NFHS 2014 BASEBALL EXAM PART II (With Answers)The exam to follow will have 100 questions. You may “Flag” a question for review. At the end of the exam you will have anopportunity to review the flagged questions. All questions must be answered prior to completing the exam. NOTE: In theexam situations, F refers to a fielder, B refers to a batter and R refers to a runner. All situations and acts are legal, and noerrors or mistakes are involved unless otherwise noted.1) Who has the authority to request an intentional walk: [Rule 2-4-3]The catcher.The coach.The pitcher.A & B. (Correct)2) A batter who has received a base on balls may be first granted "time" before he goes to first base. [Rule 2-4-2]True.False. (Correct)3) With a count of 3-2, the batter permits a pitch outside the strike zone to touch him. [Rule 7-3-4 Penalty, 8-1-1c]The batter is out.The batter is awarded first base. (Correct)The batter stays at bat with a full count.The batter is replaced by the next batter who assumes his count.4) The following statement on obstruction is false: [Rule 2-22-1, 2, 3]The ball is delayed dead.The act must be intentional and only physical. (Correct)Occurs when a fielder with possession of the ball denies access to the base the runner is attempting to achieve.Is declared when a fielder without the ball simulates a tag on a runner.5) The batting order is Armstrong, Boyd, Campbell, Davis. Boyd is at bat when Armstrong is caught stealing for the thirdout. When the team returns to offense in the next inning, the first batter shall be: [Rule 7-1-2]Armstrong.Boyd. (Correct)Campbell.Davis.

6) On ball four, the pitch gets by the catcher and rolls into the dugout. The batter-runner is awarded: [Rule Base AwardsTable]First Base. (Correct)Second Base.7) The following are acts of offensive interference: [Rule 2-21-1]A runner yelling at a shortstop causing him to drop a fly ball.A runner maliciously contacting a fielder without the ball.A coach who physically assists a runner during playing action.All of the above. (Correct)8) An offensive conference will be charged when: [Rule 3-4-1, 3-4-5]A coach meets with his base runner after the opposing coach has been granted a conference to talk with his pitcher.Time is granted for an obviously injured player.An assistant coach is granted time to confer with the base runner on first base. (Correct)All of the above.9) Only the defensive team may appeal batting out of order after the batter has completed his time at bat. [Rule 7-1-1]True. (Correct)False.10) A bat would be considered legal for the game: [Rule 1-3-5]If it had a BBCOR certification mark. (Correct)If it only had a BESR certification mark.If the temperature of the bat had been artificially controlled.If it had been altered from the manufacturer's original design and production.11) If a pitch or a thrown ball touches an umpire: [Rule 3-2-3]The ball is delayed dead.The ball is dead immediately.Umpire obstruction is enforced.The ball is live and in play. (Correct)

12) A defensive conference, held at the pitcher's mound, is concluded when: [Rule 3-4-3]The coach leaves the dirt area of the mound.The infielders leave to go to their positions.A minute has elapsed.The coach crosses the foul line. (Correct)13) The batter is declared out when: [Rule 7-3-2,3 and 7-4-1i]He intentionally deflects a foul ball that has a chance of becoming fair.He hits the ball foul while either foot or knee is touching the ground completely outside the lines of the batter's box.He disconcerts the pitcher by stepping from the box on one side of home plate to the box on the other side of homeplate while the pitcher is in position ready to pitch.All of the above. (Correct)14) If an assistant coach leaves the coaching box to argue a judgment call by the base umpire: [Rule 3-3-1g-6 Penalty]A warning shall be issued to the team.Both the head coach and the assistant coach are restricted to the dugout on the first offense. (Correct)Both the head coach and the assistant coach are automatically ejected.Only the assistant coach is restricted to the bench.15) A pitcher may turn his shoulders to check runners while in contact with the pitcher's plate and in the: [Rule 6-1-1]Windup position.Set position. (Correct)Both A & B.Neither A nor B. It is always illegal for a pitcher to turn his shoulders to check a runner.16) A player who was removed from the game for exhibiting signs or symptoms consistent with a concussion: [Rule 3-1-5]May never return to play that day.May not return to play in that specific game.May return to play if cleared by an appropriate health-care professional. (Correct)May return to play without being cleared if he has sat for an inning.17) An umpire's jurisdiction ends when: [Rule 10-1-2]The last out of the game has been declared.One umpire has left the confines of the field.All umpires have left the confines of the field at the conclusion of the game. (Correct)The scorekeeper announces there are no issues with the scorebook.

18) A doubleheader is defined as: [Rule 4-1-1, 4-2-2b]Two seven-inning games in a day involving different teams.Two seven-inning games between the same teams during the same day. (Correct)A five-inning game and a seven-inning game between the same teams.All of the above.19) The pitcher takes his position in an illegal, “hybrid” position on the pitching plate with a runner on first base. [Rule 6-11,2,3]A balk shall be called immediately when the pitcher assumes this illegal position.A balk would be called when the pitcher made a move to pick-off the runner at first.A balk would be called when the pitcher begins his delivery to the batter.Both B and C. (Correct)20) The batter hits a stand-up double with his foot on the inside line of the batter's box and also on home plate. [Rule 7-3-2Penalty]The hit stands; the batter stays on second base.The batter returns to bat with his previous count.The batter is declared out. (Correct)The batter is ejected.21) Any player equipment judged by the umpire to be unreasonably dangerous is illegal. [Rule 1-5-9]True. (Correct)False.22) When the defense successfully appeals batting out of order: [Rule 7-1-1]The proper batter is declared out.Any outs made on the play stand.An advance by a runner from a wild pitch, while the improper batter is at bat, is legal.A, B, & C (Correct)23) The game begins when: [Rule 4-1-5]The official scorekeeper announces the start time.The pitcher delivers the first pitch of the game.The pregame conference has ended.The umpire calls Play after all infielders, pitcher, catcher and batter are in position to start the game.(Correct)

24) When an illegal player on defense was involved in the play and is discovered before the first pitch to the next batter ofeither team: [Rule 3-1-1]The offensive team has no options.The team on offense may choose to let the play stand.The team on offense may choose to have the batter bat again.Both B & C. (Correct)25) If a thrown ball unintentionally hits a base coach in foul territory: [Rule 3-2-3]The ball is live and in play. (Correct)The ball is dead immediately and interference is declared.26) For the set position, the pitcher shall stand with his: [Rule 6-1-3]Entire non-pivot foot in front of a line extending through the front edge of the pitcher's plate and with his entire pivotfoot in contact with any part of the pitcher's plate.Entire non-pivot foot in front of a line extending through the front edge of the pitcher's plate and with his entire pivotfoot in contact and angled 45 degrees toward home plate.Entire non-pivot foot in front of a line extending through the front edge of the pitcher's plate and with hisentire pivot foot in contact with or directly in front of and parallel the pitcher's plate. (Correct)Entire non-pivot foot in front of a line extending through the front edge of the pitcher's plate and with his entire pivotfoot in the vicinity of the pitcher's plate.27) If an outfielder attempts to make a catch of a fair fly ball, it cannot be ruled to be an infield fly. [Rule 2-19]True.False. (Correct)28) An improper batter is discovered at bat with a count of 1-2. [Rule 7-1-1]Only the defense can appeal or discover the infraction.The improper batter shall be declared out and the proper batter will come to bat.The proper batter will replace the improper batter with the 1-2 count. (Correct)The improper batter shall be declared out and restricted to the bench.29) The ball becomes dead immediately when fielded by an illegal glove. [Rule 5-1-2g]True.False. (Correct)

30) The batter hits a home run with an illegal bat. The bat is lying close by. The next batter has taken a pitch when thecatcher picks up the bat and shows the plate umpire that it is an illegal bat. [Rule 4-1-3b; 7-4-1]The home run will be negated and the previous batter will be declared out.The home run will be negated and the previous batter will be returned to bat.Both the player and coach are ejected with an out being declared.Because a pitch has been thrown to the next batter, the home run stands. The head coach will be restrictedto the dugout for the balance of the game. (Correct)31) An offender shall be ejected on the first offense when: [Rule 3-3-1f, q and 3-3-3]A player loosens up to bat in the opposing team's on-deck circle.A player leaves his bench area for the purpose of physical confrontation. (Correct)A coach uses replay equipment for coaching purposes during the game.All of the above.32) Any wall or fence, marked or imaginary line is considered a part of the playing field. [Rule 2-42]True. (Correct)False.33) A batted ball is judged to be fair when the ball: [Rule 2-5-1e, 2-16-1c, d]Lands on fair ground after touching a player who was over foul ground.First falls on foul ground past third base, but settles on fair territory.Touches first, second or third base. (Correct)As a ground ball touches a bat resting on foul ground and rebounds into fair territory.34) It is a legal substitution when: [Rule 2-36-2, 3]A player for whom the DH is batting enters the game as a batter in a different position than the DH in the battingorder.A player eligible to enter or re-enter the game does so without reporting. (Correct)A player re-enters the game in the wrong position in the batting order.None of the above.35) The previous pitcher was ejected for arguing with the plate umpire what he thought was a strike. The umpire-in-chiefmay authorize more than eight throws for the new pitcher. [Rule 6-2-2c Exception]True. (Correct)False.

36) With one out and the runner from third attempting to steal home, the batter interferes with the catcher. [Rule 7-3-5Penalty]The runner is out. (Correct)The batter is out.Both the runner and the batter are out.The result of the play will stand.37) The position of the pitcher's feet determine whether he will pitch from the windup or set position. [Rule 6-1-1]True. (Correct)False.38) On any given play, the defense may not make multiple appeals. [Rule 8-2-6f]True.False. (Correct)39) Both the plate umpire and the base umpire have the authority to forfeit a game. [Rule 10-2-2]True.False. (Correct)40) The penalty for the use of an illegal bat that is discovered before the next pitch is: [Rule 7-4-1a, 5-1-1b]The batter is out.Other runners return to the base occupied at the time of the pitch.The defense has the option of taking the penalty or the result of the play.All of the above. (Correct)41) Jones comes to pinch-hit in the fifth inning. The plate umpire checks the lineup card and finds that Jones is not listedon the card. The plate umpire shall: [Rule 1-1-2]Not allow Jones to hit.Restrict Jones' head coach to the bench for failure to list all substitutes.Allow Jones to pinch-hit and mark the change on the lineup card. (Correct)Allow the substitution, but issue a warning to the head coach.

42) When a fielder obstructs a ball through use of detached player equipment: [Rule 5-1-2b]It is a delayed dead ball. (Correct)It is an immediate dead ball.It is umpire judgment depending on the circumstances of the play.The ball will never become dead.43) The pitching regulations start when the pitcher takes his sign from the catcher. [Rule 6-1-1]True.False. (Correct)44) When a foul fly is caught by an illegal glove: [Rule 1-5-7]The out is nullified and the batter is awarded first base.The out is nullified and treated as a foul ball.The team at bat may elect to take the result of the play.Both B & C. (Correct)45) When the proper batter is declared out because he has failed to bat in turn, the next batter shall be: [Rule 7-1-1 Penalty4]The batter who batted improperly.The proper batter who should have batted.The batter whose name follows the proper batter thus called out. (Correct)The batter the opposing team chooses.46) The following bat component(s) shall be round, cylindrically symmetric, and smooth: [Rule 1-3-2b]Barrel. (Correct)Taper.Handle.All of the above.47) The pitcher takes his position on the pitching plate in an illegal “hybrid” position. [Rule 6-1-1,2,3]Provided the pitcher has made no subsequent move since he took his position on the pitching plate, he maylegally step back off the pitching plate with his pivot foot to change to a legal pitching position. (Correct)Once the pitcher assumed this illegal position, he is not allowed to change to a legal position.

48) When a team is playing with eight players, and the missing player's batting spot is to bat: [Rule 4-4-1 Note 1]The empty batting spot is skipped over with no penalty.The most recent player not on base may bat in that position.An out is called each time that spot in the order comes to bat. (Correct)The game is forfeited when the empty spot in the batting order comes up.49) Non-adult ball/bat shaggers are required to wear a batting helmet while in live-ball area, even when the ball is dead.[Rule 1-5-1 Penalty]True. (Correct)False.50) Track spikes are allowed for players' use. [Rule 1-4-1]True.False. (Correct)51) After the game starts, the sole judge of whether conditions are fit fo

NFHS 2014 BASEBALL EXAM PART II (With Answers) The exam to follow will have 100 questions. You may “Flag” a question for review. At the end of the exam you will have an opportunity to review the flagged questions. All questions must be answered prior to completing the exam. NOTE: In the exam situations, F refers to a fielder, B refers to a batter and R refers to a runner. All situations .