity by having backward compatibility with legacy protocolsOne-click remediationReduce MTTR with one-click automated fixes of known behaviorsUpgrade assistDetect changes in configuration or operational state before and after switch-upgrades andvalidate across 40 checks 2021 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.Page 3 of 10

FeatureBenefitChange managementOne-stop shop for information about assurance on policy and configuration analysis changesExplorerExplore associations and connectivity and understand the state of network deployment usingpowerful natural-language queryingComplianceConfiguration Compliance ensures that naming and golden template configurations meet ITrequirements for enhanced productivity while Communication Compliance ensures thatregulatory and business communication always meets compliancePre-change analysisPredict the impact of the intended configuration changes to drive insight-driven changemanagementTCAM utilizationManage TCAM capacity resources and security policy with advanced utilization analysisDelta analysisComprehensive view of health drift between any two points in time, minimizing the changewindowComprehensive view of policy/config drift between two points in time, minimizingtroubleshooting timeTime-series databaseGather evidence from past data. Peek back in time to look at a specific sequence of events andgather intelligent insights.Flow analyticsUse FT/FTE to minimize troubleshooting time through automated root-cause analysis of dataplane anomalies, such as packet drops, latency, workload movements, routing issues, ACLdrops, and more. Monitor flow rate usage to optimize FT performance.Microburst detectionExpose and locate invisible microbursts. Find out congestion hot spots and protect applicationperformance.AppDynamics Break operational silos between network and server teams. Gain cross domain visibility andperform rapid troubleshooting with qualitative and quantifiable data. Know the applicationgeography and layout with the mapping of application topology to physical topology information.Multicast control planeUse detailed statistics and state information of PIM, IGMP, and IGMP-snooping protocols tomonitor multicast control plane healthAnomaly analysisCompare and contrast time-synced data of multiple parameters to derive deeper understandingof issues and behaviors. Know the impacted endpoints, applications, and flows due to networkanomalies.Anomaly assignmentTag anomaly events to the right team member for faster resolutionResource utilizationProvide efficient capacity planning to maintain top network performance. Get fabric-widevisibility of resource utilization and historical trends. Detect components exceeding capacitythresholds ahead of time. Examples: TCAM, routes, ACL entries, ports, tenants, VRFs, EPGs, andmany more.EnvironmentalProactively monitor and report environmental anomalies by leveraging telemetry data fromhardware sensors such as CPU, memory, disk, power supply, fan speed, and temperature.StatisticsUse detailed data-plane statistics to diagnose, locate, and remediate issues. Monitor and useprotocol anomalies and state information to remediate BGP, vPC, LACP, CDP, and LLDPproblems.CustomizabledashboardsCreate custom dashboard views for your own preferred way of monitoring. Keep a close eye onparameters of your choice. 2021 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.Page 4 of 10

FeatureBenefitEndpoint analyticsLocate virtual machines, bare-metal hosts, and other endpoints in the data center fabric. Usehistorical data to track their movements.Topology viewUse your natural visuo-spatial ability to explore, navigate, discover, and zoom into issues. Neverget lost! Visualize logical constructs such as tenant, VRF, EPG, and more on top of the physicaltopology. Perform rapid troubleshooting using filters to focus on problematic nodes.AdvisoriesStay up to date on new software and hardware availability. Be up to date on hardware andsoftware end-of-sale announcements, and get lead time to plan for upgrades.PSIRTs/bugsGet notified and take necessary action to stay secure and in compliance. Get instant visibility intoany applicable bugs. Prevent unscheduled outages.Risk and conformanceMinimize risk of running End-of-Sale (EoS) or End-of-Life (EoL) devices. View current andproject the future status of network software and hardware inventory against known EoS/EoLnotices to ensure conformance.Cisco TAC assistAutomate the mundane, repetitive tasks of log collection, and attach them to TACService Requests (SRs). Delegate additional log collection to the TAC team, and free yourselffrom dull work.Flow state validatorVerify software and hardware programming consistency across all available traffic pathsbetween endpoints. Track per hop information and behavior.Kafka-messagingsupportShare Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights’ enriched, value-added output with the applicationecosystem. Build synergetic workflows with third-party IT applications.Email-notificationsupportGet offline alerts about network health using the email-notification facility. Pick and choosewhich issues you need to be alerted about.Cisco ACI multi-tiersupportMonitor Cisco ACI multi-tier topology with all Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights features andfunctions.Product-usagetelemetryEnabled by Cisco to significantly improve product lifecycle management for IT teams that havedeployed Cisco data-center fabrics. These data and related insights proactively identify productissues, improve services and support, and activate discussions to glean additional value fromnew and existing features.Offline analysisImport offline data logs for assurance checks. 2021 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.Page 5 of 10

Hardware platform supportTable 2.Hardware platform supportFeatureCisco Nexus 9300/9500/9700EX/FX/FX2/FX3/GX series switchesCisco Nexus 7000Series SwitchesCisco Nexus 3000Series SwitchesMultisiteYesYesYesUnified applicationYesYesYesHybrid site supportYesYesYesOne viewYesYesYesNetFlow collectorYesYesYesOne-click remediationYes (Cisco ACI only)NoNoUpgrade assistYesNoNoExplorerYesNoNoComplianceYes (Cisco ACI only)NoNoPre-change analysisYes (Cisco ACI only)NoNoTCAM utilizationYes (Cisco ACI only)NoNoDelta analysisYesNoNoTime-series databaseYesYesYesFlow analytics (FT/FTE*)Yes*NoNoMicroburst detectionYes**NoNoAppDynamicsYesNoNoMulticast control planeYesNoNoAnomaly analysisYesYesYesAnomaly assignmentYesYesYesResource csYesYesYesCustomizable dashboardsYesYesYesEndpoint analyticsYesNoNo 2021 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.Page 6 of 10

FeatureCisco Nexus 9300/9500/9700EX/FX/FX2/FX3/GX series switchesCisco Nexus 7000Series SwitchesCisco Nexus 3000Series SwitchesTopology esRisk and conformanceYesNoNoCisco TAC assistanceYesYesYesFlow state validatorYes (Cisco Nexus Dashboard FabricController [NDFC] only)NoNoKafka-messaging supportYesYesYesEmail-notification supportYesYesYesCisco ACI Multi-tier support Yes (Cisco ACI only)NoNoOffline analysisNoNoYes*Not supported on Nexus 9300/9500/9700 EX platform**Not supported on Nexus 9300/9500/9700 EX platform for Cisco ACICisco Intersight Nexus Dashboard BaseCisco Intersight Nexus Dashboard Base to view all your data center networking inventory directly fromIntersight. For more information, see Cisco Intersight Nexus Dashboard (ND) Base.Cisco Intersight Nexus Dashboard (ND) Base offers customers basic data center network asset, inventory, andstatus information in the Intersight portal. It provides customers with a single, high-level view of your CiscoNexus infrastructure health. The consolidated view supports consistency and compliance checks and makes iteasier to prevent administrative lapses in expiry of support contracts.These benefits and business outcomes are made possible through a pre-packaged Cisco Nexus Insights cloudconnector that comes with the Cisco data center network controllers such as Cisco APIC and CiscoDCNM/NDFC. 2021 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.Page 7 of 10

Cisco Nexus Insights Cloud ConnectorCisco Nexus Insights also provides a license-free version of the application, called Cisco Nexus Insights CloudConnector, that will benefit operators by collecting valuable information about the status and capabilities ofCisco data-center platforms.The Cisco Nexus Insights Cloud Connector (Cisco NI Cloud Connector) application provides customers with thebenefit of faster time to remediation with Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC assist) functionalities alongwith automatic, secure collection of tech-support logs. Cisco Nexus Insights Cloud Connector will empower ITteams to provide inventory reports of license entitlement, upcoming renewals, and proactive defectnotifications, along with lifecycle management support from integrated Cisco Customer Experience (CX)programs.Cisco Nexus Insights Cloud Connector is pre-packaged with Cisco data-center platforms to automaticallyconnect and transmit product usage data to Cisco. All product-usage telemetry data is transmitted to Ciscothrough an encrypted channel. The categories of data collected are limited to product usage. For details aboutthe product usage telemetry information that is collected, please see the table below.Table 3.Product usage telemetryCategoryData elementsPurpose of user IDIdentify customer accountSystem Controller and device informationIdentify potential device issues in customers’environments to prevent problems and improvethe product(Cisco APIC/DCNM/NDFC switch/appliance serialnumber, type, software versions, platform ID) Operational metrics – (including CPU, memory,file system, and uptime) for deployed fabriccomponentsFeature usage Number of fabrics created, number of leaf nodes,spine nodes, border nodes, number of IP subnets,routing protocols in use, and the fabric andswitch-level capacityFacilitate customer adoption and customervalue Number of tenants/contracts/endpoints/ endpointgroups /etc. (Cisco ACI), accesslists/hosts/VLANs/etc. (Cisco NXOS/DCNM/NDFC), virtual networks, featuresenabled, and feature scaleLicense entitlement License-entitlement information (network devicetype, IP address of network device, Cisco SmartSoftware Manager registration status, Cisco ACIand NX-OS license information, number of daysuntil license expires)Assist customers in tracking and maintaininglicense entitlement and renewals Signed EULA flagFor information on Cisco Data Protection and Privacy, please refer to the t-center/data-protection-and-privacy.html.Users can also choose to opt out of the data collection of product-usage telemetry by switching off the deviceconnector in their specific data-center platforms. For further information, please refer to the Cisco NexusInsight Cloud Connector configuration guides. 2021 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.Page 8 of 10

Software release supportCisco Nexus Dashboard Insights Minimum supported release for Cisco ACI APIC controller is 4.2(5) and for Cisco ACI switch software is14.2(5). Minimum supported release for Cisco NX-OS DCNM controller is 11.4 and for Cisco NX-OS switchsoftware is 7.0(3) I7(6) in the 7 train and 9.3(2) in the 9 train. Please refer to the support matrix by clicking here for detailed information.Cisco Intersight Nexus Dashboard Base Supported with Cisco ACI APIC controller releases 3.2(9), 4.2(4) and beyond. Minimum supportedrelease for Cisco NX-OS DCNM controller is 11.3.1.Cisco Nexus Insights Cloud Connector Supported with Cisco ACI APIC controller releases 3.2(9), 4.2(4) and beyond. Minimum supportedrelease for Cisco NX-OS DCNM controller is 11.3.1. Please refer to the latest configuration guides and release notes by clicking here for detailed information.Installation dependenciesThe Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights applications run on both Cisco ACI and NX-OS/NDFC–baseddeployments, and have the following installation requirements:1. Starting with Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights Release 5.1, the Cisco Nexus Dashboard platform isrequired to host the Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights application. This is applicable for Cisco ACIand Cisco NDFC–based fabrics.Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights licensing Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights application licenses are included as part of the Cisco Data CenterNetworking (DCN) Premier license. For customers who have a Cisco DCN Essentials or Advantage license, customers can acquire CiscoNexus Dashboard Insights licenses through a Day2Ops bundle. Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights licenses are available in subscription mode only. For Cisco ACI environments, the number of device licenses required is equal to the total number of leafs.The spines do not require a device license. For a Cisco NX-OS/NDFC environment, device licenses are required for all nodes. The number of devicelicenses required is equal to the total number of leafs, fixed spines, and/or modular spines. Cisco Intersight Nexus Dashboard Base application does not require additional licensing. The user isrequired to create an account in Cisco Intersight to use the functionality. Cisco Nexus Insights Cloud Connector application is included in the Cisco APIC and Cisco NDFCsoftware OS as a license-free offering. For a more detailed overview on Cisco Licensing, go to Download the Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights applications in the Cisco DC App Center. 2021 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.Page 9 of 10

Try for free Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights TAC assist feature here. Contact your Cisco account team to learn pricing and additional details.Ordering informationSee the How to Buy Ordering Guide for Nexus Dashboard Insights license details.Cisco CapitalFlexible payment solutions to help you achieve your objectivesCisco Capital makes it easier to get the right technology to achieve your objectives, enable businesstransformation and help you stay competitive. We can help you reduce the total cost of ownership, conservecapital, and accelerate growth. In more than 100 countries, our flexible payment solutions can help youacquire hardware, software, services, and complementary third-party equipment in easy, predictablepayments. Learn more.Printed in USA 2021 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.C78-742685-0812/21Page 10 of 10

The Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights for the data center is supported for deployments based on Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI ) and Cisco NX-OS with Cisco Nexus Dashboard Fabric Controller (NDFC) – formerly Cisco Data Center Network Manager (Cisco DCNM). Cisco