Service BulletinApplies To:07-049February 5, 20082001–05 Civic GX With CVT – ALL2001–05 Civic HX With CVT – ALL2003–05 Civic Hybrid With CVT – ALL2001–05 Insight With CVT – ALLWarranty Extension: CVT Start Clutch Judder(Supersedes 07-049, dated August 24, 2007, to update the information marked by the black bar)BACKGROUNDPARTS INFORMATIONNOTE: Because of a class action settlement, thewarranty extension coverage for CVT start clutchjudder on 2002–05 Civic GXs and HXs with CVT,2003–05 Civic Hybrids with CVT, and 2002–05 Insightswith CVT purchased or leased between April 13, 2002,and November 7, 2006, is 7 years or 105,000 miles,whichever occurs first. For more information, refer toService Bulletin 06-085, Warranty Extension: VehicleWarranty Mileage.Civic GX Start Clutch Kit:P/N 06221-PLY-307, H/C 8610768On affected vehicles, a momentary judder may be feltafter accelerating from a stop, but only up to about 15mph. The most likely cause of the judder is a worn startclutch in the CVT (continuously variable transmission).To increase customer confidence, American Honda isextending the warranty for this potential problem to 7years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. Thisextended warranty covers only CVT start clutch judderbelow 15 mph and CVT drive belt slippage (seeService Bulletin 07-050, Warranty Extension: CVTDrive Belt Slippage). Any other customer complaintswith the CVT are covered by the normal 3-year,36,000-mile new vehicle limited warranty.This warranty extension does not apply to any vehiclethat has ever been declared a total loss, or any thathas been issued a salvage, branded, or similar titleunder any state’s law. To check for vehicle eligibility,you must do a VIN status inquiry.CUSTOMER NOTIFICATIONAll owners of affected vehicles were sent a notificationof this warranty extension. An example of the customernotification is at the end of this service bulletin.Before beginning work on a vehicle, verify its eligibilityby doing a VIN status inquiry and by making sure thecustomer has a notification letter.CORRECTIVE ACTIONDo the diagnosis in this service bulletin. Then, only ifneeded, burnish the start clutch or replace it. 2008 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. – All Rights ReservedCivic HX Start Clutch Kit:P/N 06221-PLY-305, H/C 8610776Civic Hybrid Start Clutch Kit:P/N 06221-PZC-305, H/C 8610784Insight Start Clutch Kit:P/N 06221-PHT-305, H/C 8610792REQUIRED SPECIAL TOOLSStart Clutch Remover: T/N 07TAE-P4VA120Start Clutch Installer: T/N 07TAE-P4VA130REQUIRED MATERIALSHonda Genuine CVT Fluid:P/N 08200-9006, H/C 8031437NOTE: Depending on the repair, 3 to 13 quarts pervehicle may be needed.WARRANTY CLAIM INFORMATIONOP#DescriptionFRT218511ABCDiagnose the CVT for judder.Add one start clutch burnishing procedure.Add two start clutch burnishing procedures.Add start clutch burnishing procedures andstart clutch replacement. Part:P/N 22020-PZC-315H/C 7101546Defect Code:5JD00Symptom Code:Q5200Skill Level:Repair TechnicianOut of warranty: Any repair performed after warrantyexpiration may be eligible for goodwill consideration bythe District Parts and Service Manager or your ZoneOffice. You must request consideration, and get adecision, before starting work.ATB 37222-38683 (0802)1 of 8CUSTOMER INFORMATION: The information in this bulletin is intended for use only by skilled technicians who have the proper tools, equipment,and training to correctly and safely maintain your vehicle. These procedures should not be attempted by “do-it-yourselfers,” and you should not assumethis bulletin applies to your vehicle, or that your vehicle has the condition described. To determine whether this information applies, contact anauthorized Honda automobile dealer.

DIAGNOSISREPAIR PROCEDURENOTE: You must complete the diagnosis beforeattempting any CVT repairs.NOTE: Some steps in this procedure are modelspecific. If the vehicle you’re working on isn’t listed in amodel-specific step, go to the next step.1. Check the CVT fluid level; add fluid if needed.2. Check the engine and transmission mounts fordamage. Replace any damaged mounts.NOTE: Engine and transmission mounts are notcovered by the CVT extended warranty.3. Remove the flywheel inspection cover, and inspectthe flywheel for excessive grease on its surface. Ifyou find excessive grease, replace the flywheel.NOTE: The flywheel is not covered by the CVTextended warranty.4. Civic Hybrid and Insight only: Make sure the IMAbattery level gauge shows at least three-quarterscharged. If you need to increase the IMA charge,do this: Insight only: Remove the EPS (electronic powersteering) fuse from the under-hood fuse/relaybox. Start the engine, and run it at 3,500 rpm until thebattery level gauge shows at least three-quarterscharged. Insight only: Reinstall the EPS fuse.5. With the engine fully warmed up, test-drive thevehicle by accelerating from a stop several times. If you feel a judder below 15 mph, go to step 6. If you do not feel a judder below 15 mph, ask thecustomer additional questions to figure out whatis wrong, then troubleshoot as needed.6. Disconnect the EGR valve.7. Do another test-drive, accelerating from a stopseveral times. If you feel a judder below 15 mph, reconnect theEGR valve, then go to REPAIR PROCEDURE. If you do not feel a judder below 15 mph,reconnect the EGR valve, then troubleshoot theEGR system.NOTE: EGR system troubleshooting is not coveredby the CVT extended warranty.2 of 81. Replace the fluid in the CVT with Honda GenuineCVT fluid, not ATF-Z1: Refer to the CVT section of the appropriateservice manual, or Online, enter keyword CVT FLUID or ATF, andselect CVT Fluid Replacement (CVT) or ATFReplacement (CVT) from the list.NOTE: Fuzzy metal particles on the drain plug magnetare normal. Remove the particles before youreinstall the plug. To prevent contamination when you refill theCVT, clean the area around the fill hole, and usea clean funnel.2. Raise the vehicle on a lift until the wheels are offthe ground.3. Start the engine, shift to D, and accelerate to 40mph.4. Release the accelerator pedal, and lightly apply thebrakes until the wheels stop. Lower the vehicle.5. Turn the ignition switch to LOCK (0), then check theCVT fluid level within 90 seconds; it should bebetween the upper and lower HOT marks. Add fluidif needed.6. Set the parking brake, and block the front wheels.7. Start the engine, and shift to D. Make sure the A/Cis off.8. With the brake pedal held firmly, press theaccelerator pedal to the floor, and release it after 3seconds. Do not move the shift lever during thisstep.9. Shift to N, and release the brake pedal. Increasethe engine speed to 3,000 rpm, and hold it for 15seconds. This allows the start clutch to cool.10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 with the shift lever in D, thenrepeat with the shift lever in R.07-049

11. Test-drive the vehicle for 1 mile or more,accelerating from a stop several times. During thedrive, calibrate the start clutch by turning on theheadlights, and then decelerating from 40 to 20mph without using the brakes. If the judder is gone, return the vehicle to thecustomer.16. To avoid input shaft oil seal damage, remove theinput shaft seal ring.INPUT SHAFT SEAL RING If the judder is still there, repeat steps 1 thru 11. Ifthe judder remains after you repeat steps 1 thru10, go to step 12.NOTE: If you can’t do the start clutch calibrationduring the test-drive, do it in the shop using theHDS or the SCS method. The start clutch on 2003Civic Hybrids can be calibrated only with the drivingmethod and the SCS method. Refer to the CVT section of the appropriateservice manual, or Online, enter keyword START, and select CVTStart Clutch Pressure Control CalibrationProcedures from the list.12. Soak a new start clutch assembly in HondaGenuine CVT Fluid for at least 30 minutes prior toinstallation.17. Civic GX and HX only: Remove the ATF passageline holder from the flywheel housing.ATF PASSAGELINE HOLDERCVTNEW STARTCLUTCHASSEMBLY13. Remove the CVT from the vehicle: Refer to Section 14 of the appropriate servicemanual, or Online, enter keyword TRANS, and select CVTTransmission Removal from the list.14. With clean shop towels, cover all of the openings inthe CVT and anything else that might get damagedby water and cleaning chemicals (axle openings,breather, and electrical connectors). Clean all dirtand grease off the CVT before you disassemble it.15. Place the CVT on a workbench with the flywheelhousing upward.NOTE: Make sure to keep the CVT and your worksurface clean. Use lint-free towels and a clean, dedicatedsolvent tank to clean CVT parts. If you don’t keep everything clean, your repairmay not be successful.07-0493 of 8

18. Remove the flywheel housing, the dowel pins, andthe flywheel housing gasket.NOTE: The Civic GX, Civic HX, and Civic HybridCVT is shown. The Insight CVT is similar.Note that this bolt islonger than the others.FLYWHEELHOUSING19. Remove the differential assembly from thetransmission case.NOTE: The Civic GX, Civic HX, and Civic HybridCVT is shown. The Insight CVT is similar.PARK PAWL SHAFTPARK PAWLSPRINGDIFFERENTIALASSEMBLYPARKPAWLATF PASSAGELINE ASSEMBLYDOWEL (Discard.)20. Remove the park pawl shaft, the park pawl, and thepark pawl spring.21. All models except Insight: Remove the ATFpassage line assembly, and discard the twoO-rings.22. Civic Hybrid only: Remove the final drive shaft, thesecondary driven gear, and the thrust shim.THRUST SHIMFINAL DRIVE SHAFTSECONDARY DRIVEN GEAR4 of 807-049

23. Remove the snap ring, the cotter retainer, and thecotters from the start clutch assembly.SNAP RING25. Remove the hub from the start clutch assembly.Discard the start clutch assembly.COTTER RETAINERCOTTERSHUBReplace on Civic GX.Reuse on all other START CLUTCHASSEMBLY24. Remove the start clutch assembly with the specialtool.NOTE: Make sure the jaws of the special toolengage the park gear, not the start clutchassembly.STARTCLUTCHASSEMBLY26. All models except Civic GX: Clean the hub,lubricate it with CVT fluid, then install a new sealring on it.27. Civic GX only: Discard the hub, lubricate a new hubwith CVT fluid, then install a new seal ring on it.28. Insert the hub into the new start clutch, making surethe hub fully engages all of the clutch discs.NOTE: If the hub is not engaged with all of theclutch discs, the start clutch will bind.HUBNEW STARTCLUTCHASSEMBLYPARK GEARWiggle the hubback and forth asit goes into thenew start clutchassembly.START CLUTCHREMOVERT/N 07TAE-P4VA12007-049STARTCLUTCHASSEMBLYPush in thehub until itbottoms out.5 of 8

29. Use CVT fluid to lubricate the new O-rings for thedriven pulley shaft, then install the O-rings on theshaft.32. While holding the handle down, push down thebottom part of the tool until it contacts the seatingsurface of the start clutch assembly.NEW STARTCLUTCHASSEMBLYAND HUBHold thehandle down.NEWO-RINGSDRIVENPULLEYSHAFTPush down thebottom part ofthe tool.(Lubricate.)30. Place the new start clutch assembly and hub ontothe driven pulley shaft.NOTE: Make sure to hold the gear engaged intothe clutch assembly when you install the clutchassembly and hub onto the driven pulley shaft.31. Seat the start clutch assembly by aligning the tip ofthe special tool with the shaft hole and thenpushing down the handle.33. Hold the upper hex section of the special tool with a19 mm wrench, then use an adjustable wrench totighten the tool’s lower nut until the start clutchassembly seats.19 mm WRENCHPush down thehandle to engagethe tool with thepulley shaft.STARTCLUTCHINSTALLERT/N 07TAE-P4VA130Insert thetip into theshaft hole.DRIVENPULLEYSHAFTSTART CLUTCHASSEMBLY34. Remove the special tool.35. Reach under the start clutch to confirm that theclutch end plate can move up and down slightly(less than 1 mm).6 of 807-049

36. Assemble the cotters into the channel in the drivenpulley shaft, then measure the clearance betweenthe cotters and the start clutch guide. Measure theclearance at three locations. If the average clearance is 0 to 0.13 mm, go tostep 38. If the average clearance is more than 0.13 mm,go to step 37.41. Reinstall the park pawl shaft, the park pawl, and thepark pawl spring.NOTE: The Civic GX, Civic HX, and Civic HybridCVT is shown. The Insight CVT is similar.Note that this bolt islonger than the others. FLYWHEELATF PASSAGEHOUSINGLINE HOLDERASSEMBLYFEELER GAUGESTART CLUTCHNEWO-RING37. Remove the cotters, and measure theirthicknesses. Then adjust the clearance by selectingadditional cotters from the table below.CotterPart -P4V-00049056003.2NEWGASKETPARK YATF PASSAGELINE ASSEMBLYNEWO-RINGS38. Install the cotter retainer and a new snap ring.39. Remove the CVT case magnets, clean them, thenreinstall them.40. Civic Hybrid only: Reinstall the final drive shaft, thesecondary driven gear, and the thrust shim.42. All models except Insight: Reinstall the ATFpassage line assembly with two new O-rings.43. Reinstall the differential assembly.07-0497 of 8

44. Reinstall the flywheel housing dowel pins, thenreinstall the flywheel housing with a new gasket.Torque the housing bolts to the correct spec below. All models except Insight: Torque the housingbolts to 29 N.m (22 lb-ft). Insight only: Torque the housing bolts to27 N.m (20 lb-ft).NOTE: Do not reuse the old gasket or apply anygasket sealer.45. Civic GX and HX only: Reinstall the ATF passageline holder to the flywheel housing with a newO-ring.46. Make sure the input shaft seal is not damaged,then install a new input shaft seal ring. Apply superhigh-temp urea grease to the input shaft splines.47. Reinstall the CVT: Refer to the CVT section of the appropriateservice manual, or Online, enter keyword TRANS, and selectTransmission Installation from the list.48. Fill the CVT with the correct amou

28.04.2012 · 2003–05 Civic Hybrid With CVT – ALL 2001–05 Insight With CVT – ALL Warranty Extension: CVT Start Clutch Judder (Supersedes 07-049, dated August 24, 2007, to update the information marked by the black bar) BACKGROUND NOTE: Because of a class action settlement, the warranty extension coverage for CVT start clutch judder on 2002–05 Civic GXs and HXs with CVT, 2003–05 Civic