Stability Chamber( 10 C 60 C)(20 % Rh 90 % Rh)KK-820 CHSKK-1300 CHS Perfect tool for stability testingin pharmaceutical Industry Following ICH guidelines Calibrated at all ICH pointso 25 C 2 C / 60% Rh 5%o 30 C 2 C / 65% Rh 5%o 40 C 2 C / 75% Rh 5%o 25 C 2 C / 40% Rh 5%o 30 C 2 C / 35% Rh 5%o 40 C 2 C / 20% Rh 5%GMP Qualification package available Two different volumes

Fan forinternal aircirculationAccess portfor installationof independentsensorsFully stainless-steelchamber with 3 sidedouble wall forsuperior airdistribution aboveeach shelve even atloaded chamberExtensive heatinsulation shieldon all chambersides and doorsAll exterior ingalvanized andpowder coatedsteelRAL-7035Controller with userfriendly interface,advance settingsoptions, RS-232, USBor Ethernetcommunication portsSoft profilesilicone seal toensure perfecttightness2 level over temp.protection1. 5 C over set pointheating disabled2. 10 C above max.temp mechanical shutAccess port withboth end plugsØ40 as standard,Ø50 or Ø90 asaccessoryLockableheavy dutyclosingmechanismHeight adjustablestainless steel wire shelves(1 wire shelve included,extra as accessory, alsoperforated shelves asaccessory)Heavy dutyswivel wheelswith brake forsimplemanipulationFull 4 sidemaintenanceaccess to ref.systemEasily accessiblestainless steel watertank with level switchor option withautomatic


External dimensions(WxHxD) in mmInternal dimensions(WxHxD) in mmVolume (L)Temperature range ( C)Temperature display resolution( C)Temperature set resolution ( C)Temperature stability ( C)Temperature uniformity ( C)Relative humidity range (%)Relative humidity displayresolution (%)Relative humidity set resolution(%)Relative humidity stabilityTemperature controlRelative humidity controlPower supplyWattage (W)InterfaceShelveShelve surface (m2)Shelve capacity (kg)Max capacity (kg)Access port (mm)Noise (dBA) @ 1 m distanceWeight (kg)KK-820 CHSKK-1300 CHS1145 x 1950 x 9651600 x 1993 x 954980 x 1343 x 6201480 x 1400 x 625 820 10 60 1300 10 600. than 0.5 @ all ICHclimatic pointsBetter than 0.5 @ all ICHclimatic pointsBetter than 1,5 C @ all ICHclimatic points20 90Better than 1,5 C @ allICH climatic points20 90(see graph, page3)(see graph, page3)1111Better than 3%@ all ICHclimatic pointsPIDDew point humidity control230V, 50/60Hz3200RS 232(USB as accessory)1 (max 10) 0,5550Better than 3%@ all ICHclimatic pointsPIDDew point humidity control230V, 50/60Hz3200RS 232(USB as accessory)2 (max 20) 0,450(surface distributed load)(surface distributed load)250Ø 40 standard,(Ø 50, Ø 90 as accessory) 62420250Ø 40 standard,(Ø 50, Ø 90 as accessory) .uk

Ordering information and accessories:DescriptionStability testing Climatic chamber KK-820 CHSStability testing Climatic chamber KK-1300 CHSShelve wire KK-820 CHSShelve wire KK-1300 CHSShelve perforated KK-820 CHSShelve perforated KK-1300 CHSAccess Port w. Plug Ø 40 mm rightAccess Port w. Plug Ø 50 mm rightAccess Port w. Plug Ø 90 mm rightObservation window with illumination 370x420mmAutomatic water feedingUSB interfaceKK-Tool (Software Monitoring & History)Password protectionEvaluation reportGMP Qualification package (DQ, FAT, IQ, OQ)A4 Printer (continuous paper)Digital printing on SD card(12 months memory data capacity)Part

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Stability testing Climatic chamber KK-1300 CHS 2814 Shelve wire KK -820 CHS 2815 Shelve wire KK -1300 CHS 2816 . GMP Qualification package (DQ, FAT, IQ, OQ) 1769 A4 Printer (continuous paper) 85 Digital pr