A Thought Rock Live PresentationITIL v3 in 6.5 minutesfrom the Godfather ofITILDr. Don PageBusiness DevelopmentDirector, Marval GroupThis session is essential for any member of your team, from seniormanagement to Service Analysts who would like a straight talking andcommon sense introduction to ITIL v3 from two of the world’s leading ITILexperts and practitioners.Copyright @Marval Group 2011

Who is Don Page PractitionerCo-author ISO/IEC 20000Co-author of ITILCo-author of BS15000Co-author of Service Desk Institute servicedesk standard 400 implementationsCombing best practice theory combined withoperational experience & good old commonsenseCopyright @Marval Group 2011

An holistic approach to ITSM MSM ITSM & ServiceDesk Software ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000Education & Consultancy ITSM Support SkillsCourses & Workshops MSM Product Support MSM Product TrainingOne supplier for all your requirementCopyright @Marval Group 2011

Key agenda points1. Why ISO/IEC20000 will do betterthan ITIL on its own2. Practical overview of the key ITILProcesses3. Key messages to sell to your team4. Don’s top 10 operational rules ofengagementCopyright @Marval Group 2011

Why does ourorganisation invest ininformationtechnology?Copyright @Marval Group 2011

The role of ICT is to do things Faster, More Reliably More Efficiently More Cost effectively With the evidence to prove itAchieving Operational Excellence; balancing Risk, Service Quality & CostCopyright @Marval Group 2011

Today's Challenge1. Increased accountability, governance &compliance requirements2. Pressure to reduce risk, costs, improve quality- do more with the “same or less”3. IT & Service infrastructure more complex4. Ensuring organisational, stakeholders &customer confidence in ICTCopyright @Marval Group 2011

The earliest ITIL guru?HERE is Pooh Bear, comingdownstairs now, bump,bump, bump, on the back ofhis head, behind ChristopherRobin.It is, as far as he knows, theonly way of comingdownstairs, but sometimes hefeels that there really isanother way, if only he couldstop bumping for a momentand think of it.AA MilneCopyright @Marval Group 2011

RecipesforsuccessITIL is the worldwidebest practice & guidancefor the Design,Planning, Delivery &Management of your ITservices & supportinfrastructure”(From cradle to grave)Copyright @Marval Group 2011

How would Idescribe ITILin 3 words?Copyright @Marval Group 2011

How would youdescribeISO2000in 3 words?Copyright @Marval Group 2011

Worldwide IT ServiceManagementStandard & BestPractice FrameworkYour Organisations &individual groupsContinual ServiceImprovement ProgrammeUnderpinnings standards:e.g. ISO27000Copyright @Marval Group 2011 www.marval-group.comV3.0

ITIL underpins& aligns withwithISO/IEC20000(The worldwide standard forIT service management)Marval is ISO20000 accreditedCopyright @Marval Group 2011

ISO20000 vs. ITIL/Cobit ITIL is NOT prescriptive, it is difficult to maintainwithout adequate governance controls – ISO20000 IS ITIL does NOT Insist on continual improvement –ISO20000 DOES ITIL does NOT Insist on evidence to prove quality &progress - ISO20000 DOES ITIL quality cannot be internally or externally auditedor benchmarked ISO20000 quality CAN ITIL is NOT being demanded by business governance controls, auditability & agility ARE ITIL is NOT a business certification – ISO20000 ISCopyright @Marval Group 2011

Back tobasicsIn 6.5minsCopyright @Marval Group 2011

“Breaking down thekey processes &functions – why do wealways complicatethings?”Copyright @Marval Group 2011

Service Desk“I ensure allcustomer requestsare professionallymanaged”“Nothing is lostforgotten orignored”Copyright @Marval Group 2011

Service PortfolioManagement & ServiceCatalogueI ensure customersknow what ITServices are: Available Planned DiscontinuedCopyright @Marval Group 2011

Incident Management“I ensuredisruptions toIT services areresolved assoon aspossible”Copyright @Marval Group 2011

Request Fulfilment“I ensurecustomerrequests forstandard ITservices aresatisfied”Copyright @Marval Group 2011 www.marval-group.comIT PurchaseRequestForm

Event Management“I ensuremonitored &detected computereventsare recorded,managed &escalated”Copyright @Marval Group 2011

Problem Management“I pro-activelyidentify problems &raise changes to getthem fixed; beforethey impact theorganisation?”Copyright @Marval Group 2011

Change Management“I ensure changesare tested,planned, scheduled& coordinated.What resources arerequired, when, thecost, the risk & theimpact”Copyright @Marval Group 2011

Release & Deployment Mgt.“I ensure changesare planned &released withminimum risk &disruption”Copyright @Marval Group 2011

SOXService Asset &Configuration Mgt. (CMDB)“Iensure assets &resources areproperly managed& maintained“What, where, who, howmany, how much & whatdepends on what”Copyright @Marval Group 2011

Financial Management“I ensure we areaccountable; budgetGive& get value for Budgetfor PCmoney from ourinvestments &suppliers”Copyright @Marval Group 2011

Capacity Management“I ensure we haveenough people,equipment,computer power,storage capacity &bandwidth to meetbusiness needs”Copyright @Marval Group 2011

AvailabilityManagement“I ensure ITservices areavailablewhencustomersneed them”Copyright @Marval Group 2011

Supplier Management“I ensure everyone is happy, with the rightcontracts & controls in place”Copyright @Marval Group 2011

Service Continuity“I plan &maintain whatinfrastructureresources arecritical to thesurvival of thebusiness”Copyright @Marval Group 2011

Service KnowledgeManagement(SKMS)“I ensure all theknowledge we have isorganised, sharedexploited & retainedCopyright @Marval Group 2011

InformationSecurity Mgt.“I ensurecompanyinformation &computersremain safe, &secure”Copyright @Marval Group 2011

Continual Service ImprovementI identify areasfor improvement,ensuring we justget better &betterCopyright @Marval Group 2011

SLM Management30minsCopyright @Marval Group 2011“I ensure wemeetexpectations& deliver theagreed levelsof service thebusinessneeds”

Service Measurement& Reporting“I identify & reporton the right values forthe right audience, atthe right timeCopyright @Marval Group 2011

Continual Service ImprovementI identify areasfor improvement,ensuring we justget better &betterCopyright @Marval Group 2011

Marval operational rules of engagement1.All agreed polices, processes & procedures shall be communicated &followed2. Failing policies, processes & procedures shall be reported3. All changes shall be recorded, risk assessed, scheduled,documented, updated & have a ‘Tested Back-out-plan’4. All incidents & requests for service shall be recorded, documented &updated5. All identified problems shall be recorded, documented & updated6. Time spent shall be recorded against each request7. Reasons for failing to meet agreed targets shall be recorded &reviewed8. All critical IT Services, computer assets, network & servicerelationships shall be documented, maintained & understood9. All identified service improvements shall be documented &results/actions reviewed monthly10. Management & Support teams shall communicate & customers keptinformedCopyright @Marval Group 2011

Keep it simpleAdoptCopyright @Marval Group 2011 www.marval-group.comAdaptContinuallyimprove

Marval operational rules for people1. Keep it simple2. Keep it real3. Sell your successes, focus onareas identified for improvement4. If your business doesn't want aworld-class ICT team, gosomewhere that doesCopyright @Marval Group 2011

“Every Manager has a responsibility todemonstrate to the organisation what agreat job ICT do””www.marval-group.comCopyright @Marval Group 2011

“Every team member has a responsibilityto provide the information in order for theirmanager to demonstrate what a great jobthey do”www.marval-group.comCopyright @Marval Group 2011

The END – thanks for listeningEnjoy therest of thedaywww.marval-group.comCopyright @Marval Group 2011

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ITIL does NOT Insist on evidence to prove quality & progress - ISO20000 DOES ITIL quality cannot be internally or externally audited or benchmarked ISO20000 quality CAN ITIL is NOT being demanded by business - governance controls, auditability & agility ARE ITIL is NOT a business certificati