SUPPORT SERVICES FORMASTER’S STUDENTSCGS Annual Meeting, December 8, 2017Ben Caldwell, Missouri Western State UniversityNan Yancey, Lewis UniversityTyrus Miller, University of California Santa Cruz

Missouri Western State University Regional Public Institution, offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees Established 1915 – St. Joseph Jr. College, St. Joseph, MO– 1968 – Missouri Western College– 2005 – Missouri Western State University 2007 – 1st graduate degree offerings –– 3 Master’s programs, 1 certificate,– 41 students 2017 – 5,562 total students, 241 graduate students– 25 programs – 19 master’s, 6 certificates

Student Profile– 76% in-state– 19% International(15 countries)411MWSU7116KC– 65% part-time– 85% employed part/full-time– 66% w/in 100 mile radius– Majority of students commute oron-line 5% students live oncampus34842120112122121

Student Services? Majority of students (95%)commute or on-line Minimal use– Residence Life– Recreation services– Health Center (excludinginternational students)– Counseling servicesNote: Student Affairs Writing– Writing boot camp– Peer writing support services– Center for Academic Support Support for ESL students –– Losing of English languagelearning program– ENG 685 Writing course fornon-native English languagelearners

Getting Students Involved Engaging graduate students intothe campus community– New Student Orientation– Student governance Student GovernmentAssociation, Graduate StudentAssociation– Graduate Coffee Hours– 3 Minute Thesis Competition On campus Employment – 22% ofgraduate students employed oncampus Graduate Assistant Training– Teaching Assistants (6%) GTA Training course– Athletic GAs/Assistant Coaches(67%) NCAA compliance– Title IX & diversity training– Conflict resolution– Campus policies & procedures

Assisting students at a distance Advising generally rated very highly– 85% Satisfied/Very Satisfied– Concerns expressed aboutscheduling/access for workingstudents Front line office have limited hours– close at 4:30 PM Zoom– Online course contents delivery– Advising & office hours Library services Live online video, chat, or textingconsulting services Library Guides – research guidesfor topic or subject specificcontent Online tutorials International Students Services– Zoom sessions sessions “Meet the Dean” How to prepare for visainterviews Military Friendly

Nan Russell Yancey, PhDDean, School of Graduate, Professional, and Continuing EducationLewis UniversityRomeoville, Illinois

Founded in 1932 by Chicago Archdiocese as technical school for boys Sponsored by the De La Salle Christian Brothers since 1960 Located in Romeoville, Illinois 35 miles southwest of Chicago Regional sites in Tinley Park, Oak Brook, and Albuquerque, NM,and many online options 410-acre arboretum-designated campus 4 Colleges and the School of Graduate, Professional, & Continuing Education 6,500 students including 2000 graduate students 80 undergraduate programs 35 graduate & 2 doctoral programs Aviation/transportation; chemistry/physics; computer science/data science;business/MBA; nursing; social work; occupational therapy; criminal justice/publicsafety; psychology; education; leadership

Illinois demographics, politics, and economicsRecent and coming University administrative changes2017-2022 Strategic PlanTechnology Resources: Banner implementation (ERM); SLATE (CRM); TK20; EAB Establishment of Faculty Senate Clarified Faculty Governance Structure/Processes Restructuring of colleges/programs in process 5 colleges proposed The School of Graduate, Professional, and Continuing Education Established November 2017Merger of Office of Graduate Studies (including Research/Sponsored Programs) with the School ofProfessional & Continuing EducationOne dean of both since Fall 2016Graduate Studies, Adult/Online Education, and Office of Research &Sponsored Programs

A PARADIGMATIC CULTURE SHIFT Persistence in raising awareness Graduate students and their needs Importance to our academic community

Online Resources Graduate Student Orientation Webpage Resource Guide Advising Professional Academic Professional Disciplinary Research and Scholarship Celebration of ScholarshipGrantsStudent Academic Conference Support ProgramCITI Training/RCRWriting CenterLibrary

Academic Support Center for Academic Success & Enrichment (CASE) BrainFuse; Disability Services; LU Cares; Testing Center; Presentation AssistanceWriting Center Online (virtual & real time), Extended Hours, Regional Site Services3 tutors specifically qualified to work with masters and doctoral students Library – local, phone, online, regional Academic Technology Services Services with limited availability to Graduate Students (office hours/online) Financial Aid (advisor specializing in working with graduate students)Business Office (Banner – 24/7)Registrar (Banner – 24/7)Health and Counseling ServicesCareer Services Graduate Student Housing Culture change!

www.lewisu.eduDr. Nan [email protected] Anne [email protected]






BACKGROUND UC Santa Cruz in Silicon Valley: 2/3 Extension, 1/3for “Campus” programs Huge SV office space boom with Google, Apple,Facebook, buying up everything Irvine Co. wanted our building for redevelopment. Deal to purchase new larger building on favorableterms: BUT quick timetable, major logistical andgovernance challenges Coincided with campus initiatives to spur and fasttrack new Silicon Valley-related masters programs:Computer Gaming, Serious Games, HCI, NLP

KEY AREAS OF CONCERN Multi-client service needs Legacy clients from other remote locations(NASA Ames) Existing clients being relocated (Extension) Nascent programs (Computer Gaming) Planned but not yet launched programs (HCI,NLP) Other clients (UC Scout, Industry AffiliatesProgram, Incubator)

KEY AREAS OF CONCERNGovernance structure not settled: overlapping authorities No overarching “dean” for all UC Santa Cruz’s SV activities Dean of University Extension: market-driven needs andtransient student population Director of Silicon Valley Initiatives responsible for SV“campus” and research and industry activities Dean of Baskin School of Engineer is academic dean formasters programs and faculty at SV site Vice Provost and Graduate Dean has overarching authority forexisting graduate programs Vice Provost of Academic Affairs has responsibility for newprogram development Silicon Valley Governance Group formed to develop governancescheme: work in progress

KEY AREAS OF CONCERN Distributed support model: local vs. maincampus Role of departments and academic divisionsschools: admin support, advisors, processingof forms and documents, space “ownership” Role of central campus: IT and networkservices, safety and compliance, police, fire Service contractors Budgetary

KEY AREAS OF CONCERNAcademic Support/Student Success: local vs. maincampus Are local program directors entirely responsible forstudent success? How can students access mentoring / tutoring /professional and pedagogical support from maincampus? Note: these programs have Professional DegreeSupplemental Tuition, for special instructional,equipment, and professional development needs Appropriate spaces and financial responsibility fortheir equipping and upkeep IT support: computational intensive programs Library support and licensing

KEY AREAS OF CONCERN Student Services/Student Life: local vs. maincampus Housing Health Services Fitness / Wellness Community space and programming

KEY AREAS OF CONCERN Community Isolation from main campus Affinities with alumni: unresolved how toinclude graduates of program with currentgraduates Engineering School fellows program? Incubator program affiliation? Relation to PhD students

CONCLUDING OBSERVATIONS Attend carefully to governance and evolutionof governance as site uses change and mature Cultivate “startup” mentality and avoidentrenchment of provisional, pragmatic forms Think about horizontal linkages and overlaps Don’t underestimate the costs and resourceneeds of a remote location Keep in focus need to build community at site

Tyrus Miller, University of California Santa Cruz. Missouri Western State University . Graduate Studies, Adult/Online Education, and Office of Research & . 3 tutors specifically qualified to work with masters and d