User Manual / Installation GuideAV Over Ethernet Gigabit AdaptorModel No. ZE6000/ ZE6000 Warning!It will cause malfunction if the AV Adaptor is operating with unspecified power supplyadaptor or incorrect power voltage. Do not expose this unit in the rain or moisture environment toreduce the risk of fire or electric shock.PRECAUTIONSDo not use the “AV adaptor” and “Power supply Adaptor” near water.The “AV adaptor” is featured with 75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm VESA mount.For easy and safe use, it is recommended to mount ”AV adaptor” on the rear cover of monitor withVESA mount.The “AV Adaptor” should be operated by an Ethernet cable with standard RJ-45 connector on bothends. One end to the “AV adaptor”, the other end to host PC or server.Never spill liquids on the “AV Adaptor”.Do not attempts to service ”AV adaptor” yourself; opening or removing covers can degrade productEMC and performance. Please refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.For Wall mount “Power supply adaptor”, wall socket shall be installed near the equipment and shallbe easily accessible. 20141229 V21

Index:I.Introduction ------------------------------------------------- 3 -------------- 3Unpack the ------------------------------------------------ 3Check ---- 4II.Recommended network application and setting -- 5 10Basic Extended Mode(or Mirror Mode) --------------- 7 10ZE6000 extended mode with Phistek eSignage -- 10Zero Client with Userful Linux Multi-seat ------------- 10Zero Client with WMS2012 Multipoint ---------------- 11III.Driver Installation ------------------------------------------ 12 19eSignage need to open Microsoft ---------------12Install Elite USB ------------------------------------------- 13 14Install SMSC ------------------------------------------------ 15 16Install EETI Touch Driver ----------------------------------- 17 20IV.Mechanical Dimension and Input/ Output ports description ----------------------------------- 21V.Output signals installation ------------------------------- 22VI.Adaptor installation -------------------------- ------------22 23VII.FCC Warning Statement ---------------------------------- 24VIII.Product General Specification -------------------------- 25Appendix: Network IP address setting --------------------------- 26 2920141229 V22

I.IntroductionZE6000/ ZE6000 is a Zero Client Audio/Video over Ethernet Adaptor, designed as an endpointof a PC sharing solution such as Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 or Userful Multiplatform.With Windows MultiPoint Server 2012, or with Userful Multiplatform it can work as astandalone workstation.The solution enables a host PC(Server) to communicate with multiple and independent stations.Each station is consisted of one Adaptor (zero client) with a keyboard, mouse, and monitorconnected, allowing multiple users to share the resources/computing of one single server.By simple Ethernet connection, the server provides each station user with a familiar andindependent Windows experience.ZE6000 is a ZE6000 add with embedded access code in order to use Phistek special softwareapplication, such as eSignage -FeaturesSimple Ethernet connection-ZE6000/ ZE6000 connect to Host server through Ethernet cable connection, this type ofconnection can exceed the length limit of other signal connection such as VGA, USB. This alsogives the flexibility of system layout.Simple plug and play-Just attach a keyboard, mouse, and monitor to your ZE6000/ ZE6000 , and connect it to the hostserver.A station is set up easily and ready for use right awayEasy and convenient installation-Designed with VESA standard mounting on the adaptor box;75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mmProvides three types of video signals for end user to selectDVI (through a DVI to DVI cable)VGA (by an attached DVI to VGA dongle)HDMI (through a DVI to HDMI cable)-Reset: To reset IP addressAudio Line outHeadphone out-Microphone in/out-Unpack the AdaptorPut the AV Adaptor on a clean surface; make sure the box in upright position.-Remove packing materials from inside of box.20141229 V23

Check accessoryPlease make sure the entire accessory is included:DVI to VGA DongleDC 12V Power AdaptorOR20141229 V2 ZE6000 User Guide &ZE6000 User Guide &Driver CDDriver CD4

II.Recommended network application and setting:The Phistek ZE6000/ ZE6000 can be configured to the following modes:Basic Extended modeMultiple extended displays block diagram :LAN cableGigabit LAN switchHost PCLAN cableAudio-LAN cableLAN cableLAN cableZE6000ZE6000ZE6000ZE6000#1#2#3#4VGA/ DVI-D/AudioHDMIVGA/ DVI-D/AudioHDMIVGA/ DVI-D/AudioHDMIMonitorMonitorMonitorMonitorDisplay 1Display 2Display 3Display 4VGA/ DVI-D/HDMIZero Client with Userful MultiplatformZero Client With WMS2012 MultipointEthernet( LAN) network connection20141229 V25

-ZE6000 apply with Phistek eSignage 20141229 V26

1.Basic Extended Mode (or Mirror Mode):Please note that Extended mode only provide extended function of video display, audio,USB ports.1.1 Set Up Procedures:1.1.1 Required Hardware IngredientsThe ZE6000/ ZE6000 Zero-Client: typically available directly from PHISTEK.The host computer: should be scaled according to the usage scenariosCPUIntel i7Intel i5Intel i3Inel Atom D525DRAM8G8G4G2GOSWin7 64bitWin7 64bitPOS Ready7POS Ready2009Video 1080p8 sets(max)6 sets(max)0 set0 setsVideo 720p8 sets(max)8 sets(max)1 sets(max)0 setsPhoto 1920x1080 8 sets(max)8 sets(max)4 sets(max)4 sets(max)1.1.2The LAN network: 10/100M or 1000M Ethernet, recommend Gigabit-Switched,and ideally having a dedicated switch per each cluster.1.2 Installation:Part 1: Host PC Windows OS Preparations1) Host PC to run Windows-Update and install all available updates.2) Make sure to install the latest driver for the graphic card (applies to on-board as well).3) Turn off Windows-Update device driver y/cc753091.aspx4) Set Host PC TCP/IPV4 to DHCPPart 2: Elite Driver installation:1) Install Elite Driver: (See Page 12, Section III, 1.0)2) Reboot your computerPart 3: SMSC Driver Installation & prepare Zero-Client1) Install SMSC display driver:(See Page 14 Section III, 2.0)2) Connect all Zero-Clients to Ethernet Switch.Connect monitors, and sound devices to each client.3) Launch the Network USB Setting Utility from its desktop shortcut.Network USB Setting Utility shortcut20141229 V27

4) This program will search for ZE6000/ZE6000 Zero-Clients:5) Click “Configuration”, tick “DHCP”6) Per each cluster, per each client terminal:Click “Assign to this PC”:7) Windows will identify and install USB sound driver.8) A dialog may pop up – search for Zero Client software – click cancel.20141229 V28

9) Each client connection will be completed as below:10) At this stage, you should be able to see all the assigned monitors in active WindowsDesktop mode.11) Start “ViewSpan Configuration” in the Task-Bar.Make sure to set all zero client monitors as “Extended”20141229 V29

12). Set up maximum no. zero clients in applicationAfter SMSC driver installation, the system will set number of zero clients in application at”4”If user wants to connect for more clients, user need to execute “regedit.exe”Simply input “regedit “to search this application.Then follow the route:HKEY LOCAL MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/services/sgfxk :MAxNumberOfUsbAdapters REG DWORD0x00000004 (4)The default number is 4, click MAxNumberOfUsbAdapters to change numberThe numbers of clients to use depend on the Host PC resources,Recommend maximum number set 102.ZE6000 extended mode with Phistek eSignage application software2.1 With Phistek eSignage , user can broadcast and monitor extended zero clientsdisplay on the Host PC control center ( see details in eSignage application Doc.)2.2 Drivers:Follow “Basic extended mode” drivers installation, except Elite Driver is replacedby “eSignage ” driver2.3 eSignage driver download ,Please mail to: [email protected] to get download access code.3.Zero Client with Userful Multiplatform3.1 With Userful Multiplatform, multisuers can work independently as a zeroclient , standalone workstation.3.2 Pls visit userful Linux website to get Userful serful Multiplatform/Installation3.3 Userful recommended PC System equipment:For up to 6 stations: Dual Core Processor 20141229 V22GB RAM1 high-speed USB controller interface10

For up to 11 stations Quad Core Processor 4GB RAM2 high-speed USB controller interfaces For 11-20 stations: Quad Core Processor 8 GB RAM minimum2 high-speed USB controller interfaces For 20 stations (network zero client stations only): Quad Core Processor -- Xeon or i7 class 8 GB RAM minimum2 high-speed USB controller interfaces3.4 Note:When you want to use Userful Platform, Userful Multiplatform systemsoftware image include Elite and SMSC Driver,Pls don’t install Elite Driver and SMSC Driver in additionPlease visit Userful to get Installation form4.Zero Client with Windows MultiPoint Server 20124.1 With Windows MultiPoint Server 2012, zero clients can work independently asstandalone PC4.2 Pls visit Microsoft Website for Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 get image and installation ils.aspx?id 358214.3 In addition to the image, pls visit Phistek website to download following driversElite Driver for wms2012:GenericWMSZeroClientService Setup 13 1217 S0122 G1042 CertSMSC driver for wms2012:SetupSgfxWmsFbr-5 3 60 8411Patch file:WMS-KB2791647-ENU-x64Please mail to: [email protected] to get download access code.4.4 The recommended PC System equipment:Minimum base PC system running RDSH (formerly “Terminal Services”) desktops(supporting up to 4 lightly loaded stations):Dual Core Processor and 1 core or thread for each two stations2 GB Memory and 0.5 GB of memory per station20 GB disk space20141229 V211

III. Drivers Installation: Install drivers for extended modeThe attached CD includes three drivers for installation:Elite USB Server (for extended mode) for ZE6000, or eSignage driver for ZE6000 SMSC Driver (for extended mode)EETI Touch Driver (For Touch workstation only)1.0eSignage need to open Microsoft Framework:If you are using eSignage driver, you need to open Microsoft NET. Framework beforeDrivers installationClick Control Panel to enter Programs.In Programs, Please check “ Turn Windows Features on or off”Find and turn on Microsoft. NET Framework (it shall be later than 3.5.1 version)Please see the Fig. below.20141229 V212

2.02.1Install Elite Driver: USB Server:ZE6000: Elite USB ServerZE6000 :eSignage DriverInstallation is automatically run as below:20141229 V213

2.2After installation, screen will display as below, please press “Finish”2.3Screen will then display as below, please choose to restart your computer.20141229 V214

3.0Install SMSC Driver:ZE60003.1ZE6000 Please press “I Accept”20141229 V215

Please select and confirm the “Language”3.2Installation start as below, installation run automatically and completed with no additionalmessage, please restart your computer to complete it.20141229 V216

4.0Install EETI Touch Driver (For Touch workstation only)ZE60004.1ZE6000 Screen display as below, please click Next.20141229 V217

4.2Select the set up type, don’t tick the box if PS2 interface is not required,Click “Next .4.3RS232 interface driver installed is default, please click Next 20141229 V218

4.4You can select to do Touch screen calibration after system boot up or notDefault setting is” None”4.5Select to use Multi-Monitor system, then press Next 20141229 V219

4.6Choose destination location, default folder location shown as below.Press Next 4.7As Figure shown below, please press Next to complete installation20141229 V220

IV. Mechanical Dimension and Input/ Output ports one3.LED indicatorsPower LED (Yellow)Network connect LED (Blue)4.5.6.Identification LED (Green)USB A type downstream port x 4Line outRJ-45 Ethernet connector7.8.9.DVI – I connectorDC 12 V inReset (reset IP address)V.④⑤⑥⑦ ⑧Output signals installation:20141229 V221

VI. Adaptor installation:1.Type1:2.Type2:3.Type3:20141229 V222

4.Type 4:20141229 V223

VII. FCC Warning Statement:FCC Class A WarningThis equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuantto Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmfulinterference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment. This equipment generates,uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with theinstruction manual, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. Operation of thisequipment in a residential area is likely to cause harmful interference in which case the user will berequired to correct the interference at his own expense.20141229 V224

VIII. Product General Specification: ZE6000/ ZE6000 AV over Ethernet AdaptorPowerAC –DC adaptorLED indicatorsAC100V 240V, 50 60HzDC power output: 12Vdc @1.5AYellow: to indicate power Adaptor attachedBlue:Green:to indicate device connected to Host PCto indicate device identifiedResetReset IP addressInput/output connectors Ethernet inputx1 RJ-45, 10/100/1000Mb EthernetUSB downstream ports x4 USB A type (USB 2.0)x1 DVI-I connector for VGA, DVI or HDMI Digital signalVideo outputconnectionx1 DVI-I to VGA Dongle for VGA signal connectionAudio output 1x1 Line outAudio output 2x1 headphoneAudio inputx1 MicrophoneMax. Video resolutionEnvironmental2048 x1152Operating temperature 0º C 35º CNon-operatingtemperatureOperating Humidity-30º C 60º C10% 90% (non-condensing)Non-operating Humidity 5 % 95%CoolingMechanicalMountingat 75mm centers115mm x 115mm x 17.8mmWeight326gFCC, CECompliance20141229 V24 VESA holes; 2 spaced at 100mm centers and 2 spacedDimensions W x D x HRegulatoryOptionFan-lessWEEE, RoHSZE6000 Phistek SW access code embedded25

AppendixNetwork IP address setting:Note: All zero clients’ IP address shall be in the same segmentFor example:Host PC: IP address, Subnet mask 255:255:255:0Zero clients shall beIP, Subnet mask 255:255:255:0There are two ways to set up IP address:DHCP:See a general home network diagram below as an example:Connect Host PC and zero clients to a network switch(better to use Gigabit switch). The Routerwill automatically assign IP via switch to devices connect to this switchHost PCZero Client AZero Client BADSL Modem20141229 V2GigabitLANRouter26

Check if zero clients are at DHCP status:Click configuration, a set up tablewill appear, DHCP shall be ticked.Set Host PC to DHCP: see below properties of IPV4: tick “Obtain an IP address automatically20141229 V227

After all devices’ IP address has been set up to DHCP, the router will assign IP automatically,the USB server utility will look like as below:Click Assignment to this PC for each client, connection will be made:20141229 V228

If the client IP is not in the same segment, the IP address shown is RED, see example below:Please tick “DHCP” to get DHCP IP.Manual assign IP:If the system is for local use( not connect to router to website),you may also assign IP manually,The IP address shall be in the same segment, and Subnet mask shall be the same.For example:Host PC:IP,subnet: 255:255:255:0Zero Client AIP,subnet: 255:255:255:0Zero Client BIP,subnet: 255:255:255:0.20141229 V229

20141229 V2 3 I. Introduction ZE6000/ ZE6000 is a Zero Client Audio/Video over Ethernet Adaptor, designed as an endpoint of a PC sharing solution such as Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 or Userful Multiplatform. With Windows MultiPoint Server 2012, or wit