Clear Admit School Snapshot: S.C. Johnson Graduate School of ManagementS.C. Johnson Graduate Schoolof ManagementThe Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Managementis headquartered at Cornell University’s campus in Ithaca,New York. Johnson offers two full-time MBA options and twoexecutive MBA programs. This past year it also launched anew one-year MBA program at Cornell Tech in NYC focusingon the intersection of technology and business. One hallmark of the Johnson MBA program is its immersion-learningprogram, through which students carry out coursework andfieldwork targeted towards a particular career or industry.ACADEMICSFacultyConcentrations at JohnsonBreadth concentrations Consulting Entrepreneurship Leadership and Ethics Global Business Management Sustainable Global EnterpriseDepth concentrations Corporate Finance Financial Investing Financial Analysis Marketing Analytics Marketing Management Private Equity Strategy30EXCHANGEPARTNERSJohnson employs 59 full-time and 41 visiting, part-time oradjunct faculty members specializing in 15 different disciplines. This group of scholars and professionals directs fourresearch centers and institutes: the Parker Center for Investment Research, the Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute, and theEmerging Markets Institute.CurriculumJohnson’s faculty and lecturers employ a variety of teachingmethods, such as case studies, lectures, group projects, labexercises and field trips. MBA classes at Johnson typicallybegin in late August and end in mid-May; commencementoccurs shortly thereafter. Johnson works on a semestersystem, and nearly all students go on to complete a summerinternship at the end of their first year. Throughout the academic year, Johnson students have short breaks each semester for holidays such as Thanksgiving, with a longer break inbetween semesters. Beginning during orientation and extending throughout the first semester, all first-year studentsparticipate in the required course entitled the Johnson TeamLeadership Experience. In this course, MBA entrants worktogether in small teams of five to six students on problemsolving challenges and core course group projects.Within the first year of study, Johnson students must complete eight core classes. The core covers foundational business principles in accounting, marketing, management,operations, strategy and finance. First-year students mustalso complete an immersion learning experience in the springsemester by choosing from the seven available offerings orcreating their own program. Each immersion learning experience is comprised of elective courses, site visits and casestudies aimed at preparing students for post-MBA careers infields such as Strategic Marketing, Capital Markets and AssetManagement. Students can waive all but two core coursesby passing an exemption exam or by completing a substitutecourse if adequate knowledge is demonstrated in the area.In the second year of the MBA program, students have freerein to shape their studies by choosing from the school’smore than 80 elective course offerings. Students may further tailor their education to their career interests by 2006-2015 Clear Admit, LLC. All rights reserved.

Clear Admit School Snapshot: S.C. Johnson Graduate School of ManagementCurious about your chances at Johnson?Contact Veritas Prep for a free assessment! ationing up to two concentrations from a list of five breadth options and seven depth options. Johnson also allows studentsto take courses at other Cornell University schools and applythem to the MBA degree. Finally, students looking for international exposure can spend a semester studying abroad atone of Johnson’s 30 exchange partner institutions.Other MBA Degree OptionsIn addition to its 21-month full-time MBA program, Johnsonoffers a one-year accelerated MBA degree option for applicants who have already obtained a graduate degree in thetechnology or science fields or are applying to a dual degreeprogram at Cornell. Students in this program complete aten-week summer term, followed by two additional semesters of coursework.Degree Offerings at JohnsonFull-time MBA Programs21-month, One-year eMBA.aspxDual DegreesJD/MBA, MBA/MILR, MBA/MEng, MBA/MD,MBA/MHA, rograms.aspxExecutive MBA ProgramsCornell Executive MBA, Cornell-QueensExecutive xIn July 2013, Johnson also launched a one-year MBA program at Cornell Tech in NYC designed to teach the fundamentals of business in the context of its role in today’s globaldigital economy. This program begins on the Ithaca campusin May, where students complete a 10-week summer termthat includes orientation, core business courses, leadershiptraining, innovation and entrepreneurial work, and professional development work. This is followed by fall and wintersemesters on the NYC Cornell Tech campus, where studentstake courses like Digital Marketing, Connective Media andSocial Entrepreneurship. In addition, students have theopportunity to put their coursework into practice throughprojects with NYC tech companies. Johnson also offers sixdual degree programs, including a JD/MBA program withCornell University Law School, an MBA/MILR with the Schoolof Industrial and Labor Relations, an MBA/MEng with theCollege of Engineering, an MBA/MD with Cornell Weill Medical College, an MBA/MHA with the Sloan Program in HealthAdministration and an MBA/MPS in Real Estate. Johnsonhas also partnered with institutions in Belgium and China forinternational dual degrees.Johnson’s executive degree options include the CornellQueen’s Executive MBA and the Cornell Executive MBA. TheCornell-Queen’s Executive MBA program consists of videoconferencing sessions in boardrooms across North America,as well as residence sessions at Johnson and Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. The Cornell Executive MBA, meanwhile, features classes in the New York metro area and a fewresidence sessions at Johnson.70 CLUBOFFERINGSCAMPUS LIFEClubs, Conferences & CompetitionsJohnson provides its students with many opportunities forextracurricular involvement. Full-time MBA candidates canchoose from more than 70 club offerings across a fairly balanced range of affinity, athletic, cultural and professionalorganizations. For example, students can become involvedin every stage of the venture capital process by joining BRVenture Fund (BRV), an early-stage venture capital fund ledexclusively by a team of Johnson students. Each year, BRVinvests as much as 250,000 in various companies nationwide, using all profits for reinvestment. Meanwhile, 2006-2015 Clear Admit, LLC. All rights reserved.

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Clear Admit School Snapshot: S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Managementlooking for community service opportunities can join Community Impact, a club devoted to providing volunteering eventsfor students such as charity auctions.Get in touch with Johnson Admissions & Financial Aid111 Sage Hall Cornell UniversityIthaca, NY 14853-6201The clubs research centers at Johnson also sponsor a varietyof competitions for students. The Marketing Association, forinstance, hosts the “Battle of the Brands” Marketing Competition, where first-years spend two weeks in teams of fivecompeting to market a product at Johnson and win 1,000.Another popular event is the MBA Stock Pitch Competition.Organized by the Parker Center, the Stock Pitch Competitionattracts teams of MBA students from 12 top business schoolsto Johnson to present and defend stock recommendations infront of a panel of industry experts. The Parker Center alsoputs together the Women in Investing Conference, bringingfemale MBA students from all over the U.S. to network andlearn about opportunities in investment management. 607-255-4526 607-255-0065 us SpaceLocated on the southwestern side of Cornell University’s campus is Sage Hall, which houses the Johnson Graduate Schoolof Management. The historic 19th-century building becamehome to the Johnson School in 1998 after an extensive twoyear renovation. Sage Hall features over a dozen classroomsoutfitted with advanced technological amenities. CornellUniversity offers limited graduate housing on campus in theform of apartments and townhouses, and incoming studentscan apply for on-campus housing for the summer or duringthe academic year. However, most students choose to rentapartments or rooms in houses in Ithaca.Post-MBA Function POST-MBACareer Services Johnson’s Career Management Center (CMC) offers a widerange of career counseling services, including one-on-onecareer advising with one of eight professional counselors,networking events and an online job posting system calledthe Johnson Talent System. The CMC also organizes career workgroups, through which second-year students teachgroups of first-year students about working in particularfunctions. In addition, the CMC organizes a full schedule ofon-campus recruiting events, with mid-October through November and late January through March dedicated to secondyear recruiting and about two months for internship recruiting starting in late January. Johnson students have manyopportunities to meet company representatives throughoutthe year through corporate presentations and club-sponsoredguest speakers.Career StatisticsEnjoying this ‘snapshot’ of S.C. Johnson? Read ourfull report and become an expert on their MBAprogram overnight! Download the Clear AdmitSchool Guide to S.C. Johnson here.By late August of 2014, 90% of Johnson’s Class of 2014 hadaccepted job offers. The mean starting base salary for Johnson graduates was 110,900, while the mean signing bonuswas 27,500. Thirty-eight percent of the Class of 2014 accepted finance positions, including the 11% pursuing roles ininvestment banking; consulting was the second most popularfunction and was chosen by 23% of the class. Meanwhile,16% of 2014 Johnson MBA graduates moved into marketingand business development, about 8% opted for 2006-2015 Clear Admit, LLC. All rights reserved.

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Clear Admit School Snapshot: S.C. Johnson Graduate School of ManagementMedianGMATMedianGPAMedian Years ofWork Experience7003.344.7development programs and another 12% entered generalmanagement.ADMISSIONSThe Class ProfileApplication ChecklistJohnson at Cornell UniversityApplicationRésuméApplication ProceduresTranscripts from all post-secondary coursework anddegreesApplicants can elect to apply to Johnson during one of threeadmissions rounds, which usually occur in October, January,and March. Johnson requires applicants to submit their completed online application along with essays, a résumé, GMAT/GRE scores and transcripts from all collegiate and postcollegiate institutions attended. Applicants must also submittwo letters of recommendation, with one from a supervisor, TOEFL, IELTS or PTE scores if needed, and a 200 nonrefundable application fee. After applications are evaluated,the admissions committee conducts interviews on an invitation-only basis. Interviews may take place on campus witha current second-year or member of the admissions committee, while those who do not travel to Ithaca can undertakein-person alumni or Skype interviews.GMAT or GRE score reportFINANCIAL AIDTwo Required essays (thirdoptional)Application Fee of 200 UScurrencyList of activitiesTwo recommendations (thirdoptional)English Language Exam scorereport for applicants whosenative language is not English(TOEFL, IELTS, or the PearsonTest of English)Two-Year Program Tuition(per academic year)TuitionHousing & Food 59,500 13,000Books 1,100Computer (Once only) 2,000Health Insurance 2,600Personal 5,000TotalThe Johnson Class of 2016 enrolled 284 students. Studentsin the class of 2016 had a median GMAT score of 700 and amedian GPA of 3.34. The incoming class also had a medianof nearly five years of work experience. Nearly a third of thefirst year students were women, while 27% were minorities.Out of this minority group, 14% were underrepresented minorities, which refers to students of African American, NativeAmerican, and Hispanic American backgrounds. U.S. Citizensaccounted for 70% of the class, with the remaining portion ofstudents representing 33 countries. 83,200The tuition for the 2015-2016 academic year at Johnson is 59,500. However, the school estimates that with additionalexpenses such as rent and textbooks, students will pay up to 83,200 in that time. To help students finance their studies,Johnson offers a range of merit-based scholarships. Admitted students are automatically considered for certain meritbased awards for which they are eligible, and about 30%of Johnson students receive financial support in the formof such scholarships. The most prestigious of scholarshipsoffered to incoming students is the Park Leadership Fellowship, which provides a full-tuition grant to up to 25 entrants.Johnson is part of the Consortium for Graduate Study inManagement, an organization devoted to promoting diversityin business schools. MBA candidates may apply through thisprogram to Johnson, and they are then eligible for full-tuitionfellowships. For those applicants who did not receive awardsduring their first year, there is one scholarship opportunityopen to returning students, the Fried Fellowship. This distinction is given to five students who have excelled academically and contributed to the school community. There isalso a variety of loan options available to Johnson students,including federal loan programs for U.S. citizens and privateloans for international students. Johnson has partnered withQuorum Federal Credit Union to offer international studentsloans that do not require a 2006-2015 Clear Admit, LLC. All rights reserved.

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Cornell University Law School, an MBA/MILR with the School of Industrial and Labor Relations, an MBA/MEng with the College of Engineering, an MBA/MD with Cornell Weill Medi-cal College, an MBA/MHA with the Sloan Program in Health Administration and an MBA/MPS in Real Estate. Johnson has