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Agenda Siebel Systems Corporate Overview Proven Solution for Aerospace & Defense Broad Industry Adoption & Proven Customer Success “One” Company Demo – Customer-Centric Business Transformation Business Value of CRM - “Making it Easier to do Business”Business Analytics – Digital cockpit for managing the businessAccount ManagementLife-cycle Service & Support ManagementOEM / Aftermarket Sales ManagementAir Show Event Management The Siebel Advantage Q&A

Agenda Siebel Systems Corporate Overview Proven Solution for Aerospace & Defense Broad Industry Adoption & Proven Customer Success “One” Company Demo – Customer-Centric Business Transformation Business Value of CRM - “Making it Easier to do Business”Business Analytics – Digital cockpit for managing the businessAccount ManagementLife-cycle Service & Support ManagementOEM / Aftermarket Sales ManagementAir Show Event Management The Siebel Advantage Q&A

MissionSiebel Systems aspires to be our customers’most valued partner in helping them achieveoutstanding customer-driven business results.

Challenges Facing Many Aerospace &Defense CompaniesCustomerUnsynchronized channelsProduct-focused divisionsDivision ADivision BDivision CInconsistent businessprocessesUnaligned aCustomNumerous disconnectedapplicationsSalesData

Requires a New ApproachBecome a Customer-Centric EnterpriseA Customer-Centric Enterprise empowers employeeswith customer data and insight through end-to-endbusiness processes to ensure the best decisions aremade for both the company- and the customer at any customer moment of truthwhile providing a seamless customer experience.

The Customer-Centric EnterpriseKey ImperativesProvide a seamless, unified customerexperience for all customer interactionsregardless of internal organizationTransform customer data into actionableinformation by providing the right informationto the right person at the right timeExtend customer understanding throughoutthe enterprise thus enabling all functional areasto make informed, customer-based decisions

Customer-Facing Solutions Representthe Next Frontier of Business ValueBack OfficeSolutionsWW Investment, 1980-2003Customer-FacingSolutions 1,177.0 B 661.9 BGrowth Rate (CAGR), 2004-20145.9%11.1%WW Projected Spend, 2004-2014 2,311.8 B 3,069.5 BSources: Siebel analysis and estimates based on data from IDC, Gartner and AMR Research.

Improving Customer-Facing CapabilitiesLeads to Leveraging the Enterprise and Operational ExcellenceAccount Mgmt / SalesIncrease Revenueper Sales RepShortenSales CycleIncrease AverageOrder SizeIncreaseClose RateIncreaseConversion RateIncrease Revenueper CustomerIncrease CampaignResponse RateDecrease LeadGeneration CostDecrease CustomerAcquisition CostIncrease MarketingSourced RevenueImprove TargetedProspectingAccelerateLead MaturationIncrease CustomerRetentionIncrease CustomerService ProductivityReduce CustomerService CostsDecrease ServiceResponse TimesDecrease CallWaiting TimesDecrease RequestSolution TimeMarketingService

The Front Office Is Siebel’s DNACustomer Serviceand nnelCRMSales s first product(Siebel Sales 1.0)Siebel SystemsfoundedWorks w/chartercustomers todevelop productMaster DataManagement19992000Siebel introducesfirst industry specificCRM (for ConsumerGoods)Acquires Scopus,merging SFA andCSS into CRMcategoryHybrid CRM:on demand/on premiseStandards-basedIntegration20012002Acquires nQuire,making CRMsmarter withcustomeranalyticsAcquires Paragren,extends CRM withintegrated etwork20032004Launches SiebelCRM OnDemandLaunchesUniversalCustomerMasterAcquires Eontec,offers nextgeneration bankteller systems

Leading Companies Across Industries UseSiebel

The Largest Customer Centric BusinessesRun 8,0008,70016,3008,000

SAP Customers Choose Siebel CRMSAP Largest ERP ReferencesSiebel Global CRM References

What Analysts are Saying Customer-centric strategies in general (and CRM inparticular) enable organizations to improve their customer service — andincrease their chances of retaining customers — by providing them with all ofthe information they need to make planning, product and service decisionsthroughout the customer life cycle. This, in turn, can increase customerloyalty and retention, as customers' requirements and expectations are met.-- Gartner - Ten Secrets for Creating a Customer-Centric Enterprise - Dec 2005Organizations should realize that CRM is a companywide,rather than a departmental, initiative, and begin to evaluate all aspects of theorganization based on how customers perceive them.-- Gartner - Ten Secrets for Creating a Customer-Centric Enterprise - Dec 2005

Siebel CRM Ranked #1 by Analysts onVision and Ability to ExecuteB2B CRMCustomer Service & SupportSalesB2C CRMField Service

Agenda Siebel Systems Corporate Overview Proven Solution for Aerospace & Defense Broad Industry Adoption & Proven Customer Success “One” Company Demo – Customer-Centric Business Transformation Business Value of CRM - “Making it Easier to do Business”Business Analytics – Digital cockpit for managing the businessAccount ManagementLife-cycle Service & Support ManagementOEM / Aftermarket Sales ManagementAir Show Event Management The Siebel Advantage Q&A

Siebel Systems’ CRM Leadership inAerospace & Defense Leading CRM Vendor in Aerospace &Defense Dedicated Business Unit Engineering & QAProduct Marketing & AlliancesSales & Sales ConsultingService and Support Focus on Complete Solutions Partnerships Services Leading aerospace and defensecompanies guide productspecifications Strategic partners validate design andperform testingPartnersCustomers

Customer-Driven Development itiveSurveysSurveysMarketMarket InputInputCustomerCustomer nsHumanHuman FactorsFactorsExpertiseExpertisePrototypePrototype PartnerPartner InputInputDefiningDefining PotentialPotential CharterCharter CustomerCustomer AccountsAccounts &&CreatingCreating InformalInformal AdvisoryAdvisory CouncilCouncil forfor A&DA&DFinalFinal ProductProduct

The Aerospace & Defense IndustryLandscapeStagnant RevenueGrowthProfit MarginPressureOrganizationalComplexityCustomer ServiceDifferentiation

Customer-Centric StrategiesTo Meet Increasing Customer Expectations‘Changing Face of the Customer’“Today, the industry is under pressure to adapt to the 'changing face of thecustomer'. Governments and airlines alike have increasingly become morecost-conscious and are demanding higher standards of services. It is nolonger sufficient to offer the best product; instead, companies must offer thebest product at the best price with superior levels of service.”Deloitte ConsultingThe Industry’s Biggest Growth Engine – Aftermarket Parts & Service"The driving force behind CRM is the vast amount of services-related workA&D companies are currently doing. The industry's biggest growth enginetoday lies in selling additional services to existing customers, rather thanselling new aircraft. In general, the industry's services revenue is growing atabout 40 percent to 50 percent, while its sales are growing at less than 5percent. In order to maintain and enhance their valuable relationships withexisting customers, A&D companies need to streamline customer data andthe sharing of this data.“BearingPoint

Creating Organizational Silos Customer Disconnected channels Fragmented data:No total view of thecustomer Inconsistent, inefficientcustomer-facingbusiness tems Lack of real-timebusiness and customerinsightLegacyERP Un-integrated systems:No single face to IFCustom

To The Customer Centric Enterprise“Leveraging the Enterprise”CustomerONE COMPANYMultichannelSales, Marketing, Service Best PracticesBusiness Intelligence and temsProcess and Data IntegrationHRSAPERPCIFOSSSCMCustomLegacy

Shift To Include Customer Centric ModelProduct-CentricMarketMarket MaturityMaturityDynamicsDynamicsBusiness AgendaService-CentricBusiness AgendaVertical Integration To ControlCosts and SourcingExpanding Install BaseRedefine Value ChainEconomies of ScaleStagnant Product DemandForward Integration AlongValue ChainSuperior Product Research &DevelopmentLonger ProductLife CyclesSuperior Service & SupportOfferingsOperational ExcellenceIncreasing Ratio of InstallBase to New ProductsCustomer AllegianceCost Advantage &Scale BarriersModest Margins AchievedAsset Intensive withUnpredictable Cyclical Demand20-30:1 Machinery/CapitalEquipmentDownstream ServiceExceeding Product SalesCustomer Loyalty & ProfitAdvantageHigher Margins AchievedSteady Revenue Streams ThatAre Counter-Cyclical“Providing services is now more lucrative than making products Smart manufacturers arecreating new business models to capture profits at the customer’s end of the value chain”Source: Harvard Business Review, and Siebel Systems, Inc.

AMR Research’s Solution Sets within A&DSource: AMR Research

CRM Dynamics in Aerospace & Defense71% of A&D Companies Evaluating or Implementing CRMA&DA&D CRMCRM DistributionDistributionMarketing &Analytics10%PRM5%CustomerService41%A&DA&D CRMCRM AppsApps ConsiderationConsideration90%W eb Self-Service80%Contact CenterProduct Configuration/GuidedSellingSales &Ecommerce23%70%Custom er Data AnalyticsSFA21%Partner Relationship Managem entA&DA&D CRMCRM AdoptionAdoption inin 20022002Not evaluatingor using29%70%Totaloperational30%60%Sell-Side Order Managem ent50%Marketing Autom ation50%Field Service50%40%Sales Force Autom ationSell-Side Content, Catalog menting19%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%Application Areas M ost Prevalent for Future ConsiderationSource: AMR Research100%

Multichannel CRM EnablesOrganizations to Better Sell, Market, and Serve Customers‘Voice of Customer’AnalyticsWeb and EmailCustomer SupportCenterCustomerInformationCustomersBack OfficeFieldIndependent ServiceOrganizations / SuppliersAir ShowEventMarketing

Customer-Centric Strategic Imperativesfor the Aerospace & Defense IndustryImproveSalesEffectivenessStreamlinethe erImproveEffectivenessof WorldWorld-classCustomerService

Siebel A&D Solution Sets Enable theCustomer Centric sedClosed-loopAir orldWorld-classLifecycleService &Support

Siebel A&D Solution Sets Enable theCustomer Centric Enterprise Methodology-based salesplanning Collaborative sales executionCollaborativeSales Corporatecommunications Alignment of employeegoals & objectives Context-sensitiveConsultative product configurationSolution Complex pricing, quote,Sellingand approval mgmtImprovedWorkforceKnowledgeTransfer Closed-loop campaign ClosedClosed-loopmanagementAir ShowEvent Integrated eventMarketingmarketing Efficient partner lifecyclemanagementCustomerWorldWorld-class Knowledge-drivencustomer serviceLifecycleService & Field service deliverySupportISO/SupplierNetworkOptimization Collaborative service networkmanagement

Siebel A&D Solution with Six SigmaEnable the Customer-Driven edgeTransfer6 6 6 ConsultativeSolutionSelling6 CustomerClosedClosed-loopAir ShowEventMarketing6 6 ecycleService &Support

Siebel Supports Six Sigma Methodologyfor Service ProcessesSix SigmaMethodology forService Processesusing DMAIC or DFSS(e.g., DMADV) Define business objective/metrics, product and process map Measure, quantify and analyze defined output metrics Improve, control and standardize processes throughautomation, digitization and use of best practices Institutionalize six sigma methodology into corporate cultureDefine Objectives& ProcessesMeasure& QuantifyControlStandardsSix e

Define Objective and Map, Improve &Control ProcessesDomain Expertise in Customer Service MetricsDefine Objectives& ProcessesMeasure& QuantifyControlStandardsIndustry-Specific Best Practice ProcessesSix eBest Practice Processes Digitized in Siebel CRM

Measure & Analyze Key Metrics to GainInsightPre-Built Analytics to Measure & Analyze MetricsWhy Low Customer Satisfaction? Slow Resolution Rates?Define Objectives& Processesy f (x)Measure& QuantifyControlStandardsSix eWhy Slow ResolutionRates? Service Types?Products?y f (x)Why Products of This Type?Parts Inventory? Defects?

Voice of Customer Analytics EnhancesCRM Effectiveness & ValueSales Real time pipeline / business visibility Intelligent cross sell / up sell Opportunity prioritization Improve win ratesMarketing Increase campaign ROI Increase customer profitability Intelligent segmentation and targeting Improve closed-loop event successService Reduce the cost of service Increase customer satisfaction Reduce response and resolution cycle times Manage service levels to contract / entitlement

Universal Application NetworkUniversal Application Network isstandards-based integrationarchitecture to integrate businessapplications: Siebel Systems providesprepackaged integrationapplications that eliminate the needfor custom software development Siebel Systems provides pre-builtintegrations to Oracle, SAP, Siebel,other packaged applications, EDIand RosettaNet Built on scalable Web servicesarchitecture Runs on industry-leadingintegration serversCRMERPUCMCustomUANPLMLegacyBillingSCMOSS

Universal Application Network ArchitectureSiebel Business Integration ApplicationsIntegration rmationsSAPIntegration ServerAdapter /Web ServiceAdapter /Web ServiceSiebelUniversalCustomerMasterLegacyAdapter /Web ServiceAdapter /Web ServiceAdapter /Web ServiceTransport LayerOracleFirewallPartners

Analyst Confirmation of LeadingIndustry-Specific CRM Solution“Siebel is the only vendor to deliver vertical applications to date. Siebelhas tailored the usability of its suite for key roles in targeted verticals andhas built out required industry functionality through development andpartnership. Other vendors have only made minimal investments toverticalize their [CRM] products."AMR Research

Siebel Offers the Most ComprehensiveIndustry CRM SolutionsThrough 2004, Siebel will continue to deliver the most-complete CRM solution in the industry,and it will have the most-comprehensive industry footprint in the market (0.7 probability).Siebel’s Industry Capabilities vs. Its harmaceuticalsAutomotiveSiebel’s capabilities in the industryCompetitors’ industry averageSource: Gartner Research, Siebel Systems: CRM Leader Outpaces ERP Vendor Rivals, M. Maos, August 15, 2002

Agenda Siebel Systems Corporate Overview Proven Solution for Aerospace & Defense Broad Industry Adoption & Proven Customer Success “One” Company Demo – Customer-Centric Business Transformation Business Value of CRM - “Making it Easier to do Business”Business Analytics – Digital cockpit for managing the businessAccount ManagementLife-cycle Service & Support ManagementOEM / Aftermarket Sales ManagementAir Show Event Management The Siebel Advantage Q&A

Select Siebel Customers in Aerospace &Defense9 of the top 10 Global 500 Aerospace & Defense*Companies Have Chosen Siebel CRMACSI (Air Command Systems International)*Note: Global 500 for 2003

Delivering Competitive Advantage“We have taken technology and literally leap-frogged it in two years from being comparable and sustainable in the industry tobeing one that both OEMs and customers say is far superior – all to make our customer’s life easier and better and moreefficient in doing business.”- Aviall Services“The new system, which will cost several million dollars, will mean support staff can access customer information from asingle screen, instead of having to flip through multiple ones, cutting response times to support questions. We are veryfocused on speed to market for our answers. And an airplane on the ground is a very expensive asset.”- The Boeing Company“We're making customer support available 24x7 across our shops and On Wing Support, Leasing and Spare Partsbusinesses through our Customer Support Center. We've "blown up" our issue resolution process, implementing [Siebel]CRM software globally, as well as a new issue escalation process that's driving "daily connectivity" across our business andthat's delivered a 2.5x improvement in closure speed.”- GE Aircraft Engines“[Now after Siebel CRM], today, one common customer information system is used by sales reps, field service engineers,product line personnel, and response center agents across [the company's] three main business units. As a result, everyoneusing the system can see which Honeywell products a client owns, as well as the status of parts being serviced, and canidentify additional sales opportunities.”- Honeywell Aerospace“Prior to the Siebel rollout, there was no formal CRM system in place at Raytheon Aircraft. We identified that we didn't haveany type of customer memory, and we cleaned up our act. Raytheon Aircraft has already recovered 1.4 million of itsinvestment through increased sales. The Siebel applications were installed for 13% less than originally budgeted and were inuse four weeks ahead of schedule.”- Raytheon Aircraft Company

Delivering Tangible ROI & Strategic Value

Driving Measurable Business Results38% increase in 5 million in costcustomer satisfactionsavings from sales / mktgheadcount reductions100% increase inservice productivity 84 million in NPVestimated on cost savingsaloneproductivity; order stepDown from 14days to 1 day inreduction of 80%AOG resolution timesDrastically reduce10:1 ratio of50% increase in200% increase in salesmaintenance to flight timeservice productivity

Delivering Tangible ROI to Aerospace &DefenseSample CustomersBusiness Benefits Projected 100% increase in service productivity Increased revenue run rate by 100% and sales productivity by 200% Improved sales productivity by 200% and reduced order steps by 80% Improved customer satisfaction by 30% Projected Net Present Value (NPV) of 84 million over 10 years Projected 25% increase in service productivity Projected 25% decrease in annual IT costs Reduced annual IT costs by 30% Reduced service request cycle time by 60% (2.5x improvement) Reduced proposal (quote-to-contract) turnaround time by 85% Achieved 5 million in annual cost savings from headcount reduction Improved service request closure rate from 45% to 83% Increased aftermarket spare parts sales by 100% in first year Improved customer satisfaction by 38% Increased service productivity in the call center by 50% Increased sales lead handling by reps by 45% Reduced lost sales leads by 25% Generated 1.4 million in after-market spare parts revenue Facilitated shortening of AOG time from 14 days to 1 day as part ofentire CRM application suite and strategy

Impact of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)on ROI

Proven Rapid Deployments

SAP’s Largest A&D Customers RunSiebel in the Front OfficeSiebel Global CRM CustomersSAPLargestGlobal ERPSAPERP CustomersReferences

Proven SAP/Back-Office Integration

Agenda Siebel Systems Corporate Overview Proven Solution for Aerospace & Defense Broad Industry Adoption & Proven Customer Success “One” Company Demo – Customer-Centric Business Transformation Business Value of CRM - “Making it Easier to do Business”Business Analytics – Digital cockpit for managing the businessAccount ManagementLife-cycle Service & Support ManagementOEM / Aftermarket Sales ManagementAir Show Event Management The Siebel Advantage Q&A

The Company of Old - Organizational Silos Across Customers, Markets, Business Units, and GroupsConfusing to Customer / No Clear Owner“Difficult to do Business With”

Company of NewLeveraging the Enterprise as One CompanyCustomer 1Customer 2Military sCustomer 3Commercial & CivilCustomer 4Regional &BusinessCustomer 5Helicopter 3 ceStrategicwithBusinesscustomersGroupstomakeit easierforManagementthem to do business SingleAccountModel with us. Common Shared Customer KnowledgeWhether it’s one contact at multiple businesses or sat onebusiness,Acrosswe’ll makeit asBusinessGroups,forCustomersand Competitorseasy as possibleour customers.” Collaborative Forum to Leverage the Company -TomMakingit EasierTo DoBusinessMepham,President,CustomerServices, Goodrich

“One” Company Product Demo ycleSalesManagement Service Mgmt ManagementAir ShowEvent MgmtReportManagementRole / VisibilityCompanyExecutive TeamCross SBU / SBGExecutive Feels the Pulseof the BusinessExecutive Preps for SWAExecutive Meeting viaBriefing PaperAware of SWA Exec MtgCompanySouthwest AirlinesClient TeamCompanyAirframe SBU /Landing Gear SBGCSM Assesses 360degree view of SWA forExecutive MeetingCSM Reviews AOG /CSM Reviews Top Parts /Flight Ops Service Issues Service Oppties for SWA;Flags Execs for Air ShowCSM Reviews UpdatedSWA Account Profile &Prints Executive BriefingPaper for Exec ReviewProduct Support Team Landing Gear Sales Team Event Manager Plans theInitiates AOG ResolutionDevelops SWA Oppty Upcoming Paris Air ShowExtends tomer)Support TeamCollaborates with OEM onJoint SolutionExtends Visibility ofService Status to SWA viaSelf-Service PortalSWA Executive Registersfor Air Show on SelfService Events Portal

Account ManagementAccountAnalyticsAccount SummaryOrder & ServiceSummaryVOC SummaryAccount Management360 degree seAccount PlanningAssessment VOCActivitiesAssetsOpportunitiesService IssuesExecutive Briefing

Siebel Customer - Honeywell AerospaceCompany 9 billion in revenues 32,000 employees Leading globalsupplier of aircraftequipment, engines,avionics, and servicesto the commercial andregional air transport,general aviation, andmilitary markets. Ranked #1 MostAdmired AerospaceCompany in AmericaIssuesCustomer Difficult for customers todo business withHoneywell acrossbusiness units, products,and functionsEmployee Limited sharing ofinformation across silos No common sales andservice processes/toolsin placeSolution Live in fall of 1998 Deployed to 3,000 usersby mid 2003 across salesreps, field engineers,product line personnel,and response centeragents Leveraging Siebel CallCenter, Field Service,eMail Response, Sales,Quotes, Orders, &Analytics SAP integration late 2003 Full upgrade to Siebel 7.5in early 2004“Today, one common customer information system is used across [the company's] three mainbusiness units.” —Pruitt Layton, VP of Sales & Marketing, Honeywell Aerospace

Siebel Impact on Honeywell AerospaceOperational KPIsImprovementService RequestResponse TimeReduced by 27% on averageOn-time ServiceRequest Closure RateImproved by 80%Customer SatisfactionImproved by 30% overallAftermarket SpareParts RevenueIncreased by 100% from 45 to 100 million in thefirst year. 20% of growth attributable to SiebelNumber of IdentifiedNew OpportunitiesIncreased by 40%Sales Win RateIncreased by 15%OrganizationalCoordinationIncreased coordination and collaboration acrossteams and business units by 40%Customer InformationIncreased by 300% providing greater insight

Siebel Impact on Honeywell AerospaceExecutive Reviews by Bob Johnson / Rob GilletteImportance BehaviorsAerospaceVOC Red OutBehaviors ActionsBob JohnsonAerospace CEOActions ResultsDecember 13th 2002 Quarterly Aerospace Reviews - CEO Monthly Business Reviews - VP/GMs Weekly Business Reviews - Product Line Daily Reviews - Customer SupportResults Growth

Life-cycle Service & SupportManagementService RequestManagementCapture keyinformationCommunicateaction plansAssetHistoryReview SRsand actionsUnderstandcomponentsScheduleMaintenanceSelf ServicePortalAutomateSR updatesPush ServicepartnersService jointcustomersAccess keyinformationLeverageknowledge base

Siebel Customer Case Study—BoeingCompany 28 billion inrevenues 65,800 employees 11,700 Boeingairplanes in servicetoday at more than850 customeroperators Leading aircraftmanufacturer offeringa broad portfolio ofairplanes and aviationservicesIssuesCustomer No customer self-serviceto collaborate or checkstatus themselves Lack of customervisibility causingsatisfaction problemsEmployee Excessive case closuretime and limited re-use ofsolutions knowledgebase Multiple case handoffs Nonscalable architectureSolution Go live planned forOctober 2003 6 month prototypedeemed wildly successful– 25% under budget and15% ahead of schedule Deploying Siebel 7gradually to 1,500 totalusers – 400 field serviceengineers and 1,100service engineers Leveraging Siebel Serviceand Siebel eMailResponse“Boeing expects the [Siebel] rollout to boost customer satisfaction and improve the flow ofproduct info to the field service personnel.” —Gabe Hanzeli, IS Director, Boeing

Siebel Impact on Boeing’s BusinessOperational KPIsImprovementService ProductivityProjected to increase by 25% through intelligentrouting, solutions and customer self-serviceCase Cycle TimeReduced case response and closure time throughfewer internal handoffsIT Cost SavingsProjected to reduce costs by 25% upon deploymentPilot project came in 25% under budget 15% aheadof scheduleProject Net PresentValue (NPV)Expected NPV of 84 million over 10 years(Boeing’s confidential business case)

OEM / Aftermarket Sales ManagementReduce Complexitywith Selling MethodologyOpportunityPlanningContact &RelationshipStrategyOpportunityManagementActivity BestPracticesProposalGenerationMobile ClientsBlackberryWirelessRemote egration

Siebel Customer - GE Aircraft EnginesCompany 11.1 billion inrevenue 26,000 employees 3,000 customerswith 16,000commercial enginesin service World's leadingproducer of large andsmall jet engines forcommercial andmilitary aircraftIssuesCustomer Requests not addressedas quickly or as well asexpected Lengthy process toreceive a quoteEmployee Lengthy sales cycle fromquotes and approvals toconfigurations & orders Lack of an integratedsystem for qualityserviceSolution Live in early 2001 Re-deployed Siebel 7.5 inJuly 2003 Deployed to 1,850 totalusers – 550 call centerservice engineers and1,300 sales worldwide Leveraging Siebel CallCenter, Sales, Quotes,Orders, and Configurator 90% out-of-the-boxfunctionality used inSiebel 7.5 redeployment Supported Six Sigma“Implementing [Siebel] CRM software globally has delivered a 2.5x improvement in closurespeed.” —Kevin McAllister, GM of Customer Support, GE Aircraft Engines

Siebel Impact on GE Aircraft Engine’sBusinessOperational KPIsImprovementService ResponseTimeDecreased by 50%Service Closure TimeDecreased by 60%Service ProductivityIncreased by 50%Proposal AccuracyAchieved first pass proposal accuracy in 80% ofdocumentsProposal Cycle TimeReduced by 50%Cost Savings 5M in annual savings from reduced headcount

Air Show Event ManagementEvent PlanningGoalsRevenue /ExpensesActivity PlanningeMail InvitationSessionManagementSessions& ChaletSpeakersExecutivesInvite &RegisterSelf ServicePortaleMail InvitationEvent PortalSelf RegistrationEvent Follow-upActual vs. GoalResultsContact Events& Sessions

Siebel Customer Case Study—AirbusCompany 20 billion in revenue 46,000 employees in2002 3,300 Airbus aircraftin service today atmore than 190customer operators,representing 25% ofthe world’s fleet Leading aircraft mfroffering a broadportfolio of airplanesin capturing aroundhalf of all orders forairliners with morethan 100 seatsIssuesCustomer Felt service level wassecondary to Boeing withreactive approach andlimited service history Lack of customervisibility into servicerequestsEmployee Need system to scale tomeet 100% growth infleet over next 8 years Cases handledreactively and via LotusNotes email systemSolution Live in Q4 2003 Deploying Siebel Service7.5 as ‘Number 1’ projectwith a gradual wave 1rollout consisting of 400users in France – scalingto 1,000 users acrossEurope in 2004 Planned integration inwave 2 between Siebeland SAP systems Rapid 8 monthdeployment of Siebelusing 80 – 90% OOTB Retiring 5 service and 3sales applications

Siebel Impact on Airbus’ BusinessOperational KPIsImprovementService ProductivityProjected to increase by 100 percent to meet a 100percent increase in Airbus’ aircraft fleet over thenext 8 years (3,300 new aircraft) while holdingstaffing levels constantService Case ClosureTimeProjected reduction in case response time andclosure time through intelligent routing andsolutions knowledgebaseService Quality andCustomer SatisfactionProjected increase in service quality and customercommunication through improved visibility intoservice requests and routing on severity, produ

A&D CRM DistributionA&D CRM Distribution A&D CRM Apps ConsiderationA&D CRM Apps Consideration A&D CRM Adoption in 2002A&D CRM Adoption in 2002. Multichannel CRM Enables Organizations to Better Sell, Market, and Serve Customers . C