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MISSIONThe mission of University of Maryland Global Campus is improving the lives of adult learners. We will accomplishthis by operating as Maryland’s open university, serving working adults, military servicemen and servicewomen andtheir families, and veterans who reside in Maryland, across the United States, and around the world.VISIONUMGC will be a global leader in adult education focusing on career-relevant programs that enable students torealize their professional aspirations.VALUES Students First: These are the people who make our work possible. Accountability: We are each responsible for our overall success. Diversity: Each individual brings value to our efforts and results. Integrity: Our principles and standards are never compromised. Excellence: Quality is the hallmark of our work. Innovation: We advance so others can benefit from our leadership. Respect: The rights and feelings of others are always considered. People Always: Our faculty and staff represent our differentiator and competitive advantage.

From the Chief Academic OfficerDear Learner,Welcome to University of MarylandGlobal Campus! On behalf of our morethan 4,500 faculty and 1,740 staff memmembers worldwide, we are delighted thatyou have chosen us to help you achieveyour education and career goals.At UMGC we know that every one ofyou is on a unique and personal journeyto furthering your education; advancingor changing your career; and acquiracquiring necessary knowledge, skills, abilities, and dispositions to preparefor success in the jobs of today and tomorrow. We have one goal: toenable you to realize your goals.You bring to our learning community a host of life, work, and prioreducational experiences. We know how important it is to completeyour studies as quickly and affordably as possible while developdeveloping knowledge and skills you can apply immediately. We also offer arange of ways for you to earn credit for what you know and can do. Toremove the guesswork and position you on the most efficient pathwayto your goal, we provide a recommended sequence to completing thecourses in your chosen area of study.At UMGC our faculty and staff strive to offer you a range of meaningmeaningful, high-quality educational options for meeting your goals, to provideexceptional support in and out of the classroom, and to help removeany obstacles to success you may encounter. We are committed tounderstanding what is important to you, what you need from us, andhow we can get better at fulfilling our mission—improving the lives ofadult learners—every day. Our greatest success is your success.Congratulations on taking this step. We are proud and excited to beyour partner on this journey.POLICY STATEMENTThis publication and its provisions do notconstitute and should not be regarded as acontract between UMGC and any party or parties, nor is it a complete statement of all policies, procedures, rules, regulations, academicrequirements, or tuition and fees applicableto UMGC, its students, or its programs. UMGCreserves the right to make changes to thepolicies, procedures, rules, regulations, andacademic requirements set out in this publication without prior notice. Such changes willbe reflected on the university's website orother publication.This catalog provides the degree requirementsand recommended curriculum for studentswho begin continuous enrollment on or afterAugust 1, 2021. When a curriculum or graduation requirement is changed, it is not maderetroactive unless the change is to the student’s advantage and can be accommodatedwithin the span of years normally requiredfor graduation. See additional policies onpp. 327–329.Blakely R. PomiettoSenior Vice President and Chief Academic OfficerSources for any claims made throughout thiscatalog may be found on the UMGC website( ATA LO G 20 21–20 2 2u m g c .e d u /p r o g r a m s

This PDF is interactive. If you click on a page number in the table of contents or the index, it will take you directly to that page.Jump back to the table of contents or the index by clicking on the buttons on the outside margin of each page.Table of ContentsWELCOME TO UMGCABOUT STUDY AT UMGC6Admission13Enrollment Information14Ways of Earning Credit21Educational Relationships22Helping You Get StartedOVERVIEW OF ACADEMIC SCHOOLSAND PROGRAMS562450Communication Studies52Computer Networks and Cybersecurity54Computer Science56Criminal Justice58Cybersecurity58Cybersecurity Management and Policy60Digital Media and Web Technology62Diversity Awareness62East Asian Studies64Economics64Emergency Management65English67Environmental Management24The School of Arts and Sciences69Finance25The School of Business71Fire Service Administration26The School of Cybersecurityand Information Technology71Forensics72General Studies72Gerontology and Aging Services74Graphic Communication76Health Services Management77History79Homeland Security81Humanities83Human Resource Management85Information Systems Management87Laboratory Management88Law for Business89Legal Studies90Management StudiesASSOCIATE DEGREE counting Curriculum31Business and Management Curriculum32Computer Studies Curriculum33Criminal Justice Curriculum34Foreign Language Area Studies Curriculum35Legal Studies Curriculum36Management Studies Curriculum37Mathematics Curriculum38Military History Curriculum39Psychology Curriculum40Women’s Studies CurriculumBACHELOR’S DEGREE African American Studies46Art47Art History47Biology47Biotechnology48Business Administration274192Marketing93Mathematical Sciences94Natural Science94Nursing for Registered Nurses95Personal Financial Planning95Philosophy96Political Science97Psychology99Public Safety Administration101 Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship102 Social Science104 Sociology104 Software Development and Security106 Speech Communication106 Terrorism and Critical Infrastructure107 Women’s StudiesContinuedMajors and degree programs are indicated in bold.2C ATA LO G 20 21–20 2 2u m g c .e d u /p r o g r a m s

This PDF is interactive. If you click on a page number in the table of contents or the index, it will take you directly to that page.Jump back to the table of contents or the index by clicking on the buttons on the outside margin of each page.Table of ContentsMASTER’S DEGREE PROGRAMS108 Expectations108 Requirements109 Accounting and Financial Management111 Acquisition and Contract Management112 Biotechnology112 Bioinformatics113 Biosecurity and Biodefense114 Biotechnology Management115 Biotechnology Regulatory Affairs116 Business Administration117 Cloud Computing Architecture119 CyberAccounting120 Cyber Operations122 Cybersecurity Management and Policy123 Cybersecurity Technology125 Data Analytics126 Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigation127 Distance Education and E-Learning128 Environmental Management129 Healthcare Administration131 Health Informatics Administration132 Information Technology132 Database Systems Technology133 Homeland Security Management134 Informatics135 Information Assurance136 Project Management138 Software Engineering139 Systems Engineering140 Instructional Technology141 Learning Design and Technology142 Management142 Accounting144 Criminal Justice Management145 Emergency Management146 Financial Management147 Homeland Security Management149 Human Resource Management150 Information Systems and Services151 Intelligence Management152 Interdisciplinary Studies in Management108153 Marketing154 Nonprofit and Association Management155 Project Management156 Strategic Communications157 Teaching159 Transformational Leadership161DOCTORAL DEGREE PROGRAM161 Expectations161 Requirements162 Business Administration163CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS163 Expectations163 Requirements164 Curricula164 UNDERGRADUATE CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS164 Computer Networking165 Facebook Digital Marketing165 Human Resource Management166 Management Foundations166 Project Management167 Public Safety Executive Leadership167 Spanish for Business and the Professions168 GRADUATE CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS168 Bioinformatics168 Cloud Computing and Networking169 Cyber Operations169 Cybersecurity Management and Policy170 Cybersecurity Technology170 Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigation171 Foundations in Business Analytics171 Foundations of Human Resource Management172 Global Health Management172 Homeland Security Management173 Information Assurance173 Instructional Technology Integration174 Leadership and Management174 Learning Design and Technology175 Project Management175 Strategic CommunicationsContinued3C ATA LO G 20 21–20 2 2u m g c .e d u /p r o g r a m s

This PDF is interactive. If you click on a page number in the table of contents or the index, it will take you directly to that page.Jump back to the table of contents or the index by clicking on the buttons on the outside margin of each page.Table of ContentsCOURSE INFORMATION176 Course Numbering System176321LEADERSHIP321 University System of Maryland321 UMGC176 Unit of Credit177 Prerequisites256 Graduate Course DescriptionsACADEMIC AND ADMINISTRATIVEREQUIREMENTS324 UMGC Stateside295295 Academic Standards314 Availability of Services315 Accessibility Services315 Admission Assistance327327 Disclosure of Student Records306308 Ways to Finance Your EducationSERVICES AND RESOURCES324 UMGC Asia327 Annual Security Report and Consumer Disclosures302 Responsibilities of the Student306 Payment of Tuition and Fees324 UMGC EuropeSUMMARY OF KEY POLICIES300 Scholastic RecognitionFINANCIAL INFORMATION324GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS178 Undergraduate Course Descriptions327 Nondiscrimination Statement328 Peer-to-Peer File Sharing329 Religious Observance329 Sexual Misconduct314329 Smoking329 Student Classification for Admission and Tuition329 Student Drug and Alcohol Awareness329 Transfer of General Education Requirements330315 AdvisingAPPENDICES316 Alumni Association330 Community College Alliances317 Career Services330 CPA Requirements317 Computer Labs and Services330 MyUMGC Terminology317 Course Materials331 Retention of Student Records318 Graduation Clearance and Services331 State Authorizations318 Student Advisory Council333 Stateside Classroom Locations with Zip Codes318 Student Organizations319 Transcript Services319 Tutoring and Writing ResourcesINDEX334319 The UMGC Library320 Verification Services320 Veterans Resources4C ATA LO G 20 21–20 2 2u m g c .e d u /p r o g r a m s

INDEXTABLE OF CONTENTSWelcome to UMGCFrom its founding in 1947, University ofMaryland Global Campus (UMGC) hashad a single mission: to meet the educational needs of adult students like you—students who must balance study withthe demands of work and family life.addition to classes at sites throughoutMaryland and the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area and at military sites all overthe world. You can also access studentservices online and by phone, as well ason-site at many locations.Since then, the university has grown to bethe largest public university in the nation,serving students throughout the state, thecountry, and the world. And although itsname has changed more than once overthe decades (from the College of Specialand Continuation Studies to UniversityCollege, from UMUC to UMGC), the university’s mission (stated on the inside frontcover) and focus on providing open accessto high-quality educational programs andservices—eliminating the barriers that cankeep you from achieving your educationalgoals—remains unchanged.Convenience and flexibility are not theonly issues, however. UMGC seeks tocreate a learning environment that isrespectful of diverse backgrounds, inclusive, responsive, and relevant.For information on UMGC’s mission, history, and values, visit OUT THE MISSIONStudents FirstAt UMGC, your success as a student isof paramount importance. The universityseeks not only to help you fulfill your current education goals but also to createan educational partnership that will lastthroughout your life.To that end, the university looks first forways to ensure that you can easily accessprograms and services. Admission policiesare designed to simplify the process (standardized tests are not generally required),making it possible for you to apply and register for most programs at the same time.As a global university, UMGC makesit possible for you to take classes atalmost any time, any place, by offeringa large selection of online programs—in5Recognizing that financial concernsoften present the biggest obstacle tohigher education, UMGC also strivesto keep tuition costs low and providesnumerous financial aid opportunities,including scholarships for military andcommunity college students.ExcellenceA regionally accredited university, UMGC isdedicated to providing the highest qualityprograms and services and ensuring excellence in its online and on-site classes.In providing these programs, UMGCrelies on a renowned faculty of scholarpractitioners—teachers who bring realworld experience as well as advancedacademic credentials to your courses—andthe use of the latest technologies. UMGCalso is able to provide you with a wealthof resources because of its place withinthe University System of Maryland.The success of UMGC’s efforts overthe years is evident. UMGC has garneredawards from such notable organizationsas the World Affairs Council, E-C Council,University Professional and Continuing Education Association, Online Learning Consortium (formerly the Sloan Consortium), andMaryland Distance Learning Association.C ATA LO G 20 21–20 2 2InnovationUMGC has always looked for new andbetter ways to serve students. Longbefore the online revolution, the university was delivering courses to studentsat distant locations, using any and allavailable technologies—from interactivetelevision to voice mail. Today, youcan access both courses and servicesonline, using the university’s learningmanagement system and MyUMGC, itsonline gateway to services and information. Through its Office of AcademicQuality, UMGC leads the search for nextgeneration learning models and best practices for online learning.PROGRAMS AND FACILITIESUMGC offers degree programs from theassociate level to the doctorate. Mostundergraduate and graduate programsare available online. These academicprograms are administered by the Schoolof Arts and Sciences, the School of Business, and the School of Cybersecurityand Information Technology, which aredescribed on pp. 24–26.The university’s administrative headquarters are located in Adelphi, Maryland, andalso serve as home to a prestigious artcollection and a conference facility, theCollege Park Marriott Hotel & ConferenceCenter at UMGC. The three academicschools, as well as all related academicsupport units, are housed at the Academic Center at Largo.FOR ASSISTANCEContact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 800-888-8682.u m g c .e d u /p r o g r a m s

ABOUT STUDY AT UMGCAdmissionUMGC’s admission requirements reflect our mission as Maryland’s open university.You must be admitted to the university before you can registerfor classes.General InformationBefore the beginning of each academic term, UMGC holds variousonline events and on-site open houses in the Maryland area fornew and prospective students. These events offer an opportunityto learn about UMGC and its programs, student services, academicand career offerings, faculty members, and students. You can applyfor admission and enroll in courses during the on-site open houses.INDEXTABLE OF CONTENTSFor general information or to be directed to an individual who cananswer specific questions, call 800-888-8682.Undergraduate Admission RequirementsGeneral RequirementsTo be considered for admission, you must have graduated froma state-approved or regionally accredited U.S. high school orachieved one of the following qualifications representing highschool equivalency or better: Passing scores on a state high school equivalency exam, suchas the General Educational Development (GED) test Graduation from a homeschool or alternative high schoolprogram that meets the criteria set forth by state and localeducation regulations Graduation from a non-U.S. high school An associate degree or higher from an accredited postsecondary institution or at least 60 college credits from an accreditedpostsecondary institution with at least a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale Military service, documented by a Joint Services Transcript(JST) or Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) transcript(On a case-by-case basis, UMGC may accept other militaryrecords as proof of high school equivalency.)High school students who meet certain criteria (describedon p. 10) may also be considered for admission andconcurrent enrollment.In addition to meeting the academic criterion listed above, youmust be at least 13 years old, meet UMGC’s English proficiencyrequirement, and be in good standing at any institutions that youpreviously attended, as noted in UMGC Policy 210.00 Undergraduate Admission. Standardized test scores are not required.Eligibility to enroll in UMGC overseas divisions may depend oncitizenship and international residency. Special eligibility require-6ments (described below) apply to admission to the Associate ofArts degree program. Additional admission requirements mayapply if you are pursuing certain bachelor’s degree programs.See Undergraduate Program-Specific Requirements on p. 7.UMGC Policy 210.00 Undergraduate Admission is availableonline at for the Associate Degree ProgramTo be eligible for admission into the Associate of Arts (AA)degree program, you must also provide documentation demonstrating that you belong to one of the following populations: Full-time active-duty servicemembers, selected reservists,National Guard members, and Commissioned Corps membersof the U.S. Public Health Service or the National Oceanic andAtmospheric Administration Spouses or dependent children of any servicemembernoted above Veterans Spouses or dependent children of veterans Applicants to the Europe or Asia divisions or students whobegan an AA degree program while admitted to UMGC’sEuropean or Asian division and subsequently relocated tothe stateside division UMGC employees Spouses or children of UMGC employees Participants in a negotiated business-to-business agreementthat includes the option of pursuing an AA degree with UMGCUndergraduate Student StatusAs an undergraduate student, you are assigned regular, provisional, or visiting status.REGULARTo be assigned regular student status, you must meet the general admission requirements. If you attended another institutionof higher education within the last two years, you must alsohave a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher and be in goodacademic standing at the last institution of higher educationyou attended.As a student in regular status, you are limited to enrolling inthe number of credits set forth in UMGC Policy 215.00 StudentAcademic Load and Enrollment Status (available online Course load is discussed on p. 303.C ATA LO G 20 21–20 2 2u m g c .e d u /p r o g r a m s

ABOUT STUDY AT UMGCPROVISIONALBIOTECHNOLOGYYou will be assigned provisional status if you meet the generaladmission requirements but one of the following conditions applies:To pursue a major in biotechnology, you must have completedthe required lower-level coursework for the biotechnology major—within an Associate of Applied Science degree program at a community college with which UMGC has an articulation agreement,within another appropriate transfer program, or at UMGC. Consultan advisor or a success coach before electing this major. You had a GPA lower than 2.0 at the last institution that youattended within the last two years. You were on academic probation for poor academic performance at the last institution that you attended within thelast two years. You were dismissed for poor academic performance from thelast institution that you attended within the last two years.TABLE OF CONTENTS You are currently a high school student who qualifies forconcurrent enrollment. (See p. 10 for information aboutqualifying for concurrent enrollment.)As a provisional student, you may enroll for a maximum of7 credits per term. If you are a concurrently enrolled highschool student, you maintain your provisional status until yousubmit proof of high school completion. All other provisionalstudents must complete 7 credits of graded coursework witha cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher before being considered forregular student status. All provisional students must contact anadvisor or a success coach to request regular student status.INDEXVISITINGIf you are attending an institution outside of the University System of Maryland (USM), you must apply for admission to UMGC.If you are currently attending another institution of the USM as anundergraduate or a graduate student, you may take undergraduatecourses without applying to UMGC. Instead, you must submit aletter or form from the USM institution you attend authorizing yourenrollment at UMGC for the term in which you wish to attend.Your previous coursework will be reviewed by the appropriateUMGC academic department to see if course prerequisites havebeen met. The number of credits you may take and the transferability of academic work completed at UMGC are determined by yourhome institution.Undergraduate Program-Specific RequirementsNURSING FOR REGISTERED NURSESTo pursue a major in nursing for registered nurses, you musthave an associate degree in nursing or a diploma from a registered nursing education program that is recognized by the appropriate state board of nursing, and you must reside in and have anactive, unencumbered nursing license in an approved state.*LABORATORY MANAGEMENTTo pursue a major in laboratory management, you must havecompleted the required lower-level coursework for the laboratory management major—within an Associate of Applied Sciencedegree program at a community college with which UMGC has anarticulation agreement, within another appropriate transfer program, or at UMGC. Consult an advisor or a success coach beforeelecting this major.Graduate Admission RequirementsGeneral Requirements for Graduate Certificatesand Master’s Degree ProgramsTo be considered for admission, you must have graduated froma regionally accredited degree-granting university or college witha bachelor’s degree (or higher). Graduates from other accreditedinstitutions may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Applicants who are not seeking a degree or certificate must meet thesame criteria and are limited to taking a maximum of 12 credits.In addition to the academic criteria listed above, you mustmeet UMGC’s English proficiency requirement, as noted in UMGCPolicy 170.10 Graduate Admission (available online at Standardized test scores, such as the GraduateRecord Examination (GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), are not required for most programs. Additional admission requirements, which may include standardizedtest scores, may apply if you are pursuing certain degree programs. See Graduate Program-Specific Requirements on p. 8.Regardless of program, your eligibility for admission may belimited by foreign citizenship or international residency, inaccordance with federal law. In such cases, additional admissionprocedures may apply.You must be admitted to the university before you can registerfor classes.* See for the most up-to-date list of approved states.7C ATA LO G 20 21–20 2 2u m g c .e d u /p r o g r a m s

ABOUT STUDY AT UMGCGraduate Student StatusTEACHINGAs a graduate student, you are assigned regular or visiting status.REGULARTo be admitted to the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program,you must meet the standard criteria for graduate admission(detailed on p. 7) and provide the following:To be assigned regular student status, you must meet the general admission requirements. Official transcripts in the original sealed envelopes demonstrating all of the following:As a student in regular status, you are limited to enrolling inthe number of credits set forth in UMGC Policy 215.00 StudentAcademic Load and Enrollment Status (available online Course load is discussed on p. 303. Completion of a major in one of the content areas set forthat for which certification will be sought(or, subject to UMGC approval, 30 credits in content-relatedcourses)VISITING A cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher in content areacourseworkINDEXTABLE OF CONTENTSIf you are attending an institution outside the University Systemof Maryland, you must apply for admission to UMGC.If you are a degree-seeking student in good academic standingin an approved graduate program at another University Systemof Maryland institution and wish to take courses at UMGC, youneed not apply for admission to UMGC. Instead, you must obtainan interinstitutional enrollment form from your home institution,complete it, and submit it to [email protected] previous coursework will be reviewed by the appropriateUMGC academic department to see if course prerequisites havebeen met. The number of credits you may take and the transferability of academic work completed at UMGC are determined byyour home institution.Graduate Program-Specific RequirementsDATA ANALYTICSTo be admitted to the Master of Science in Data Analytics program, you must meet the standard criteria for graduate admission (detailed on p. 7) and provide one of the following: An official transcript reflecting completion of coursework atthe 200-level or higher in statistics and computer programming from a regionally accredited college or university (Creditfrom other accredited universities will be considered on a caseby-case basis.) Proof of industry certification, such as IBM certification inCognos, Risk Analytics, SPSS, SAS, Microsoft, Certified Analytics Professional, Certified Business Intelligence Professional,or Certified Health Data Analyst Proof of a qualifying composite test score on the Praxis COREAssessment test or a qualifying composite score on the Praxis I,SAT, ACT, or GRE. Titles and qualifying scores for these examscan be found at the Maryland State Department of Educationat ation/testing info/praxis1.aspx.Depending on your content area, you may also need to providefurther documentation, as follows: If you are looking to teach computer science and your degreeor coursework is older than five years, you must take thePraxis II content exam for computer science (5652) and submit a qualifying test score (149) to apply to the MAT program,in addition to submitting a qualifying test score on any one ofthe Maryland basic skills tests. If you are looking to teach a foreign language, you must alsosubmit scores on the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview andWritten Proficiency Test.You can find the deadlines for application to the MAT program,information on how to submit test scores, and information onhow to conduct a self-assessment of your transcript for yourpreferred content area at Note that UMGC’seducation department will make the determination regardingadmission to the program.Residents of Kentucky may be admitted on a case-by-casebasis only.Note: The complete admission file must be reviewed before you may enrollin any program course.Note: The complete admission file must be reviewed before you may enrollin any program course.8C ATA LO G 20 21–20 2 2u m g c .e d u /p r o g r a m s

ABOUT STUDY AT UMGCTRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIPTo be admitted to the Master of Science in TransformationalLeadership program, you must meet the standard criteria forgraduate admission and provide documentation demonstratingthat you belong to one of the following military populations: Full-time active-duty members of the U.S. Armed Forces Members of the National Guard Reservists Commissioned Corps members of the U.S. Public HealthService Commissioned Corps members of the National Oceanic andAtmospheric AdministrationTABLE OF CONTENTSApplicants Educated AbroadIf you are applying for admission to an undergraduate program and you graduated from a high school not located inthe United States or one of the countries listed at, you must demonstrate English languageproficiency in one of the following ways: Certifying on the admission application that you earned apassing score on a U.S. GED test Veterans of the U.S. Armed ForcesINDEXSpecial Situations Certifying on the admission application that you earnedat least 24 credits from an accredited U.S. institution orfrom an institution in one of the countries listed Submitting a passing score on an English proficiencyexamination (listed below)General Requirements forthe Doctoral Degree ProgramAdmission to the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)program is competitive. Meeting or exceeding the eligibility standards does not guarantee admission.To apply to the DBA program, you must have a master’s degree inan appropriate field of study. You cannot enroll in the prerequisitecourse DBA 600 until your application has been reviewed andaccepted by the department.You are required to complete DBA 600 with a grade of B or higherfor full admission to the program.The doctoral program requires a brief residency at UMGC inAdelphi each semester. If you are residing outside the UnitedStates, you may be required to affirm as part of the admissionprocess that you understand the program’s residency requirement. It is your responsibility to ensure that you can enter theUnited States each term to complete the on-site residencies.UMGC cannot advise you on the process or the requirementsfor entering the United States. If you have questions, you shouldcontact the U.S. embassy in your home co

37 Mathematics Curriculum . 36 Management Studies Curriculum . 35 Legal Studies Curriculum . 34 Foreign Language Area Studies Curriculum . 33 Criminal Justice Curriculum . 32 Computer Studies Curriculum . 31 Business and Management Curriculum . 30 Accounting Curriculum . 29 Curricula