Oracle DatabaseNew Features Guide10g Release 1 (10.1)Part No. B10750-01December 2003

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ContentsSend Us Your Comments . xviiPreface. xixAudience . xixOrganization. xixRelated Documentation . xxConventions. xxDocumentation Accessibility . xxv1Oracle Database 10g, Release 1 New FeaturesIntroduction .Server Manageability.Server Configuration.Simplified Database Install .Automatic Storage Management Configuration .Automatic Oracle Real Application Clusters Services Configuration.Simplified Upgrade for RAC and Oracle Parallel Server Databases .Automatic Oracle Enterprise Manager Configuration .Automatic Integrated Clusterware Installation .Automatic Configuration of Recovery Area .Out-of-the-Box LDAP Configuration .Simplified Initialization Parameters .Default User Tablespace.Easy iii

Upgrade Information Tool .Network Management .Back Up Directory Naming Entries to Local Naming File .Dynamic Connection Manager Configuration.Easy Connect Naming Method.Improved Network Outage Detection.Automatic LDAP Discovery for Clients.Improved Connection Manager Access Rules .Automatic Shared Server Configuration.Simplified Shared Server Configuration Parameters .Manageability Infrastructure .Database Features Usage Tracking .Enhanced Database Time Model.End-to-End Application Tracing .JDBC: End-to-End Tracing .SYSAUX Tablespace.Automatic Routine Administration Tasks .Server-Generated Alerts .Automatic Workload Respository.Enhanced Wait Model.Threshold-Based Alerts .Storage Management.Multiple Default Temporary Tablespace Support for SQL Operations .Automatic Storage Management.Rename Tablespace .Space, Object, and Transaction Management .Automatic Undo Retention Tuning .Segment Advisor .New Segment Resource Estimation .Online Segment Shrink .Proactive Tablespace Management.Undo Advisor.Backup and Recovery Manageability .Enhanced RMAN Reporting.Backup Compression -101-101-101-10

Bounded Backup Window .RMAN Scripts Manageability.Recovery Area Full Alert.Instance Tuning .User-Initiated Buffer Cache Flushing.Database Resource Manager - Adaptive Consumer Group Mapping .New Performance Overview Charts in Oracle Enterprise Manager .Improved SQL Reporting Using Oracle Enterprise Manager.Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor .Redo Logfile Sizing Advisor.Automatic Checkpoint Tuning.Automatic Shared Memory Tuning.Transaction Rollback and Recovery Monitoring .Application Tuning .SQL Tuning Advisor.SQLAccess Advisor.Materialized View Tuning API .Automatic Optimizer Statistics Collection .Database Overall.Utilities .SQL*Plus - glogin.sql Changes .SQL*Plus - Show Recycle Bin .SQL*Plus - Run glogin.sql and login.sql After Each CONNECT.SQL*Plus - DBMS OUTPUT After SELECT.SQL*Plus - COMPATIBILITY Command Line Option.SQL*Plus - SET SQLPROMPT Runtime Variable Substitution .SQL*Plus - SPOOL CREATE, REPLACE, and APPEND Options .Data Pump Data Load/Unload.iSQL*Plus - Output Over Multiple Pages .iSQL*Plus Input Prompting.Performance and Scalability.Overall.Index-Organized Table (IOT) Partitioning Enhancements .Eliminate Duplicated Columns in Index on an Index-Organized Table.Configurable TCP/IP Send and Receive Buffer Size 51-151-151-151-151-151-151-161-161-161-16v

Single-Set Aggregates in DML Returning Clause.High-Speed Infiniband Network Support .Sorted Hash Clusters.Windows Fiber Support .Optimized 64-bit Database.SQL Tuning Advisor .SQLAccess Advisor .Materialized View Tuning API.Automatic Optimizer Statistics Collection.Clustering .Oracle Real Application Clusters Enhancements .Integrated Clusterware Management.Automatic Workload Management .Single System Image Management .Fast Connection Failover .Performance Improvements.Zero Downtime Patching .Cluster Verification and Improved Diagnostic Tools .Grid Computing .Resource Virtualization and Provisioning .Resonance .Transparent Session Migration.Streams - Moving an Operating System File .Streams - Simple Instantiation of Replica Tablespaces and Databases .Integrated Clusterware Management.High-Speed Infiniband Network Support .Fast Connection Failover .Automatic Storage Management.Cross-Platform Transportable Tablespaces .Data Pump Export and Import Utilities.Streams - Instantiation Through RMAN.Streams - Instantiation Through Transportable Tablespaces.Streams - Instantiation Through Data Pump.Workload Management .Automatic Workload Management -201-201-211-211-211-211-211-221-221-221-22

Database Resource Manager - Adaptive Consumer Group Mapping .Scheduler - Job Processing .Scheduler - Usability and Manageability.Scheduler - Support for Jobs in a Clustered Environment .Information Integration.Improved Information Integration Performance .Transparent Gateway - Remote Stored Functions in SELECT Statements .Oracle Streams .JMS 1.3-Compliant JDBC - Thin Driver Support .OJMS Queue and Topic Unification Support.Oracle Messaging Gateway - MQSeries JMS Interface .Oracle Messaging Gateway - OJMS (AQ/JMS) Interface.Oracle Messaging Gateway - Tibco/Rendezvous Java Interface .Streams - Batch Enqueue/Dequeue.Advanced Replication to Streams Migration Tool .Streams - Support Delete Cascade Operations .Streams - Enqueue Handler .Streams - Access to Client Information During Processing .Streams - Descending and Function-Based Index Support.Streams - Precommit Handlers.Streams - Negative Rules .Streams - Rules Engine - Easy Rules Engine Transformation Management .Streams - Row Subsetting During Capture and Propagation.Streams - Additional Streams Datatype and IOT Support.Streams - Access to Additional LCR Attributes.Streams - Instantiation Through Data Pump .Streams - Clean Up Rules Sets.Streams - Buffer Queue Monitoring .Streams - Message Notification .Streams - Allocate Memory from Streams Pool .Streams - High-Level API for Message Queuing.Streams - Easier Transformation Monitoring.Streams - Improved Capture and Apply Error Handling.Streams - Instantiation Through RMAN.Streams - Expose Commit Order of i

Streams - Clean Up LogMiner Information .Streams - Set Instantiation SCN at Apply Site.Streams - Views to Monitor Instantiation Data.Streams - New APIs to Grant Privileges .Improved Streams Oracle Real Application Clusters Support .Streams - Downstream Capture .Streams - Instantiation Through Transportable Tablespaces.OCCI Support for Streams AnyData Queues.Streams - Enhanced Capture and Apply Performance .Streams - Performance Enhancements for AnyData .Rules Engine - Rules Enhancements.The Scheduler .Scheduler - Core Scheduler Features .Scheduler - Usability and Manageability.Scheduler - Monitoring.Scheduler - Job Processing .Scheduler - Recovery.Scheduler - Support for Jobs in a Clustered Environment .Scheduler - ILMS Support .Scheduler - Increased Throughput.Scheduler - Dynamic Slave Pool.Scheduler - Redo Minimization.Availability.Backup and Recovery.Flash Backup and Recovery .Drop Database.RMAN Database Deregistration.Backup and Restore of Standby Control File.Automatic TSPITR.Simplified Recovery Manager Cataloging of Backup Files .Automatic Channel Failover for Backup and Restore.Automatic File Creation During Recovery .Simplified Backups to Disk .Proxy Copy Backup of Archivelogs.Incrementally Updated Backups 11-311-321-321-321-321-321-321-321-321-331-33

Simplified Recovery Through Resetlogs.Restore Tolerates Corrupt or Missing Backups .Full Database Begin Backup Command.Change-Aware Incremental Backups.Enhanced Oracle Data Guard Infrastructure.Data Guard Broker Support for RAC .Automatic LogMiner Configuration .Log Miner Support for Index-Organized Tables .LogMiner Support for More Types: LONG, Multibyte CLOB and NCLOB .Fine-Grained Supplemental Logging .Secured Redo Transmission.Uniquely Named Databases with DB UNIQUE NAME .Simplified Zero Data Loss for Data Guard SQL Apply.Zero Downtime Instantiation for SQL Apply .Real Time Apply.Automating Recovery Through Open Resetlogs in Standby Databases.Recovering from Human Error with Flashback Technology .Oracle Flashback Database .Oracle Flashback Table .Oracle Flashback Version Query.Oracle Flashback Drop .Oracle Flashback Transaction Query.Reduced Downtime for Application and Database Upgrades .Enhanced Online Redefinition .Rolling Upgrades with SQL Apply .Signature-Based Dependency Tracking Using Synonyms.Security and Directory .Improved Administration .DML Support in FGA .Communication over SASL .Unified User Model.Easy Database Registration.Extended and Uniform

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