As the year comes to an end, we are reflecting on the industry wins and changes that tookplace in 2021. The Tile Roofing Industry Alliance welcomes our newest members andthanks returning members who have contributed to bettering our industry and resources.Enjoy our December newsletter covering our 2021 wins, member features, industryupdates and resources. To be featured or share feedback, please [email protected] FROM TRIA'S LOBBYIST, CRAIG BRIGHTUP NOVEMBERISSUES AND ACTIVITIES REPORTThe bipartisan Ocean Shipping Reform Act of2021 or OSRA 21 (H.R. 4996) now has 76cosponsors (44 R's, 32 D's) and adds more eachweek. NRCA's Sept. 22 "Supply Chain CrisisTelephone Town Hall" made clear that oceancarrier issues are impacting the roofing industryand NRCA letters to Administration officialsseeking supply chain help have, among othersteps, requested "federal assistance withincreasing the speed and capacity at our nation'sports".ORSA 21 is essentially a "Shippers' Bill of Rights" that would give the Federal MaritimeCommission greater enforcement power to rein in unreasonable ocean carrier practicesthat are adding to roofing-industry challenges and establish fair and well-defined oceancarrier service requirements for both importers and exporters.TECHNICAL UPDATELocal Code Adoption - Fall has been a timefor our technical team outreach to your localand regional levels on building codes andwhere local jurisdictions might focus as wetransition into 2022. Each year buildingofficials formally adopt their designatedcodes for the year, and many have additionalrequirements they have included that aremore restrictive in some areas ofconstruction. As we gain insight from thisfile:///C/Users/lisaj/OneDrive/Websites/ 21 9:17:24 AM]

level of outreach, we will be able to becomea greater resource for contractor support anddevelop improved roofing practices for ourtraining and technical initiatives movingforward.Installation Guide Updates - With 2022 just around the corner, we are already working onnext year's version of our 6th Edition Florida High Wine Concrete & Clay Tile InstallationManual - FRSA & TRI Alliance. With the proposed changes for wind uplift coming from theASCE-7 committee, we will need to revise wind tables for the upcoming Florida BuildingCode Cycle. These revisions will also be part of our regular installation guide "TRI AllianceConcrete and Clay Roof Tile Installation Manual" under draft at this time.Technical Resources - Our formal adopted technical bulletins have been reviewed andthe TRI Alliance current resources can be found on our website at www.tileroofing.orgunder the heading "industry resources".Technical Outreach - The TRI Alliance technical team continues to respond to ourmembers and the roofing community through our "ask the expert" portal and directcontacts from our consumers and building community. On average the TRI Alliancehandles 10-15 requests per day on technical, training and government relation issueswhere we can help provide direction or answers by relaying industry positions, andinstallation or code interpretations. Through these connections we have increased ourmember engagements are are seeing additional members joining our TRI Alliance familyas a direct benefit of these discussions.HAS COVID BEEN GOOD TO US? WHAT'S COMING IN 2022 FROM TRIA TRAININGWhile dealing with price increases, material andlabor shortages, the construction industry stillfared better than many during the pandemic.Demand has been strong, and ever resilientcontractors and roofers met the challenge.Lessons learned as TRIA adjusted to a virtualworld have enhanced our training options andprovided efficiencies that benefit attendees andour ability to provide training opportunities. Aswe head into 2022 we will return to theclassroom, and we will continue usingtechnology for online training.LEARN MORETRIA MEMBERSHIP: EXPANDING OUR EFFORTS IN 2022file:///C/Users/lisaj/OneDrive/Websites/ 21 9:17:24 AM]

The growth and success of any organization is through the strength of membership andthe accomplishments of goals. We are pleased to report that we have several keyaccomplishments to highlight:- Performed an expanded training certification program to help increase the number oftrained roofing professionals across the country. This program is being offered online andwill return to the classroom in 2022 to successfully meet a greater audience.- Provided marketing and training to help increase the use of tile in the emerging marketsunder our outreach program from areas that have not been traditional tile markets.- Expanded research for both wind and energy related issues.- Provided Government Lobbying efforts for both energy and OSHA related topics fornational and regional focus.- Expanded our technical offerings through code initiatives, technical bulletins andinstallation guide materials.- Increased our partnering with contractor, roofing, inspection and consulting organizations.CA HISTORIC BENCHMARK HOME FEATURES REDLAND CLAY TILEThe TRI Alliance is excited to share one of Redland Clay Tile's newest projects inCoronado, CA. In 1925, Coronado saw the collaboration of renowned Architects RichardRequa and Herbert Jackson, along with Builders A.E. Keyes and the Reed Brothers resulting in this Mission Revival 'castle-like' residence. Originally built for Michigan furnituremanufacturer, W.A. Gunn, it was designated a Historic Resource in 2004 and received itsMills Act recognition on October 30th, 2016.Brian Mariotti along with San Diego architect Kim Grant and Papenhausen Constructionset out to restore what they could, replace old materials or replicated elements. The rooffile:///C/Users/lisaj/OneDrive/Websites/ 21 9:17:24 AM]

tile was custom made by Redland Clay Tile to complete the original facade and aestheticsfrom 1925.*Source: JosĂ© Ortiz, Redland Clay Tile and Coronado Historical Association and CoronadoMuseumLUDOWICI PARTNERS WITH GBBN ARCHITECTURAL TEAM ON THECINCINNATI BALLETLudowici partnered with the GBBN architectural team; the project's construction managerMesser Construction; and Valley Interior Systems who installed the NeXclad Shingle tile.The GBBN architectural team visited the Ludowici factory to research how the tiles weremanufactured and the quality of the tile, and had in-depth conversations regarding theproject's design goals, finish material color concepts, and tile installation techniques.The final selection was the NeXclad Shingle tile in Gloss Mediterranean Blue color and9''x14'' tile size. Ludowici assisted the GBBN team with project specific architectural detailsthrough their design and documentation phase. When the project moved into itsconstruction phase Ludowici assisted Valley Interior Systems on the tile installationthrough project specific shop drawings and furnishing the cladding systems that includedtiles, fasteners, and other components for the finish installation.Check out the tile at the Cincinnati Ballet next time you're in Ohio.TRI ALLIANCE GETS SOCIALThis year we expanded our social media efforts- becoming more active on [email protected], sharing industry updates, newsletter recaps, member features,training information and beyond. We are excited about the hundreds of new followers thathave joined our Instagram page and look forward to continuing to expand our reach in2022.file:///C/Users/lisaj/OneDrive/Websites/ 21 9:17:24 AM]

FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAMFor more information on the Tile Roofing Industry Alliance or any of our programs visitour website at or contact TRI Alliance President Rick Olson [email protected] longer want to receive these emails?Unsubscribe.Tile Roofing Industry Alliancefile:///C/Users/lisaj/OneDrive/Websites/ 21 9:17:24 AM]

place in 2021. The Tile Roofing Industry Alliance welcomes our newest members and thanks returning members who have contributed to bettering our industry and resources. Enjoy our December newsletter covering our 2021 wins, member features, industry updates and resources. To be featured o