3WHY “ENSIGN”?EnsignCollege isdevelopingcapableand trusteddisciples ofJesus Christ.The College is namedafter Ensign Peak. OnJuly 26, 1847, two daysafter arriving in the SaltLake Valley, BrighamYoung and several othermen hiked to the topof a mountain he hadseen in vision prior tobeginning the trek west.From their vantage point,one thousand feet abovethe valley floor, BrighamYoung described his visionand the men “began to layplans for the future city.“That spot, Ensign Peak,rises just north of wherethe College is located.It was given that namebecause it was a symbolof the “spirit of international outreach and theancient promise that hereone could learn the waysof God.” Throughout its134-year history, EnsignOur students becomeequipped with practicalpower as they develop:Market-Ready SkillsCharacterConfidenceCompetenceENSIGN COLLEGE 2020-2021 ADMISSIONS GUIDECollege, now located inthe shadow of EnsignPeak, has provided suchan environment.For more info,

Ensign Peak5Capital BuildingSLCTempleConference CenterTabernacleChurch HistoryMuseumFamily HistoryLibraryCity Creek CenterMuseum of ArtSalt PalaceSummit Grill @Ensign CollegeVivint ArenaBYU SLC inment)ENSIGN COLLEGE 2020-2021 ADMISSIONS GUIDEClarkPlanetarium

7ABOUT USEnsign College providesa comprehensive education in an atmosphereconsistent with the idealsand principles of TheChurch of Jesus Christ ofLatter-day Saints. This atmosphere is created and preserved through commitmentto Church ideals and principles by our students, staff,faculty, and administration.522Graduates601 265two-year degreesin 20 programs251Located in downtown SaltLake City, just two blocks westof Temple Square, the campusprovides students with manyopportunities to connect withthe local community throughshopping, concerts, sports,and many other activities.271342of graduates arefrom the U.S. ( 66% )Thanks to small class sizes(21:1 student-to-teacher ratio),students can form friendshipsthroughout their time at theCollege.Free UTA passes allowenrolled students tocommute to campusthrough Bus, Trax,or the Frontrunner.Each year 2,200students come toEnsign College.ENSIGN COLLEGE 2020-2021 ADMISSIONS GUIDE277ReturnedMissionaries( 53% )34%International Students(from 39 countries)Graduates join an AlumniAssociation comprised of100,000 former students.

9What We OfferCERTIFICATESASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE DEGREEOne or two-semeser, 15-19 credit programsdesigned to teach new skills and become betterqualified for specific jobs.Complete general education requirements andlearn specific, employable skills by completing acertificate. Students who plan to continue theireducation should choose this option.100% transferable.AccountingBusiness AnalyticsBusiness IntelligenceCloud & Systems AdministrationComputer ScienceDigital Content CreationDigital MarketingGlobal Supply Chain OperationsHospitality & Tourism ManagementInterior DesignIT FundamentalsMedical AssistingMedical CodingNetwork AdministrationParalegal StudiesProfessional Business ManagementProject ManagementSmall Business Management &EntrepreneurshipSocial Media MarketingSoftware EngineeringTechnical Support EngineerTechnology Account ManagementCAREERBOOSTOUR OPTIONSCCERTIFICATESkills-based degrees focused on getting you thetools you need to progress in your career quickly.Applied TechnologyCybersecurityInterior DesignParalegal StudiesBACHELOR OF APPLIEDSCIENCE DEGREEStarting in Fall 2021, we will start awardingbachelor’s degrees in:Business ManagementCommunicationCybersecurityDigital LTSPROMOTIONNEW JOBGREATER EARSSKILLS COLLEGEDEGREEENTRY-LEVELJOB IN INDUSTRYEXPERIENCE &TRANSFERABILITYOF DEGREE.AASAPPLIEDASSOCIATEDEGREE2-3YEARSSKILLS COLLEGEDEGREEJOB INCAREER FIELDSKILLS COLLEGEDEGREEJOB INCAREER FIELDEXPERIENCE. . . PREPARE.FOR JOBBASENSIGN COLLEGE 2020-2021 ADMISSIONS GUIDEBACHELOROF APPLIEDSCIENCEDEGREE4YEARSEXPERIENCELong-term CareerYOUR GOALASSOCIATE OF APPLIEDSCIENCE DEGREE

96%of collegeadministratorsthink they are doing anadequate job ofpreparing graduatesTeaching & LearningWhat is so different about the experience you’ll haveat Ensign College? We like to call it deep learning.Deep learning is the result of a learner, acting in, with,and by faith in Christ; it is inherently a spiritual experience and evidence of the fruits of the Atonementof Jesus Christ working in the lives of the learner andteacher. Deep learning leads to understanding.of business%11 leaders thinkstudents areprepared“Why don’twe makecollege morelike the worldof work?”Deep learning is best achieved through the 4Is of course design andthe learning pattern, which together create an environment wherestudents act to become capable and trusted disciples of Jesus Christ.ics–coAclistaunTe ammbi l iEmtyotiwoonalrkIn te ll&igLeencereports theskills thatemployerssay newcollege gradsdo not have:Leadershipa–thsnaA recentForbesarticleerEreofosiPRESIDENT BRUCE C. KUSCHdPPresident Bruce C. Kusch has said, “This campus-wide initiative helpsstudents to discover how to learn more deeply. One pattern for deeplearning, called subject matter immersion (SMI), creates an environment in which the student is immersed, covered and surrounded bythe course content rather than merely beingpresented with it by the instructor. Assignments revolve around real-lifechallenges, including tasks theywill face in the workplace.Students are responsible fordefining how they demonstrate subject mastery, thusimproving their leadershipand ssionalismAgilityProblem-solvingi ngi nkThetivtioalVerbal SkillsarenPrWritten Skills/CCollaborationCrit icalFi eENSIGN COLLEGE 2020-2021 ADMISSIONS GUIDEicaVerbobComn–munWrittevingS o l tional Literacyl e m - InformaDEVE LO PINGCA PA BL EAN DTRUS TE DDISCIPLES OFJESUS CHRI STld-Sp e c i alTe c herSkills – Computnical SkillslsSk i lTeamwork11

13What We CostTo embrace and support each individual’s unique talentsand circumstances, Ensign College provides a variety ofscholarship offerings for students.Visit our scholarship website to review and apply for federal financial aid availability, fill out the FAFSA students receive state,Federal or institutionalfinancial aid(from IPEDS data)[email protected](801) 524-8111The following chart illustrates cost of tuition and average cost of living while attendingfor one semester during the 2020-2021 school year.One SemesterENSIGN COLLEGE 2020-2021 ADMISSIONS GUIDELiving Off CampusLiving with ParentsChurch Member Tuition 1,775 1,775Non-Church Member Tuition 3,550 3,550Books & Supplies 100 100Room & Board 3,100 1,600Transportation 1,345 1,345Personal Expenses 700 700Loan Fees 25 25Church Member Total 7,045 5,545Non-Church Member Total 8,820 7,320

15How to ApplyEnsign College uses a holistic review process, whichmeans all parts of the application are considered. Here’swhat you need to apply:INTERNATIONAL STUDENTSInternational students are requiredto pay a deposit and provide proofof financial ability to support themselves while attending Ensign,before a Form I-20 (Certificate ofEligibility for Non-immigrant [F-1]Student Status) can be issued.International students must check inwith the International Student Officewhen they arrive on campus. Pleasevisit our site for specific requirements and details. Equivalency of high school graduation/completionor completion of at least 24 semester credits ofcollege work. Ecclesiastical Endorsement Essay One-time 35 application 1) a visa to study in the U.S. is approved, please be mindful of thefollowing requirements to stayin-status: Must be enrolled in at least 12credits, 9 of which must be oncampus. Must be enrolled in an AS or AASDegree program (you may receive a certificate in addition). International Students are responsible to know the requirements, so please keep in touchwith the International [email protected] DEADLINES2021 Winter Semester(January 6 – April 9)International: November 15, 2020Domestic: December 15, 20202021 Spring Semester(April 19 – July 20)International: March 1, 2021Domestic: April 1, 20212021 Fall Semester(September – December)International: August 1, 2021Domestic: September 1, 2021If an application deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday, orholiday, the application will close the next business day.All deadlines are 11:59 p.m. (Mountain Time)(801) 524-8141%9166 CountriesRepresented44 StatesRepresentedENSIGN COLLEGE 2020-2021 ADMISSIONS GUIDEAcceptanceRate

17Support ServicesEnsign College’s small size and dedicated staff allow us to deliver personalized student service. Hereare a few of our student support services:CAREER AND INTERNSHIP SERVICESThis team assists students with finding employment,including campus jobs and internships, as theybuild careers. Alumni can also continue to receivehelp with job-related services after graduation.DISABILITY SERVICESEnsign College provides reasonable academic accommodations for students who self-identify andprovide documentation after being [email protected] (801) [email protected] (801) 524-1925Ensign College does not own, operate, or controlstudent housing facilities, but facilities are availablethrough a variety of off-campus property owners.COUNSELING [email protected] (801) 524-8180Short-term counseling services are available to provide students the tools they need for (801) 524-8151DEVOTIONALSEnsign College holds Devotionals every Tuesdaymorning on Temple Square to help students develop spiritually while they continue their library provides access to many professionaljournals, books, and other online resources to [email protected] (801) 524-8150NEW STUDENT ORIENTATIONThis orientation provides an opportunity for newstudents to connect with their program/major,make friends, and learn more about the College andits COLLEGE 2020-2021 ADMISSIONS GUIDESTUDENT DEVELOPMENT CENTERThis team provides individualized support for students as they work towards their future. The Centerprovides a wide array of support, including a dedicated advisor for each student. Additional servicesinclude student involvement, mentoring, testingand [email protected] (801) 524-8151ADMISSIONS [email protected] (801) 524-8145FINANCIAL AID AND [email protected] (801) [email protected] AND [email protected] (801) 524-8140THE OUTPOST BOOKSTOREThe Outpost Bookstore provides access for students to purchase course material, college apparel,and various supplies and SUMMIT GRILLThe Summit Grill is a restaurant that employs students and serves the Ensign College, BYU Salt LakeCenter and BYU-Pathway Worldwide [email protected]) 524-8183COME VISIT US!Personalized tours provide you the opportunity toconnect with students and feel what it’s like to beon campus. We offer in-person campus toursMonday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.Feel free to drop by and request a tour or scheduleone in (801) 524-8145CONTACT USENSIGN.EDU (801) [email protected]@ensignSLC

19Our StoryIn 1886, William B. Dougall gathered several local leaders from Salt Lake Citytogether to make an important proposal: that the youth of Salt Lake City shouldhave a school of their own.It was a meeting that almost didn’t take place. The gathering was scheduled tooccur in a bookstore owned by James Dwyer, but the night before the meeting,a fire broke out in the building. The next morning, water that had been used toput out the fire was still dripping from the destroyed roof. That could have beenthe end of Dougall’s dream, but his group of determined, resourceful pioneersmet anyway, sitting on boxes and crates in the charred, damp remains of thebookstore.The symbolism of that meeting is extremely significant. Surrounded by the ashes of books, the gathered leaders made plans for a place of learning. The phoenix that rose from those ashes was the Salt Lake Stake Academy, now known asEnsign College.ENSIGN COLLEGE 2020-2021 ADMISSIONS GUIDE

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Free UTA passes allow enrolled students to commute to campus through Bus, Trax, or the Frontrunner. Each year 2,200 students come to Ensign College. ABOUT US 7 522 Graduates two-year degrees in 20 programs 601 265 271 251 Returned Missionaries ( 53% ) 277 of graduates are from the U.S. ( 66%