What’s New with Ellucian andthe Transformation of Banner by Ellucian?Rick SkeelDirector, Product ManagementEllucianBUGMI September 2015

Agenda1Banner Today2Ellucian XE: Setting the Stage3Acceleration of Banner4Future Ready Technology5Path to Adoption 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.EllucianUpdate

Banner Today

Ellucian Extensible Ecosystem (XE)An innovative strategy groundedin common principles, standards,and services that help us leverageeconomies of scale across yourportfolio 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.

Banner Financial AidRedesign and Streamline of Direct Loans– Ability to keep awards and origination in sync– Ability to process direct loans by period– Updated direct loan MPN requirement processingScheduled Academic Year (SAY) Setup––Ability to define multiple SAY codes to differentiate academicyear start and end dates for different program calendarsAbility to update start and end dates for an aid period onRORTPRDBorrower Based Academic Year (BBAY)– Ability to package direct loans for “SAY” or “BBAY” 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.

Banner Advising and Student ProfileSingle view of the mostcritical informationnecessary for students andadvisors to make betteracademic decisions Fast and efficient access topertinent student records Reduces training required foradvising processes within theinstitution 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.

Banner Employee Profile“Employee Profile is a modern way of letting employees look at their own data anddo their job and they can take it anywhere, because it is configured to work on anydevice – laptop, tablet and smartphone. Well done Ellucian! I love it.It is so easy to set up even a cave man can do it.” 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL-University& PROPRIETARY. of West Florida

Banner Communication ManagementNew baselinecapabilities to enabletactical andtransactionalcommunicationsNew tools to create,publish, and trackconstituentcommunications 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.

Banner Finance Purchase Requisition“Someone can pick up their phone and use it with hardly anytraining”—Usability Testing, February 2015 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.

XE Strategy and Design PrinciplesXE Design PrinciplesCommon Architecture 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.

Ellucian XEOutstandingUser ExperienceWHAT IT MEANSFOR YOUExtending CampusEnvironments 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.Strengthat the CoreFuture ReadyTechnology

Outstanding User Experience

Outstanding Banner Experience 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.

Move to “designed for mobile first”Design Principles Anticipate customer needs Empower users Work everywhere Make customers’ lives easier 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.Design Strategy All applications should bedelivered using a responsivegrid layout for the phone,tablet, laptop, and largescreen monitors

Strength at the Core

Banner Registration TodayModern and mobile readyregistration experienceImproved academicadvisingGlobal support for multipleregistration modelsImproved course demandanalysis‘We went actually live with Registration for our early registration for the followingsummer classes and it proved flawless. It worked with no problems and everyreview we’ve had has been positive .”-Delano Sweeney, Database Systems Manager, Bluefield State College 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.

Support for 3 Approaches to Student Registration1. Search, select and register – typically used in North America2. Projected courses – typically used in Latin America along with #13. Structured registration – typically used in the UK/IE/AUS 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.

Banner Academic History & ElectronicGradebookImproved and modern userexperience from grading tograduation processingSupport for Global modelsStreamline processes forboth administrativepersonnel and students 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.

Banner Human ResourcesEnables greaterefficiencies throughmodern technologyContinues to leverageyour specific businessrules 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.

Applications Leveraging XE StrategyAvailable ApplicationApplications in e EntryAttendance TrackingEvent ManagementAdvising and Student profileRegistrationEmployee ProfileEllucian ElevateeTranscript APIsEllucian MobileEllucian PortalInstitutional Performance ManagementoAcademic history, electronic gradebookoCommunication ManagementoPosition DescriptionoPurchase RequisitionBanner HR, Position Control,General Forms TransformationBanner Finance Forms TransformationEllucian Pilot 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.

Extending CampusEnvironments

Ellucian Mobile – includes mobile registrationMeets studentswhere they liveRegistration mostrequested capabilityGlobal from the startproduct – Availablein Portuguese andArabic 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.

Ellucian portalsILP for LMS integrationEllucian Luminis Platform (based on Liferay)Ellucian Portal Platform (based on SharePoint )ColleaguePowerCampusBanner 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.Banner

Ellucian Enterprise CRMCovers the full student lifecycle: Recruitment Student success AdvancementSupplemented by: Continuing education / workforcedevelopment 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.


Ellucian ElevateCloud Solution Designed for CE/WFD 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.


Full Range of Analytics Designed for Higher EdPerformEDW ACTIVATINGManaging outcomes!Enterprise Data WarehousePerformance AppsEDWODSOPERATIONALIZINGHow should we takeaction?Ability to model,manage, and adaptANALYZINGWhy did it happen?Data-driven planningand forecastingERPOperational Data StorePREDICTINGWhat will happen?INFORMINGWhat happened?Managed ReportingDashboards formanagers and analystsIncrease inad hoc reporting andInformation on demandPrimarily batch andsome ad hoc reportsData Sophistication & Institutional Value 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.Ad Hoc ReportingAnalyticsDashboardsScorecards and Benchmarking

Ellucian Perform Platform for establishing andmaintaining a data-driven culture ofperformance Affordable & cost-effective softwaresystem for end-to-end performance Unique, first to market solution Ellucian XE—pulls data from varioussources Aligns action to institutional goals,strategic mission, and managingbottom to top performance 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.

Acceleration of Banner

Modernizing BannerAdministrativeImperatives Technology—EliminateOracle Forms Usability—Consumerweb in high productivitymode 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.

Modernizing BannerSelf-serviceImperatives Usability—Consumerweb for casual users Rich functionality,evolving with HigherEducation 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.

Modernizing BannerIntegrationImperatives API-based integrations Industrial StrengthSuperhighways 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.

Target Roadmap DeliveryEmployee Profile1H2015Human Resources AdminFinance - Requisition2H2015Finance AdminRegistration selfservice1H2016Student Admin (A/R, Financial Aid, core Student)Student self-service (modular delivery)Q3Q4Q12015Q2Q3 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.Q4Q12016Q2Q32016

Future Ready Technology

Banner powered by XE – Deployable ApplicationsIdentity Provider (EIS, CAS, etc.)Application NavigatorTransformed Page ModulesLightweight Web Apps and APIsFaculty Grade EntryAdvising StudentProfileEmployee ProfileHuman ResourcesStudent RegistrationGeneralHuman Resources APIFinanceFinance APIStudent(A/R Financial Aid, Student)Student APIBanner DatabaseDBEU 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.

Banner Extensibility Strategy Eliminate (or at least greatlyreduceand simplify) rework associatedwith upgrades Eliminate the need to modifysource code, but if necessary,make it easyfor continuous integration Provide a toolbox Make tools simple to use 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.Application SkinningAspect-oriented ProgrammingCode Repositories and ToolsExternal Business RulesMenu IntegrationModel ExtensionResource Bundle EditorSingle Sign OnUI Extensions

Changing Banner is Simplified throughExtensibility ToolsBranding, VocabularyCommon Extensibility ToolsJavaScript(Backbone/JQuery, AngularJS)JavaCommon Ellucian PluginsEllucian LibrariesGrails Web Framework / GroovyCore Libraries and FrameworkBanner DatabaseDBEU 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.Domain Ext, CPCExtensibility ToolsFoundations, FramesHTML5Extensibility ToolsBanner Lightweight Web Applicationsand APIsTransformed Page Modules

Ellucian Solution ManagerManager Solution Manager is a no cost softwareapplication to help clients manage their environmentsand the software received from Ellucian. It can helpclients provision new environments and automate theBanner upgrade process. 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.


Ellucian Platform

Ellucian Platform SolutionsOur mission is to provide an innovative software platform whichaccelerates delivery and enables consistency across all Ellucianproducts. 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.

Ellucian HigherEducation Data Model

An easier way to consume data:Ellucian Higher Education data model Entity:COURSES NAME: ENG101– DESCRIPTION:This course is designed toreinforce compositionand grammar and it oftentaken – CREDITS: 3 REQUIREMENTS- - SCHEDULING- - NAME: MTH101– DESCRIPTION: This courseis 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.Complexity eliminatedUniversal information accessEasy to consume JSON formats

Ellucian IdentityManagement Strategy

Identity Management ThenCASEllucian Applications(Banner, Degree Works)Ellucian Applications(Luminis, Mobile)ShibbolethClient Applications(Custom, 3rd Party)3rd Party Cloud(Bb, Moodle)ADFSMicrosoft Cloud(Office 365, Azure)Ellucian Applications(Colleague, CRM, Portal)DirectoryServer 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.

Ellucian Identity Service NowCASCASEllucian Applications(Banner, Degree Works)Ellucian Applications(Luminis, Mobile)SAML2IdentityProviderSAML2Client Applications(Custom, 3rd Party)3rd Party Cloud(Bb, Moodle)WSFederationWSFederationMicrosoft Cloud(Office 365, Azure)Ellucian Applications(Colleague, CRM, Portal)DirectoryServer 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.

Benefits of Ellucian Identity Service Reduces the complexity of implementing and managing your institution’sidentity infrastructure. Provides your institution with a wide range of choice with respect to youridentity management infrastructureo deployment optionso configuration optionso protocol support Reduces costs of deployment and administration. Founded in open source software. Adds enhanced value to your institution’s maintenance dollars. 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.

Ellucian DataIntegration Strategy

Point to point integration is expensive and brittleLibraryBookstoreSISeCRMContinuingEducation 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.LMS

Ellucian Integration Hub11ERP System2EllucianIntegrationHub233Advancement CRMElevate 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.New person added in ERPSystem (e.g. Banner,Colleague)Message published to Hubfor any interestedsubscribersAdvancement CRM andElevate receive notificationand process new person

Adoption Path

Path to Adopting XE ApplicationsRun DBEUReview andcatalogmodifications 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.Establishand deployan approachfor IdentityManagementDeploy XEApplication

XE Guide is Here!1Plan XEDeployment2Get currentwith Banner34Enable Single Communicate,Sign-OnTest, andTrain54 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.

XE Guide Website – Adoption Resources 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.

Places to Find More InformationXE Guide – Adoption help with XE Banner community White papers, webinars, documents, etc. Banner HR and Banner Finance communitiesRoadmaps documentation from the Support CenterAttend an Ellucian education classContact your Client Partner 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.

57Rick SkeelDirector of ProductManagement 1 [email protected] Country View Road, Malvern, PA 19355 1.800.123.4567 2014 ELLUCIAN. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY.

Banner o Academic history, electronic gradebook o Communication Management o Position Description Purchase Requisition Banner HR, Position Control, General Forms Transformation Ba