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WELCOMEExecutive Director-TreasurerTODD UNZICKERN.C. Baptists,I’m looking forward to gathering with you for our annual meetingin Greensboro. Our theme this year is “On Mission Together,”which reflects our desire to unite around the Great Commission.On the night before Jesus gave His life for us, He prayed in John 17 that His disciples would be one.Jesus’ prayer wasn’t just for His disciples in that day, but it was also for all believers for all time.John 17:23 serves as the supporting verse for the theme of this year’s meeting. In that verse Jesusprays, “I in them and you in me, that they may become perfectly one, so that the world may knowthat you sent me and loved them even as you loved me” (ESV).In this passage, Jesus prays that we would be brought into complete unity so that the world mayknow and believe in Christ. That’s what it means to be on mission together.Sadly, “together” isn’t a word that I would use to describe our society these days. And as a conventionof independent, autonomous churches, we have our differences as well. Those differences couldrefer to things such as urban or rural, coastal or mountain, or large or small.While we acknowledge our differences, we are reminded that our mission unites us and brings ustogether. Every church has a role to play in the kingdom of God. In God’s economy, there are nosmall churches — only one, big Great Commission.We do not seek after uniformity. Instead, we are after unity in the Great Commission. I lookforward to celebrating what it means for us as a state convention to be a movement of churcheson mission together.We’ve got an exciting schedule planned for this year’s annual meeting that includes times ofdynamic worship, inspiration, preaching, ministry reports, breakout sessions and more. My friendH.B. Charles Jr., pastor of Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida, will deliver6

this year’s convention sermon. I’m looking forward to hearing the message he has for us fromGod’s holy, inerrant and infallible Word.We’ve also allotted some time in our schedule on Monday evening for a meet-and-greet so thatyou can interact with me and your state convention staff. I look forward to meeting as many ofyou as possible, and listening and learning how we can be on mission together.Your state convention staff want to be the first and primary ministry partner for your church oryour association. I believe that our best days as a convention are ahead of us as we work togetherto be a movement of churches on mission together.On Mission Together,Todd UnzickerExecutive Director-TreasurerBaptist State Convention of North Carolina7

R E P O RTBOARD OF DIRECTORSMATT CAPPSPresident, Board of DirectorsThe board of directors has the responsibility of acting onbehalf of the convention when the convention is not in session.Matters that affect the direction and enhance the missioncauses and ministry endeavors of North Carolina Baptists arethe responsibility of the board. The board typically meets threetimes annually and is comprised of North Carolina Baptistsrepresenting cooperating churches from 10 regions across thestate. In 2021, the board convened one additional time for aspecial called meeting in April for the purpose of nominatingTodd Unzicker to the convention for consideration as executivedirector-treasurer.The executive committee of the board has the responsibility of acting on behalf of the board and the conventionbetween sessions. The executive committee is responsible for the administrative, personnel and certain business actionsof the convention, and the committee reports its actions and recommendations to the board and the convention. Theexecutive committee met 10 times since September 2020. Members include the president and vice president of the board(who serve as the chairperson and vice chairperson of the executive committee), the officers of the convention, thechairpersons of the committees and special committees of the board, four at-large members of the board, the presidentof North Carolina Baptist Men/Baptists on Mission, the president of the North Carolina Baptist Associational MissionsConference, and the chairpersons of the Budget Special Committee and the Articles and Bylaws Special Committee.8

Fruitland Baptist Bible College NominatingCommittee:Three members of the executive committee: Jason Miller, chairperson Quintell Hill Micheal PardueThis report includes actions taken by the board andexecutive committee since the conclusion of theSeptember 2020 board meeting.The board of directors elected the followingofficers for 2021: President: Matt Capps Vice President: Casey Norkett Board Secretary: Angela KilbyBusiness Services Special Committee nonboard members: Jeff Long (2024 term), Parkwood Baptist, Gastonia David Orcutt (2024 term), Central Baptist,Wendell Keith Richardson (2022 term), Providence Baptist,Raleigh Joyce Rogers (2022 term), Asheboro First BaptistChurch, AsheboroThe board of directors elected the followingat-large members to serve on the executivecommittee for 2021: Noah Crowe Pat Kilby Rick Speas Terry StockmanCommittee on NominationsNine new members of the Committee on Nominationswere nominated by convention president Micheal Pardue,first vice president Quintell Hill and second vice presidentJason Miller. During the February 2021 meeting, the boardelected the following individuals to serve:The board of directors’ committees and specialcommittees elected the following chairpersonsfor 2021: Business Services Special Committee: TimmyBlair Christian Life and Public Affairs SpecialCommittee: Steven Wade Church Planting and Missions PartnershipsCommittee: Travis Suits Communications Committee: James Harrington Convention Relations Special Committee: KeithStephenson Evangelism and Discipleship Committee: CharlieMartinTerm ending 2021: Karin Blanchard, Sandy Ridge, Hickory, Region 8,unexpired term of Robin FisherTerm ending 2022: Donald Hollifield, Coopers Gap, Mill Spring, Region 8,unexpired term of Brian Chilton Stan Hyon, Fayetteville Korean, Fayetteville, Region 3,unexpired term of Richard SheriffThe board president made the following committeeappointments:Term ending 2023: Kris Estep, Barberville,Waynesville, Region 9 Dave Heller, Hallsboro, Hallsboro, Region 3 Nick King, Campfield Memorial, Ellenboro, Region 8 Brent Snyder, Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Region 7 Dennis Thurman, Pole Creek, Candler, Region 9 Jesse Watkins, Friendship Southern Baptist, Concord,Region 6 Dustin Mace, Buffalo, Shelby, was elected aschairperson of this committee.Articles and Bylaws Special Committee Non-board member: Rick Langston (2022 term),Summit Church, Durham Board member: Allen Murray (2024 term),Centerville Baptist Church, Kelly Non-board member: Aaron Swain (2024 term),Freedom Church, Lincolnton Allen Murray was appointed as chairperson.Based on changes to the convention’s bylaws thatwere approved by the messengers at the November2017 annual meeting, board officers and boardcommittee chairpersons for 2022 were elected at theSeptember 2021 board of directors’ meeting. Fourat-large members of the executive committee will beelected in January 2022.Budget Special Committee Non-board member: Griffin Gulledge (2024 term),Faith Baptist,Youngsville Zeb Cook was appointed as chairperson.Christian Life and Public Affairs SpecialCommittee non-board members: Shirley Sells (2024 term), Crosspointe BaptistChurch, Concord9

The board of directors elected the following officersfor 2022: President: Casey Norkett Vice President: Zeb Cook Board Secretary: Angela Kilby The board of directors’ committees and specialcommittees elected the following chairpersons for 2022: Business Services Special Committee:Timmy Blair Christian Life and Public Affairs SpecialCommittee: Steven Wade Church Planting and Missions PartnershipsCommittee: Travis Suits Communications Committee: James Harrington Convention Relations Special Committee: ChrisBaucom Evangelism and Discipleship Committee:James Weddington N.C. Baptists on MissionChurch PlantingMission Work CampsMobilization Ministry Projects(Baptist Men)Associational ProjectsThe board of directors approved a recommendationfrom the Fruitland Baptist Bible College NominatingCommittee to fill the 2025 terms on the Fruitlandboard representing the: Adopted a challenge budget allocation of 50% toour Great Commission Ministry Partners (SBC)and 50% to convention ministry groups in the eventthat giving from churches exceeds the proposedCooperative Program budget. The challengebudget will be presented to the convention forconsideration at the 2021 annual meeting.Adopted the North Carolina Missions Offering(NCMO) goal which remains unchanged from2021 as recommended by the Budget SpecialCommittee and approved by the executivecommittee with the full support of the primarysponsor and beneficiary of the NCMO, Baptistson Mission, and will present the following 2022allocations for consideration to the convention atits 2021 annual meeting: 856,720 596,000 313,080 124,200 210,000TOTAL NCMO GOAL 2,100,000Convention board of directors: Pat Kilby, FirstBaptist, CaryAlumni: Alberto Berrio, Ebenezer Baptist,HendersonvilleAt-large: Al Hood Jr., First Baptist, MurphyThe executive committee of the board of directors: Approved the 2022 Cooperative Program budgetof 28 million as presented by the Budget SpecialCommittee. Adopted a challenge budget that any CooperativeProgram receipts for 2022 in excess of theapproved Cooperative Program budget beallocated as follows: 50% to the global ministrypartners and 50% to convention ministry groups. Approved that the 2022 North Carolina MissionsOffering goal and allocations remain unchangedfrom the 2021 offering goal.Additional actions of the board of directors andexecutive committee were as follows:Articles and Bylaws Special CommitteeIn September 2021, the Articles and Bylaws SpecialCommittee presented to the board of directors sixproposed changes to the bylaws of the Baptist StateConvention of North Carolina for consideration, alldealing with the issue of giving proper notice to ourchurches regarding various items. The board approved theproposed bylaw changes for the messengers to consider atthe 2021 annual meeting. The six proposed changes can befound in the special edition of the Biblical Recorder, madeavailable to the messengers in their messenger packet.Business MattersThe board of directors: Approved a change in dates for the next threeannual meetings of the convention as follows: for2021, the dates were changed from Nov. 15-16,2021 to Nov. 8-9, 2021; for 2022, the dates werechanged from Nov. 14-15, 2022 to Nov. 7-8, 2022;and for 2023, the dates were changed from Nov.13-14, 2023 to Nov. 6-7, 2023. Authorized the executive leader for BusinessServices to execute contracts with the KouryConvention Center in Greensboro, N.C., to hostthe referenced annual meetings. Approved a recommendation from the BusinessServices Special Committee for the constructionBudget Special CommitteeThe board of directors: Adopted the 2022 proposed Cooperative Program(CP) budget of 28 million as recommended bythe Budget Special Committee and approved bythe executive committee and will present thebudget for consideration to the convention at the2021 annual meeting.10

of up to 16 one-bedroom cabins adjacent toCaraway’s main conference center as funds areavailable for the project.Approved the EDT Search Committee’srecommendation that Todd Unzicker be the nextexecutive director-treasurer of the Baptist StateConvention of North Carolina and approvedplacing Todd Unzicker in nomination to be thenext executive director-treasurer of the BaptistState Convention of North Carolina before themessengers at a special called meeting of theconvention.Approved the EDT Search Committee’srecommendation to call a special meeting of theBaptist State Convention of North Carolina onSaturday, May 22, 2021, beginning at 1 p.m. atCalvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem for thepurpose of electing an executive director-treasurerand authorized the convention staff to workwith the convention’s officers and convention’sCommittee on Convention Meetings in arrangingand holding such special meeting.Authorized the sale of the Caraway Camp andConference Center director’s home at 5138Caraway Mountain Road, Sophia, N.C., to JimmyHuffman for 230,000 with a permanent deedrestriction giving the convention the right of firstrefusal to purchase the property if the Huffmanfamily should choose to sell the property in thefuture and with the proceeds being placed ina Business Services reserve to be used for theconstruction of a permanent director’s residenceon the main campus at a future date. AuthorizedJohn Butler, executive leader for BusinessServices, to execute all necessary documents forthe completion of the referenced sale.Authorized the sale at market value of theGarren House located at 3013 Fruitland Road,Hendersonville, N.C., with the proceeds beingplaced in a Fruitland reserve for future capitalprojects on campus. Authorized David Horton,president of Fruitland Baptist Bible College,to execute all necessary documents for thecompletion of the referenced sale.At the request of the N.C. Baptist Hospital andthe Convention Relations Special Committee,approved that the board president appoint thecurrent members of the Institutional RelationshipStudy Committee to comprise a study committeeto satisfy the bylaw requirement for making achange in the relationship with the hospital andthat the committee report back to the board at itsMay 2022 meeting.The executive committee of the board of directors: Approved making a recommendation to the boardof directors that the dates for the next threeannual meetings be changed to: Nov. 8-9, 2021;Nov. 7-8, 2022; and Nov. 6-7, 2023. Approved a succession plan for announcing anEDT candidate. Approved updates to the “BSCNC InfectiousDisease Preparedness and Response Policy”. Approved the Committee on Nominations’recommendation that the following nominees fillcurrent vacancies for the remainder of 2021 andbe presented with the full slate of nominees forelection by messengers at the November annualmeeting to serve the remainder of the vacant term:Danny Justice, the BSCNC board of directorsunfilled 2024 term, region 3; Andrew Ivester,the BSCNC board of directors 2022 unexpiredterm of Matthew Hirt, region 4; Lon Chenowith,the BSCNC board of directors unexpired 2022term of Shanon Brower, region 8; Josh Evans,the BSCNC board of directors unexpired 2022term of Jason Miller who resigned when electedas convention second vice president, region 9;and Jonas Perez, the Biblical Recorder board ofdirectors unexpired 2024 term of Matthew Jacobs. Approved the “On Mission Together” structureas presented by Executive Director-TreasurerTodd Unzicker.Financial MattersThe board of directors: Accepted and affirmed the 2020 annual audit aspresented by the external auditor. Authorized the transfer of 20% of the operatingnet income from 2020 to the contingency reserve(which totals 21,352).The executive committee of the board of directors: Approved merit bonus gifts for a limited numberof convention staff. These bonuses were givenat the executive director-treasurer’s discretionin consultation with the executive leaders forexemplary performance in 2020. Funding forthese bonuses came from interest income. Approved the transfer of 250,000 from thechurch loan corpus reserve to the North CarolinaBaptist Scholarship Fund at the North CarolinaBaptist Foundation for 2021.Personnel MattersThe board of directors: Approved the executive committee’srecommendation that Brian Upshaw serve11

as the interim executive director-treasurerfollowing Milton A. Hollifield Jr.’s retirement untila permanent executive director-treasurer was inplace and that recently retired Lynn Sasser returnto serve in an interim role as part of the executiveleadership team.The executive committee of the board of directors: Authorized the executive leader of BusinessServices to approve 2021 housing allowancerequests for ordained staff employed by the BaptistState Convention of North Carolina. Heard Executive Director-Treasurer Milton A.Hollifield Jr.’s announcement that Brian Upshawwould fill the role of interim executive leader forthe Evangelism and Discipleship group beginningJan. 1, 2021. Recommended to the board of directors thatBrian Upshaw serve as the interim executivedirector-treasurer for the Baptist State Conventionof North Carolina. Authorized the board president to work withHuman Resources and Business Services to finalizethe job description and appropriate compensationlevel for the interim executive director-treasurer,within the current salary range in place forconvention staff, subject to the board of directors’approval of Brian Upshaw to serve as the interimexecutive director-treasurer for the Baptist StateConvention of North Carolina. Approved the recommendation that BrianUpshaw fill the position of executive leader ofAdministration and Convention Relations. Approved the “On Mission Together” directorsas presented by Executive Director-TreasurerTodd Unzicker. They were: Chuck Register,director of the Mission Catalysts group; BrianUpshaw, director of the Ministry Strategies groupas well as associate executive director-treasurer;Seth Brown, director of the Convention Relationsgroup; John Butler, director of Operations; andKathryn Carson, director of the Marketing andCommunications group. Approved Bradley Norris as the Human Resourcesofficer.Respectfully submitted,Matt Capps, PresidentAngela Kilby, Secretary12

2022BUDGETGREAT COMMISSION MINISTRIES (SBC) 12,600,000 (45.0%)20212022International Mission Board 5,716,494 6,351,660North American Mission Board 2,584,386 2,871,540SBC Seminaries 2,512,944 2,792,160 526,176 584,640Other Ministries & AdministrationNC MINISTRIES 11,050,000 (39.46%)20212022Convention and Board Operations 2,550,000 2,750,000Convention Ministry GroupsConvention Relations GroupMarketing & Communications GroupOperations GroupMission Catalysts GroupMinistry Strategies redrestructured 696,450 841,504 1,867,393 2,139,360 2,755,293TOTAL 8,760,00014 8,300,000

INSTITUTIONS & AGENCIES 3,830,000 (13.68%)20212022Christian Social ServicesBaptist Children’s Homes of NCBaptist Children’s Homes, DDM ProgramNC Baptist Aging MinistriesNC Baptist Hospital (FaithHealth Division) 1,500,000 300,000 680,000 240,000 1,600,000 300,000 700,000 150,000TOTAL 2,720,000 2,750,000AgenciesThe Biblical RecorderNorth Carolina Baptist Foundation 310,000 70,000 300,000 70,000TOTAL 380,000 370,000Fruitland Baptist Bible College 670,000 710,000GUIDESTONE & CHURCH PROTECTION BENEFITS 520,000 (1.86%)2021Retirement and Protection BenefitsFor NC Baptist Church StaffMinisters’ Emergency ReserveGreatCommissionMinistries(SBC)39.46%2022 555,000 495,000 25,000 25,000North CarolinaMinistries45.0%13.68%TOTAL 28,000,0001.86%GuideStone & ChurchProtection BenefitsInstitutions& Agencies15

R E P O RTADMINISTRATION &CONVENTION RELATIONSBRIAN UPSHAWExecutive LeaderAdministration and Convention Relations fulfills a variety ofresponsibilities on behalf of the Baptist State Convention ofNorth Carolina (BSCNC) in service of the convention’s churches.The Executive Director-Treasurer’s (EDT) Office provides leadership and direction to the entire convention staff. It isthe responsibility of the EDT to assist the BSCNC board of directors and convention committees in their work. TheEDT also works closely with the officers of the board and officers of the convention as they seek to fulfill their tasks.Milton A. Hollifield Jr., retired as executive director-treasurer on Feb. 28, 2021. Following Hollfiield’s retirement,Brian Upshaw was named interim EDT by the board of directors. Upshaw served as the interim executive directortreasurer from March 1, 2021, until Todd Unzicker was elected as EDT on May 22, 2021, during a special calledconvention meeting.The Administration and Convention Relations Group also serves as a liaison with all institutions and agencies of thestate convention. Specifically, the related entities of the convention are the Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina,the North Carolina Baptist Hospital, the North Carolina Baptist Foundation and the Biblical Recorder. In addition, thisoffice continues to foster the convention’s relationship with the five historically affiliated educational institutions.The Administration and Convention Relations Group consists of three teams and/or offices, N.C. Baptists on Missionstaff and Fruitland Baptist Bible College staff. These staff members and their assignments are identified within theirrespective reports.COMMUNICATIONS TEAMThe Communications Team supports and serves the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSCNC) and itsministry groups and teams by developing strategies, content, resources and other materials to support the stateconvention’s efforts to assist N.C. Baptist churches in their divinely appointed mission. The team supports andpromotes the work of the convention and its ministries through print, electronic, online, digital, video, email andsocial media channels. Following is a brief summary of some selected highlights of the Communications Team’s workfrom July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021.16

Significant Accomplishments & ActivitiesEDT Search Updates: The Communications Teamlaunched a special webpage to keep N.C. Baptistsinformed about the search for the next executivedirector-treasurer (EDT) after Milton Hollifieldannounced his plans to retire from the position. Thepage included a timeline and details about the searchprocess, bios on the search committee members, anda special email address to contact the committee andmake recommendations. The Communications Teamalso partnered with the Biblical Recorder to provideregular updates from the search team, in addition totheir calls for feedback and prayer.the Communications Team within the Administration andConvention Relations group of the BSCNC. The promotionof the Cooperative Program includes videos, articles andsocial media. The Cooperative Program office also helpsexisting unaffiliated churches to join the convention.Significant Accomplishments & ActivitiesFrom July 2020 to July 2021, even though consultationswere limited because of COVID-19, consultationswere conducted with two churches that wish to jointhe Baptist state convention as member churches. Weare excited and thankful to see increased CooperativeProgram participation and giving so far in 2021. The“52 Sundays” resource was created to prayerfullyinform your congregation about how the CooperativeProgram is fueling missions and ministry around theworld, featuring a wider breadth of efforts that aresupported through the Cooperative Program. The2021 resource is offered in English and Spanish, and itmay be accessed at Meetings: The Communication Teamworked with ministry groups and teams of the conventionto provide planning, promotional and logistical supportof various BSCNC sponsored events. Due to the ongoingimpact of COVID-19, many events were switched toonline or hybrid events. Notably, the 2020 annual meetingmoved from its customary two-day event at the KouryConvention Center in Greensboro, N.C., to a one-daymeeting held Nov. 10, 2020, at First Baptist Church ofCharlotte. In addition, the Communications Team alsoworked with the Committee on Convention Meetingsand state convention leaders and officers to plan aspecial called convention meeting on May 22, 2021, atCalvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem to elect a newexecutive director-treasurer. During the meeting, ToddUnzicker was elected as the new EDT following MiltonHollifield’s retirement.Future Goals & InitiativesThe Cooperative Program is the most strategic way N.C.Baptists can join together to fuel the Great Commission.We challenge Baptists across North Carolina to join inthe effort to support the 27 million budget approvedby messengers to fuel and advance missions and ministryin North Carolina and around the world.We hope to encourage Baptists across North Carolinato give generously to missions through the CooperativeProgram in a way that demonstrates our desire to be amovement of churches on mission together. We hope tobring on many more churches into our family and educateour existing churches in the Cooperative Program tofurther our mission to reach more people with the gospel.Resource Development: The CommunicationsTeam worked with convention staff to develop anumber of resources designed to assist churches innavigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Oneof those resources was the “Reimagine” project, whichencouraged churches to “reimagine” how to carry outthe mission of God in light of current realities. Theresource is available at Taylor, Cooperative Program DevelopmentKathryn Carson,Team LeaderJoey Prince,Team Leader AssistantINFORMATION TECHNOLOGY/INFORMATION SERVICESThe Information Technology/Information Services (ITIS)team works as part of the support network for our staffand convention work. We provide essential technologicalsupport to a vast number of functions. Most of our workis unseen since it happens behind the scenes of whatother staff are doing publicly. We as a team want to seetechnology used for the glory of God. We have threemajor areas of activities; equipment, services and support.COOPERATIVE PROGRAMThe promotion of the Cooperative Program is assigned toSignificant Accomplishments & ActivitiesThe ITIS team provides convention staff members withthe necessary equipment to facilitate their effectivenessFuture Goals & InitiativesThe Communications Team is continually exploring bestpractices and new approaches to communicating withN.C. Baptists effectively. Preliminary planning is alsounderway for redesign of the state convention’s websiteat in the near future.17

“Praying on the Mountain” Prayer Journey: Inpartnership with the Truett Baptist Association, TruettConference Center and Camp and the “Praying on theMountain” call to prayer, the Office of Prayer facilitateda group of pastors, associational missionaries and prayerministry leaders as they prayed in five locations forspiritual awakening from May 7-8, 2021. The “Praying onthe Mountain” call to prayer was birthed in the heartof the Rev. Fred Lunsford, a 95-year-old, retired pastor,former director of missions and World War II hero. Adocumentary video and more information is available ministry. We offer services such as networking, email,Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system,security cameras, building access, and Wi-Fi connectivityamong many others. We are facilitating support to ourstaff’s needs through software, hardware, training andassisting when they have problems.During the pandemic, the ITIS team provided every staffmember with a desk phone and laptop to allow themto continue working from home. Our webmaster, LaiSalmonson, was able to continue his website trainings viaZoom. System Administrator Russell Schwab, who alsoworks with the Annual Church Profile (ACP), conductedremote trainings for associational clerks. Our internetconnection has increased, which indicates an increasingnumber of our ministries are utilizing internet services.What does our data tell us? Ji Ae Park, our team leaderassistant, is working with some software to learn waysof sharing what our data is saying. Ron Rasberry, ournetwork administrator, wrote an online registrationprogram for our convention meetings, which reducedthe amount of contact for annual meeting check in.Pastor Prayer Initiatives and Team: A team ofpastors and associational leaders continued to meetthroughout the pandemic via conference calls or Zoomon a regular basis to pray, plan and seek the Lordconcerning the multiplication of networks praying forrevival and spiritual awakening across North Carolina.In-person and online pastor prayer gatherings wereconducted in many locations including the Metrolina,Buncombe, Cabarrus, New South River, Raleigh, LittleRiver,Yadkin, Elkin and Union associations.Future Goals & InitiativesHow might we use the technologies that are available tous to advance the kingdom of God? The pandemic pushedus out of our comfort zone to see some new horizonsand opportunities. In a modern world full of technology,we, the church, need to use technology for God’s glory.Prayer Journey Bus Tours: Prayer Journey bus toursare designed to open spiritual eyes and unite believers andministry leaders in prayer toward lostness, revival and spiritualawakening. Although several tours were canceled in 2020, twowere rescheduled in 2021 including the Union Association inMay and the Metrolina Association in August 2021.John D. Jones,Team LeaderJi Ae Park,Team Leader AssistantPrayer Resources: Biblical prayer resources to assistbelievers and churches in prayer for revival, spiritualawakening and the mission are available through theOffice of Prayer at These include: 30-daydevotional prayer guides, “Prayerwalking Made Simple”booklets, training resources, and various biblical prayerbooklets and bookmarks that help

from the Fruitland Baptist Bible College Nominating Committee to fill the 2025 terms on the Fruitland board representing the: Convention board of directors: Pat Kilby, First Baptist, Cary Alumni: Alberto Berrio, Ebenezer Baptist, Hendersonville At-large: Al Hood Jr., First Baptist