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NIH Loan Repayment Programs (LRP)Application Cycle Opens on September 1We wanted to let you know that the LRP application will have a new look and feel when the cycleopens on September 1. Be on the lookout for updates in our emails and website.As a reminder, awardees can receive up to 100,000 of qualified educational debt repaymentwith a two-year contract. Help us share this valuable information with your colleagues!The LRP application cycle will close on November 18th. Be sure to visit to takeadvantage of all of our available resources, and to learn more about eligibility requirements,application dates, and all of the benefits of the NIH LRPs!Get Ready for the New Application Cycle!Obtain your NIH eRA Commons ID and make sure your password is up to date. An eRACommons ID will be required to start and finish your application.Check out our revised LRP Application Guide to learn about application componentsRead more about the NEW and sixth LRP Subcategory (Research in Emerging AreasCritical to Human Health - REACH) and check out the guide noticeReach out to an NIH LRP Program Officer to discuss your researchContact your Institutional Business Official (IBO) at your institutionContact an LRP AmbassadorApplication Deadline - November 18, 2021Questions?Call : (866) 849-4047 Email : [email protected] Website :·Extramural Loan Repayment Program for Clinical Researchers (LRP-CR)(NOT-OD-21-139)National Institutes of Health·Extramural Loan Repayment Program for Pediatric Research (LRP-PR)(NOT-OD-21-140)National Institutes of Health·Extramural Loan Repayment Program for Health Disparities Research (LRP-HDR)(NOT-OD-21-141)National Institutes of Health·Extramural Clinical Research Loan Repayment Program for Individuals fromDisadvantaged Backgrounds (LRP-IDB)(NOT-OD-21-142)National Institutes of Health·Extramural Loan Repayment Program for Contraception and Infertility Research (LRP-CIR)(NOT-OD-21-143)National Institutes of Health·Extramural Loan Repayment Program for Research in Emerging Areas Critical to HumanHealth (LRP-REACH)(NOT-OD-21-144)

National Institutes of HealthNIH offers additional guidance for new NIHBiosketchAdditional Clarifications to Biosketch and OtherSupport Policies Now AvailableAlthough not required until January 2022, more and more applicants and recipientsare following our advice and transitioning now to the updated formats andinstructions for biosketch and other support documents. As a result, we’ve received anumber of requests for additional clarification to our policies. We’ve updated andadded FAQs, posted clarified instructions, and adjusted our other support sampledocument in response. Read MoreNext meetingTuesday, November 2, 2021 at 5:00 pmMeeting information will be located via thefollowing link More DetailsCongratulationsNational Academy of MedicineDr. Gilbert Upchurch, M.D., has been elected to the NationalAcademy of Medicine For making seminal contributions to theunderstanding of the pathogenesis of vascular disease andcontributing greatly to the advancement of all aspects ofvascular and surgical care.JDRF George Eisenbarth Award

Dr. Desmond Schatz, M.D., has been selected as therecipient of the 2021 JDRF George Eisenbarth Award for Type1 Diabetes Prevention. The JDRF George Eisenbarth Awardfor Type 1 Diabetes Prevention recognizes outstandingresearch advances in the prevention of T1D. Dr. Schatz will bepresented with the award at the JDRF's 2021 Mission Summitfrom December 5-6 in Palm Beach Florida.New Grants Awarded!David Weiner, MDProfessorDepartment of Medicine, has beenawarded a renewal National Institutes ofHealth R01 grant entitled, “MolecularMartin J. Cohn, PhDProfessorMolecular Genetics & Microbiology,has been awarded a new NationalInstitutes of Health U01 grant entitled,

Mechanisms Regulating AmmoniaMetabolism”.“Diversification of cell types during maleand female external genitaldevelopment”.Zhijian Qian, PhDProfessorDepartment of Medicine,has been awarded a new NationalInstitutes of Health R56 grant entitled,“The role of ALKBH5-mediated RNAdemethylation in the maintenance ofgenomic stability in HSPCs”.Mark A. Atkinson, PhDProfessorPathology, Immunology & LaboratoryMedicinehas been awarded a new NationalInstitutes of Health R01 grant entitled,“Co-registration of Cell Organization,Phenotype and Function in the HumanPancreas During Type 1 Diabetes”.Stephen Anton, PhDProfessorDepartment of Aging & GeriatricResearch, has been awarded a newNational Institutes of Health R24 grantentitled, “Tailoring RecruitmentCommunication using Virtual HumanTechnology to Increase Participation ofOlder Minority Adults in Clinical Trials”.Linda B. Bloom, PhDProfessorBiochemistry & Molecular Biology, hasbeen awarded a new National Institutesof Health R01 grant entitled,“Mechanisms and Functions of Ironsulfur Helicases in DNA Repair”.

Matthew J. Gurka, PhDProfessorDepartment of Health Outcomes &Biomedical InformaticsKelly K. Gurka, PhDAssistant ProfessorDepartment of EpidemiologyDr. Gurka and Dr. Gurka have been awarded a new National Institutes of Health U01 grantentitled, “15/24 – Healthy Brain and Child Development National Consortium”.Michelle L. Gumz, PhDAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Physiology & FunctionalGenomicsCharles S. Wingo, MDProfessorDepartment of MedicineDr. Gumz and Dr. Wingo have been awarded a new National Institutes of Health R56 grantentitled, “Modulation of the renal aldosterone endothelin feedback system by the clock proteinPER1”.

Samuel S. Wu, PhD,ProfessorDepartment of BiostatisticsRobert L. Cook, MDProfessorDepartment of EpidemiologyDr. Wu and Dr. Cook have been awarded a new National Institutes of Health U24 grant entitled,“Southern HIV and Alcohol Research Consortium Biomedical Data Repository”.Michael S. Okun, MDProfessor and ChairDepartment of NeurologyChristopher R. Butson, PhDProfessorDepartment of NeurologyDr. Okun and Dr. Butson have been awarded a new National Institutes of Health UH3 grantentitled, “Defining Targets for Tic Detection and Suppression in Tourette Syndrome Deep BrainStimulation”.2022 College of Medicine LeadershipDevelopment Program (LDP)The COM Leadership Development Program (LDP) is now accepting applications for the 2022cohort. This program is designed for College of Medicine faculty who are current leaders at orabove the level of Division Chief or equivalent. The program’s overall objective is to improvethe leadership capability of program participants by focusing on key competencies, as outlined inthe UF Leadership Competency Model. These competencies are categorized in four quadrants—Build Trust, Create and Communicate Vision, Generate Alignment, Cultivate Talent. Thisprogram is most helpful to leaders who are interested in:

Developing knowledge and skills to more effectively manage and lead peopleFurthering the programs of their college and the university through a better understanding ofboth strategic and operational issues·Helping to move a strategic agenda forward, while helping others meet their goals·Sharing experiences and gaining perspective from colleagues across the COM··Time Commitment. The program will meet a total of 8 times over the course of 10 months in2022, starting with an all-day commitment for the first session on Friday, January 28,2022. The first day is a required session. If you cannot make this session you are ineligible forthe program. The remaining dates will be set at least 60 days in advance to allow for cancellationof clinic or shifting of clinical responsibilities. It is expected that selected participants willarrange schedules to permit attendance at all sessions.We invite nominations or self-nominations that will be due by 5:00 pm on Friday, October22nd, 2021. A maximum of 25 faculty members will be selected. Meeting locations and otherdetails will be announced after the cohort is selected.Please submit the following information electronically to: [email protected] letter of interest from the nominee indicating goals for personal career development andplans for future advancement. The letter should:a.Provide your name, rank, department, division and name of department chairb.Describe your current responsibilities, and number of faculty, trainees, and staff under yourdirectionc. Address outcomes you would like to achieve as a result of participating in this program andd. Describe the last major professional growth you experienced, what caused it, and theimpact it had for you and/or your work unit.e. Please also indicate that you are available for the full day of participation on Jan. 28th,2022.2. Current CV3. Letter (or email) from the Department Chair indicating support for participation, includingguaranteed release time for the days and times of the sessions.Click here for more information

Mentor On: Resilience, Rigor & Results International Mentoring AssociationConference Feb. 20-22nd

The International Mentoring Association will be holding its 2022 conference at the UF HiltonHotel and Conference Center on February 21-22, 2022. Keynote speakers will be recognizedmentoring experts Brad Johnson, Christine Pfund, and Chevy Cook, and dozens of concurrentsessions will be offered. In addition, 3 pre-conference workshops will be offered on February 20,including a comprehensive mentor training. A one-day registration is available if you are unableto attend both days. Visit the Conference Website for the Call for Proposals, Registrationinformation, and more. Special pricing is available for UF Faculty and Staff!Save the Dates: Fall 2021 JacksonvilleFaculty Development SessionsDirect all questions to Renee Boyle at [email protected] TopicDate/TimePresenter(s)Giving an Oscarworthy PowerPointOct 20 th @ noonBrett Baskovich, MDTeaching Under TimeConstraintsNov 11 th @ noonElisa Sottile, MDDec 1 st @ noonElisa Zenni, MDEvaluation andFeedbackAll sessions are approved for CME credit. Detailed flyers will be distributed for each session, atleast 1 month prior to the session date with a registration link for that session.Interested in the Educational Development Certificate Program:Learn more at: ms/certificate-program/Register for the Education Certificate Program mVisit the faculty development website at: 2021 Information Resource Workshopsfrom Health Science Libraries

The Health Science Center Library will offer the following online and in-person workshops thissemester through Zoom, independent of registered coursework and open to all. Links to theZoom meetings or locatoin for each workshop are available in the workshop descriptions,accessible through the links below or at: Minutes to Impact Series: Altmetrics – OnlineFriday, November 5, 12-12:30pmExplore alternative metrics in Dimensions and learn how they might be useful to you.Part of the 20 Minutes to Impact series where you will learn about a research impact metric ortool and receive step-by-step instructions which you can actively follow to accomplish an impactrelated task by the end of the hops/20MinutesToImpact-Altmetrics20 Minutes to Impact Series: Your H-index – OnlineFriday, December 3, 12-12:30pmThis session will describe the H-index and show you how to find yours in Web of Science.Part of the 20 Minutes to Impact series where you will learn about a research impact metric ortool and receive step-by-step instructions which you can actively follow to accomplish an impactrelated task by the end of the hops/20MinutesToImpact-H-indexBest Practices in Data Management (Online)Thursday, October 28, 12-1:00pmLearn practical strategies for best managing your research data. Several U.S. funding agenciessuch as the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health requireresearchers to supply plans for managing research data, called Data Management Plans (DMP),for all new grant proposals. This workshop will provide an overview of the questions to considerwhen creating a data management plan, with a focus on the DMPTool and tools for sharing yourdata at the University of Florida (e.g., subject-specific repositories). Topics include metadata andannotation, file formats and organization, storage, backups and security, and data sharing. Theworkshop is geared toward graduate students, faculty, and researchers.September: (In-Person)Wednesday, November 3, [email protected] (C1-121)This class will take you step-by-step through effective literature search and save techniques—starting smartly, limiting efficiently, searching for specific info (authors, types of publications,specific journals), refining your search and exporting results to the bibliographic software.Embase is an essential database for systematic reviews and meta-analysis, but also offers toolsfor clinical care and pharmacovigilance.Participants are encouraged to wear masks and distance in the classroom.Class may be moved online (same date and time) depending on circumstances; participants willbe notified in ops/Embase-Nov-2021How to write a publishable article using CONSORT(Online)Friday, October 29, 12-1pmThis workshop is designed to teach attendees how to write a research article suitable forpublication in a peer-reviewed journal. It is particularly suited to those with clinical trial results toreport, who are inexperienced at composing articles for publication. We will focus on using theCONSORT reporting standard as a blueprint to make writing the manuscript a clear-cut andattainable task. In addition, attendees can sign up to be part of a peer-writing group if theychoose.Part of the Good Reporting Practices (GRPs)Series ORTIntroduction to Nursing/Allied Health Literature(Online)Thursday, November 10, 2-3pm

Looking for an introduction to the premier database of nursing and allied health literature? Thisclass introduces you to basic and advanced search options; performing more accurate searchesusing CINAHL headings; using limits to narrow and refine your search; printing, emailing, andexporting your citations; creating a personal account to store your citations; and finding full-textarticles.September: oToCINAHLSep2021November: oToCINAHLNov2021Introduction to Systematic Reviews (In-person)An introduction to systematic reviews.Wednesday, November 10 th 10:00am—11:00am [email protected] (C1-121)Introduction to Writing Reproducible Manuscripts Using RMarkdown(Online)Tuesday, October 26, 12-1pmRMarkdown is a versatile document format that can combine text, R code, figures, and tablestogether in a single document, and create formatted output as PDFs, MS Word files, slides,websites, and more. This workshop will provide a basic introduction to using RMarkdown, how toinsert code, tables, figures, and format references, and an overview of the possible outputformats.By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to: describe the principles of reproducible documents apply markdown syntax to format text run code chunks in R Markdown format tables in R Markdown generate figures in R Markdown format references in R ops/2021-10-26 rmarkdown-introIntroduction to Writing R Packages(Online)Tuesday, November 23, 12-1pmR packages are a powerful way to share code and data across your individual projects,with colleagues, or even with the broader scientific community. They can also form the basisfor Research Compendium to share data analysis work reproducibly. This workshop willintroduce the basics of creating custom R packages for personal use and for sharing!Attendees will be expected to have moderate familiarity with programming in R, suchas experience writing scripts and custom functions.By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to: create working R packages with code and data write documentation using roxygen2 describe additional package-related tools (e.g. pkgdown, hops/2021-11-23 writing-R-packagesNIH Public Access Policy Compliance –(Online)Friday November 19, 12-1pmThis workshop provides an introduction to the NIH Public Access Policy and demonstrates howto fulfill compliance requirements. We will cover how to use the NIH Manuscript SubmissionSystem and discuss the various approaches of journal publishers towardscompliance. icAccessSciWheel (In-Person)Wednesday, October 20, [email protected] (C1-121)If you are interested in a citation management software with the ability to cite and annotateresources and websites online, SciWheel might be the tool for you. This class will go overimporting citations, annotating papers and webpages, and inserting citations into your ownpublications.Participants are encouraged to wear masks and distance in the classroom.Class may be moved online (same date and time) depending on circumstances; participants willbe notified in ops/SciWheel-Oct-2021

Welcome to the HSC Library Website and Ask Me Anything(Online)Thursday, November 18, 3-3:30pmCome take a quick tour around our new and improved Health Science Center Library website!This brief introduction is designed to orient new and long-time library users alike to accessing ourcollections and services through the website. You can also take it as an opportunity to ask anyquestions you might have about the HSCL.August 24: ntro8-24-21September 16: ntro9-16-21October 13: ntro10-13-21November 18: ntro11-18-21Writing Reusable and Modular Code(Online)Tuesday, November 9, 12-1pmThis workshop introduces attendees to the principles of writing 'clean' code, that is easier toread, maintain, and expand. Attendees will learn about organizing complex programming scriptsinto modular functions, writing effective documentation, and habits to improve code robustnessand reusability.Attendees will be expected to have basic familiarity with programming, such as experiencewriting simple scripts or recent attendance at a Carpentries workshop - the end of the workshop, participants will be able to: split complex programming tasks into modular functions communicate code intent using comments recognize and fix basic code s/2021-11-09 modular-codeNancy SchaeferUF Health Science Center LibrariesUF Highlights!Meet Dr. Michael Dennis in the Department of UrologyCollege Of Medicine University Of Florida Health Science Center1600 SW Archer RoadPO Box 100215 Gainesville, FL 32610Contact Our TeamPhone: (352) 294-5343Fax: (352) 273-9108

Oct 11, 2021 · UF IT News: VPN Changes, Email Safety, Stay Informed Mentor On: International Mentoring Association Conference Fall 2021 Health Science Library Information Resource Workshops UF Highlights: Meet Dr. Michael Dennis Engage, Innovate, Excel 2026