*CR250/IMPORTANT NOTI(31KSK636/2/06 9:53 AMPage bIMPORTANT NOTICESFOR COMPETITION USE ONLYThis motorcycle is designed and manufactured for closed-course competition conducted under theauspices of a recognized body or by permit. It does not conform to federal motor vehicle standards,and operation on public streets, roads, or highways is illegal. This vehicle is sold “as is” with nowarranties.FOR EXPERIENCED RIDERS, NO PASSENGERSThis motorcycle is designed as an operator-only vehicle and for use by experienced riders only. Theload limit and seating configuration do not safely permit the carrying of a passenger.This manual should be considered a permanent part of the motorcycle and should remain with the motorcycle when it is resold.All information in this publication is based on the latest product information available at the time of approval for printing. Honda MotorCo., Ltd. reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation.No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission.The vehicle pictured on the front cover may not match your vehicle. Honda Motor Co., Ltd., 2006

*CR250/00-23(31KSK630).qxd6/2/06 9:54 AMPage c2007Honda CR250ROWNER’S MANUAL & COMPETITION HANDBOOK

*CR250/00-23(31KSK630).qxd6/2/06 9:54 AMPage dIntroductionCongratulations on choosing your Honda CRmotocross motorcycle.When you own a Honda, you’re part of aworldwide family of satisfied customers - peoplewho appreciate Honda’s reputation for buildingquality into every product.Your CR is a high performance racingmotorcycle that utilizes the latest motocrosstechnology and is intended for competition use insanctioned, closed-course events by experiencedriders only.Be aware that motocross is a physicallydemanding sport that requires more than just afine CR. To do well, you must be in excellentphysical condition and be a skillful rider. For thebest results, work diligently on your physicalconditioning and practice frequently.Before riding, take time to get acquainted withyour CR and how it works. To protect yourinvestment, we urge you to take responsibility forkeeping your CR well maintained. Scheduledservice is a must, of course. But it’s just asimportant to observe the break-in guidelines, andperform all the pre-ride and other periodic checksdetailed in this manual.You should also read the owner’s manual beforeyou ride. It’s full of facts, instructions, safetyinformation, and helpful tips. To make it easy touse, the manual contains a table of contents, adetailed list of topics at the beginning of eachsection, and an index at the back of the book.IntroductionAs you read this manual, you will findinformation that is preceded by a NOTICEsymbol. This information is intended to help youavoid damage to your CR, other property, or theenvironment.Unless you are mechanically qualified and havethe proper tools, you should see your Hondadealer for the service and adjustment proceduresdiscussed in this manual.The official Honda Service Manual for your CRis available (page 136). It is the same manualyour dealer uses. If you plan to do any serviceon your CR beyond the standard maintenanceprocedures in this manual, you will find theService Manual a valuable reference.If you have any questions, or if you ever need aspecial service or repairs, remember that yourHonda dealer knows your CR best and isdedicated to your complete satisfaction.Please report any change of address or ownershipto your Honda dealer so we will be able tocontact you concerning important productioninformation.You may also want to visit our website riding!California Proposition 65 WarningWARNING: This product contains or emitschemicals known to the State of California tocause canser and birth defects or otherreproductive harm.

*CR250/00-23(31KSK630).qxd6/2/06 9:54 AMPage eA Few Words About SafetyYour safety, and the safety of others, is very important. And operating this motorcycle safely is an important responsibility.To help you make informed decisions about safety, this manual contains a section devoted to Motorcycle Safety, as well as a number of Safety Messagesthroughout the manual.Safety Messages are preceded by a safety alert symboland one of three signal words: DANGER, WARNING, or CAUTION.These signal words mean:DANGERYou WILL be KILLED or SERIOUSLY HURT if you don’t follow instructions.WARNINGYou CAN be KILLED or SERIOUSLY HURT if you don’t follow instructions.CAUTIONYou CAN be HURT if you don’t follow instructions.Of course, it is not practical or possible to warn you about all hazards associated with operating or maintaining a motorcycle. You must use your own goodjudgement.Safety Messages

*CR250/00-23(31KSK630).qxd6/2/06 9:54 AMPage fContentsMOTORCYCLE SAFETY.1Important Safety Information.2Important Safety Precautions.2Accessories & Modifications .3Safety Labels .4OPERATING CONTROLS.5Operation Component Locations .6BEFORE RIDING.7Are You Ready to Ride?.8Is Your Motorcycle Ready to Ride? .9Pre-ride Inspection.9BASIC OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS.11Safe Riding Precautions .12Starting & Stopping the Engine .13Preparation .13Starting Procedure .13Flooded Engine .13How to Stop the Engine.14Break-in Guidelines .15SERVICING YOUR HONDA .17Before You Service Your HondaThe Importance of Maintenance .18Maintenance Safety .19Important Safety Precautions.19Maintenance Schedule .20General Competition Maintenance .22Before & After Competition Maintenance.26Between Motos & Practice Maintenance .26After Competition Maintenance .27Service PreparationsMaintenance Component Locations.28Seat Removal.29Fuel Tank Removal .30Subframe Removal .32ContentsService ProceduresFluid & FiltersFuel System .34Transmission Oil .36Coolant .38Air Cleaner .40EngineThrottle .42Clutch System .44Spark Plug .48Cylinder System .49RC Valve.55Reed Valve.58ChassisSuspension.60Brakes.65Wheels .69Tires & Tubes .70Drive Chain .72Expansion Chamber .75Additional Maintenance Procedures .76Appearance Care .78ADJUSTMENTS FOR COMPETITION .81Front Suspension Adjustments.82Rear Suspension Adjustments .95Suspension Adjustments for Track Conditions .99Suspension Adjustment Guidelines.100Carburetor Adjustments & Tuning Tips .103Chassis Adjustments.110Gearing .111Tire Selection for Track Conditions.112Personal Fit Adjustments .113TIPS .115Transporting Your Motorcycle .116Storing Your Honda.117You & the Environment .118Troubleshooting.119TECHNICAL INFORMATION .121Vehicle Identification .122Specifications .123Torque Specifications .124High Altitude Carburetor Adjustment .127Oxygenated Fuels.128Competition Logbook .129Optional Parts List.131Spare Parts & Equipment.132Wiring Diagram.133CONSUMER INFORMATION .135Authorized Manuals .136Contacting Honda.137Your Honda Dealer.138The Honda Rider’s Club (USA only) .139TABLE OF CONTENTS .140INDEX .141QUICK REFERENCE

*CR250/00-23(31KSK630).qxd6/2/06 9:54 AMPage 1Motorcycle SafetyThis section presents some of the most importantinformation and recommendations to help youride your CR safely. Please take a few momentsto read these pages. This section also includesinformation about the location of safety labels onyour CR.Important Safety Information.2Important Safety Precautions.2Accessories & Modifications .3Safety Labels .4Motorcycle Safety1

*CR250/00-23(31KSK630).qxd6/2/06 9:54 AMPage 2Important Safety InformationYour CR can provide many years of pleasure, ifyou take responsibility for your own safety andunderstand the challenges you can meet incompetitive racing.Don’t Drink and Ride.Alcohol and riding don’t mix. Even one drinkcan reduce your ability to respond to changingconditions, and your reaction time gets worsewith every additional drink. So don’t drink andride, and don’t let your friends drink and rideeither.As an experienced rider, you know there is muchyou can do to protect yourself when you ride.The following are a few precautions we considermost important.Keep Your Honda in Safe Condition.Maintaining your CR properly is critical to yoursafety. A loose bolt, for example, can cause abreakdown in which you can be seriously injured.Important Safety PrecautionsNever Carry a Passenger.Your CR is designed for one operator only.Carrying a passenger can cause an accident inwhich you and others can be hurt.Wear Protective Gear.Whether you’re practicing to improve your skills,or riding in competition, always wear anapproved helmet, eye protection, and properprotective gear.Take Time to Get to Know Your CR.Because every motorcycle is unique, take time tobecome thoroughly familiar with how this oneoperates and responds to your commands beforeplacing your machine, and yourself, incompetition.Learn and Respect Your Limits.Never ride beyond your personal abilities orfaster than conditions warrant. Remember thatalcohol, drugs, illness and fatigue can reduceyour ability to perform well and ride safety.2Motorcycle Safety

*CR250/00-23(31KSK630).qxd6/2/06 9:54 AMPage 3Accessories & ModificationsInstalling non-Honda accessories, removingoriginal equipment, or modifying your CR in anyway that would change its design or operation,could seriously impair your CR’s handling,stability, and braking, making it unsafe to ride.WARNINGImproper accessories or modificationscan cause a crash in which you can beseriously hurt or killed.Follow all instructions in this owner’smanual regarding modifications andaccessories.Motorcycle Safety3

*CR250/00-23(31KSK630).qxd6/2/06 9:54 AMPage 4Safety LabelsRead these labels carefully and don’t remove them.If the label comes off or becomes hard to read, contact your Honda dealer for replacement.4Motorcycle Safety

*CR250/00-23(31KSK630).qxd6/2/06 9:54 AMPage 5Operating ControlsRead this section carefully before you ride. Itpresents the location of the basic controls on yourCR.Operation Component Locations .6Operating Controls5

*CR250/00-23(31KSK630).qxd6/2/06 9:54 AMPage 6Operation Component Locationsclutch leverfront brake leverengine stop buttonthrottle gripchoke knobkickstarterfuel valve6Operating Controlsshift leverrear brake pedal

*CR250/00-23(31KSK630).qxd6/2/06 9:54 AMPage 7Before RidingBefore each ride, you need to make sure you andyour CR are both ready to ride. To help get youprepared, this section discusses how to evaluateyour riding readiness, and what items you shouldcheck on your CR.Are You Ready to Ride?.8Is Your Motorcycle Ready to Ride? .9Pre-ride Inspection .9For information about suspension, carburetor andother adjustments, see page 81.Before Riding7

*CR250/00-23(31KSK630).qxd6/2/06 9:54 AMPage 8Are You Ready to Ride?Before riding your CR for the first time, westrongly recommend that you read this owner’smanual, make sure you understand the safetymess

Honda Motor Co., Ltd., 2006 *CR250/IMPORTANT NOTI(31KSK63 6/2/06 9:53 AM Page b. 2007 Honda CR250R OWNER’S MANUAL & COMPETITION HANDBOOK *CR250/00-23(31KSK630).qxd 6/2/06 9:54 AM Page c . Introduction Congratulations on choosing your Honda CR motocross motorcycle. When you own a Honda, you’re part of a worldwide family of satisfied customers - people who appreciate Honda