Services ExhibitSubscriber acknowledges that MegaPath may amend this Services Exhibit from time to time w ithout notice, and Subscriberis responsible for compliance w ith the current version of the Services Exhibit.I.DEFINITIONSThe follow ing definitions are used throughout this document as specified below :Term800 num ber9-1-1Access m alyAnti-VirusATABroadbandBTNCABCableCable (Bus)Cable (Res)Circuit TermCLECCOCodecContentFilteringCPEData CenterDem arc orDem arcationPointDHCPDial-UPDIDDefinitionToll free numberThe three-digit number reserved for use as an emergency telephone number throughout the United States.The policy used to determine and administer the applications w ithin a Subscriber's networks that an EndUser may access via the Secure Access System. The Access Policy determined by Subscriber, withinparameters defined by MegaPath, must be capable of enforcement by the MegaPath System, and isprovided by Subscriber to MegaPath for incorporation into the MegaPath System.An End User to w hom Subscriber has provided security credentials to enable access to Subscriber's SecureAccess System.“Asymmetric Digital Services Line”, a technology for providing last-mile Broadband Access Service to anEnd-User w herein the speed of data transmission from the CO to the End-User’s premises is substantiallyhigher than the speed in the other direction.A form of ADSL that is not line shared and does not require voice service from the ILEC. ADSL DedicatedLine is ideal for End Users w ho have non-ILEC voice or w ho have plans to move to a voice over IP (VOIP)product in the future.Automatic Location Identification; a 9-1-1 feature by w hich the name, address, and responding agenciesassociated w ith the number of the telephone used to dial 9-1-1 is displayed at the PSAP at the time the call isansw eredAutomatic Number Identification; a service that provides the receiver of a telephone call w ith the number ofthe calling phoneAn attack that that is not defined as a specific attack but behavior that indicates that an attack is underw ayTechnologies that detect, quarantine and remove malw are (malicious software), this includes Viruses,Trojans, Worms, Greyw are and SpywareAnalog Telephone Adaptor – used to connect analog telephones for IP Telephony serviceA transmission facility that has bandw idth (capacity) greater than a voice grade line of 3 kHzBilling Telephone Number; primary telephone number used for billing regardless of the number of linesassociated w ith that numberA compressed file format utilized by MicrosoftMegaPath's Business-Class Cable Broadband Access Service provides always-on high speed Internetaccess via a coaxial cable from the End-User’s location to the nearest Cable Head-end using facilitiesprovided by Cable TV last-mile carriers. This cable line is shared w ith the regular cable television lineCable service delivered to a business locationCable service delivered to a residential locationMinimum length of time that a circuit must be installed to not incur Early Termination Charges ifdisconnected. Also known as Service Term.Competitive Local Exchange Carrier; a company authorized to provide local exchange services incompetition w ith an ILECThe telephone company “Central Office” to w hich the End-User is connected via the Broadband AccesscircuitA contraction of coder and decoder; a device that encodes analog signals into digital signals, for transmissionthrough a netw ork in digital format, and decodes received digital signals back into analog signalsTechnology that enables end-user to control w eb usage by blocking objectionable or unsafe w eb accessthrough selection of specific categoriesCustomer Premises Equipment located on-site at Subscriber's premises, or located at any other location, theaccess to w hich is controlled by Subscriber (e.g., a data center operated by an outsourcer or MegaPath), andw hich perform the MegaPath System's proxy, encryption, authentication and application access functions.Those parts of the MegaPath System consisting of the servers and systems responsible for network systemsmonitoring and management, delivery of the Service Management Console, and Secure Access Systemadministration services (but not data traffic encryption), including w ithout limitation the portal(s) provided byMegaPath and accessed by End Users to use the Secure Access System.The point at the Customer premises w here the loop from the telephone company meets the premises w iring.Dynamic Host Configuration ProtocolAccess Service that enables access to the Internet over regular telephone lines via a modemDirect Inw ard DialingServices Exhibit 03-09-18Confidential - MegaPath Cloud Company, LLCPage 2 of 76

Services ExhibitDNISDODDoS/DDoSDS3DSLDynam ic IPEdgeE-911End-UserErrorESNEthernetFCCFirew allFixFOCForti-ManagerForti-AnalyzerFTPG.711Gatew IPIPsec ClientSoftw areIPSECSoftw areDialed Number Identification ServiceDirect Outw ard DialingDenial of Service and Distributed Denial of Service, a class of attacks that prevent a server and or applicationfrom functioning. A Distributed Denial of Service Attack is w hen the attack originated from more than onelocation.A technology for supplying last-mile Broadband Access to an End-User at symmetric speeds up to 44.73MbpsDigital Subscriber Line service; a form of broadband accessAn IP address that is assigned to the client for the current session or some other specified amount of time.On premise device (CPE) associated w ith SD-WAN Enterprise that performs routing, measurement, controletc.Enhanced 9-1-1; a method of routing 9-1-1 calls to a PSAP that uses a user location database to determinethe location to w hich a call should be routedThe individual or corporate entity utilizing this ServiceAny failure of the MegaPath System that causes the Services not to comply materially w ith the ServiceLevels, or w ith the other specifications set forth in this Services Exhibit and the most recent applicablenetw ork administrator technical documentation provided by MegaPath to Subscriber.Emergency Service Number; the number assigned to each residence, business, and coin telephone, w hich isdetermined by a specific law enforcement, fire station, and emergency medical service zone; number used todeliver calls to the proper PSAPA local-area netw ork (LAN) protocol developed by Xerox Corporation in cooperation w ith DEC and Intel in1976. It is one of the most w idely implemented LAN standards. Ethernet is also used to refer Ethernet basedaccess services offered over technologies such as Ethernet over Copper, Ethernet over DS1, Ethernetasymmetrical services, Ethernet over DS3 and Ethernet over Fiber.Federal Communications Commission; a government agency that regulates telecommunications and otherbroadcast mediumA firew all is technology that specifically allows or blocks netw ork communications based off of source,destination, applications / protocol and actionA modification or an addition to the MegaPath System that overcomes an Error or security compromise w henmade or added to the MegaPath System.Firm Order Confirmation / CommitmentManagement system for FortiGates (managed firew all devices)Reporting engine for the management of FortiGates (managed firew all devices)File Transfer Protocol; a communications link betw een a PC and the MAPS w orkstation allow ing quicktransfer data to and from distant or local PCsDescribes the 64-kbps PCM voice-coding technique for digital voice delivery in the PSTN or through PBXs;G.711 provides low er bandwidth and slightly higher quality of service and G.729 provides much higherbandw idth with minimal change in service qualitySD-WAN Enterprise netw ork element implemented w ithin MegaPath Core or 3rd party netw ork that provideslast mile performance optimization and interconnection w ith private and public netw orks.Graphical User InterfaceHyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP), the actual communications protocol that enables Web brow singHTTP Over SSL. Protocol enabling the secured transmission of Web pagesIntegrated Access Device – an intelligent router that has built in data and voice cards.“ISDN Digital Subscriber Line”, a technology for providing Broadband Access Service to an End-User usingthe Integrated Services Digital Netw ork (“ISDN”), w hich enables service similar to SDSL at distances greaterthan the limit for SDSL, although only at speeds of 144k in each direction.“Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier”, the phone company that actually ow ns the wires bringing telephoneservice to the End-User’s premisesInstant Messaging; a protocol used by chat programsInternet Message Access Protocol IMAP is gradually replacing POP as the main protocol used by emailclients in communicating w ith email servers.Technologies that operate at Layer 4 and above w hich look for sophisticated attacks as well as logic thatcombats emerging or new attacks and threatsInternet ProtocolThe machine-executable version(s) of the client software code, including any Updates thereto, that MegaPathprovides Subscriber for use on PCsThe Client Software and VPN Concentrator Softw are, collectively, as well as associated end userdocumentation. The use of the Services and all Softw are is subject to the manufacturer’s License Agreementeither attached to this Exhibit or as provided w ith the SoftwareServices Exhibit 03-09-18Confidential - MegaPath Cloud Company, LLCPage 3 of 76

Services r-3Layer-4LCALDSLECLNPLOAManagedNetw orkServicesMACDMBMegaPathNetw orkMegaPathSystemMIME/UUMOUMobility ClientSoftw areMPLSMPOEMRCMTTRNANPNATNENANESNetw orkOperationsCenter or NOCNPANRCNXX“Integrated Services Digital Netw ork”, a technology for providing last-mile Broadband Access to an End-Uservia a specialized dial-up phone line at symmetric speeds of 64kbps (single-channel ISDN) or 128kbps (dualchannel ISDN), PRI (24 channel) or BRI (2 channel)Interactive Voice Response“Internal Wiring”, connections between the MPOE and the location w here the End-User w ishes to place theCPE; this is required for all circuits other than ADSL and is performed by a MegaPath technicianInter Exchange CarrierThe company that provides the DSL circuit from their equipment in the CO to the End-User’s premises. Inproviding such circuits, the Last-Mile Carrier is operating under contract to MegaPath and has no directcontractual relationship to either End-User or Subscriber.“Local Access and Transport Area”, a geographic region assigned to one or more telephone companies forproviding communication services. Calls w ithin a LATA are “Local” or “Local Toll”, calls outside a LATA are“Long-Distance”. Most major metro areas fall w ithin a single LATA, except for areas like New York City thatspan state boundaries.The second or “Data Link” layer of the Open System Interconnection (“OSI”).The third or “Netw ork” layer of the Open System Interconnection (“OSI”).Layer 4 refers to the fourth layer in the OSI model. This layer provides transparent transfer of data betweenend systems, or hosts, and is responsible for end-to-end error recovery and flow control.Local Calling AreaLocal Distance ServiceLocal Exchange CarrierLocal Number Portability; Defined in the Telecommunications Act of 1996 as the ability of users oftelecommunications services to retain, at the same location, existing telecommunications numbers w ithoutimpairment of quality, reliability, or convenience w hen switching from one telecommunications carrier toanotherLetter of Agency / Authorization / Agreement / AuthenticationManaged Netw ork Services consist of MegaPath Managed IPsec VPN, Managed Firew all and ManagedSecurity w hich includes Intrusion Detection and Prevention as w ell as content filtering and anti-malw areMoves, Adds, Changes, DisconnectsMega Byte, a size definition for dataThe communications links, equipment, and facilities ow ned, operated, or contracted for by MegaPath in orderto provide the Broadband Access service purchased by Subscriber. This netw ork does not include the CPE,any inside w iring, or local area netw ork (LAN) equipment at the End-User site, or any netw ork links,equipment, or facilities not ow ned, operated or contracted for by MegaPath.MegaPath's proprietary software and any equipment or other software owned or licensed (as licensee) byMegaPath, and, to the extent that MegaPath solely controls their performance, any internal and externalconnections to Subscriber's network.MIME stands for Multipart Internet Mail Extensions. UU stands for Unix to Unix. To MIME/UU a file is tocompress and encrypt a file or email into an archive so that it occupies less disk space.Minutes of UsageThe machine-executable version(s) of the client software code, including any Updates thereto, that MegaPathprovides Subscriber hereunder to enable End-Users to access and use Mobility Dial. The use of Mobility Dialand all Softw are is subject to the License Agreement attached to this Exhibit.Multi-protocol Label Sw itched“Minimum Point Of Entry”, the location at the End-User’s premises w here the ILEC places the equipmentneeded to connect its w ires to the End-User’s inside w iring“Monthly Recurring Charge”, the amount charged each month to Subscriber by MegaPath for any individualEnd-User CircuitNetw ork Mean Time to RepairNorth American Numbering Plan; a numbering architecture in w hich every station in the area served by theplan is identified by a unique 10-digit addressNetw ork Address Translation; the translation of an IP address used within one netw ork to a different IPaddress know n within another netw orkNational Emergency Number AssociationNo Emergency Service. Services with this designation are provided w ithout 911 type emergency services.Those parts of the MegaPath System used by MegaPath to monitor Subscriber's system performance,manage the CPE and policies, and resolve technical issues.Numbering Plan Area; also called area codeNon-Recurring ChargeGeographically bounded area designated as the area w ithin which a LEC or CLEC may provide localexchange telecommunication services bearing a particular NPA-NXX designationServices Exhibit 03-09-18Confidential - MegaPath Cloud Company, LLCPage 4 of 76

Services ionProcedurePOP3POTSPPPPRIPrim erInstallationPSAPPSTNQoSRate rPortalSecondaryLocationSSL VPN CoreServicesServiceInterruptionService LevelsServiceManagementConsoleService OrderForm (“SOF”)Operator AssistanceCentralized management portal associated w ith SD-WAN Enterprise used by MegaPath and Customers.Also know n as Dashboard, Portal or User InterfaceOperator ServicesOperations Support SystemPrivate Branch ExchangePolicy is a collection of configuration information, rules, that constitutes an effect to be applied to datacommunicationsA w ritten procedure determined by MegaPath after consultation w ith Subscriber, and which describes howSubscriber's options under the Access Policy may be modified.POP3 is the abbreviation for Post Office Protocol - a data format for delivery of emails across the Internet.Plain Old Telephone Service; refers to the standard telephone service that most homes usePoint to Point Protocol. An Internet protocol for connecting computers over a serial lineDedicated voice circuits that have 23 voice channels plus 1 B channel for signalingGenerally the End-User’s headquarters if MegaPath is providing Broadband Access to that location;otherw ise the End-User’s location w ith the highest speed Broadband Access provided by MegaPath. Emailand other such services are associated with the Primary Location circuit for administrative and billingpurposes, but are available to all End-Users. Each End-User has only one Primary Location by definitionFirst to occur of (i) the date on w hich Subscriber first uses the Secure Access System for non-testing,production purposes, (ii) the date on w hich MegaPath first makes the Secure Access System available forproduction use, or (iii) except to the extent that MegaPath's failure to comply w ith its obligations under theServices Exhibit results in a delay in Subscriber or MegaPath making the Secure Access System availablefor production use, the date occurring thirty (30) calendar days after the applicable Service Order Formeffective date.A Professional Install is one in w hich MegaPath utilizes a field service technician to install additional valueadded services such as VPN or to complete an installation to an end-user premises. This type of install isusually done after the Provider Installation, but may be done at the same time depending on the underlyingcircuit type and carrier.Provider Installation is defined as a basic installation (as described in the appropriate exhibit) for a circuit.The basic installation is designed to turn the circuit up so that it may be used to pass Internet traffic. Theinstallation is usually supplied by the underlying carrier, but may also be a MegaPath contracted fieldtechnician also referred to as a Professional Install.Public Safety Answering Point; an answ ering location for 9-1-1 calls originating in a given areaPublic Sw itched Telephone Netw ork; the international telephone system based on copper w ires carryinganalog voice dataQuality of ServiceGeographically specified area used for determining mileage- and/or usage-dependent rates in the PSTNRegional Bell Operating CompanyRest of WorldReal Time ProtocolA collection of configuration information associated with access control containing source and destination andaction elements“Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line”, a technology for providing last-mile Broadband Access Service to anEnd-User w herein the speed of data transmission betw een the End-User’s premises and the CO isessentially the same in both directionsCentralized management portal associated w ith SD-WAN Enterprise used by MegaPath and Customers.Also know n as Dashboard, Orchestrator or User InterfaceAny End-User location receiving MegaPath Broadband Access other than the Primary Location.A computer netw ork which is provided and managed by MegaPath to a Subscriber under a Service OrderForm, that uses Internet protocols and the public telecommunication system to provide access to and use ofcomputer applications located on such Subscriber's networks to Subscriber's End Users.Total inability to transfer data from the End-User’s MPOE to know n operational IP addresses on the publicnetw orkThe service level commitments applicable to the Services set forth in this Services Description.One or more w eb pages maintained by MegaPath specifically for Subscriber, to w hich only Subscriber andMegaPath have access, and by w hich Subscriber and MegaPath can communicate on an encrypted basisregarding Secure Access System and End User administration and management.A w ritten authorization executed by Subscriber and MegaPath, w hich provides details of the “Services”elected by the Subscriber and the applicable fees and conditions for those services. The Service OrderServices Exhibit 03-09-18Confidential - MegaPath Cloud Company, LLCPage 5 of 76

Services ExhibitServicesSIPSLA’sSMTPSOFSpamStatic IPSubscriberSyslogT1TATCPTCP/IPTDMTier 1 SupportTier 2 SupportTier 3 SupportTNTrouble TicketUDPUpdateURLVMVoIPVPNVPNEquipm entWhitelist/BlacklistWorkaroundWTNZIPForms and Fees trigger MegaPath’s obligation to deliver the Services to the Subscriber and the Subscriber’sobligation to pay MegaPath for such Services.The services that are to be performed by MegaPath under this Services Description on behalf of a Subscriberunder a Service Order Form.Session Initiation Protocol; a protocol that provides telephony services similar to MGCP, but is less complexand uses fewer resources“Service Level Agreement,” a set of service performance assurances and remedies applicable to variousServices. Subscriber or End-User may receive these remedies by follow ing the procedures set forth in theSLA documentSimple Mail Transfer Protocol - a protocol used to send and receive email.Service Order formUnsolicited or mass distributed emailAn assigned IP address used to connect to a TCP/IP netw ork. The IP address stays assigned to the specifichost or netw ork device, so the same address can alw ays be used to reach that device.The entity or organization under an Enterprise Master Services Agreement with MegaPath. Subscriber andCustomer are used interchangeably herein.A server used by other hosts to remotely record logging informationA technology for supplying last mile Broadband Access Service to an End-User at symmetric speeds up to1.544 MbpsTerminal AdaptorTransmission Control ProtocolA collection of protocols that define the basic w orkings of the features of the InternetTime Division Multiplexer(a) All phone, email or Web-based support-related communications w ith an End User; (b) the collection ofproblem incident information; (c) the gathering of system/network status and configuration information; (d) theperformance of initial diagnostics; (e) review of MegaPath’s technical know ledgebase for similar issues, and(f) supplying initial recommendations for problem resolution.(a) The assignment of appropriately trained support personnel to resolve problems; (b) development of aformal incident report including any information gathered in Tier 1 Support activities; (c) provision ofdiagnostic support; and (d) attempted recreation of the problem.The escalation of any Error that cannot be resolved via Tier 1 or Tier 2 Support efforts to MegaPath forresolution.Telephone NumberA record created by an automated tracking mechanism w ithin MegaPath’s Technical Support department.Each Trouble Ticket is automatically time stamped at the moment a MegaPath technician takes a call orstarts w orking an email from a Subscriber or End-User. This Trouble Ticket timestamp is used to determinethe date of effective notice required for all Service Delivery Agreements; the act of “opening” a Trouble Ticketis the only w ay of providing effective notice for such purposesUser Datagram ProtocolAn updated, revised, or enhanced version of the Client or Softw are that MegaPath provides to Subscriber aspart of the technical support services"Uniform Resource Locator," this is the address of a resource on the Internet.Voice MailVoice over Internet Protocol; voice delivered using the IP address“Virtual Private Netw ork”, is a method for connecting private networks or locations by using public netw orksin such a manner that it looks like a single logical netw ork to the End-Users and applications. VPNs createencrypted virtual tunnels using industry standard protocols, such as IPSec and SSL, from End-User’s remotelocations to its host location(s) through MegaPath’s national private netw ork and, if needed, the InternetThe netw ork or Subscriber premise based VPN hardw are devices, associated software code, including anyUpdates thereto, and management infrastructure that MegaPath provides Subscriber hereunder to enableSubscriber’s users to establish encrypted tunnels to the corporate network. The management infrastructuremeans the necessary equipment required at Subscriber’s premise to provide on-going monitoring andmanagement services, and to speed remote troubleshooting and diagnostics from the MegaPath NOCA w hitelist is one or more url’s specified as an explicit “allow ” action facilitating the ability for w eb clients toaccess the specified url(s). A blacklist is one or more url’s specified as an explicit “deny” action facilitating theblocking of w eb clients to access the specified url(s)A set of procedures that Subscriber or End Users may follow to circumvent or mitigate the impact of an Erroror security compromise, notw ithstanding that the Error or compromise still exists. MegaPath may provide atemporary Workaround in lieu of a Fix.Working Telephone Number; all of the TNs associated to the BTNTo zip a file is to compress it into an archive so that it occupies less disk spaceServices Exhibit 03-09-18Confidential - MegaPath Cloud Company, LLCPage 6 of 76

Services ExhibitII.BROADBAND ACCESS SERVICESDescription of ServicesMegaPath’s Broadband Access Services (Internet Access) provide a location w ith an alw ays-on, high-speed dataconnection from the End-User’s premises to the Internet.There are six different types of Broadband Access Service covered by this Exhibit, as described below :1.Asymmetric DSLADSL is w ell suited for locations with only a few applications requiring broadband access. ADSL is also the mostw idely available form of DSL, and thus is sometimes the only low -cost form of broadband access available, evento larger offices. The ADSL Broadband Access is provided via a 2-w ire circuit from the End-User’s premises toDSL equipment located in a nearby CO. This circuit is shared with a regular telephone line, or for ADSL DedicatedLine is delivered on its ow n pair of w ires. This circuit is terminated at the End-User’s premises via CPE providedor specified by MegaPath or a representative of MegaPath.2.Symmetric DSLSDSL is typically used for business purposes because the symmetric speeds enable high-speed communicationsboth to and from the End-User’s premises. The SDSL Broadband Access is provided via a 2-wire circuit from theEnd-User’s premises to DSL equipment located in a nearby CO. Depending on the actual Last-Mile Carrier, thiscircuit may be shared w ith a regular telephone line or be delivered on a separate pair of w ires. This circuit isterminated at the End-User’s premises via CPE provided or specified by MegaPath or a representative ofMegaPath.3.T14.Ethernet ServicesT1s are typically used for mission-critical business purposes because the symmetric speeds enable high-speedcommunications both to and from the End-User’s premises, and because businesses have confidence in thisstandardized technology that has evolved over a period of several decades. MegaPath’s T1 Broadband Accessis available in fractional, full T1, and multiple T1 (sometimes called NxT1) bandw idths to enable the most costeffective solution for each individual situation. Each T1 Broadband Access circuit is provided via a 4-wire solution(tw o pairs) from the End-User’s premises to equipment located in the closest CO. This circuit is terminated at theEnd-User’s premises via CPE either provided by or specified by MegaPath.Ethernet services provide customers w ith symmetrical and asymmetrical Ethernet handoff options that offercustomer flexibility in selecting their data solutions. The services are provisioned w ith copper loops or fiber.Ethernet services frequently support Quality of Service w hich allow s the customer to manage netw ork traffic byoffering differentiated queue based priority schemes.5.CableMegaPath provides Business-Class Cable Broadband Access Services. Cable Broadband Access is providedvia a coaxial cable from the End-User’s location to the nearest Cable Head-end. This cable line is shared w iththe regular cable television line. The circuit is terminated at the End-User’s premises via a Cable Modem/Routereither provided by or specified b

Line is ideal for End Users who have non- ILEC voice or who have plans to move to a voice over IP (VOIP) . administration services (but not data traffic encryption), including without limitation the portal(s) provided by MegaPath and accessed by End Use