DatasheetWorkday Payroll for the U.S.Key BenefitsWorkday Payroll for the U.S. addresses a broad spectrumof enterprise payroll tasks. And because payroll is one ofthe most manually intensive processes in HR and finance,Workday is committed to making payroll more efficient andintelligent with continuous payroll calculations, smart payrollaudits, and retro payroll processing. Workday Payroll offersthe control, flexibility, and transparency you need in orderto support your unique organization. Reduce costs with a single cloudbased system Run payroll your way with the flexibilityand control to make changes andupdate payroll in real time Streamline payroll processing withan agile, automated calculation enginethat handles complex requirements Support compliance and improve payrollaccuracy with comprehensive audits Increase productivity and employeesatisfaction with self-service to payslips, W-2s, W-4s, and payment elections Meet worker financial needs withPay On-DemandA Single Solution from Hire to RetireDesigned as part of a single solution alongside Workday Financial Managementand Workday Human Capital Management, Workday Payroll for the U.S. helpsyou maximize your overall Workday investment. Take advantage of the Workday core system of record for worker dataacross HCM and payroll to manage changes for benefits, terminations,and life events. Give employees the ability to request payment for hours worked andview pay slips from a single self-service experience on both a browserand a mobile device. View real-time, detailed journal lines before payroll completes and havethem seamlessly post to the GL.Key Features Continuous payroll processing Real-time visibility into thegeneral ledger Highly flexible, anytime audits Built-in reporting and analytics Mobile-first employee experience Automatic tax updates System-to-system integrationwith the Office of Child SupportEnforcement for e-IWOFlexibility to Address Unique RequirementsTraditional payroll applications provide hard-coded out-of-the-box packages that areoften unable to accommodate specific business needs. The flexible and intuitiveWorkday configuration supports your organization’s advanced requirements. Agile calculation engine: Automatically calculate pay results for eachperiod so you can view up-to-date payroll information anytime, anywhere.The continuous calculation in Workday streamlines payroll processing byautomatically recalculating payroll results in real time as pay-impactingevents occur. High configurability: Accumulations, balance periods, and balances canbe configured according to your current calculation and reporting needs.Place workers into logical pay groups according to organizational needs. Role-based and segment-based security: Access pay results withconfigurable, role-based permissions. Configurable security improvescollaboration, giving business partners outside of the payroll departmentthe ability to provide input and view results before payroll completion.Results 85% reduction in payrollprocessing times 62% reduction in payroll cycle time Increased payroll accuracy tomore than 99.9%

Flexible payment options: Support the financial well-being of workerswith Pay On-Demand, giving them the flexibility to request access toaccumulated wages earlier. And further support workers financiallywith flexible payments and deduction options, such as pay advancesand loans, to help workers during difficult times. Set up repaymentplans and track payments and deductions in a centralized process.Access mobile pay slips via self-service.Complete Control to Manage PayrollWorkday Payroll for the U.S. provides complete control over your payroll processes,data, and costs. Eliminate the pain points found in traditional systems withintuitive payroll setup and management tools. Control over process: Control how gross-to-net is calculated for differenttypes of payroll runs. Define criteria for specific earnings and deductions. Control over data: Quickly access pay results for any worker or period.Run common predefined reports, such as pay-balance summary andpay-calculation results. Control over cost: No more cost-prohibitive charges for reports, paycomponents, or calculations from service bureaus. No more mandatoryupgrades from ERP providers that are costly and time-consuming foryour company.Workday Payroll for the U.S. 2

Run standard, prebuilt payroll reports or customize your own.Transparent, Actionable Insight with Payroll AnalyticsWorkday Payroll for the U.S. includes built-in analytics, enabling you torun reports and audits on all payroll data. Retrieve and act on payroll dataimmediately to make adjustments. Smart audits: Users can schedule recurring audits to run automaticallyand view audit exceptions in real time as they are created, with the auditsummary report. Set up worker-based audit rules and mass update auditexceptions to cut down on audit time. Visibility into actual costs: Companies can now track global spend onworkers. Compare payroll results across periods. Take action on a paycalculation result via a one-click report.Workday Global Payroll Cloud Partner ProgramGlobal companies that require payroll solutions beyond Workday Payrollofferings in the U.S., Canada, the UK, and France can take advantage of theWorkday Global Payroll Cloud Partner Program. The program helps reducethe costs associated with deploying, integrating, and managing third-partypayroll solutions.To make integrations easier, Workday offers prebuilt integrations to partnersthrough Workday Cloud Connect for Third-Party Payroll. Workday-certifiedpartners build, offer, and maintain bidirectional integration, enabling payrollresults to be displayed in Workday. Customers benefit by gaining a globalview of payroll actuals from Workday while still being able to use local payrollproviders in each country that offer their desired level of service.Workday Payroll for the U.S. 3

WORKDAY PAYROLL FOR THE U.S.Payroll Processing Calculate on any earning, deduction, or accumulation for any time period. Calculate in batch mode for pay group, at worker level with just one click,or in real time with continuous calculation. Calculate FLSA premiums for any FLSA work period. Support mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Determine how gross-to-net is calculated for different types of payroll runs. Define criteria for specific earnings and deductions, including gross-up calculations. Manage each pay cycle, from preprocessing to postprocessing activities,with the pay cycle command center. Process payroll for employees who live and work in Puerto Rico, the U.S.Virgin Islands, or Guam.Earnings and Deductions Unlimited number of earnings and deductions. Ability to define a set of rules for earnings and deductions. Intuitive mapping to compensation elements or benefits from Workday HCM. Eligibility criteria and scheduling logic for accurate processing. Flexible worktag feature to identify unique allocations. Labor allocations split at the employee, position, and earning levels. Configurable arrears calculations and net-pay validations.Accumulationsand Balances Add or modify accumulations easily. Define balance periods, even after periods have been processed. Report on balances and accumulations.Year-End Processing Leverage year-end dashboard to get access to strategic trends and metrics acrossthe year-end process. Manage tax forms reconciliation with the ability to drill into each box number. Configure, audit, preview, and print forms W-2, W-2c, W-2PR, W-2GU, and W-2VI.Audit and Reporting Schedule recurring audits to run automatically. Run common predefined reports, such as payroll register and pay calculation results. Configure reports to display any earning, deduction, or balance values. Create audit reports at the summary, pay group, or worker level. View, track, and manage audit exceptions in real time via the payroll audit exceptionsummary or the payroll audit exceptions report. Define criteria to perform audits against pay results. Configure new or edit current audit rules based on worker eligibility and severity levels. Compare payroll results across periods. Take action on a pay calculation result via a one-click report. Configure specific earnings or deductions views for select security groups(such as managers and benefits partners). Export pages or reports directly to Excel or a PDF with a single click or use yourdata in worksheets to collaborate on teams.Workday Payroll for the U.S. 4

Accounting andCompliance Payroll chart of accounts and define account posting rules are configurable. Payroll accounting report provides drill-down analysis. Worktags allow for easy allocation to projects, cost centers, funds, grants, customorganizations, and so on. Tax updates are delivered seamlessly and automatically with the Workday cloud model. Tax-filing and web services can be integrated into the tax deposit and filing serviceyou choose. Workday Payroll for the U.S. provides system-to-system integration with the Officeof Child Support Enforcement for e-IWO.Employee Self-Service View pay slip information online or from a mobile device. Request access to accumulated wages with Pay On-Demand. Add or edit federal and state withholding elections. Add or edit payment elections (direct deposit). View tax documents (W-2 and W-2c). Use paperless opt-in for payroll and tax documents. Compare pay slips and pay components over time with the employee payself-service dashboard. Enable self-service for voluntary deductions.To learn more, watch the Workday Payroll quick demo.Deploy Workday and Get Significant Value FastWorkday offers deployment services, training, support, and continuous innovations to help you use its productswith confidence as your organization evolves. Because each customer has different requirements, resources,and goals, we’ve designed our services to meet a variety of needs and learning styles.To help you reach your goals faster and empower your teams, subscription-based Workday Success Plansoffer exclusive access to resources, tools, and expertise for an even deeper understanding of Workday.For more information, visit 1-925-951-9000 1-877-WORKDAY ( 1-877-967-5329) Fax: 1-925-951-9001 2021. Workday, Inc. All rights reserved. Workday and the Workday logo are registered trademarks of Workday, Inc.All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective heet-enus

Workday Payroll for the U.S. addresses a broad spectrum of enterprise payroll tasks. And because payroll is one of the most manually intensive processes in HR and finance, Workday is committed to making payroll more efficient and intelligent with contin uous payroll calculations, smart payroll