NORTHVIEW HIGH SCHOOL2021 – 2022Course CatalogThis is a read-only resource. If you have questions, please see ateacher or counselor.TABLE OF CONTENTSAdvanced Placement CoursesArt CoursesAnimation CoursesAudio-Video, Technology & Film CoursesBusiness CoursesComputer Science CoursesDrama CoursesESOL CoursesHealth and Physical Education CoursesIRR CoursesLanguage Arts CoursesEngineering / Manufacturing CoursesMarketing CoursesMathematics CoursesMusic CoursesScience CoursesSocial Studies CoursesTalented and Gifted TAG CoursesPublic Health / Sports MedicineWorld Languages CoursesWork Based Learning Courses

NORTHVIEW HIGH SCHOOL COURSE OFFERINGS2021-2022When using this catalogue, please remember the following:Computer # indicates the computer number of the course.Term indicates the length of the course. Courses with a term of S meet for one semester; thosedesignated with Y meet for the entire year.Prerequisite indicates certain courses that must be completed prior to the start of the course, that thecourse is restricted to certain grade levels, and/or that the student must complete an application toregister for the course.Prerequisite grade requirements indicated are unweighted grades.Advanced Placement (AP) is a program of college-level courses which gives high school students theopportunity to receive advanced placement and/or credit in college through successful completion of anexit examination.Current teachers will make all recommendations for students they teach, including AP courses.N/C indicates participation only; no credit is granted.Computer #23.061000023.0610040Language Arts9th Grade Lit/Comp9th Grade Lit/Comp HonorsTermYYCredit1.01.023.062000023.062004010th Grade Lit/Comp10th Grade Lit/Comp HonorsYY1.01.023.051000023.051004011th Grade American Lit/Comp11th Grade American Lit/CompHonorsAP English Lang and Comp/American LitYY1.01.0Y1.023.152000023.0670001British Lit/CompMulticultural Lit/CompYY1.01.011th Grade American Lit/Comp; 1211th Grade American Lit/Comp; 1223.0340040Advanced Composition HonorsY1.011th Grade American Lit/Comp; 1223.0650010AP English Literature emporary Lit – Film StudyWriter’s WorkshopJournalism/Newspaper ISSY0.50.51.0AP Commitment Form; 85 unweightedAP Lang or 90 unweighted Honors or95 on-level American Literature; 12Elective; 11-12Elective; 11-12Application; 85 cumulative avg; 85 LA;See Ms. Evans - Room 539; 9-1223.0530010Prerequisite and Grade Level (bold)None; 985 unweighted Lang Arts 8 Advanced or95 regular 8th grade Language Arts;recommendation from Grade 8 LanguageArts teacher; 99th Grade Lit/Comp; 1085 unweighted Honors; 95 regular 9thGrade Lit/Comp; 1010th Grade Lit/Comp; 1185 unweighted Honors or 95 regular in10th Grade Lit/Comp; 11AP Commitment Form;85 unweighted 10 Honors or 95 10thGrade Lit/Comp; 11

23.0330000Journalism/Newspaper IIY1.0Newspaper I; advisor permission;See Ms. Evans - Room 539; 11-12Newspaper II; advisor permission;See Ms. Evans - Room 539; 11-12Application; 85 cumulative avg; 85 LA;See Mr. Young – Room 782; 9-12Application; 85 cumulative avg; 85 LA;See Mr. Rawlin – room 503; 10-12Yearbook I; advisor permission;See Mr. Rawlin – room 503; 11-12Yearbook II; advisor permission;See Mr. Rawlin – room 503; 11-12Application; 85 cumulative avg; 85 LA;see Ms. Pope – room 509; 10-12Literary Magazine I; advisor permission;See Ms. Pope – room 509; 11-12Literary Magazine II; advisor permission;See Ms. Pope – room 509; 11-12None; 9-12Permission of advisor; See Mr. Waters –room 540; Course may be repeated;10-12Elective; 10-12Elective; completed or enrolled in 11 th Lit;11-12, (10th) spring semester only - if seats23.0350000Journalism/Newspaper IIIY1.023.0340000Sports Journalism – Adv CompY1.023.0320007Journalism/Yearbook IY1.023.0330007Journalism/Yearbook IIY1.023.0350007Journalism/Yearbook IIIY1.023.0320008Journalism/Literary Magazine IY1.023.0330008Journalism/Literary Magazine IIY1.023.0350008Journalism/Literary Magazine IIIY1.023.046000123.0470001Speech/Forensics ISpeech/Forensics IISS0.50.523.021000135.0660001MythologySAT Prep during 0 period, 7:15 –8:05 each day. 70 Per StudentSS0.50.5Computer #MathematicsTermCreditPrerequisite and Grade LevelMath 8A 70 – 87; Math 8O 70 – 97; 9Passed Math 8 with 70-75 and/orenrolled in ABE Math 8 for twoquarters - take with GSE Algebra1 ;Course is required, no waiverspermitted; 988 Math 8A, 98 Math 8 O level; NOWaivers permitted for 8 O levelstudents. Must have a final grade of98 to take the accelerated course fromlevel 8 O; 9Passed GSE Algebra 1; 10Course is highly recommended forstudents who passed GSE Algebra1with 70 - 75, all students who tookGSE Algebra Support. Support coursetaken along with GSE Geometry; 1083 unweighted GSE AcceleratedAlgebra 1/Geometry A Honors; 10Passed GSE Algebra 1 and GSEGeometry; GSE Acceleratedavailable27.099000027.1997000GSE Algebra 1GSE Algebra 1SupportYY1.01.027.0994040Accelerated GSE Algebra1/Geometry A HonorsY1.027.099100027.1998000GSE GeometryGSE Geometry SupportYY1.01.027.0995040Accelerated GSE Geometry B/Algebra 2 HonorsGSE Algebra 2Y1.0Y1.027.0992000

27.1999000GSE Algebra 2 SupportY1.027.0977040Accelerated GSE PrecalculusHonorsY1.027.0974000GSE anced MathematicalDecision MakingY1.027.0720010AP Calculus – ABY1.027.0730010AP Calculus – BCY1.027.0740010AP StatisticsY1.027.0750405College Calculus 2*(students must register forboth classes)S1.0Geometry/Alg 2 Honors with anunweighted 70-77 11Course is highly recommended forstudents who passed GSE Geometrywith 70 - 78, all students who tookGSE Algebra 1 Support or GSEGeometry Support. Course takenalong with GSE Algebra 2; 1183 unweighted GSE AcceleratedGeometry B/Algebra 2 Honors;Students may not take AcceleratedPreCalculus from on-level Geometryor Algebra 2. Students who wish toaccelerate must take GSEAccelerated Geometry over thesummer to be eligible. 11Passed GSE Algebra 2 with an 85 orhigher; Passed Accel Geo B/Alg 2with an unweighted 78 – 82. Nostudent enrolled in GSE Algebra 2Support should be enrolled in GSEPrecalculus.12Passed Accelerated GSE PrecalculusHonors; Passed GSE Precalculus withan 80 . 12All students enrolled in GSE Algebra 2Support will be placed in AMDM.Passed GSE Algebra 2 with an 84 orbelow; 12AP Commitment Form; 83 unweighted GSE Accel PrecalculusHonors; Passed GSE Precalculus witha 95 ; Passed Calculus 10-12AP Commitment Form; 93 unweighted GSE Accel PrecalculusHonors; 10-12AP Commitment Form; 83 unweighted GSE AcceleratedGeometry Honors;93 GSE Algebra 2; 83 unweightedGSE Accelerated Precalculus HonorsConcurrent Enrollment with GSEPrecalculus; 11-12AP Calculus BC; distance learningwith GA Tech; acceptance to GATech; 11-12

27.0750406Computer #26.012000026.0120040College Calculus 3*(students must register forboth classes)SAT Prep during 0 period,7:15 – 8:05 each day. 70 PerStudentScienceBiologyBiology Honors40.0110000Physical ScienceY40.0510000ChemistryY1.040.0510040Chemistry ntal ScienceY1.026.0730000Human n th SystemsY1.035.0660001SS1.0College Calculus 2 distance learningwith GA Tech; 11-120.5Elective; completed or enrolled inGPS Algebra 2; 11-12, (10) springsemester only - if seats availableTermYYCredit1.01.01.0Prerequisite and Grade LevelNone; 988 Advanced Science or 95 Onlevel Science; 9Completed Biology and 83 GSEAlgebra 1 or enrolled in Algebra 1Support (all Alg 1 Support students toPhysical Science if Bio has beencompleted); 10-1288 Biology or 80 unweighted Bio H;or 85 Physical Science and 83 GSE Algebra 1 or 80 in GeometryH (or enrolled in higher level of mathwith a grade of 80 ); 10-1288 unweighted in Bio H or 95 Bioand 80 Accelerated GSE Alg1/Geom Honors OR 90 in GSEGeom H OR 95 GSE Alg 1 (orenrolled in higher level of math with agrade of 80 ) 10-1275 Chemistry, completed ChemistryH and 80 GSE Geometry; 11-12Completed Biology & PhysicalScience or Biology & Physics or 75Chemistry;11-1280 in Biology and Physical Scienceor Chemistry; 11-12 If you havetaken Essentials of Healthcare youalready have credit for this courseand may not take Human Anatomy.85 in Biology and Chemistry or 80 unweighted Bio H and Chem H; 11-12Completed Bio and Physical Scienceor Chem & Physics; completed GPSGeometry; 11-12Completed Bio & Physical Science orBio & Physics or 80 Chemistry; 1112

26.0140010AP BiologyY1.026.0620010AP Environmental ScienceY1.040.0530010AP ChemistryY1.040.0831010AP Physics 1Y1.040.0841011AP Physics C – MechanicsS0.540.0842012AP Physics C – Electricity &MagnetismS0.540.0930000Forensic ScienceY1.0Computer #45.057000545.083000045.0810000Social StudiesAmerican Government / CivicsWorld HistoryUS World HistorySY0.51.0AP US HistoryY1.010th Grade Prerequisites:unweighted 93 in Honors Biologyand 90 in current math and languagearts courses. 10th graders must beconcurrently enrolled in chemistry orhonors chemistry to be eligible. 11thand 12th prerequisites: 85 unweighted Biology H or 95 Biology;85 unweighted Chemistry H or 95 Chemistry; AP Commitment Form;10-1288 in Biology & Chemistry; 80 unweighted Biology H, Chemistry H;90 in current math and language artscourses. AP Commitment Form; 11-1285 unweighted Chemistry H or 95 Chemistry and 90 GSE Algebra 2 orhigher math; AP Commitment Form;11-1285 unweighted Chemistry H or 95 Chem; 90 GSE Alg 2 or higher math;85 Physics; AP Commitment Form;11-12 May be taken in lieu ofPhysics85 unweighted AP Physics 1,enrolled in AP Calculus; APCommitment Form; 1285 unweighted AP Physics 1,enrolled in AP Calculus; APCommitment Form; 1280 in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics;12Prerequisite and Grade LevelNone; 9 - Required for GraduationNone; 10-12 Required for GraduationWorld History; 11-12 – Required forGraduationNone; Required for Graduation; 1290 in American Government/Civics OR83 unweighted AP Gov’t or AP HumanGeography & 90 in Lit/Comp or 83 unweighted 9th Lit H;AP Commitment Form; 10 – Required forGraduation in lieu of regular WorldHistory90 World History; 83 unweighted APWorld 90 10th Lit/Comp; 85 unweighted

10th Lit/Comp H; & AP Commitment Form;11 – Required for Graduation in lieu ofregular US History90 World History; 83 unweighted APWorld/US; 90 10th Lit/Comp; 85 unweighted 10th Lit/Comp H; & APCommitment Form11-1290 US History; 83 unweighted AP USHist; 90 GSE Alg 2 or 83 unweightedAccel GSE Pre Calc H;AP Commitment Form; 12– Required for Graduation in lieu ofregular Economics90 in US/World History or 83 unweighted AP World/AP US History; and90 in Biology or 83 unweighted inHonors/AP Biology; AP CommitmentForm; 11-1290 in previous Social Studies Course;83 unweighted AP World /US History;AP Commitment Form; Freshman prerequisite 88 in 8th Grade History and88 in Advanced Language Arts - NoWaivers for 9th graders; 9-1290 in previous Social Studies; 83 unweighted AP World/AP US History;AP Commitment Form; 10-1290 in previous Social Studies; 83 unweighted AP World/AP US History;AP Commitment Form; 10-1245.0840010AP European HistoryY1.045.062001145.0630011AP MacroeconomicsAP MicroeconomicsY1.045.0160010AP PsychologyY1.045.0770010AP Human GeographyY1.045.0530011AP Government/PoliticsComparativeS0.545.0520011AP Government/Politics U.S.S0.545.0520000AP Government / Politics U.S.Freshman ONLY courseY1.088 in 8th Grade History, 88 in Advanced.Teacher recommendation only – no waivers –9th ONLY for yearlong course. 945.0310003SociologyS0.5Elective; 1060345.0150000Computer #62.011000062.012000062.0120040Tech in Society / Film & CultureUS History in nese IIIElective; 11-12Elective; 11-12Elective; 11-12Elective; 11-12Elective; 11-12Elective; 11-12Prerequisite and Grade LevelNone; 9-12Chinese I; 9-1293 in Chinese 8; 97 Chinese I (HS)and teacher recommendation; 9-1280 Chinese II or II H; 10-12Human Behavior and AnthropologyCurrent Issues / EventsNational Security / Modern WarfarePsychologyWorld LanguagesChinese IChinese IIChinese II HonorsSSSSSSTermYYYY1.0

62.0130040Chinese III HonorsY1.062.0140040Chinese IV HonorsY1.062.015004062.0196010Chinese V HonorsAP Chinese Language nch IFrench IIFrench II HonorsYYY1. IIIFrench III HonorsYY1.01.060.014000060.0140040French IVFrench IV HonorsYY1.01.060.015004060.0170010French V HonorsAP French Language man IGerman IIGerman II HonorsYY1.01.061.013000061.0130040German IIIGerman III HonorsY1.061.0140040German IV HonorsY1.061.0170010AP German Language andCultureY1.061.0410000Latin IY1.088 unweighted Chinese II H; no waiverspermitted from on-level class 10-1288 unweighted Chinese III H; no waiverspermitted from on-level class 11-1280 Chinese IV H; 1288 unweighted Chinese IV H orPlacement test; and teacherrecommendation; and AP CommitmentForm; 11-12None; 9-12French I; 9-1293 in French 8; 97 French I (HS) andteacher recommendation; 9-1280 French II or French II H; 11-1288 unweighted French II H; no waiverspermitted from on-level class 11-1280 French III or French III H; 11-1288 unweighted French III H; no waiverspermitted from on-level class 11-1280 French IV or French IV H; 1288 unweighted French IV H; and teacherrecommendation; and AP CommitmentForm; 12None; 9-12German I; 9-1290 German I (HS) and teacherrecommendation; 9-1280 German II or German II H; 10-1288 unweighted German II H; no waiverspermitted from on-level class 10-1288 unweighted German III H; no waiverspermitted from on-level class 11-1285 unweighted German IV H or 88 unweighted German III H; and teacherrecommendation; and AP CommitmentForm; 11-12None; 9-1261.0420000Latin IIY1.0Latin I; 9-1261.0420040Latin II HonorsY1.061.043000Latin IIIY1.090 Latin I (HS) and teacherrecommendation; 9-1280 Latin II or Latin II H; 10-1261.0430040Latin III HonorsY1.061.0440040Latin IV HonorsY1.0YY88 unweighted Latin II H; no waiverspermitted from on-level class 10-1288 unweighted Latin III H; no waiverspermitted from on-level class 11-12

61.0480000AP LatinY1.060.071000060.0710600Spanish ISpanish 1BYY1.01.060.0720000Spanish IIY1.060.0720040Spanish II HonorsY1.060.0730000Spanish IIIY1.060.0730040Spanish III HonorsY1.060.074000060.0740040Spanish IVSpanish IV HonorsYY1.01.060.0750040Spanish V HonorsY1.060.0770010AP Spanish Language andCultureY1.0Computer #10.5181000Audio-Video, Technology & FilmAudio-Video Technology & Film 1TermYCredit1.010.5191000Audio-Video Technology & Film 2Y1.0AVTF 1; 10-1210.5201000Audio-Video Technology & Film 3Y1.0AVTF 2; 11-1210.4141000Computer #48.4210000Audio-Video Technology & Film 4Animation and Digital MediaIntro to Digital MediaYTermY1.0Credit1.048.4220000Principles and Concepts ofAnimationAdvanced Animation, Game &APP DesignBusiness48.4230000Computer #07.426000085 unweighted Latin Literature Survey H(IV H) or 88 unweighted Latin III H; andteacher recommendation; and APCommitment Form11-12None; 9-12Completed Middle School Spanish but notaccepting high school creditSpanish I; 9-1293 in Spanish 8 or 97 Spanish I (HS)and teacher recommendation; 9-1280 Spanish II or Spanish II H; 10-1288 unweighted Spanish II H; no waiverspermitted from on-level class 10-1280 Spanish III or Spanish III H; 11-1288 unweighted Spanish III H; no waiverspermitted from on-level class 11-1280 Spanish IV or Spanish IV H; 11-1288 unweighted Spanish IV H; andteacher recommendation; and APCommitment Form; 12Prerequisite and Grade LevelNone; 9-12AVTF 3; 12Prerequisite and Grade LevelNoneY1.0Intro to Digital Media; 10-12Y1.0TermCreditIntro to Digital Media, Principles &Concepts of Animation 11-12Prerequisite and Grade LevelFinancial LiteracyY1.0NoneY1.0None07.4110000Introduction to Business &TechnologyPrinciples of AccountingY1.0None07.4110400Honors AccountingY1.0Principles of Accounting; 10-1206.721400006.7215000Work Based Learning – Off CampusWork Based Learning – OfficeAssistantWork Based Learning – TeacherAssistantY1.0Application; See Ms. McCall – Room 438;1207.441300013.7114000

Computer #Computer Science11.4150000TermCreditIntroduction to Digital TechnologyY1.0None11.019000011.0160010AP Computer Science PrinciplesAP Computer Science AYY1.01.0GSE Algebra 1; 10-1290 unweighted in Accelerated GSEGeometry B/Algebra 2 Honors Rising11th and 12th graders: 85 unweightedin fall semester math class. All studentsmust have completed Geometry; 10-12Computer #TermCreditPrerequisite and Grade LevelY1.0None25.4400000Therapeutic – Services /Physical Medicine / SportsMedicine / Public HealthIntroduction to HealthcareScienceEssentials of HealthcareY1.0Intro to Healthcare Science,10 - 1225.4460000Sports MedicineY1.025.452000Public HealthY1.0Computer #Marketing & Marketing PrinciplesMarketing & EntrepreneurshipMarketing ManagementComputer #21.4410000Engineering ManufacturingFoundations of 1.01.0Prerequisite and Grade LevelIntro Healthcare Science; EssentialsHealthcare; 11-12Intro Healthcare Science; EssentialsHealthcare: 11-12Prerequisite and Grade LevelNoneMarketing Principles; 10-12Marketing Principles, Marketing &Entrepreneurship; 11-12Prerequisite and Grade LevelNoneTermYCredit1.0Robotics and Automated SystemsY1.021.4440000Production EnterprisesY1.0Computer #17.0110001Health/Physical EducationGeneral HealthPersonal FitnessAdvanced Personal FitnessUltimate Frisbee / Disc GolfBadminton & Ping PongYoga / Body SculptingNutritional Fitness / BodySculptingGeneral PE IGeneral PE IIGeneral PE IIITermSSCredit0.50.5Foundations of EngineeringManufacturing; 10-12Foundations of EngineeringManufacturing, Robotics & AutomatedSystems; 11 -12Prerequisite and Grade LevelRequired for Graduation; 9-12Required for Graduation; 9-12SSSSS0. Fitness; 10-12None; 9-12None; 9-12None; 9-12None; 9-12SSS0.50.50.5None; 9-12None; 9-12None; 000136.055000136.011000136.012000136.0130001

36.022000136.0270001Lifetime SportsRecreational EducationWeight Training IWeight Training IIWeight Training III – AdvancedBody SculptingZero Period Wt. TrainingS0.536.0520001Computer #Physical 00150.0412001Visual Arts/Comprehensive 1(aka Introduction to Art)Visual Arts/Ceramics 1Visual Arts/Ceramics 212 OnlyNone; 9-12Weight Training I; 9-12Weight Lifting Regiment in PlaceAdvanced weight training only; 9-12None; 9-12 Before school weight lifting;must provide own transportationNone; 9-12Prerequisite and Grade LevelStudents entering high school withComprehensive 1/Intro to Art credit maybegin level 1 advanced art coursesNone; 9-12SS0.50.5Comprehensive 1 (Intro to Art); 9-12Ceramics 1; 9-1250.0413001Visual Arts/Ceramics 3S0.5Ceramics 2 ; 10-1250.0414001Visual Arts/Ceramics 4S0.5Ceramics 3 ; 1400150.072100150.072200150.0921010Visual Arts/Drawing & Painting 1Visual Arts/Drawing & Painting 2Visual Arts/Drawing & Painting 3Visual Arts/Drawing & Painting 4Visual Arts/Jewelry/Metalcrafts 1Visual Arts/Photography 1Visual Arts/Photography 2Visual Arts/Photography 3Visual Arts/Photography 4Visual Arts/Graphics 1Visual Arts/Graphics 2AP Art DrawingY1.050.0813010AP 2D Art and DesignY1.0Comprehensive 1 (Intro to Art); 9-12Drawing & Painting 1; 9-12Drawing & Painting 2; 10-12Drawing & Painting 3; 10-12Comprehensive 1 (Intro to Art); 9-12Jewelry/Metalcrafts 1; 9-12Comprehensive 1 (Intro to Art); 9-12Photography 1; 9-12Photography 2; 10-12Photography 3; 10-12Comprehensive 1 (Intro to Art); 9-12Graphics 1; 10-1285 in previous semester’s ONLV SocialStudies and English courses;80 unweighted all AP World/AP USHistory (courses not required; graderequired if taken); 80 unweightedprevious semester’s honors Englishcourse (course not required; graderequired if taken). AP Commitment Form;10-12Comprehensive 1 (Intro to Art), Drawing &Painting 1 & 2, PORTFOLIO REVIEWREQUIRED;AP Commitment Contract 11-12Comprehensive 1 (Intro to Art) AND anycombination of TWO upper level classes:Visual Arts / Jewelry/Metalcrafts 2SS0.50.5SSNone; 9-12None; 9-12

Y1.0TermYCredit1.0Piano Lab 1APiano Lab 1BPiano Lab 2APiano Lab 2BIntermediate Orchestra I, II, III, IV– Concert OrchestraSSSSY0. & Painting 1 & 2 OR Drawingand Painting 1 AND Graphics 1 ORDrawing & Painting 1 AND Photography 1OR Photography 1 & 2 OR Photography 1AND Graphics 1 OR Graphics 1 & 2PORTFOLIO REVIEW REQUIRED;AP Commitment Contract 11-12Comprehensive 1 (Intro to Art) AND anycombination of 2: Ceramics 1, Ceramics2, Jewelry/Metalcrafts 1,Jewelry/Metalcrafts 2, Sculpture 1,Sculpture 2PORTFOLIO REVIEW REQUIRED;AP Commitment Contract 11-12Prerequisite and Grade LevelSee Mr. Copeland – Room 785;AP Commitment Form; 11-12None; 9-12Piano Lab 1A; 9-12Piano Lab 1B; 10-12Piano Lab 2A; 10-12Audition; 9-12Advanced Orchestra I,II,III, IV Philharmonia OrchestraY1.0Audition; 9-12Mastery Orchestra I, II, III, IV Chamber OrchestraY1.0Audition; 9-12Intermediate Band I, II, III, IV –Symphonic WindsY1.0Audition; 9-12Advanced Band I, II, III, IV –Chamber WindsY1.0Audition; 9-12Mastery Band I, II, III, IV –Chamber EnsembleY1.0Audition; 9-12Percussion I, II, III, IVY1.0Audition Only; 9-1250.0814010AP 3D Art and DesignComputer #53.0230010MusicAP Music 0053.076300053.0764000

54.026300054.0264000Computer 052.042000052.043000052.0440000Computer 270.221000170.221000270.222000170.2220002Computer #23.0610020Intermediate Chorus I, II, III, IVY1.0None; 9-12Advanced Mixed Chorus I, II, III,IVY1.0Audition; 9-12Advanced Women's Chorus I, II,III, IVY1.0Audition; 62002023.051002023.063002155.0210000ESOL 10th Grade Lit/CompSheltered American Lit/CompESOL 12th Grade Lit/CompCommunication Skills IYYYY1. of Theatre IFundamentals of Theatre IIActing IActing IIActing IIIAdv Drama IAdv Drama IIAdv Drama IIIAdv Drama IVTechnical Theatre ITechnical Theatre IITechnical Theatre IITechnical Theatre IVTAGGifted Participation 9Gifted Participation 10Gifted Participation 11Gifted Participation 12Gifted Directed Study 1AGifted Directed Study 1BGifted Directed Study 2AGifted Directed Study 2BGifted Directed Study 3AGifted Directed Study 3BGifted Career Internship 1AGifted Career Internship 1BGifted Career Internship 2AGifted Career Internship 2BESOLESOL 9th Grade Lit/CompPrerequisite and Grade LevelNone; 9-12Fundamentals of Theatre I; 9-12None; 9-12Acting I or Fundamentals of Theatre; 10-12Acting II; 11-12Audition OnlyAudition OnlyAudition OnlyAudition OnlyNone; 9-12Technical Theatre I; 10-12Technical Theatre II; 11-12Technical Theatre III; 12Prerequisite and Grade tionApplicationApplication; 11-12Application; 11-12Application; 11-12Application; 11-12Prerequisite and Grade LevelEnrollment in ESOL; ACCESS Score 2-5;9-12ESOL; ACCESS Score 2-5; 10-12ESOL; ACCESS Score 2-5; 11-12ESOL; ACCESS Score 2-5; 12ESOL; ACCESS Score 1; 9-12

55.022000055.024000055.0230000Computer #Please 000045.881000045.961000145.8610001Communication Skills IIOral Communication in ContentAreasReading and Listening in ContentAreaIRRTT Team TaughtSC Self ContainedMC Modified Curriculum9th Lit / Comp - TT9th Lit / Comp – SC/MC10th Lit / Comp – TT10th Lit / Comp – SC/MC11th Am Lit / Comp – TT11th Am Lit / Comp – SC/MCMulticultural Lit – TTMulticultural Lit – SC/MCBiology – TTBiology - SC/MCPhysical Science - TTPhysical Science – SC/MCEarth Systems – TTEarth Systems – SC/MCEnvironmental Science – TTEnvironmental Science – SC/MCGSE Algebra I - TTGSE Algebra I – SC/MCGSE Algebra I Supp – TTGSE Algebra I Supp – SC/MCGSE Geometry – TTGSE Geometry – SC/MCGSE Geometry Support – TTGSE Geometry Support – SC/MCGSE Algebra 2 – TTGSE Algebra 2 – SC / MCGSE Algebra 2 Support - TTGSE Algebra 2 Support – SC/MCAdvanced Math Decision Making TTAdvanced Math Decision Making SCAmerican Govt/Civics – TTAmerican Government/Civics –SC/MCWorld History – team taughtWorld History – SC/MCUS History – team taughtUS History – SC/MCEconomics – team taughtEconomics – SC/MCYY1.01.0ESOL; ACCESS Score 2-3; 9-12ESOL; ACCESS Score 1; 9-12Y1.0ESOL; ACCESS Score 1; 50.5IEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP PlacementIEP placementIEP placementIEP PlacementIEP PlacementIEP placementIEP placementYYYYYY1. placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placement

47.8910000Computer #13.711400006.711500006.7214000CTI Work ExperienceStudy Skills 1Study Skills 2Study Skills 3Study Skills 4Career Co-op ClassWork Based LearningExperiencesWork Based Learning - TeachingWork Based Learning – OfficeAsstWork Based Learning Program –Off Campus jobYYYYYYTerm1. placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementIEP placementPrerequisite and Grade LevelSS0.50.5Application; See Ms. McCall rm 438; 12Application; See Ms. McCall rm 438; 12Y1.0Application; See Ms. McCall – Room 438;11-12

Fulton County Minimum Guidelines forAdvanced CoursesThe Fulton County Curriculum Department has createdminimum guidelines for each advanced course offered in FultonCounty. Northview has adopted additional prerequisiteminimums based on a three-year study of student grades andoverall skills. The Northview prerequisites are listed in the frontof our course catalog. Parents should be aware of the rigorrequired in all of the courses offered at Northview, in order tomake an informed decision on what is the best placement fortheir child. Teachers make initial course recommendationsbased on the minimum prerequisites established by eachdepartment at Northview. Parents have the option to waive theprerequisite minimums, provided their child meets the countyminimums, for any advanced course.All Fulton County minimum guidelines may be found on theFulton County website –

COURSE DESCRIPTIONSANIMATION AND DIGITAL MEDIACourse Name: Intro to DigitalMediaCourse Number: 48.421000Description: The Introduction of Digital Media students will learn the basic components of 2-D and 3Danimation development from storyboarding elements to fundamental software capabilities. The courseserves as an introduction to the animation history, keyboarding shortcuts, project filing, and careerawareness. Instruction in this course focuses on storyboard creation, the physics and anatomy of motion,technology of animation, properties and use of color, cameras and lighting, fundamentals of modeling andanimating, creating a portfolio and file management. No prerequisite for this course.Course Name: Principles and Concepts of AnimationNumber: 48.4220000Description: In Principles and Concepts of Animation, students will continue to develop and implementaesthetics of color selection, storyboarding in 2-D digital animation, and develop animatic creations from2-D to 3-D. Students in this course will learn interface tools, the use of drawing tools, animating thecamera, importing images from web sources and files, working with sound and lip syncing, understandingpaths and motion design, and frame by frame animation creation relative to sequence planning andpacing. This course will allow students to explore more advanced aspects of character animationincluding subtle character gesture and advanced action timing with emphasis on personal observation.The course will allow students to develop an understanding of basic sound considerations such as lipsyncing, voice-overs, and the synchronization of sound with the visual product. This course will allowstudents to build on previously learned storyboarding skills, develop scripts, determine charactermotivations, consider setting and motion variables, and learn other unique traits of animation throughintegrated activities.Course Name: Advanced Animation, Game and APP DesignCourse Number: 48.42300Description: Students will con

Art Courses Engineering / Manufacturing Courses . Audio-Video, Technology & Film Courses Mathematics Courses Business Courses Music Courses Computer Science Courses Science Courses . 23.1520000 British