3I2002 IMPREZA SERVICE MANUALQUICK REFERENCE INDEXGENERAL INFOMATIONSECTIONc-.This service manual has been preparedto provide SUBARU service personnelwith the necessary information and datafor the correct maintenance and repairof SUBARU vehicles.This manual includes the proceduresfor maintenance, disassembling, reassembling, inspection and adjustment ofcomponents and diagnostics for guidance of experienced mechanics.Please peruse and utilize this manualfully to ensure complete repair work forsatisfying our customers by keepingtheir vehicle in optimum condition.When replacement of parts duringrepair work is needed, be sure to useSUBARU genuine parts.All information, illustration and specifications contained in this manual arebased on the latest product informationavailable at the time of publicationapproval.FUJI HEAVY INDUSTRIES LTD.G1830BE1


FOREWORDFWa 1.PageForeword.2

FOREWORDFOREWORD 1. ForewordA: FOREWORDThese manuals are used when performing maintenance, repair or diagnosis of the Subaru IMPREZA.Applied model: GG***** and GD***** from 2001MY.The additional manuals below are also available:AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE MANUAL (Pub. No. G0853ZE)The manuals contain the latest information at thetime of publication. Changes in the specifications,methods, etc. may be made without notice.FW-2

HOW TO USE THIS MANUALSHU- -Paae1.How to Use This Manuals .2

IHOW TO USE THIS MANUALSHOW TO USE THIS MANUALS1. How to Use This ManualsA: HOW TO USE THIS MANUALS1. STRUCTUREEach section consists of SCT that are broken downinto SC that are divided into sections for each component. The specification, maintenance and otherinformation for the components are included, andthe diagnosis information has also been addedwhere necessary.2. INDEXThe first page has an index with tabs. And at theend of each section is an alphabetical index.3. COMPONENTSFor each component, a composition drawing is included.4. SPECIFICATIONSf f necessary, specifications are also included5. INSPECTIONInspections are included to be carried out beforeand after maintenance.6. MAINTENANCEMaintenance instructions are provided for eachcomponent. When multiple components compriseone process, refer to the instructions for that process for each component.7. DIAGNOSISTables showing a step-by-step process make iteasy to conduct diagnosis.8. SI UNITSMeasurements in these manuals are according tothe SI units. Metric and yard/pound measurementsare also included.HU-2

SPECIFICATIONSSPC1.lmpreza .,.,.,.,.,.2Pagea

IMPREZASPECIFICATIONS1. lmprezaA: DIMENSIONSModelOverall lennthOverall widthOverall height (at CW)CompartmentLengthWidthITreadSedanmm (in) Imm (in)mm (in)mm (in)mm (in)mm (in)HeightI FrontRearMinimum road clearance1,440 (56.7)1,890 (74.4)I1, I 80 (46.5)mm (in) Imm (in)\1,730 (68.1)I1.485 (58.5)1,475 (58.1),1,480 (58.3)*1150 (5.9),155 (6.1)*1,Imm (in)\,WaaonOUTBACK4,405 (173.4)1,695 (66.7)1,710 (67.3)1,465 (57.7),1,475 (58.1),1,485 (58.5)*21,495 (58.9)*21,845 (72.6)1,380 (54.3)1,200 (47.2),1,200 (47.2),1,150 (45.3)*31,150 (45.3)*3I1.465 (57.7)1.460 (57.5)1,455 (57.3)1,455 (57.3)150 (5.9),155 (6.1)*1160 (6.3).\,I\,B: ENGINEModelTurbo 2.0 LI valve arranqementmm (in)Displacementcm3 (cu in)ComDression ratioI Firinq orderIdle speed at Park/Neutralposition (NC OFF)Maximum outputMaximum torqueIIBore x Stroke2.5 LOverhead camshaft tvDe92 x 7599.5 x 79.0(3.62 x 2.95)(3.917 x 3.1 IO)1,994 (121.67)2,457 (149.9)8.0IrpmkW (HP)/rpmN.m (kgf-m, ft-lb)/rpmI10.0-11-3-2-4750169 (227)/6,000294 (30.0, 217)/4,000SPC-21650 (MT)700 (AT)123 (165)/5,600226 (23.0, 166)/4,000

IIMPREZASPECIFICATIONSC: ELECTRICALModelIgnition timing at idling speedIBTDC/rpmTurbo 2.0 LI12" 10"/750Spark plugNGK: PFR6GGeneratorBatteryReserve capacityminCold crankingamperesr M mIII1L 3rd' Reductiongear1st reduction(Front drive)14th5thReverseType of gearGear ratioType of gearIII Gear ratioReductiongear Transfer reduction Type of gear(Rear drive)Gear ratioFinal reductionType of gearGear II2.272Helical1.000-Final reductionITurbo 2.0 L5MTSrlDSPD3.454I 1stLI,amp Transmission typeClutch typeGear ratio-'12V - 75AMT: 12V - 48AH (55D23L)AT: 12V - 52AH (65D23L)MT: 99AT: 111MT: 356AT: 420Type2.5 LMT: 1O"k10 /650AT: 1O"k10"/700CHAMPION: RCI OYC4(Standard)NGK: BKR5E-11NGK: BKR6E-1112V - 90AMT: 12V - 48AH (55D23L)AT: 12V - 52AH (75D23L)MT: 99AT: 118MT: 356AT: 520IHypoid4.1 11--Hypoid4.111I

IIMPREZASPECIFICATIONS2.5 LModelRSTransmission typeClutch typeI1st2nd3rd4th5thI ReverseDual rangerrReductiongear(Front drive)1st reductionType of gearGear id4.444HypoidType of gear4.1 11Gear ratioHeIicalReductiongear Transfer reduction Type of gear(Rear drive)1.oooGear ratioFinal reductionType of gearHypoidHypoid4.4444.1 11Gear ratioI5 M T M : 5 forward speeds with synchromesh and I -reverse4AT 2: Electronically controlled fully-automatic, 4-forward speeds and 1-reverseDSPD: Dry Single Plate DiaphragmTCC: Torque Converter ClutchFinal reductionI4AT*2TCC2.7851.5451.ooo1.694 .1 11Hypoid3.900Hypoid4.1 11-E: STEERINGITypeTurns, lock to lockMinimum turning circleFrontRearModelService brake systemFrontRearParking brakeRack and Pinionm (ft)Curb to curbWall to wall3.210.2 (33.5)310.8 (35.4)11.I (36.3)11.7 (38.3)Macpherson strut type, Independent, Coil springDual-link strut type, Independent, Coil springSEDANWAGONDual circuit hydraulic with vacuum suspended power unitVentilated disc brakeDisc brakeDrum brake, Disc brakelrlMechanical on rear brakesH: TIRERim sizeTire sizeType15 x 6JJ16 x 6’/2JJP I 95/60R15 87HP205/55R16 89VSteel belted radial, TubelessSPC-4I1

IMPREZASPECIFICATIONSI: CAPACITYIFuel tankEngine oilUpper levelLower levelTransmission gear oilQ (US gal, Imp gal)Q (US qt, Imp qt)Q (US qt, Imp qt)Q (US qt, Imp qt)Automatic transmission fluidAT differential gear oilAWD rear differential gear oilPower steering fluidEngine coolantt-Q (US qt, Imp qt)Q (US qt, Imp qt)Q (US qt, Imp qt)Q (US qt, Imp qt)Q (US qt, Imp qt)3.5(3.7, 3.1)-I7.7 (8.1, 6.8)IFrontRearTotalFrontRearTotalkg (Ib)ka (IblI 1ka (Ib) Ikg (Ib)kg (Ib)kg (Ib)w.4AT3.5(3.7, 3.1)-9.3 (9.8, 8.2)1.2 (1.3, 1. I )0.8 (0.8, 0.6)0.7 (0.7, 0.6)7.6 (8.0, 6.7)7.0 (7.4, 6.2)9.5 (10.0, 8.4)1.2 (1.3, 1.1)I16.9 (7.3, 6.1)IAWD5MTlrl826 (1,820)569 (1.255). .1,395 (3,075)998 (2,200)857 (1,890)1,837 (4,050)III2.5 LRS4ATJrl851 (1,875)569 (1.255)1,420 (3,130)998 (2,200)857 (1,890)1,795 (4,050)SPC-5I60 (15.9, 13.2)4.0 (4.2, 3.5)3.0 (3.2, 2.6)--I5MTTurbo 2.0 LWRXCurb weight (C.W.)Gross vehicle weight(G.V.W.)I4ATI60 (15.9, 13.2)4.5 (4.8, 4.0)3.5 (3.7, 3.1)IModelII5MTI.II15MT778 (1,715)567 (1.250).1,345 (2,965)939 (2,070)857 (1,890)1,778 (3,920)I.II4AT803 (1,770)567 (1,250)1,370 (3,020)939 (2,070)857 (1,890)1,837 (4,050)I

IIMPREZASPECIFICATIONSAWDXirbo 2.0 LWRXModelCurb weight (C.W.) Gross vehicle weight(G.V. W.)FrontRearhtaiFrontRearTotal kg (Ib)ka (Ib)ka ob) 1kg (Ib)kg (Ib)kg (Ib)5MTt2825 (1,820)606 (1.335)1,431 (3,155)998 (2,200)925 (2,040)1,901 (4,190)I4ATt2851 (1,875)605 (1,335)1,458 (3,210)998 (2,200)925 (2,040)1,901 (4,190)2.5 LTS-Curb weight (C.W.)Gross vehicle weight-(G.v.w.)FrontRearTotalFrontRearTotalkg (Ib)kg (Ib)kg (Ib)kg (Ib)kg- (Ib)kg (Ib) [5MTtl773 (1,705)603 (1,330)1,376 (3,035)939 (2,070)925 (2,040)1,833 (4,040)I4ATt 1796 (1,755)606 (1,335)1,402 (3,090)939 (2,070)925 (2,040)1,833 (4,040)tl:Excludes weight of ABS, cruise control.t 2 : Excludes weight of side air bag.SPC-6IOUTBACK5MT4AT783 (1,725)805 (1,775)601 (1,325)603 (1,330)1,384 (3,050)1,408 (3,l 05)939 (2,070)939 (2,070)925 (2,040)925 (2,040)1,833 (4,040)1,833 (4,040)I

IMPREZASPECIFICATIONS2. CANADA SPEC. VEHICLESedanModel2.5 LRSTurbo 2.0 LWRXCurb weight (C.W.)Gross vehicle weight(G.V.W.)FrontRearTotalFrontRearTotalkg (Ib)kg (Ib)kg (Ib)kg (Ib)kg (Ib)kg Ob)5MT826 (1,820)573 (1,265)1,399 (3,085)998 (2,200)857 (1,890)1,837 (4,050)4AT851 (1,875)573 (1,265)1,424 (3,140)998 (2,200)857 (1,890)1,837 (4,050)Wagon.-*1: Excludes weight of air conditionerSPC-75MT778 (1,715)567 (1,250)1,345 (2,965)939 (2,070)857 (1,890)1,778 (3,920)4AT803 (1,770)567 (1,250)1,370 (3,020)939 (2,070)857 (1,890)1,778 (3,920)I



PRECAUTIONPRECAUTION1. Precaution7. AIRBAG MODULEA: PRECAUTIONAdhere to the following when handing and storingthe airbag module to prevent bodily injury from unexpected deployment:Do not hold the harnesses or connectors to carrythe module.Do not face the bag in the direction that it openstowards yourself or other people.Do not face the bag in the direction that it openstowards the floor or walls.Please clearly understand and adhere to the following general precautions. They must be strictly followed to avoid minor or serious injury to the persondoing the work or people in the area.1. ABSHandle the ABS as a total system. Do not disassemble or attempt to repair individual parts. Doingso could prevent the ABS system from operatingwhen needed or cause it to operate incorrectly andresult in injury.2. BRAKE FLUIDIf brake fluid gets in your eyes or on your skin, dothe following:Wash out your eyes and seek immediate medicalattention.Wash your skin with soap and then rinse thoroughly with water.3. ELECTRIC FANThe electric fan may rotate without warning, evenwhen the engine is not on. Do not place your hand,cloth, tools or other items near the fan at any time.8. AIRBAG SPECIAL TOOLSTo prevent unexpected deployment, only use special tools.9. WINDOWAlways wear safety glasses when working aroundany glass to prevent glass fragments from damaging your eyes.1O.WINDOW ADHESIVEAtways use the specified urethane adhesive whenattaching glass to prevent it from coming loose andfalling, resulting in accidents and injury.4. ROADTESTSAlways conduct road tests in accordance with traffic rules and regulations to avoid bodily injury andinterrupting traffic.5. AIRBAGTo prevent bodily injury from unexpected deployment of airbags and unnecessary maintenance, follow the instructions in this manual when performingmaintenance on the airbag components or nearby,and the airbag wiring harnesses or nearby.To prevent unexpected deployment, perform one ofthe steps below and then wait at least 20 secondsto discharge electricity before beginning work.Step 1: Turn the ignition switch OFF.Step 2: Remove the negative battery terminal.6. AIRBAG DISPOSALTo prevent bodily injury from unexpected airbagdeployment, do not dispose the airbag modules inthe same way as other refuse. Follow instructionsof SOA (distributor) service for disposal of airbagmodule. Follow all government regulations concerning the disposal of refuse.PC-2

INOTENT1.PageNote . 2

NOTENOTE1. NoteA: NOTEThis is the information that can improve the efficiency of maintenance and assure the sound work.1. FASTENER NOTICEFasteners are used to prevent the parts from damage and dislocation due to looseness. Fastenersmust be tightened to the specified torque.Do not apply paint, lubricant, rust retardant or othersubstances to the surface around bolts, fasteners,etc. Doing so will make it difficult to obtain the correct torque and result in looseness and other problems.2. STATIC ELECTRICITY DAMAGEDo not touch the ECM, connectors, logic boardsand other such parts when there is a risk of staticelectricity. Always use a static electricity preventioncord or touch grounded metal before conductingwork.3. IGNITION OFF BATTERYWhen removing the battery cables, always be sureto turn the ignition off to prevent electrical damageto the ECM from rush current.4. SERVICE PARTSUse authentic service parts for maximum performance and maintenance, when conducting repairs.Subaru/FHI will not be responsible for poor performance resulting from the use of parts not specifiedby a genuine dealer.NT-2

INOTENOTE5. LIFTS AND JACKSWhen using a lift or jack-ridged rack to raise a vehicle, always follow the instructions concerning jack-uppoints and weight limits to prevent the vehicle from falling, which could result in injury. Be especially carefulto make sure the vehicle is balanced before raising it.Support locationsIPantograph jackAWithout side sill coverWith-verfi.wLiftSafety standGI0166NT-3

INOTENOTEFrontnt cross memberRearRear differentialGI0121NT-4

3NOTENOTE6. TIE DOWNSTie downs are used when transporting vehicles and when using the chassis dynamo. Attach tie downs onlyto the specified points on the vehicle.Hook for tie-downHook for towing-1Hook for tie-downHook for towingand tie-downGI0122NT-5

INOTENOTE202020’20”202020”20”7. TOWINGAvoid towing vehicles except when the vehicle cannot be driven. For vehicles with AWD, AT or VTD,use a loader instead of towing. When towing othervehicles, to prevent excessive weight from damaging the hook or vehicle:Do not tow other vehicles with a front towinghook.Make sure the vehicle towing is heavier than thevehicle being towed.8. TRAININGFor an information about training, contact a dealeror agent.9. GENERAL SCAN TOOLUsing general scan tools will greatly improve the efficiency of repairing engine electronic controls. TheSubaru Select Monitor can be used to diagnose theengine and also the ABS, the air conditioner andother parts.NT-6I


2002 IMPREZA SERVICE MANUAL 3 QUICK REFERENCE INDEX GENERAL INFOMATION SECTION This service manual has been prepared to provide SUBARU service personnel with the necessary information and data for the correct maintenance and repair of SUBARU vehicles. This manual includes the procedures for maintenance, disassembling, reas-