tokeep you workingp We workProfessional Licensing AgencyIndiana State Board of Nursing402 West Washington Street, Room W072Indianapolis, Indiana 46204Telephone: (317) 234-2043Fax: (317) 233-4236Website: www.PLA.IN.qov Emaih [email protected] Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr.ANNUAL REPORT FOR PROGRAMS IN NURSINGGuidelines: An Annual Report, prepared and submitted by the faculty of the school of nursing, will provide theIndiana State Board of Nursing with a clear picture of how the nursing program is currently operating and itscompliance with the regulations governing the professional and/or practical nurse education program(s) in the Stateof Indiana. The Annual Report is intended to inform the Education Subcommittee. and the Indiana State Board ofNursing of program operations during the academic reporting year. This information will be posted on the Board’swebsite and will be available for public viewing.Purpose: To provide a mechanism to provide consumers with information regarding nursing programs in Indianaand monitor complaints essential to the maintenance of a quality nursing education program.Directions: To complete the Annual Report form attached, use data from your academic reporting year unlessotherwise indicated. An example of an academic reporting year may be: August 1, 2011 through July 31, 2012.Academic reporting years may vary among institutions based on a number of factors including budget year, type ofprogram delivery system, etc. Once your program specifies its academic reporting year, the program must utilizethis same date range for each consecutive academic reporting year to insure no gaps in reporting. You mustcomplete a SEPARATE report for each PN, ASN and BSN program.This form is due to the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency by the close of business on October 1st each year.The form must be electronically submitted with the original signature of the Dean or Director to:[email protected] Please place in the subject line "Annual Report (Insert School Name) (Insert Type ofProgram) (Insert Academic Reporting Year). For example, "Annual Report ABC School of Nursing ASN Program2011." The Board may also request your most recent school catalog, student handbook, nursing school brochures orother documentation as it sees fit. It is the program’s responsibility to keep these documents on file and to providethem to the Board in a timely manner if requested.Indicate Type of Nursing Program for this Report:Dates of Academic Reporting Year:(Date/Month/Year) to (Date/Month/Year)XASNPNBSNJanuary 1,2011to December 31, 2012Name of School of Nursing: Everest College (Corinthian Colleges Inc.)Address: 8585 Broadway Ave. Suite 200, Merrillville, IN 46410ISBON Annual Report 7/2012Page

Dean/Director of Nursing ProgramName and Credentials: Tracey Miller MSN, RNTide:Campus Nursing Director ] mail;[email protected] Program Phone #: 219-756-6811Fax: 219-756-8121Website Address: www.everest-n u rsing.comSocial Media Information Specific to the SON Program (Twitter, Facebook, etc.):nonePlease indicate last date of NLNAC or CCNE accreditation visit, if applicable, and attach theoutcome and findings of the visit: N/AIf you are not accredited by NLNAC or CCNE where are you at in theprocess? In Candidacy since Fall 2011SECTION 1: ADMINISTRATIONUsing an "X" indicate whether you have made any of the following changes during the preceding academicyear. For all "yes" responses you must attach an explanation or description.1) Change in ownership, legal status or form of controlYesNo X2) Change in mission or program objectivesYesNo X3) Change in credentials of Dean or DirectorYesNo X4) Change in Dean or DirectorYes NoX5) Change in the responsibilities of Dean or DirectorYes NoX6) Change in program resources/facilitiesYes NoX7) Does the program have adequate library resources?Yes X No8) Change in clinical facilities or agencies used (list bothYes XNoYesNo Xadditions and deletions on attachment)9) Major changes in curriculum (list if positive response)SECTION 2: PROGRAM1A.) How would you characterize your program’s performance on the NCLEX for the most recentacademic year as compared to previous years? Increasing Stable x DecliningISBON Annual Report 7/2012Page 2

lB.) If you identified your performance as declining, what steps is the program taking to address thisissue?2A.) Do you require students to pass a standardized comprehensive exam before taking the NCLEX?YesxNo2B.) If no. t, explain how you assess student readiness for the NCLEX.2C.) If so, which exam(s) do you require?HESI Practical Nurse Comprehensive Exit Exam2D.) When in the program are comprehensive exams taken: Upon CompletionAs part of a course Yes Ties to progression or thru curriculum2E.) If taken as part of a course, please identify course(s): tN-NSG300N Lever 3 Competency Course3.) Describe any challenges/parameters on the capacity of your program below:A. Faculty recruitment/retention:B. Availability of clinical placements:Most difficult to find OB/women’s health clintcal placementC. Other programmatic concerns (library resources, skills lab, sim lab, etc.):.4.) At what point does your program conduct a criminal background check on students?Prior to acceptance5.) At what point and in what manner are students apprised of the criminal background checkfor your program? Prior to acceptance they are notified by their admlsslon representative and the company that does the background checkSECTION 3: STUDENT INFORMATION1.) Total number of students admitted in academic reporting year:Summer30Fall42Spring,392.) Total number of graduates in academic reporting year:Summer29FallISBON Annual Report 7/201217Spring21Page 3

3.) Please attach a brief description of all complaints about the program, and include how they wereaddressed or resolved. For the purposes of illustration only, the CCNE definition of complaint is includedat the end of the report.4.)Indicate the type of program delivery system:Levels: 3 D y levels o ch 16 weeks long, 6 Evening Lovol 5 weeks longSemestersQuartersOther (specify):SECTION 4: FACULTY INFORMATIONIA. Provide the following information for all faculty new to your program in the academic reporting year(attach additional pages if necessary):Faculty Name:Indiana License Number:Full or Part Time:Date of Appointment:Highest Degree:Responsibilities:Jeannette Campbell28129388AFull Time4-11-2011Masters of Science in NursingTeach Medical Surgical Nursing, Pediatrics, OB & Mental Health in evening program. Clinical instruction.Faculty Name:Taletha CarpenterIndiana License Number:28195795AFull Time5-4-2011Full or Part Time:Date of Appointment:Highest Degree:Masters of Science in Nursing- Clinical Nurse SpecialistResponsibilities:Clinical Instructor for Level 2 and 3Faculty Name:Susan Corbett28062899AFull Time11-28-11Indiana License Number:Full or Part Time:Date of Appointment:ISBON Annual Report 7/2012Page 4

Highest Degree:Masters of Science of Nursing - Nursing EducationResponsibilities:Teach Fundamentals of Nursing, assist in the A&P lab, clinical Instruction.B. Total faculty teaching in your program in the academic reporting year:1. Number of full time faculty: 82. Number of part time faculty: 03. Number of full time clinical faculty: 34. Number of part time clinical faculty: 05. Number of adjunct faculty:3(on-call)C. Faculty education, by highest degree only:1. Number with an earned doctoral degree: 07 2. Number with master’s degree in nursing:1 on-call4 3. Number with baccalaureate degree in nursing:2 on-call4. Other credential(s). Please specify type and number: 0D. Given this information, does your program meet the criteria outlined in 848 IAC 1-2-13?YesNoE. Please attach the following documents to the Annual Report in compliance with 848 IAC 1-2-23:1. A list of faculty no longer employed by the institution since the last Annual Report;2. An organizational chart for the nursing program and the parent institution.ISBON Annual Report 7/2012Page 5

I hereby attest that the information given in this Annual Report is true and complete to the best of myknowledge. This form must be signed by the Dean or Director. No stamps or delegation of signatureSignature ofctor of Nursing ProgramDatePrinted Name of Dean/Director of Nursing ProgramPlease note: Your comments and suggestions are welcomed by the Board. Please feel free to attach theseto your report.ISBON Annual Report 7/2012Page 6

Everest CollegePractical Nursing ProgramMerrillville, INSection 4 Faculty Information (continued from page 5):Faculty Name:Indiana License Number:Thomas Kulick28160361AFull of Part Time:Part-Time (On-call)Date of Appointment:10-19-2012Highest Degree:Bachelor of Science in Nursing & Bachelor ofScience in BiologyAnatomy & Physiology instructor and ClinicalInstruction for evening program.Responsibilities:

Everest CollegePractical Nursing ProgramMerrillville, INList of Faculty no Longer employed since last Annual Report:Lisa SchollLa’Shea StewartMichelle Kozak

Everest CollegePractical Nursing ProgramMerrillville, INComplaints: Students and Faculty had concerns about the Anatomy andPhysiology class having too much content and not enough time for thestudents to learn the material. Basically the course was too fast-paced.The schedule of the course was changed from 10 hours per week over 7weeks to 7 hours per week over 10 weeks. This change has reallyhelped the students have enough time to study between lectures. Several students expressed concern about a clinical instructorbeing too strict and insensitive. Referred the students to the nursingstudent handbook for the policies regarding clinical behavior, dress andexpectations. Observations of the instructor completed with follow-upcoaching. Eight students from the same cohort complained of various itemsregarding the program progression and remediation policy. Studentsreferred to nursing student handbook and catalog. One main complaintwas due to six students who failed a course in their last level of theprogram who were not being allowed to take IN-NSG300N Level 3competency course. An additional course of IN-NSG300N held inOctober 2011 for these students. These students were not eligible inAugust 2011 to take this course with the rest of the cohort due to theprogression policy. Students would have had to of waited untilDecember 2011 to take the course and complete the program.

Everest CollegePractical Nursing ProgramMerrillville, INChanges in Clinical Facilities:Clinical facilityChicagoland Christian VillageColonial Nursing HomeHammond-Whiting Care CenterMulticultural Wellness Network, Inc.Specialized ServicesTri-Creek School systemSt. Anthony Medical CenterFranciscan Physician’s Regional HospitalSaint Mary Medical CenterPediatric & Infant Family ServicesTowne CentreSt. Margaret Mercy HospitalsGreat Lakes OrthopedicsHammond Community Ambulatory HospitalMerrillville Senior Citizen dDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeleted


Everest College Practical Nursing Program Merrillville, IN Complaints: Students and Faculty had concerns about the Anatomy and Physiology class having too much content and not enough time for the students to learn the material. Basically the course was too fast-paced. The schedul