Empower your people with an IntegratedHR and Payroll system to increaseproductivity and drive growth.

Digital transformationand the changing role of HRToday, we are living in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain,Complex and Ambiguous) world.Organizations are increasingly recognizing the need to embrace digital transformation andenable enterprise-wide changes across people, processes and technologies. Gleaned fromIDC’s Asia/Pacific Digital Transformation (DX) 2016 MaturityScape survey, organizations arealso seeing the need for greater agility and meaningful increase in productivity.20%20%20%Improve productivity andprofitability16%16%16%create a data-driven andcustomer-centric organization14%14%14%integrating digital channels likesocial, mobile and commerce, todeliver omni-experiencesIDC's Asia/Pacific Digital Transformation (DX) 2016 MaturityScape survey: Top 3 initiatives driving digital transformation in your organization

Redefining the role ofHuman Resource and PayrollIn the world of Human Resource (HR) and Payroll,digital technology is radically disrupting andredefining the role of HR function. HR is in factevolving towards a future characterized by big data,cloud computing, mobility and analytics. Driven bytechnology, demographics and emerging businessmodels, HR professionals now face the tumultuousComprehensive talentmanagementThe need to formulate acomprehensive view of talentresources, with visibility intoindividual’s contributions.Performance measurementsis a combination of HR-relatedmetrics, organizational metrics andimpact on external ecosystem forcontextual insights. Performanceindications and contributionsare available on-demand to linemanagers, individuals and atpeer-to-peer levels for contextualfeedback and self-driven learning.task of scaling their operations to understand a diverseemployee pool as unique individuals and keeping themengaged. In fact, IDC predicts that by 2020, 50% of ITorganizations will shift their culture to a start-up likework environment by embracing agile practices andopen source communities.Extended workforceTechnology and toolsTalent management must beexpanded to include talent sourceslike “skill-based marketplaces”,social, remote workers andcrowdsourcing. Identify areaswhich needs to be adapted forextended workforce. For example,performance evaluation forcrowdsourced work or skill-basedhires go beyond non-traditionalHR metrics and requires greaterbusiness involvement.A HR platform integrated to otherenterprise systems to generate acomprehensive view of employees.The platform facilitates interactionsand collaborations through selfservice administration requests,performance feedback, knowledgecapture, sharing and discoveryacross the enterprise. In doing so,the platform creates an enterprise‘network effect’, where value foreach ecosystem constituentfacilitates participations andencourages further value for therest of the organization.

Incorporating HR technologyinto business processesIn this hyper-digital era, a top-down driven and onesize-fits-all HR philosophy will not scale with the agilitywhich organizations need to compete effectively.Instead, HR professionals will need to rethinkemployees‘ needs, reframe how HR functions contributeto organizational goals and evolve alongside technologyadvancements for organizations to realize greaterreturns-on-assets potential. According to IDC AP DigitalTransformation Pulse survey, approximately 37.4% oforganizations have strong HR technology platformsto support their core HR/talent priorities beyondadministration.Which statement best describes your organization’s HR and TalentManagement technology adoption?27.7%27.7%27.7% 30.6%30.6%30.6%6.6%6.6%6.6%No HR technology platform, orwe have point solutionsfor personnel administration,and/or support basic workflow.We have a strong HR technologyplatform that supports coreHR/talent priorities beyondadministration.We have full end-to-endintegrated HR/Talent platformaligned to business needs.It leverages on analytics foremployee retention.IDC AP Digital Transformation Pulse surveyIncorporating HR technology into your business processes canaid in the digital transformation journey:Your People OrganizationInformation on a singleplatformTransparency of PeopleInformation to createstrategic Chief HumanResource Officer(CHRO) decisionsSelf-serviced byemployees anytimeanywhereIntuitive and user-friendlyinterface to engagepeople for productivity

Harnessing People productivitywith Sage 300 PeopleLeveraging on the intellectual capital gathered over more than 30 years as leaders in the HR and payroll industry,Sage 300 People is developed as a unified integrated solution for payroll, finance and HR for a single view to supportbusiness planning and address the needs of the digital age workforce in this rapid-changing corporate environment.It is specifically designed for larger, mid-market and enterprise size businesses.Sage 300 People offers you an agile, cost-effective, innovative solutionwith world-class capabilities, including:Smart design means fast,efficient implementationOnlinereal-time designThe pioneering design ensures complete implementationin a fraction of the time it takes to install other systemsof this calibre.Online, real-time design makes your processing easy tomonitor, cutting down on errors and reducing risk. Thisgives a truly state-of-the-art technology.Security, stability andimproved processesUniversalcalculation engineSage 300 People not only gives you airtight securityand rock-solid stability, it provides you with impressiveimprovements in processing through constant innovation.You can use this in any design area - from calculatingmedical aid deductions and printing detailed reports togenerating complex job-costing calculations.And design complements existing Enterprise ResourcePlanning (ERP) applications and builds on the strength ofSQL as a unified platform.This functionality is just one example of Sage 300People’s ability to give you cohesive, comprehensive andconfigurable solutions that break legacy configurations.Sage 300 People can help your business to improve productivity throughintegration, empower your employees and stay in control.

Improve productivitythrough integrationPrevent the waste of resources that results from disparate or poorly integrated systems; reduce costs and improveproductivity through a solution that provides all the tools you need to drive HR and payroll in one integrated, state-of-theart system.Many HR departments spend most of their time processing employee information. This is because they have three or moreHR systems in place. The answer to improving productivity in these circumstances is integration.Sage 300 People gives you this: A comprehensive solution that co-exist with present accounting applications andintegrate tightly with other applications. It is also aimed at companies that want one database for both HR and payrollwith Self-Service component. With a consistent, accurate and holistic view of people information, strategic decision willbe based on insights rather than intuition.Improvements in productivity through integration:Best-in-class organizations are 53%more likely to have unified HR andfinancial data.Manual transactions decreasedramatically, from 5.9% to 0.1%.In organisations with unified HR and financialdata, collaboration across departments anddivisions is more than three times higher.Organisations integrating time and attendancewith payroll spend less money and use fewerresources, improving the overall businessperformance of the company.“The fact that our human resources and payrolldepartments have access to the same set ofup-to-date information is introducing a newlevel of efficiency to our business.”Jackie Botha, Payroll Manager, WSP,Management & Consultancy ServicesPayroll process errors are reducedby more than 20%

An agile, powerful HR systempositioned for the futureEmpower your employeesRetain and motivate your employeesby giving them the power to workto their full potential with access toreal-time information they need tomake decisions in an agile business.Empowered employees aremotivated to grow your business,Sage 300 People gives yourcompany the technology toenable collaboration betweendepartments, enhancing efficiencyand bank accounts, view payslips, taxcertificates, print selected reports,complete a performance review andmuch more. Line managers will alsobe able to interact with their teamsand conduct performance reviewsand surveys.The SS component ensures thatyour company stays in control bygiving you the ability to restrictthese features to specific individualsor group of employees.With all your people informationin one place, the Self-Service (SS)Component of Sage 300 Peoplekeep your employees informed andbetter engage them by giving themthe ability to apply for leave, managetheir claims, update personal detailsStay in controlSteer your business successfullythrough growth phases with a HRand payroll system that grows withyou, giving you the agility combinedwith the stability and security youneed to manage resources andcosts efficiently. Sage 300 Peopleis a powerful, turnkey solutionthat ensures legal complianceand deliver exceptional businessefficiency and value.Global research reveals that growingsales and reducing operating costsare top business priorities for midand enterprise-market customersacross all regions.While your company pursuesthese key goals, Sage 300 Peoplehelps you stay in control of vitalHR factors such as complying withthe new and ever-changing socialregulations, establishing best HRpractices, achieving a global view ofHR budget, automating back-officeprocesses, mapping workforce skillsand anticipating changes in yourorganization.This powerful highly customizable solution takes care of HR and Payroll, givingyou more time to take care of your business.Sage 300 People - HR solutions and integrated payrollPayroll withstatutorycompliantPRHRSSSelf ServiceHuman ResourceOne MS SQL database Payroll Job Costing Security General Ledger Leave Job & PositionPerformanceManagement Reporting Employee Management Data Extraction Training & Learning Self ServiceManagementAll the tools you need to drive HR and payroll in one integrated,state-of-the-art solution

“The reporting tool in Sage 300 People is very powerfuland gives us the functionality to amend existingreports by filtering, sorting and grouping fields. Theability to easily export a report to Excel or to attach areport to an email is a massive advantage”Glenda Mitchley, Group Payroll MAnager,Unitrans Automotive

Features and functionsPersonnel Administration Unlimited companies, hierarchical levels, employees, payperiod configurations, and pay runs make the systemboundless. Create unlimited Earning, Deduction, CompanyContribution, Fringe Benefit or Provision definitions. Receive all the latest statutory updates regularly toensure you’re always fully compliant. Do det-up calculations of salaries and wages and net-paysplits between bank accounts. Full history of every period is stored separately and canbe recalled at any time. Draw reports for a single company or consolidatedreports for multiple companies. Enjoy precise security up to field level. Every action is recorded for detailed audit reports.PayrollPayslips Multiple payslips per pay period which can beconsolidated into a single printable payslip. Automatic pro-rata calculations of earnings anddeductions by engagement or termination dates. A minimum net pay feature which allows a minimumexpected salary to be paid. Once the specified value isreached, rules will prevent net pay dropping below thatvalue.Employee Management Allows you to create multiple records for a single person.Use built-in checklists to create new employees andterminate existing ones. Move employees between companies, company rulesor policies easily with the employee transfer wizard, andmuch more.Content Management Lets you attach employee and company documents(such as Microsoft Word documents, scanned files,Microsoft Excel files) to any record in the system.This ensures that you have easy access to completeelectronic records for each employee. All uploaded documents are stored within the database,so they’re secured and backed up with all other companyand employee information.Company Management Create unlimited companies per database. Define multiple payment cycles per company e.g. daily,weekly, monthly. You can use any combination of thesecycles within in a single company. View pay periods two years in advance, and more.Remuneration Structures Create default payslip structures containing the payrolldefinitions that apply to an individual or group ofemployees who share similar payslip setups.Leave management Customise the leave function to meet your companypolicies. Monitor staff absenteeism like always being absent onMondays or Fridays. Give line managers access to leave management reportsvia Self Service.Calculations Use the Expression Builder to define formulas (includingmultiple calculations per payslip line) and define slidingscales for any earning structure, e.g. commission.Batches The Batch wizard lets you import and export largeamounts of data directly to and from MS Excel andquickly create forms for regular use, e.g. overtime hoursor bonus values.Management Reporting Style, print and export reports for distribution. Group information, re-order or drag columns to formlimitless table and chart layouts. Amend, tweak or simplify existing reports. Export reports to Microsoft Excel or attach them toemails.AuditingAll saved changes are recorded for detailed reporting onthe following: Which field was changed? Who changed it? The old value and the new value; The date when it was changed.Security Sage 300 People uses best-practice security to givemaximum security and control. Role-based security allows you to define reusable sets ofsecurity configurations which you can assign to multipleusers. This gives you tight control of who can viewspecific data or perform specific actions. You can define security on navigation (screens), zonesand company rules up to field level and apply passwordpolicies or integrate them with Microsoft ActiveDirectory to enable single login capabilities. The full history of every login attempt is recorded,showing reasons for login failures and passwordchanges. The system gives you a full audit trail of all changes andactivities.

Extra modules when you need themJob Costing The Job Costing module allocates labour costs toprojects and different departments across numerousindustries, e.g. construction, agriculture, labour hire,nursing and mining.Interface with your General Ledger Seamlessly integrate with your General Ledger through aflexible, once-off configuration.Sage Intelligence Reporting Obtain the information required for improved reportingacross your entire business. Based on the MicrosoftExcel application the Intelligence Reporting modulelets you effortlessly create reports and analyse data,improving your visibility into your organisation andhelping you make informed business decisions.Manage Learning and Training (Skills) Development Allows you to manage skills development within yourcompany by defining scarce and critical skills on positionlevel, viewing multiple development plans individuallyor in consolidation and recording developmentinterventions. Manage Performance The flexible setup lets you to define performanceagreements and competencies per position, with specificobjectives for execution per employee. Transaction history includes performance, competencyand free-format reviews; value assessments thatform part of 360 reviews; performance goals anddevelopment plans per employee.TimeFlowHR Allows HR to create custom process flows on a timelineto manage business processes. This is especially suitedfor on-boarding & off-boarding processes. It allows youto automatically spawn off workflows, notifications,checklists etc. to manage a business process visually. The Sage 300 People HR modules are process-driven andfollow a systematic HR approach throughout.Self-Service (SS) The traditional employee file can be replaced with aneasy-to-use, always available electronic file to which youcan attach documents. Your employees, managers and users have access to realtime information from multiple locations simultaneously. You have a strong reporting interface that can emailcopies directly from the application and/or export tovarious formats, e.g. PDF or Microsoft Excel. Your managers can access employee records, conductperformance reviews and print HR.Manage Jobs and Positions The Job Management module gives you completecontrol and visibility of each job/position specificationand requirements within the organisation. The position profile allows you to capture everythingfrom location of a position in the company hierarchy andcompetency requirements to key performance areas(KPAs) and indicators (KPIs) for the position.Manage employees and record employeetransactions Keep a complete record of each employee includingemployee transactions and document attachmentssuch as disciplinary actions, discussions conducted,experience gained, items issued, qualifications obtained,training planned and attended and medical history.Your employees can: Apply for leave Manage their claims Manage their own personal details like bank accountsand next-of-kin information View current and previous payslips and tax certificatesand print selected reports Complete a performance review Start a free-text workflowYour managers are able to: Approve transactions Manage performance reviews Manage surveys View the leave of all their employees on the teamcalendar Print reportsAll of the above features can be restricted for individuals orgroups of employees.The system takes the user through a set of actions tocomplete. Various users may be part of the workflowprocess. Tasks are allocated to users who initiate, executeand complete the various steps required in completing aprocess.

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Empower your people with an Integrated HR and Payroll system to increase productivity and drive growth. IDC's Asia/Pacific Digital Transformation (DX) 2016 MaturityScape survey: Top 3 initiatives driving digital transformation in your organiza