WHY THE UC DAVISLL.M. PROGRAM?Join our outstanding Academic Year LL.M. program for the professionaland personal experience of a lifetime. Here are some of the qualitiesthat make our LL.M. program one of the best in the country. Classes taught by top scholars in their fields Membership in an international alumni network LL.M. students fully integrated into J.D. classes Supportive, welcoming King Hall community Academic program tailored toeach LL.M. student’s needsIndividual academic and personaladvising throughout the program One- and two-year options August and January starts 24-hour access to our state-of-the-art building One of the top U.S. research universities Workshops on academic success, barexam preparation and career guidanceStudent organizations andnetworking opportunities Close to San Francisco, Napa,Lake Tahoe and YosemiteDavis community known for safetyand ease of getting around“At UC Davis you will find a vibrant and diversestudent community with more than 50 activestudent organizations, five law journals and anacademic spirit where intellectual rigor combineswith genuine warmth and friendship, as well as truecommunity of purpose.”Kevin R. Johnson, Dean,UC Davis School of LawWELCOME TO UC DAVISSCHOOL OF LAWCelebrating over 50 Years of Leading ScholarshipThe University of California, Davis, School of Law is one of the world’s leadinglaw schools. We are proud of our history of outstanding scholarship, teaching andreal-world impact. Founded more than 50 years ago, the School of Law continuesto welcome students from around the world into its diverse, intellectuallyrigorous and distinctly supportive community. Faculty, fellow students and ouralumni form a lifelong professional and personal global network. Join [email protected], unusuallyaccessible andsupportive faculty,and state-of-theart facilities providean ideal learningenvironment.Join ourInternationalLL.M.

PRE-LL.M.PROGRAMSACADEMIC YEARLL.M. PROGRAMConnections that last a lifetimeThe UC Davis School of Law LL.M. offers a superioreducational experience for foreign lawyers, judges,prosecutors and other legal professionals. Classes aretaught by outstanding faculty scholars, and studentsare integrated into J.D. classes. The program isdesigned around individual student needs. Thus, LL.M.students can pursue a general course of study or aspecialization from an area within the UC Davis Schoolof Law curriculum. Students may also take a pre-Barstudy program. UC Davis offers August and JanuaryLL.M. start options in the following programs:At UC Davis School of Law, we supportLL.M. students through our summer preLL.M. programs. These programs will helpyou transition to life in the United States,improve your English, and give you anoverview of the U.S. legal system as youprepare for an amazing year of LL.M. study.ORIENTATION IN U.S.A. LAWJuly 1 0 – August 6, 2022CUSTOMIZABLE GENERAL LL.M.Working with the program director, you may tailor the curriculumto either gain basic knowledge of the U.S. legal system or to focuson any area of legal scholarship supported by UC Davis School ofLaw’s world-class curricula. The general LL.M. is designed to meeteach student’s needs. This degree may be used to prepare for a barexam. Our full-time LL.M. is a two-semester degree program.LL.M. WITH PRE-PLANNED SPECIALIZATIONSelect an area of focus such as Business Law, Private andPublic International Law, International Business and DisputeResolution, Immigration Law, Criminal Law and Procedure,Intellectual Property, Human Rights and Social Justice Law,Environmental and Natural Resources Law, Health Law andBioethics, and many others from the broad curriculum.TWO-YEAR EXTENDED LL.M. PROGRAM OPTIONFor some students, a longer period of study is vital to meetingeducational and career goals. The two-year Extended LL.M.provides an additional year to deepen critical legal concepts.For more information, please contact the LL.M. AdmissionsDirector at [email protected] or 1 (530) 752-6081.TWO-YEAR ADVANCED LL.M. PROGRAM OPTIONFor some students, a longer period of study is vital to meetingeducational and career goals. The two-year AdvancedLL.M. offers an additional year of specialized study. Formore information, please contact the LL.M. AdmissionsDirector at [email protected] or 1 (530) [email protected] Davis School of Law academicyear LL.M. students may applyfor transfer to the J.D. Program. LSAT scores are not required Successful completion of theLL.M. program is requiredJoin other pre-LL.M. students as well as legalprofessionals in this in-depth overview of the U.S. legalsystem. Taught by UC Davis law faculty and expert legalpractitioners, this four-week program improves yourEnglish skills and provides the conceptual foundationsof U.S.A. law, and includes topics such as constitutionallaw, contracts, torts, criminal and civil procedure,business associations and many more. Completeassigned readings, group discussions and projects, andspecialized workshops to prepare for your LL.M. studies.You will learn the essential analytical skills youneed in order to succeed in an LL.M. program. Forexample, students learn how to analytically readand brief U.S. Supreme Court cases, how to writean essay exam, or how to do legal research.Check new and online programsStudents also enjoy field trips and events thatfacilitate networking with other participants. Requesta sample daily schedule at [email protected] FOR LEGAL PROFESSIONALSJune 26 – July 9, 2022English for Legal Professionals is a two-weekcourse designed to provide you with the legalterminology, language and writing skills youneed to succeed in an LL.M. program.Throughout the course you will be able to perfectgrammar and structure in your writing, to appropriatelyuse legal terms, to express and present legal opinionsclearly, and to understand and produce texts such aslegal briefs and memoranda, and other documentsnecessary for a successful year of LL.M. study.Challengingacademic program

INTERNATIONALLYRENOWNED FACULTYBeth Greenwood, Associate Dean,International Programs, UC Davis School ofLaw, and the International Programs team.Engaging legalscholarship“I am sure choosing UC Davis School ofLaw is one of the best decisions I havemade in my life, and I believe that thisyear of LL.M. study will significantlyinfluence my future career. UC Davisstands apart from other Law Schoolsbecause of its first-class professors,its friendly and interactive staff, andbeautiful facilities with 24-hour accessfor students.”Ping, China,LL.M. Program

STUDENT LIFEExperience DavisThe UC Davis School of Law is housed in KingHall, located within University of California, Davis,the largest campus in the UC system. The 39,629students who attend UC Davis pursue a full range ofundergraduate, graduate and professional studies. TheUC Davis University Library, ranked among the topresearch libraries in North America, contains morethan four million volumes. Students often remarkthat the campus’ famous open space contributesto a relaxed environment that supports study. Ourcampus is located just 15 minutes from Sacramento,California’s capital and a center for legal culture.King Hall itself is a cutting-edge facility recentlyexpanded to provide 24-hour student access to abeautiful, functionally advanced learning spacethat gives students the full benefit of the latesttechnologies. King Hall contains an appellatecourtroom, a moot courtroom, a large computerlab, study carrels and a study lounge, and a studentsocial lounge, among many other amenities.The Mabie Law Library is the heart of study andlegal research for the King Hall community,and students access print and online resourcesincluding books, journals, databases and others.Mabie Library’s helpful staff include severalattorneys, and students have unlimited access.UC Davis School of Law boasts a number of centersof study. Students are encouraged to share andconnect academically and personally throughparticipation in more than 50 student organizations.School of Law degree students may access a widevariety of campus services. In addition to thoselisted above, these include academic advising andregistration services, healthcare, behavioral healthand counseling services, disability services, diversityresources, and many more. For complete informationabout services available to degree students, pleasevisit uUC DAVIS – LIFE IN A COLLEGE TOWNDavis, California is renowned for being one ofAmerica’s true college towns. Davis is also known forits 160 kilometers of bicycle paths. The communityis prized for its safety and family-friendliness, andhousing can be found close to campus for singlesand for families. The centralized, walkable Davisdowntown offers world cuisine, delightful shopsand inspiring entertainment and social activities.Our Mediterranean climate makes outdoor activitiesa year-round delight, and our location—about anhour from San Francisco, and two hours from LakeTahoe—provides many options for recreation.UC DAVIS INTERNATIONAL CENTERUC Davis is committed to extending its recognitionas a leading international university. To achievethis vision, the campus opened a new internationalfacility in Fall 2016 to establish a centralized,welcoming environment for international studentsand scholars, as well as students interested in studyingabroad. The center provides a beautiful, prominenthub for international students to create the bestpossible educational and cultural experience.LL.M. COMMITMENT TO ADIVERSE STUDENT BODYThe Academic Year LL.M. program includes a diversestudent body from most continents. Cultural diversityis the key to the program’s success because it createsa worldwide community of legal professionals(J.D. and LL.M. students) who subsequently infusetheir legal systems with the knowledge obtainedat UC Davis about common law and internationallegal systems. The Academic Year LL.M. attractslegal professional participants from many differentcountries and legal systems. Students eventuallyrepresent clients who are culturally diverse andengaged in international legal endeavors.For more information, visit Mabie LawLibrary houses morethan 375,000 printvolumes and volumeequivalents, andprovides access toa wealth of onlineresources.UC DAVISQUICK FACTSRANKED#2#1#1#5#35on The National JuristMagazine's list of MostDiverse Law Schoolsin the nation forsustainability (GreenMetricWorld University Ranking)in the nation for diversity andinternationalization (QS WorldUniversity Rankings: USA)best public university in thenation (Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education)in the US News and WorldReport 2022 Best Law SchoolsThe only University of California campus with6 SCHOOLSPROFESSIONALEducation, Law, Management, Medicine,Nursing and Veterinary Medicine

FACULTYFaculty biographies are available online at Davis School of Law is proud of its distinguished and diverse faculty, drawn from amongthe finest scholars in the United States. UC Davis School of Law has among the highestproportion of American Law Institute (ALI) members on its faculty of any law school in theUnited States, and their membership in this prestigious law reform organization is only oneindicator of the UC Davis Law faculty’s involvement in cutting-edge legal research and themost pressing legal and social issues of our times. UC Davis Law faculty have publishedthousands of leading books and articles by the most influential presses and law reviews in theworld. The work of our faculty members is cited regularly in leading legal and interdisciplinaryscholarship. Not surprisingly, members of the faculty frequently testify before Congress andother legislative bodies and are quoted frequently by the national media. Moreover, UCDavis School of Law was ranked 5th in the nation for faculty diversity by Princeton Review.KEVIN R. JOHNSONDean and Mabie-ApallasProfessor of Public InterestLaw and Chicana/o StudiesJ.D., Harvard Law SchoolImmigration Law and Policy, Refugee Law,Civil Procedure, Civil Rights, CriticalRace Theory, Critical Latina/oTheory, Complex LitigationAFRA AFSHARIPOURBoochever and Bird EndowedChair for the Study and Teaching ofFreedom and Equality and MartinLaw King Jr. Professor of LawJ.D., University of Chicago Law SchoolAdministrative Law, Antitrust,Constitutional Law, Law and Economics,Supreme Court, Telecommunications,Energy Law, Regulated IndustriesSenior Associate Dean for AcademicAffairs and Professor of LawKARRIGAN BORKJ.D., Columbia University Law SchoolPh.D. University of California, DavisComparative Corporate Law,Corporate Governance, Mergers andAcquisitions, Transactional LawJ.D., Stanford Law SchoolBETH GREENWOODAssociate Dean for InternationalPrograms, Director of LL.M.Program and Lecturer in LawJ.D., UC Davis School of LawLL.M. Director, Legal Researchand Writing, U.S. Legal SystemActing Professor of LawB.A., B.S., University of KansasProperty, Environmental Law, NaturalResources, Administrative Law, Takings,Public Trust Doctrine, Trout and Salmon,Science and Law, Field Courses, Water LawANDREA CANNCHANDRASEKHERProfessor of LawJ.D., Stanford Law SchoolRAQUEL E. ALDANAPh.D., Economics, Universityof California, BerkeleyJ.D., Harvard Law SchoolM.A., Statistics, Universityof California, BerkeleyProfessor of LawImmigration Law and Policy, Latinos andthe Law, International Human RightsKELLY BEHRELecturerJ.D., Washington and LeeUniversity School of LawFamily Law, Public Interest Law,Domestic Violence/Intimate PartnerViolence Law, Sexual Assault LawKARIMA BENNOUNEHomer G. Angelo and Ann BerryhillEndowed Chair and Martin LutherKing Jr. Professor of LawJ.D., University of Michigan Law SchoolM.A., Middle Eastern and North AfricanStudies, University of MichiganInternational Law, International HumanRights, Terrorism and Counterterrorism,Religious Extremism, Women’s Rights9ASHUTOSH [email protected] and Economics, Criminal Lawand Procedure, Labor Law, Law andSociety, Police and PolicingHOLLY S. COOPERLecturerJ.D., University of California, DavisImmigration Law and Policy, DetainedImmigrants Rights, Refugee Law,International Human Rights, PrisonersRights (See Also Civil Rights)WILLIAM S. DODGEJohn D. Ayer Chair in BusinessLaw and Martin Luther KingJr. Professor of LawJ.D., Yale Law School 1991International Law, International BusinessTransactions, International Litigation &Arbitration, Foreign Relations Law, ContractsCHRISTOPHER S.ELMENDORFMartin Luther King, Jr.Professor of LawJ.D., Yale Law SchoolElection Law, Administrative Law,Statutory Interpretation, ConstitutionalLaw, Natural Resources LawJENNIFER ELOWSKYLegal Research andWriting InstructorJ.D. University of SanDiego School of LawKATHERINE FLOREYMartin Luther King Jr.Professor of LawJ.D., University of California, BerkeleyM.F.A., Warren Wilson CollegeFederal Jurisdiction, Federal Courts,Civil Procedure, Legal Ethics, AmericanIndian Law, Legal HistoryMARY LOUISE FRAMPTONProfessor of Social Justice Practiceand Director, Aoki Center for CriticalRace and Nation StudiesJ.D., Harvard Law SchoolB.A., History, Brown UniversityCivil Rights, Critical Race Theory, Law andSociety, Ethics, Alternative Dispute ResolutionRICHARD M. FRANKProfessor of EnvironmentalPractice and Director, CaliforniaEnvironmental Law and Policy CenterJ.D., University of California, DavisConstitutional Law, Energy Law,Environmental Law, Land Use Planning(See Also Constitutional Law),Natural Resources, Water LawJASMINE E. HARRISProfessor of LawLISA IKEMOTOPETER LEELISA R. PRUITTBRIAN SOUCEKLL.M., Columbia University Law SchoolJ.D., Yale Law SchoolJ.D., University of ArkansasJ.D., Yale Law SchoolJ.D., University of California, DavisPh.D., Laws, University of LondonPh.D., Philosophy, Columbia UniversityBioethics, Health Disparities, Scienceand Technology StudiesPatent Law, Intellectual Property,Technology transfer, Property,Science and Technology StudiesJUDY JANESALBERT C. LINLaw and Rural Livelihoods, Critical RaceTheory, Feminist Jurisprudence, LegalProfession, Critical Whiteness Studies, TortsMartin Luther King Jr.Professor of LawAntidiscrimination Law, ConstitutionalLaw, Civil Procedure, Immigration Law andPolicy, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identityand the Law, Law and Cultural StudiesALIX ROGERSJ.D., Pacific McGeorge School of LawJ.D., University of California, BerkeleyJ.D., Yale Law SchoolMartin Luther King Jr.Professor of LawMabie Law Library Directorand Lecturer in LawLegal Research, Law Libraries and LawLibrary Administration, Legal EducationIRENE ORITSEWEYINMI JOEActing Professor of LawJ.D., Stanford Law SchoolB.A., University of Texas at AustinCriminal Law and Procedure, Juries,Professional Responsibility, TrialAdvocacy and Practice, Legal Ethics,Voir Dire (Jury Selection)Martin Luther King Jr.Professor of LawM.P.P., Harvard UniversityEnvironmental Law, NaturalResources Law, EvidenceROBERT C. MILLERLegal Research andWriting InstructorJ.D., UC Davis School of LawAoki Water Justice ClinicJOHANN MORRIELIZABETH E. JOHAssociate Director of InternationalPrograms and Lecturer in LawJ.D., New York UniversityM.D., Human Rights Law,University of Paris NanterrePh.D., Law and Society,New York UniversityM.D., Public Law Litigation, Universityof Paris I-Panthéon SorbonneCriminal Law and Procedure, ConstitutionalLaw, Policing, SurveillanceB.A. Government Studies/Political Science, Institute ofPolitical Science of ParisMartin Luther King Jr.Professor of LawTHOMAS W. JOOLL.M., UC Davis School of LawM.F.E., University ofCalifornia at BerkeleyCriminal Law and Procedure,Constitutional Law, Sentencing,Immigration Law And Policy, EthicsFinancial Regulation, Mortgages, Securitization,Contracts, Bankruptcy, Contracts, MortgagesLETICIA SAUCEDOMartin Luther King Jr.Professor of LawJ.D., Harvard Law SchoolAARON TANGProfessor of LawJ.D., Stanford Law SchoolB.A., Political Science, Yale UniversityConstitutional Law, Education Law,Federal Courts, First Amendment (SeeAlso Constitutional Law), Labor Law,Supreme Court, Appellate AdvocacyFamily Law, Sexual Orientation, GenderIdentity and the Law, EmploymentDiscrimination, Constitutional LawMENESH PATELLocal Government Law,Taxation, JurisprudenceJ.D., Stanford Law SchoolDONNA SHESTOWSKYCARTER C. WHITECARLTON F.W. LARSONPh.D. Economics, Universityof Wisconsin-MadisonMartin Luther King Jr.Professor of LawJ.D., Yale Law SchoolConstitutional Law, Legal History,Federal Courts, Federal Indian Law,Criminal Law, Supreme CourtActing Professor of LawB.S. Economics, University of IowaB.A. Mathematics, University of IowaCorporate Law, Antitrust, SecuritiesRegulation, Capital MarketsAMAGDA PÉREZContracts, Federal Arbitration Law,Trusts, Wills, Estate PlanningPh.D., Law, YaleEmployment Discrimination Law,Financial Regulation, Immigration Lawand Policy, Law and EconomicsM.A., Philosophy, McGill UniversityCommercial Law, Privacy Law,Consumer Law, Technology Law,Human Rights, Civil ProcedureJ.D., Yale Law SchoolM.S. Oxford University, Rhodes ScholarAoki Water Justice ClinicJ.D., Harvard Law SchoolB.S. Cornell UniversityJ.D., YaleLegal Research and Writing,Criminal Law and ProcedureJ.D., Yale Law SchoolTaxation, Tax Practice, Tax Filing andAdministration, Tax Policy, Legal andProfessional Ethics, Whistleblower Statutesand Programs, Public Records Acts,Tax Expenditure Analysis, DistributiveJustice, Family Taxation, and U.S.Economic, Tax, Legal, Gender HistoryJ.D., University of Michigan Law SchoolA.B., Harvard UniversityJ.D., UC Hastings College of the LawPh.D. Economics, Harvard UniversityPh.D., Rhetoric, Universityof California, BerkeleyLL.M., Yale Law SchoolActing Professor of LawActing Professor of LawJ.D., Stanford Law SchoolJ.D., University of California, Los AngelesProfessor of LawLegal Research andWriting InstructorB.A., Comparative Literature,Columbia CollegeMartin Luther King Jr.Professor of LawJ.D. Harvard Law SchoolERIC FISHCLAY TANAKAJ.D., University of California, DavisCOURTNEY G. JOSLINDAVID HORTONJOHN HUNTCriminal Law and Procedure, Police andPolicing, Trial Advocacy and PracticePh.D., Economic & Legal History,University of California, Santa BarbaraLecturerSTACY-ANN ELVYCriminal Law and Procedure, AsianPacific Americans and the Law, CivilRights, Immigration Law and PolicySHAYAK SARKARB.A., University of California, DavisDARIEN SHANSKECorporate Governance, Antitrust, Contracts,White Collar Crime, Critical Race TheoryImmigration Law, Civil Rights LawProfessor of LawBioethics, Property, Trusts, Wills, AndEstate Planning, Health Law, Science andLaw, Law And Society, Legal HistoryJ.D., University of California, DavisROBERT D. MULLANEYJ.D., Harvard Law SchoolLegal Writing, Legal ResearchProfessor of LawB.A. Health & Societies, and Philosophy,University of PennsylvaniaLegal Research andWriting InstructorDENNIS J. VENTRY, JR.LecturerEdward L. Barrett Jr. Chair ofLaw, Martin Luther King, Jr.Professor of Law, and Directorof Clinical Legal EducationM.Phil History and Philosophy ofScience, Cambridge UniversityLAUREN STONEImmigration Law and Policy, EmploymentDiscrimination Law, Clinical Legal Education,Critical Race Theory, Employment LawCivil Procedure, Disability RightsLaw, Evidence, Law and Society,Civil Rights, Mental Health LawGABRIEL “JACK” CHINActing Professor of LawProfessor of Law andChancellor's FellowLegal Methods, Legal Writing and LegalReasoning, Comparative Law, AdministrativeLaw, International Legal EducationMartin Luther King Jr.Professor of LawJ.D., Yale Law SchoolB.A., History and PoliticalScience, Alma CollegeMartin Luther King Jr. Professor ofLawProfessor of LawMartin Luther King Jr. Professorof Law and Director of LawyeringSkills Education ProgramJ.D., Stanford Law SchoolProfessor of LawJ.D., New York UniversityLecturerJ.D., University of Texas School of LawCivil Rights, Employment Discrimination Law,Pretrial Skills (see also Civil Procedure)Ph.D., Psychology, Stanford UniversityAlternative Dispute Resolution,Juries, Negotiation Strategy andChange of Venue SurveysJ.D., University of California, �维码FOLLOWUC DAVIS I NTE RNATIONAL L AW PROG R AM S3.点击关注ON YOU R FAVORITE SOCIAL CHAN N E L S

FEES AND EXPENSESTUITIONINITIAL EXPENSESFor the 2020 – 2021 academic year,tuition for the Master of Laws (LL.M.)program was U.S. 54,816.*Every student is expected to havesufficient funds to cover initial expenses.You will need the amount of your tuitionand fees (in cash or in the form of avalid letter of sponsorship guaranteeingpayment of fees) plus an initial downpayment for housing (landlords often askfor the first and last months’ rent plusa security deposit), food and personalexpenses. Tuition and fee paymentsmay not be deferred. It is suggestedyou bring a minimum of 25,000* forimmediate expenses. This will coveryour fall semester’s tuition and fees plusvarious initial expenses. This moneyshould either be wired from your homebank to a bank in Davis or brought in theform of travelers checks (with at least 500 in smaller denominations) ratherthan in the form of a bank draft. Davisbanks will hold your bank draft for upto two weeks to verify that there arefunds to support the draft before moneywill actually be released for your use.OTHER FEESFor the 2020 – 2021 academic year,the university estimates that a studentshould budget a minimum of 1,600 – 1,900* per month for living expenses(food, rent, other expenses). Law schoolstudents should also anticipate annualexpenses of approximately 1,750* forbooks and supplies. These figures do notinclude transportation costs. Davis hasa good local bus system and is a verybicycle-friendly town. If you plan to buyor bring a car, you should also budgetfor expenses such as car insurance,gas, parking and maintenance.Students who plan to bring familymembers with them to Davis shouldbudget an additional 500* per month inliving expenses for a spouse and 250*per month for each dependent child.Health insurance for all family membersis essential and can cost several hundreddollars a month. Please note also thatchild care can be expensive; full-timechild care may cost 800 – 1,500* permonth or more. In planning their budgets,students need to take into accounttheir own spending patterns and thepossibility of unforeseen expenses.International students admitted to theuniversity will be required to pay theinternational student administrative feeof 159 and document financial supportsufficient to meet academic fees andexpenses. Sponsored students (that is,those students not funded by privateindividuals) are required to providea letter from their sponsoring agencyor government, detailing the terms ofthe scholarship award as verificationthat sufficient funding is available.For additional financial informationand opportunities, please contactus at [email protected]@ucdavis.eduMEDICAL CARE COVERAGEAll students are required to purchasegraduate student health insurance atthe time tuition fees are paid. UC Davisautomatically enrolls all registeredstudents in appropriate health insuranceplans. The premium for 2020 – 2021 was 5,124* for the academic year. A waiverof this requirement may be granted tothose students who meet the Universityrequirements and can provide proof ofcomparable coverage. Please note thatstudent health insurance coverage doesnot begin until the first day of class. Inaddition, some medical services are notcovered by this insurance and must bepaid for by the student, including the costof eye glasses or contact lenses and dentalcare. You must also purchase healthinsurance for your family members.We can provide information aboutcoverage options. The LL.M. AdmissionsOfficer can answer your questions aboutinsurance coverage and the waiver.CANCELLATIONS,WITHDRAWALS, PLANNEDEDUCATIONAL LEAVEPROGRAM (PELP) ANDREFUND POLICIESThe planned Educational LeaveProgram (PELP) allows any continuingregistered student (undergraduateor graduate) to temporarily suspendacademic work at UC Davis. Lawstudents who wish to withdraw fromschool or apply for PELP must obtainofficial approval from the dean.For students who paid fees and cancel,withdraw or PELP with official approvalfrom the dean before the end of anysemester, fees are refunded according toUC Davis campus-wide refund policies.Refunds are based upon the date youdiscontinue enrollment; you may receivea full or partial refund of your fees.Contact the LL.M. Admissions Office [email protected] for more informationabout refund and cancellation policiesHOUSINGOFF-CAMPUS HOUSINGMost students enrolled at UC Davislive outside of university housing. Forgeneral information about costs andaccommodations in the community,contact the LL.M. Admissions Officer.*Fees are subject to the controlof the UC Regents and California Legislatureand may change without notice. Note:Tuition and fees are posted on the Office ofBudget & Institutional Analysis website expenses are subjectto change and may vary.ON-CAMPUS HOUSINGHousing within the on-campusapartments and married studenthousing is available. If you wish tolive on campus, you may requestfurther information about costs andaccommodations from the AdmissionsOfficer. It is very important to file yourapplication by the specified dates in orderto ensure a place for yourself (and yourfamily) on campus. Campus housingmay not be available during summermonths. Please contact [email protected] for more information. By mail, by completing the form onpages 13 and 14 and mailing it to:LL.M. AdmissionsInternational ProgramsSchool of LawUniversity of California, Davis400 Mrak Hall DriveDavis, CA 95616-5201 U.S.A.CAMPUS SMOKING POLICYFor a healthier community and cleanerenvironment, UC Davis became smokeand tobacco-free effective January 2,2014. Smoking is not allowed in campusbuildings, including dormitories,or on campus property, includingparking lots and rental units.LL.M. APPLICATION CHECKLISTQUALIFICATIONSFOR ADMISSION An application form. One official set of AcademicRecords (Transcripts) issued in theoriginal language and accompaniedby a certified English translation.Academic records should showgraded coursework, dates ofenrollment and award of degree(s)International applicants must presentsatisfactory evidence of completion oflegal academic training at an accreditededucational institution. Domesticapplicants must have completedat least seven years of residentialstudy at accredited colleges and lawschools and must hold a professionaldegree from a law school approvedby the American Bar Association.This checklist will help you prepareyour application to our AcademicYear LL.M. program. A completeapplication must include: Official score for either TOEFLor IELTS. A minimum of 88 on theInternet-based TOEFL or 570 on thepaper-based test is required. TOEFLscore reports should be sent toInstitution Code 4778. A minimumof 6.5 IELTS is also acceptable. Personal Statement – Yourpersonal statement should includepersonal, academic and professionalbackground and your reasons forseeking an advanced degree Résumé or Curriculum Vitae– Please list your educationaland professional background, inaddition to any scholarships, awardsor honors you have received.APPLICATION FOR ADMISSIONThe recommended deadline toapply for fall semester (August)start is March 1, and we accept andreview applications continuously untilthe academic semester begins.The recommended deadline toapply for spring semester (January)start is November 1, and we acceptand review applications continuouslyuntil the academic semester begins.Applications will be reviewed afterthey are complete. If you have anyquestions regarding the applicationor application process, please contactthe LL.M. Admissions Director [email protected]

legal systems. The Academic Year LL.M. attracts legal professional participants from many different countries and legal systems. Students eventually represent clients who are culturally diverse and engaged in international legal endeavors. For more information, visit law.ucdavis. edu/llm/adm