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Reply at a glance Founded in 1996 to achieve excellence within the internetconsulting market, by a group of Italian IT Executives,Reply is today a leading IT Services Company with adi ti ti sett off specializeddistinctivei li d servicesiththatt covers ththe areasof: Consulting, System Integration, ServiceManagement (Application & Operation), BusinessgProcess Outsourcing Reply offering is based on new communicationchannels and digital media Impressive track record: from 18.6m in 1999 to 277msales in 2007, with a CAGR of 40.1% Constant two digit Ebit margin1 More than 2,2702 employees distributed on a network ofspecialized companies focused on specific lines of offer Large customerscustomers, with a very high customer retention Operations in Italy and Germany1. Except for 200322. As of 31 December 2007Source: Company DataReply aims at building an European network of highspecialized “boutiques” in the ICT services market

Some MilestonesCustomer Satisfaction Awards for eBusiness SuiteLargest Competence Center on Oracle Application in ItalyCertified Advantage Partner for eBSLodestar PartnerSiebel PartnerOFM11g Beta SiteAIA Center of ExcellencePortal Partner1996199820002002200420062008Customer Excellence PartneringOPN Innovation AwardCertified Advantage Partner (Technology)Oracle Certified Partner (Technology)First Beta Site (Oracle8) then 8i, 9, 10g and OAS Beta Server (Bpel, Esb)Startup3OTMSPL

Why Oracle AIA is so important to us It’s the future of Application Integration It’s process driven and enables customers to buildprocess oriented architectures It’s at the heart of Oracle’s Applicationppofferingg It’s in our path of international expansion It’s in our DNA: being innovative!4

AIA DemoGround

Oracle AIA DemogroundIn May 2008 Reply capitalized the co-developmentco development experience made at Oracle in RedwoodShores setting up an AIA demoground to give customers access to the latest Oracletechnologies available.Order 2 Cash6AIA for CMUProcess Design

Siebel CRM Integration Pack for OM: O2C Version IeBusiness Suite x86)Siebel CRMIntegration Pack forOracle OrderManagementAIA 1.0 on Oracle Fusion Middleware x86)Siebel 2003)IntegrationgPoint: Customer: synchronize new, update, merged and inactivated customer between Siebel CRM andOracle eBS Products: synchronizeysimplep and complexp((BOM)) pproducts from Oracle eBS to Siebel CRM Price List: synchronize active price list data form Oracle eBS into Siebel CRM Asset: synchronize new/updated customer owned item instances from eBS into a CRM Asset. Order: order and quotes synchronization from Siebel Order CaptureCapture, and the application creates andfulfills orders in Oracle Order Management.7

Process Integration Pack: O2C Version IIeBusiness Suite 11.5.10 – (then 12.1)Order toCash(O2CV2)AIA 2.1 on Oracle Fusion Middleware SIA ((then 8.1 SIA))O2C version 2 new features: Port O2C to ABS Architecture: O2C2 will use a set of common object architecture.architecture Change Orders: O2C2 will provide the ability for Siebel to check order level and line level statusesfrom eBS to determine if any changes (including cancellations) are allowed. Price List Synch: eBS Advanced Pricing has been integrated into Siebel Order Capture Support for B2C Ordering: Order booking completed through the web store will be captured withinSiebel and fulfilled through Oracle EBS Support for Siebel Quotes: Users will be provided with the ability to submit an order (to be createdwithin eBS) from within the Siebel Quoting applicationapplication. In additionaddition, users will be able to do a creditcheck, estimate shipping charges, ATP check from within the Siebel Quoting application8

AIA for CMUSiebel for Communication 2003)Oracle AIA forCommunicationAIA 2.0 for communications on OracleFusion Middleware x86)Oracle BRM 7.3.1(Solaris 10)Process Integration Pack (PIP): Order to Bill: synchronize billing products and discounts, customer data, automates orderprocessing AgentgAssisted Billingg Care: enables Customer Service Representativesp((CSR)) to retrieveaccount balances, invoices and unbilled usage data. Enables CSR to adjust and pay forinvoices Revenue Accounting: moves general ledger data, enables customers to use OracleGeneral Ledger as an accounting engine on top of the BRM application9

Oracle BPA Suite10

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Siebel CRM Integration Pack for OM: O2C Version I eBusiness Suite (Linux x86) AIA 1.0 on Oracle Fusion Middleware (Linux x86) Siebel CRM Integration Pack for Oracle Order Siebel Management Integration Point: (Windows 2003) Customer: synchronize new, update, merged and inactiv