Tools for Virtual MeetingsDisclaimer of EndorsementAny reference to a specific product or service does not constitute or imply an endorsement of thatproduct or service by the Knights of eFreeSizeLimits25 ?AppAvailable?Dial-inOption?Best ForYesNoYesNoSmallcalls,collab.LogMeIn Suite(GoToMeeting&GoToWebinar)GTM 10 /monthGTW - 50 /monthGTM – 150‘ZoomFree, paidstarts at 150/yr100 (free)1000 idstarts at 13/mo100 (free)200 (full)FreePaid startsat 10/moFree100 dial, 5100 online(paid)1000NoNoNoNoGTW - 100040 min (freetrial)Up to 24 hrs.otherwise(both)YesYes40 min(free)NootherwiseNo50 min(free)Up to esYesYesLarge groups,one presenterLargegroupsLargegroupsDial-in, novisualDial-in, novisualSmallcalls,collab.

Google Meet1. Set a time and date for your next officers’ planning meeting/councilmeeting2. Email your officers/members the time and date, and tell them to have their email open at thattime3. Create or have a google/gmail account4. At the time of the meeting, visit Click “video call” in the middle of the screen6. Click “copy link to share”7. Send your council membership the link you just copied8. Membership will begin to join your call9. If members are not sharing, they should mute their mics by clicking the microphone button atthe bottom of their video10. The presenter can share their screen to show a meeting agenda or anything else pertinent tothe meeting by clicking the three buttons in the type right corner of the screenPrivacy Information: en2

Skype1. Visit Click “Create a free meeting” on the right side of the screen3. Share the link via email to your membership or officer list along withthe date/time of the meeting4. You can record your call for those unable to join livePrivacy -us/privacystatement3

LogMeIn: GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar1. Visit Click “Start for Free”3. Create an account and your council size and click “Sign Up”4. Log In with your account5. On the right side of the screen, click schedule6. Enter your meeting name and time and click “Save”7. Your meeting information will appear on an “invite people” screen8. Click “copy” on the bottom right of this dialogue box9. Paste this information into an email to your membership10. Members will click the link to join your video call11. They can use their built-in audio of their computer/iPad to call into your video call or they cancall the toll-free or regular number to join12. At the time of your meeting, sign into your go to meeting account and find your meeting namein the middle of the screen listed under “My Meetings”13. Click “Start” which is in blue on the right side of your meeting14. Members will begin to join your call15. If members are not sharing, they should mute their mics by clicking the microphone button atthe bottom of their video16. The presenter can share their screen to show a meeting agenda or anything else pertinent tothe meeting by clicking the three buttons in the type right corner of the screen17. See our best practices for more information on how to run a meeting remotely18. A good breakdown of which version (GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar) can be found gotomeeting-versus-gotowebinarPrivacy Information:

Zoom1. Visit In top right corner, click “SIGN UP, IT’s FREE”3. Create an account with email, or with Google or Facebook4. Check your email to activate your account5. After signing in, click “SCHEDULE A MEETING” on the center top of the screen.6. Enter meeting topic i.e. Council 987654 Officers’ Planning Meeting7. Select the date and time8. Be sure to allow all participants to have video and audio9. Click save10. Scroll down to “Join URL” and share that link with your membership or officers via email11. Please note your meeting ID12. At the time of the meeting, simple login into zoom, click meetings on the left-hand side under“PERSONAL”, then click the meeting you created, then on the right-hand side of the screen,click “Start this meeting”Privacy Information:

Webex1. Visit Click “Start for Free” in the upper right-hand corner3. Enter your email address and click “sign up”4. Enter your first and last name and click “continue”5. Check your email and click the link provided6. Create a password for your account and click “continue”7. Click “Meetings” on the left navigation row8. Click “Schedule” on the right hand side9. Enter a name for the meeting10. Enter a password for the meetinga. Use something simple like your council number11. Click the drop down arrows to adjust the date and time of your meeting12. Copy and paste your member or officer email addresses in the “Attendees” box13. Click “Show advanced options” if you would like to add an agenda, adjust the email reminderfor the meeting, etc.14. Click “Schedule” and you are all set.15. When you are ready to open up your meeting, login and go to “Meetings” on the left navigationrow and click “Start Meeting”16. See our best practices for more information on how to run a meeting remotelyPrivacy Information: full.html6

FreeConference.com1. Visit Click “SIGN UP FREE”3. Enter name, email, and password, and agree to the terms and conditionsand click “create account” or sign up using your Facebook account4. Follow the easy prompts to schedule a conference call by clicking“Schedule”5. Give the name of your call a title, date, time, and description i.e. officers’ planning meeting,council meeting, etc. and click “next”6. Enter the emails of your membership. You can type them in individually or click the three linesin the top right-hand portion of the screen and click “Upload CSV” to add your excel list ofmember emails.a. OR, you can wait until the end when you schedule your meeting, and then copy theinformation to email to your membership yourself.7. Click “add” and then click “next”8. Click “Standard free dial-in numbers” to maintain the free account. Other options, includingrecording your call, will come with a fee. You can choose those if you wish.9. Click “next”10. Click the free numbers to use and then click “next”11. Click “schedule”a. If you did not add your member contacts, or wish to email them yourself, click “copydetails” on the top leftb. You can then go to your email and click “paste” (Ctrl V) and email your membership theinformation12. Click “close”13. At the time of your meeting be sure to dial-in and enter your access code to start your meeting.Privacy Information: /7

FreeConferenceCall.com1. Visit Enter email and create password and click “Create My Free Account”3. You will be emailed and can see on your webpage your dial-in number,access code, and host PIN #4. You can email this number and date/time to your council membership.5. When you call in, follow the prompts and enter your access code. Then be sure to enter yourHost PIN to ensure that call begins and that you are in charge of the call6. You can also host an online meeting, which is great when sharing your screen to showmeeting agendas, etc.Privacy Information:

Virtual Council Meeting GuidelinesOn March 13, 2020, in response to COVID-19, the Knights of Columbus Supreme Council issuedguidance strongly recommending that local councils temporarily cease in-person events and continueoperations without face-to-face contact. With these emergency restrictions in place, the SupremeCouncil authorized councils to operate using virtual, electronic methods for meetings and the conduct ofregular business. Councils were encouraged to use the technologies that worked best for theirmembers. A series of webinars were conducted to highlight the features, advantages, anddisadvantages of these virtual tools and procedures. These webinars remain available online for reviewat KofC.Org/Webinar.In general, a virtual meeting follows the same agenda as a regular meeting for content and sequence ofevents. However, members will likely be seated the whole time, so there is no need to gavel them to sitand stand as done in-person. Visit for more information.The following general practices will enhance the conduct of virtual meetings:1. Test the meeting platform in advanceBefore hosting a virtual meeting, test the online meeting platform with council officers.2. Setup where Wi-Fi is strongSet up the laptop or PC where the wireless router signal is strong. Consider using a hardwired connection to assure uninterrupted internet access.3. Appoint a member to oversee the meeting platform and technologyDesignate a technology expert to operate equipment, assist virtual attendees, manageelectronic voting, and other technical issues that arise. This will allow the Grand Knight tofocus on running the meeting.4. Use headphonesUse headphones with a microphone or a Bluetooth headset. Built-in computer audio is notoptimal.5. Mute when not speakingTo reduce interference and background noise, it is best to have all attendees mutethemselves when they are not speaking. Unmute only to speak.6. Look at the camera when speakingLook directly into the camera when speaking to maintain the attention of those on the otherside.7. Raise hands and use chat featuresIf a member has something to add or ask, he should raise his hand or use the chat feature ofthe platform. This will draw the presenter’s attention without disrupting his remarks byhaving two or more people speaking at once.8. Ask for thumbs up and thumbs down9

When seeking group consensus, the presenter should ask for a thumbs up or a thumbsdown from the attendees. This will give him a quick visual answer.10

LogMeIn Suite (GoToMeeting & GoToWebinar) ‘ Zoom Webex Free Conference Free Conference Call Price Free Free GTM - 10 /month Free, paid starts at 150/yr GTW Free, paid starts at 13/mo Free Paid starts at 10/mo Free - 50 /month Size Limits 25 Video, 150 otherwise GTW