EXECUTIVE STATEMENTABOUT TRAVEL WITH PURPOSE3OUR BUSINESSENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTSOCIAL IMPACT28Team Member support29Diversity and inclusion31EXECUTIVE STATEMENT4OUR BUSINESS5Inclusive growth33About Hilton6Human rights35Our material issues8Community support37Stakeholder engagement9Disaster relief40Driving change11Preserving destinations12Sustainability innovation132020 highlights142030 Goal tracking16ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT19Energy & carbon20GOVERNANCE41Board compositionand independence42ESG oversight43Ethical business44Risk management45Public policy and advocacy47Water22APPENDIX48Waste24Performance tables49Responsible sourcing26SASB table53GRI index54Assurance statement68CONRAD HANGZHOU TONGLUSOCIAL IMPACTGOVERNANCEAbout this reportThis report contains information about Hilton’sEnvironmental, Social and Governance (ESG)performance. Our report has been prepared inaccordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)Standards and integrates the recommendations of theSustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) andthe Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures(TCFD). In addition to the information found in thisreport and on our website, we externally report on ourTravel with Purpose strategy, programs and progresstowards our 2030 Goals in Hilton’s Form 10-K, AnnualReport and Proxy Statement. We obtain third partyassurance over selected data disclosed in this report,as indicated in our 2020 Assurance Statement. Allfinancial figures indicated in this report are in U.S.dollars, unless otherwise noted.APPENDIX

EXECUTIVE STATEMENTOUR BUSINESSENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTSOCIAL IMPACTGOVERNANCEAPPENDIXHILTON SEDONA RESORT AT BELL ROCKAbout Travel with PurposeAt Hilton, we know the success of our business islinked to our ability to operate and grow sustainably.As one of the world’s largest hotel companies, werecognize that we have a critical responsibility toprotect our communities and our planet, so thedestinations where we operate can remain vibrantand resilient for generations of travelers to come.Travel with Purpose is Hilton’s Environmental,Social and Governance (ESG) strategy to driveresponsible travel and tourism globally. We havecommitted to double our investment in social impactand cut our environmental impact in half by 2030.Our overarching Travel with Purpose 2030 Goalsare underpinned by targets which closely align withthe global Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”)adopted by the United Nations in 2015.Through Travel with Purpose, we seek to create positiveenvironmental and social impact across our operations,supply chain and communities. We pursue best-in-classoperational excellence, engage our guests, owners andTeam Members, and use our innovation and influenceto make meaningful differences in the destinations andcommunities in which we operate. We use LightStay,our award-winning ESG management system to track,analyze and report our environmental and socialimpact at each of our hotels, and our progress towardsour 2030 Goals.About the Hilton Effect FoundationLaunched in 2019, the Hilton Effect Foundation is ourprimary global philanthropic arm, supporting effortsto create a better world to travel. The Foundation is anonprofit established in the U.S. and is registered asa 501(c)(3) charitable organization.The Foundation awards grants to projects andpartners that will make a lasting positive impact ontravel destinations around the world. Hilton EffectGrants are awarded annually to nonprofits that helpus advance our Travel with Purpose 2030 Goals. TheHilton Effect Foundation also invests in short-termrelief and long-term resiliency efforts to supportcommunities and constituencies impacted bynatural disasters and hardship. As part of its strategiccommitment, the Foundation also supports signaturemulti-year partnerships with the International YouthFoundation and World Wildlife Fund.PLEASE NOTE The images in this report maynot reflect COVID-19 relatedrequirements such as facecoverings and social distancingHILTON 2020 ESG REPORT3

EXECUTIVE STATEMENTOUR BUSINESSENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTFrom the outset of theCOVID-19 pandemic, we knewthat staying true to Hilton’sfounding vision – to fill theearth with the light andwarmth of hospitality – wouldbe critical to sustaining ourbusiness and the people andcommunities we serve.“ More than ever, the globalcommunity is relying on theprivate sector to lead theway in building resilienceand inclusive growth in acomplex world.”HILTON 2020 ESG REPORTThroughout a year filled with uncertainty and upheaval,I’ve been so inspired by our Team Members who roseto the challenge, proving that our hospitality is anunstoppable force for good all around the world.Despite the pandemic’s unprecedented impacton the global hospitality industry, Hilton remainedfully committed to our Travel with Purpose 2030Goals, and our teams worked tirelessly to be part ofthe solution to this global crisis. With the support ofour Owners, Team Members and partners aroundthe world, we focused on helping those on the frontlines of the pandemic – from making one millionroom nights available to medical professionals, tosupporting relief organizations with emergencyfunding, to donating food and other essential suppliesto our local communities. We activated our TeamMember Assistance Fund to offer direct support tothose in need, and distributed more than a milliondollars from the Hilton Effect Foundation, providingrecovery funding to severely impacted communitiesand constituencies. In the face of social unrest aroundthe world - particularly in the United States - westrengthened our commitments to diverse leadershipin our hotels and corporate offices, as well as ourpartnerships with racial justice organizations fightingfor a more just and equitable society.SOCIAL IMPACTGOVERNANCEAPPENDIXThrough it all, our Team Members were theheart of these efforts, spreading hospitality toour guests in communities across the globe, andoffering gestures of hope that were all the moremeaningful in such a turbulent year. Thanks totheir grit, hard work and resilience, we continued tomake a difference, and we were humbled to receiverecognition for our efforts, including being: Named the 2020 Global Industry Leader on theDow Jones Sustainability Indices for the secondconsecutive year; Recognized as the #1 Best Company to Work For inthe U.S. and the #3 World’s Best Workplace by GreatPlace to Work Institute and Fortune Magazine; and, The only global hotel brand named to the 100 BestCorporate Citizens of 2020 list.More than ever, the global community is relying onthe private sector to lead the way in building resilienceand inclusive growth in a complex world. Knowing thatHilton has a unique role to play in making that growtha reality, we refreshed our materiality assessment in2020 to ensure that our Travel with Purpose goals areclosely aligned with the most critical environmental,social and governance (ESG) issues, focusing ourefforts where we can have the greatest impact.In a year like no other, Hilton never wavered inits commitment to our people and the planet we allcall home. As we look ahead, we will continue to leaninto the legacy we have created, allowing us to havean even more profound and positive impact on thecommunities where we live, work and travel. I’m proudof all we have accomplished in 2020 and know thattogether, our Hilton family will continue leading theway in sustainable travel for years to come.Christopher J. NassettaPresident and Chief Executive OfficerApril 9, 20214

EXECUTIVE STATEMENTABOUTHILTONOUR MATERIALISSUESOUR BUSINESSSTAKEHOLDERENGAGEMENTENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTDRIVINGCHANGEPRESERVINGDESTINATIONSSOCIAL GHTSAPPENDIX2030 GOALTRACKINGHilton is one of the largest hospitalitycompanies in the world. For more than100 years, we have been an innovator inthe industry, driven by the vision of ourfounder Conrad Hilton “to fill the earthwith the light and warmth of hospitality.”BAKER'S CAY RESORT KEY LARGO, CURIO COLLECTION BY HILTONHILTON 2020 ESG REPORT5

EXECUTIVE STATEMENTABOUTHILTONOUR BUSINESSOUR MATERIALISSUESENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTSTAKEHOLDERENGAGEMENTDRIVINGCHANGESOCIAL TYINNOVATIONAbout Hilton2020HIGHLIGHTSAPPENDIX2030 GOALTRACKINGOUR BRANDSLuxury and LifestyleFounded in 1919, Hilton is a leading globalhospitality company with a portfolio of 18world-class brands.18brands119countries & territoriesOur business modelWe organize our operations into twodistinct and separately managedoperating segments:1. Management and franchise of hotelbrands on behalf of third-party hotelowners6,4782. Our ownership segment, comprisinghotels that are owned or leased byHilton or our affiliates363,605A more detailed description of ourbusiness model can be found in ourpublic filings.propertiesTeam Members (Global), including230,960 in the U.S.1,019,287roomsOPERATING HOTELS6,478Total 1 (1%)6Owned/Leased/Joint Venture byHilton 15 (11%)7Managed by Hilton 5,646 (87%)FranchisedOur Team MembersHilton defines Team Members asemployees at Hilton corporate officesand owned and managed properties,and employees of franchisees who workon-property at independently ownedand operated franchise propertiesin the Hilton portfolio. Our TeamMembers are our greatest asset andwe are committed to fostering a cultureof inclusivity and empowering all TeamMembers to reach their full potential.Full ServiceHilton Supply ManagementHilton Supply Management (HSM) isthe global procurement and supplychain arm of Hilton. HSM developsand negotiates product and servicesupply programs with suppliers aroundthe world to make available goods andservices at the best combination ofprice, quality and service. HSM servicesover 11,000 properties, including 4,500non-Hilton branded hotels. Coordinatingwith over 80,000 Tier 1 suppliers globally,including more than 1,200 uniquecorporate and property contractedsuppliers, HSM sources over 500,000products for hotels around the world.Focused ServiceTimeshare 56 (1%)TimeshareHILTON 2020 ESG REPORT6

EXECUTIVE STATEMENTABOUTHILTONOUR BUSINESSOUR MATERIALISSUESENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTSTAKEHOLDERENGAGEMENTDRIVINGCHANGESOCIAL TYINNOVATIONAPPENDIX2020HIGHLIGHTS2030 GOALTRACKING2020 Global workforce (Corporate offices, owned and managed hotels)Management levelGender1Board diversity2 43%Women 81%Non-Management 57%Men 19%Management9311%44%Full time employees%Ethnic diversity3Gender diversity12020 U.S. workforce (Corporate offices, owned and managed hotels)Gender1GenerationManagement levelEthnic diversity3 52%Women 86%Non-Management 1%Silent 48%Men 14%Management 27%Baby Boomer 37%Gen X 35%Millennials 1%Gen Z1 Data is based on self-identified gender. Hilton recognizes and supports Team Members who identify as non-binary.2 Reflects the gender and ethnic diversity of our non-management directors.3 Using race/ethnicity categories defined by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.28%WhiteHispanic/Latinx32%Black/African American20%15%AsianTwo or More RacesNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific IslanderAmerican Indian/Alaska Native3%1% 1%72%Ethnically diverse19% Hotel leadership417% Corporate leadership54 General Managers and Hotel Managers at U.S. managed hotels.5 Senior Directors and above at U.S. corporate offices.SELECTED ESG RECOGNITION AND AWARDSGlobal IndustryLeader, Dow JonesSustainability IndicesHILTON 2020 ESG REPORTReceived GoldClass distinction inS&P’s SustainabilityYearbookNamed the #1 Best Companyto Work For in the U.S. and the#3 World’s Best Workplace byGreat Place to Work Institute(GPTW) and Fortune MagazineNamed the #1Great Place towork for Women inthe U.S. by GPTWand Fortune anked #2 in theRDiversityInc’s Top50 Companies forDiversity1 00% rating onthe Human RightsCampaign’sCorporate EqualityIndex for sevenyears in a row he only global hotelTbrand named to100 Best CorporateCitizens List7

EXECUTIVE STATEMENTABOUTHILTONOUR BUSINESSOUR MATERIALISSUESENVIRONMENTAL DESTINATIONSSOCIAL GHTSAPPENDIX2030 GOALTRACKINGIn 2020, we worked with a third partyto conduct a thorough ESG materialityassessment, leveraging guidancefrom the GRI, SASB and the WorldEconomic Forum. Through ourassessment, we identified more than200 potentially material aspects whichwere consolidated into 17 most materialfocus areas. We then conductedinterviews and surveys to capturefeedback from nearly 1,500 internaland external stakeholders, includingguests. This table demonstrates ourstakeholders' perspectives on therelative importance of each of these 17aspects. In addition to this summary,further detail can be found in our fullMateriality Assessment Report.We use the results of ourmateriality assessments to ensurethat our Travel with Purpose strategyremains aligned with our most materialissues, inform management of ESGrisks, and drive long-term value for ourbusiness and our stakeholders.HILTON 2020 ESG REPORTENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTSDisaster preparedness & responseBiodiversity & destination stewardshipClimate actionCommunityWe periodically assess ourmaterial issues to ensure weare aligning our programswith the issues that mattermost to our business andour stakeholders.LeadershipTeM amembersCoC rus poto ram teersInvestorsOD wnev eel rsop &ersSuppliersSu& sTr taav inel abSM ilityNEsGOsAssessing our material issues200 Material ESGissues consideredEnergy conservationWaste management & circular economyWater stewardshipResponsible sourcing of goods & servicesSOCIAL ASPECTSCommunity engagement & empowermentEconomic impact on communitiesEmployee development & wellbeingDiversity, equity & inclusionEmployee & guest health, safety & securityHuman rightsImperativeEngagement with suppliersExtremelyimportantHealthy, safe & sustainable foodVery importantGOVERNANCE ASPECTSEthical business practices & reg. compliancePolicy engagement & advocacyImportant Identified asgrowing inimportanceover the next3–5 years8

EXECUTIVE STATEMENTABOUTHILTONOUR BUSINESSOUR MATERIALISSUESENVIRONMENTAL DESTINATIONSSOCIAL GHTSAPPENDIX2030 GOALTRACKINGEngaging with our key stakeholdersWe view our company as a local business that operates at a global scale. As we seek to redefinesustainable travel, we regularly consult with our stakeholders on their advice, feedback andpriorities to inform our programs and refine our focus on the most material issues.We engage with our internal stakeholdersthrough multiple mechanisms.Hilton leadershipTeam MembersBOARD OF DIRECTORSTRAVEL WITH PURPOSE CHAMPIONSOur Nominating & Environmental,Social and Governance (ESG)Committee oversees our ESG strategy,and the Board receives annual updateson progress towards our 2030 Goals.CEO AND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEEOur executives review progress towardsour 2030 Goals alongside other keybusiness priorities during QuarterlyBusiness Reviews. This processwas paused during 2020 due to thepandemic but will restart in 2021.Our network of more than 1,250 Hiltonleaders shape our Travel with Purposeprograms and guide initiatives at ourhotels and offices around the world.TEAM MEMBERSFeedback is continually capturedthrough our Corporate ResponsibilityInbox and Hilton Team Member Hotline,and all Team Members globally wereinvited to participate in our 2020materiality assessment survey.CORPORATE VPS ANDMANAGED HOTEL GENERAL MANAGERSHilton leaders receive quarterly updateson Travel with Purpose performance,including progress towards 2030 Goals,CANOPY BY HILTON CANCUN LA ISLAas part of ongoing business updates.HILTON 2020 ESG REPORT9

EXECUTIVE STATEMENTABOUTHILTONOUR BUSINESSOUR MATERIALISSUESENVIRONMENTAL DESTINATIONSSOCIAL IMPACTSUSTAINABILITYINNOVATIONWe see increased interest and engagementof our external stakeholders in our ESG programs.INVESTORSWe regularly meet with our investorsto discuss our ESG programs andprogress towards our 2030 Goals, andwe provide material, decision-usefulESG information in our Form 10-K, ProxyStatement, Annual Report, and in ESGquestionnaires and ratings indices.OWNERS & DEVELOPERSWe continually consult with our ownerson our Travel with Purpose programsthrough our Owner Advisory Councils,and we collaborate closely with ourowners and developers to pilot newsustainability initiatives and achieve ourmutual sustainability goals.GUESTSWe monitor and address guest feedbackand questions related to our CorporateResponsibility programs, and we takeguest expectations into account as werefine our efforts.CLIENTSWe engage with our corporate clientsto solicit their feedback on our Travelwith Purpose programs and do ourbest to align our efforts with theirown sustainability objectives, such asreducing the environmental footprint ofbusiness travel.SUPPLIERSWe work with our suppliers to help usachieve success in our ESG programs,including identifying innovativesolutions through our strategicsourcing initiatives, fostering a diversesupply chain through our SupplierDiversity Program, and implementinghuman rights audits and assessments.NGOS ANDINTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONSCOMMUNITY MEMBERSWe engage with our communities tounderstand the issues that are of biggestimportance to them, and to ensure ourprograms are addressing their needs.INDUSTRYWe collaborate with our peers in thetravel and tourism industry to advancecollective action on environmentaland social issues, including drivingpolicy agendas that contribute tosystems change.POLICYMAKERSOur Government Affairs team engageswith policymakers on key 2030 GOALTRACKINGINDUSTRY COLLABORATIONThrough our industry associations,including the Sustainable HospitalityAlliance (SHA), American Hotel &Lodging Association (AHLA), US TravelAssociation and World Travel & TourismCouncil (WTTC), we contribute to theco-creation of industry commitmentsrelated to human rights, carbon,water, food waste and other criticaltopics. Among other initiatives, weworked with our peers to developthe Sustainable Hospitality Alliance’sPrinciples on Forced Labor, the HotelCarbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI)and the Hotel Water MeasurementInitiative (HWMI) methodologies toconsistently measure and report oncarbon and water in hotels.In addition to this work withSHA, we are also currently workingwith the lodging industry and WWFto develop a consistent methodologyfor the measurement of waste. Wealso participate in the Cornell HotelSustainability Benchmark (CHSB)Index, a free tool which benchmarkscarbon and water consumption acrosshotel brands.Hilton and the Hilton Effect Foundationpartner with leading NGOs andinternational organizations in supportof our ESG initiatives, includingWorld Wildlife Fund (WWF) and theInternational Youth Foundation (IYF).Rooftop solar panels provide115 MWh of electricity peryear for the Hampton Inn &Suites Roseburg, OregonHILTON 2020 ESG REPORT10

EXECUTIVE STATEMENTABOUTHILTONOUR BUSINESSOUR MATERIALISSUESENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTSTAKEHOLDERENGAGEMENTDRIVINGCHANGESOCIAL TYINNOVATION2020HIGHLIGHTSAPPENDIX2030 GOALTRACKINGDriving change across our value chainHilton is committed to driving positivechange in every aspect of our business.Through our Travel with Purpose2030 Goals, we are taking steps tointegrate social and environmentalstewardship throughout our valuechain every day. Below are someexamples of how Hilton is creatingpositive change across our globaloperations, communities and supplychain. To learn more about Hilton’s2030 Goals and how we are directlycontributing to achievement of theUN’s Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs), please click the link below.FLOWERSOUR SUPPLY CHAIN We partner with our suppliers to protecthuman rights, ensure responsible sourcing anddrive collective action across our business.OUR OPERATIONSWe engage our Team Members, owners andbusiness partners to advance our positiveimpact and preserve resources in our hotelsaround the world.OUR COMMUNITIES We invest in our communities to generateinclusive economic opportunities for all,and to protect the environment for futuregenerations to come.2030 GOALS LEARN MOREA bout our2030 Goals Supporting local businesses by doubling oursourcing spend from local, small- and mediumsized enterprises and minority-owned suppliers Protecting human rights by partneringwith suppliers to eradicate forced laborand trafficking Sustainably sourcing meat and poultry,seafood and cotton across managedoperations Encouraging our suppliers to set their ownenvironmental and social goalsHILTON 2020 ESG REPORT Preserving resources by reducing carbonemissions, water and waste Embedding human rights due diligenceacross our global operations Adopting global best practice standards forsustainability management Engaging and training our Team Members onenvironmental and social issues, to drivechange in our hotels and beyond Creating opportunities and sustainablesolutions for all, including women, youth,minorities, Veterans, and persons withdisabilities Bringing Travel with Purpose to life in ourcommunities through skills-based TeamMember volunteering Preserving local cultural and natural heritage,and engaging guests in our destinationstewardship efforts Advancing resiliency by investing in disasterresponse and relief efforts11

EXECUTIVE STATEMENTABOUTHILTONOUR BUSINESSOUR MATERIALISSUESENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTSTAKEHOLDERENGAGEMENTDRIVINGCHANGESOCIAL ONPreserving destinationsGOVERNANCE2020HIGHLIGHTSAPPENDIX2030 GOALTRACKINGSPOTLIGHTHilton recognizes that we have a responsibility to conserve theenvironment and protect the communities in which we operate, inorder to preserve destinations for future generations of travelers.Addressing biodiversityand climate change riskAligning with globallyrecognized standardsWe are taking steps to assess ourbiodiversity risk as well as our exposureto physical climate risks, in accordancewith guidance from the SustainabilityAccounting Standards Board (SASB)and the Taskforce for Climate-relatedFinancial Disclosures (TCFD). Wehave mapped all of our hotels againstthe World Database of ProtectedAreas and the International Unionfor Conservation of Nature’s Red Listof Threatened Species, and againstVerisk-Maplecroft’s Climate ChangeVulnerability Index. We have alsomapped our U.S. hotels against 100year flood zone areas, as designatedby the U.S. Federal EmergencyManagement Agency. We areworking to develop mitigation plansfor existing properties as well as fornew developments in high-risk areas,leveraging our established humanWe have aligned our LightStaymanagement system with thecriteria of the UN-founded GlobalSustainable Tourism Council (GSTC),the most respected seal of approvalfor sustainable travel and tourismpractices. This represents a significantstep towards our goal of adoptinga global standard for responsibletravel and tourism. While our effortsto further our GSTC certificationprocess were put on pause this yeardue to the pandemic’s impacts onour business, we continue to identifyopportunities to achieve GSTCcertification for our hotels to ensurethe sustainability of our operations.rights due diligence processes.HILTON 2020 ESG REPORTIdentifying hot spotsWe map 100% of our hotels andpipeline countries against a seriesof 26 risk indicators, from modernslavery to deforestation. We workwith WWF to identify key destinationsthat might be experiencing highersocial and environmental stress, tohelp us prioritize our destinationstewardship efforts. OUR EFFORTS CONTRIBUTE TOTHE FOLLOWING SUSTAINABLEDEVELOPMENT GOALS:11.412.bHILTON SEYCHELLES NORTHOLMERESORT & SPAProtecting paradisein the SeychellesIn order to preserve the incrediblelocal environment, two Hiltonhotels in the Seychelles haveimplemented a holistic approachto destination stewardship. HiltonSeychelles Labriz Resort & Spasources 80% of its vegetablesfrom sustainable local farmers,and Hilton Seychelles Northolmehas partnered with the MarineConservation Society to helppreserve the local coral reefs.Both properties have extensivewaste reduction programs,including a local bottling plantthat has eliminated the need forsingle-use water bottles. Throughtheir holistic approach and sharedinitiatives, these two propertiesare demonstrating best practicein destination stewardship.12

EXECUTIVE STATEMENTABOUTHILTONOUR BUSINESSOUR MATERIALISSUESENVIRONMENTAL DESTINATIONSSOCIAL IMPACTSUSTAINABILITYINNOVATIONLeveraging innovationand technologyInnovation is embeddedin Hilton’s DNA, and weare driving sustainabilityinnovation at our hotelsaround the world.We know that achieving our 2030 Goalswill require more than just best-in-classoperational training, which is why weare focused on continuous innovationand investing in leading technologysolutions that drive economic andenvironmental benefits for our hotels.This year we continued to enhance ouraward-winning LightStay platform todrive value for our hotel owners aroundthe world. We also engage in strategicpartnerships and innovation challengesthat enable us to identify, test andimplement technologies that willcontribute to further reductions.Managing our footprintthrough LightStaySince 2009, Hilton has used ourLightStay management system tomeasure and manage the impact of ourglobal portfolio. Originally designed totrack environmental data, LightStayhas evolved to measure, manage andreport all of Hilton’s environmental andsocial performance metrics. As a globalbrand standard, all of Hilton’s 6,478managed and franchised hotels arerequired to use LightStay to track theirenvironmental and social performanceagainst prior years and against peers.LightStay’s features include: Environmental impact tracking:Tracks energy, carbon, water and wasteconsumption, sourcing practices andimprovement projects, and providespeer performance benchmarking Social impact tracking:Measures the impact of volunteer anddonation events and local partnerships Best practice sharing:Tracks operational, design andconstruction sustainability practices,and enables hotels to share bestpractices within our portfolioHILTON 2020 ESG REPORTGOVERNANCE2020HIGHLIGHTSAPPENDIX2030 GOALTRACKING DRIVING INNOVATIONTHROUGH PARTNERSHIPS Machine-learning:Analyzes and predicts utilityconsumption and costs throughArtificial Intelligence algorithms anddata-driven models, and alerts hotelteams to significant consumptionvariances in real time Risk mitigation:Maps all hotels against external riskindices including disaster, climate,water, and human rights risks, to informlocal strategy and priorities Engagement tools:Engages our hotel teams viarecognition, guidance, trainings andcustomized reports, including reportsthat can be shared with sales clients Client reporting:Enables us to accurately measureour clients’ Scope 3 emissions fromtransient or group business Third-party verified:Externally verified to ensure theaccuracy and completeness of our data GSTC-Recognized:Meets the stringent criteria of theGSTCWhen it comes to sustainable travel,Travel Labs Asia is already makingwaves. Launched by the AsianDevelopment Bank in partnership withthe Pacific Asia Travel Associationand open innovation platform Plugand Play, Travel Labs Asia is theregion’s first corporate innovationprogram dedicated to sustainabilityin travel. As a corporate member,Hilton has access to sustainabilityfocused technology solutions, andthe opportunity to articulate ourtechnology needs and develop pilotproposals with solution providers.Through this partnership we aimto work with innovative suppliersthat can provide triple bottom linesolutions to our most pressingsustainability needs. UTTING OUR SUPPLIERSPTO THE TESTFor our EMEA Engineering Operationsteam, evaluating new technologyinvolves TV-worthy competition. Eachyear, Hilton suppliers submit proposalsfor innovative technology solutionsthat have the potential to savemoney and reduce the environmentalfootprint of our hotels. A group ofhotel Engineering champions reviewsthe submissions, and top candidatesare invited to present to our expertsin a Dragon’s Den/Shark Tank styleface-to-face competition. A closelymonitored field trial is arranged withthe winners. If the technology meetsour qualifications, the product becomes“Tech Den approved,” allowing our hotelleaders to implement the technologywith confidence.13

EXECUTIVE STATEMENTABOUTHILTONOUR BUSINESSOUR MATERIALISSUESENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTSTAKEHOLDERENGAGEMENTDRIVINGCHANGESOCIAL HIGHLIGHTSSUSTAINABILITYINNOVATION2030 GOALTRACKING2020 highlightsOur response to COVID-19Throughout the year, Hilton tookaction to support our Team Membersand community members impactedby the pandemic. Through Hilton'scorporate efforts and the Hilton EffectFoundation, we awarded more than 1million dollars in COVID-19 communityresponse–a significant achievementconsidering the severe impact thepandemic had on our industry.PANDEMIC RESPONSEPartnered with American Expressand hotel owners to donate up toone million hotel room nights forU.S. frontline medical professionalsleading the fight against COVID-19Provided meals to medical firstresponders and community membersin need through partnerships withgroups such as World Central Kitchenand Open Kitchens UKPartnered with Meals On Wheelsto deploy skills-based virtualvolunteeringEnabled Hilton Honors members torespond to the global pandemic bydonating their Points directly to ourpartnersSupported global organizationswith COVID-19 emergency responsegrants, including World CentralKitchen, ResponseNet, ProjectHOPE, Direct Relief, Clean the World,and

Hilton is one of the largest hospitality companies in the world. For more than 100 years, we have been an innovator in the industry, driven by the vision of our founder Conrad Hilton “to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality.” BAKER'S CAY RESORT KEY L