Remote Engine Start SystemUser’s Information Manual

A Few Words About SafetyYour safety, and the safety ofothers, is very important.Operating this Remote EngineStarter System safely is animportant responsibility.You will find this important safety information in a variety of forms,including: To help you make informeddecisions about safety, we haveprovided operating proceduresand other information in thismanual. This information alertsyou to potential hazards thatcould hurt you or others.Of course, it is not practical orpossible to warn you about all thehazards associated with operatingor maintaining your RemoteEngine Starter System. You mustuse your own good judgement.Safety Labels - on the vehicle.Safety Messages - preceded by safety alert symbolsignal words: DANGER, WARNING, or CAUTION.These signal words mean:and one of threeYou WILL be KILLED or SERIOUSLYHURT if you don’t follow instructions.You CAN be KILLED or SERIOUSLYHURT if you don’t follow instructions.You CAN be HURT if you don’t followinstructions.As you read this manual, you will find information that is preceded byasymbol. This information is intended to help you avoiddamage to your vehicle, other property, or the environment. Instructions - how to use this vehicle correctly and safely.This book contains important safety information - please read itcarefully.2 2012 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. - All Rights Reserved.

ContentsIntroduction . 4Safety Guidelines . 5Outline of Functions . 8Transmission and the Reception Ranges of the Electric Wave . 9Parts and Their Functions . 11Remote Engine Starter System . 12Before Leaving Your Vehicle . 14Starting the Engine . 15Stopping the Engine . 17To Stop the Engine Automatically . 18Checking Vehicle Condition . 19Keyless Entry . 21Optional Items . 26Automatic Defrost Function . 27Keyless Function During Warm Up . 30Link to Vehicle Function . 31Transmitter Battery Replacement . 32Troubleshooting . 34Specifications . 38 2012 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. - All Rights Reserved.3

IntroductionCongratulations! Your selection of a Honda RemoteEngine Starter System was a wise investment. Thissystem is the result of extensive research anddevelopment, and will provide you with many years ofreliable performance, protection, and convenience.The remote engine starter system consists of atransmitter that allows you to start and stop the enginefrom outside the vehicle.Some communities may have restrictions on the use ofremote engine starters. Before using your remote enginestarter system, please check all local laws andregulations.To take full advantage of your Honda Remote EngineStarter System, please read this manual thoroughly.Any changes or modifications not expressly approved bythe party responsible for compliance could void theuser’s authority to operate the equipment.4This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules.Operation is subject to the following two conditions:(1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and(2) this device must accept any interference received,including interference that may cause undesiredoperation.This device complies with RSS-210 of Industry andScience Canada. Operation is subject to the followingtwo conditions: (1) this device may not causeinterference, and (2) this device must accept anyinterference, including interference that may causeundesired operation of the device.Due to the expertise required to properly install theHonda Remote Engine Starter System, we highlyrecommend that the installation be performed by acertified technician of your Honda dealer. Properwiring and component placement are essential foroptimum system performance. 2012 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. - All Rights Reserved.

Safety GuidelinesNOTICE Carbon monoxide gas is toxic and can rapidlyaccumulate in closed or evenpartly enclosed areas.Breathing it can causeunconsciousness and evenkill you.Never use the remote engine6410020Bstarter with the vehicleparked in a garage or other areas with limitedventilation. 2012 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. - All Rights Reserved. Do not start the engine withthe remote engine starterbefore removing a body cover.The engine and exhaust heatcan cause a fire.6410040B Do not start the engine withthis remote engine starternear flammable material suchas dead grass, paper, oil,grease, wood, etc.The heat from the exhaustpipe can ignite the flammablematerial.6410050B5

Safety GuidelinesBattery PowerIn Case of LossUse the transmitter only when necessary.Every time a button is pressed, the remoteengine starter is consuming battery power.If the battery is low on power, thetransmitting range of the remote enginestarter will be affected. Check the batteryperiodically, and replace it when necessary.For battery replacement refer to page 32.If one of your transmitters is ever lost, contact your local Hondadealer for a replacement. Your system will be reprogrammed toprevent the lost transmitter from operating your system. If yoursystem needs reprogramming due to a lost transmitter, you mustbring in any additional remotes for reprogramming at this time.B127010H6 2012 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. - All Rights Reserved.

Safety GuidelinesHandling TransmitterLiquidsThe transmitter is a sophisticatedelectronic device.To maintain optimum systemperformance, avoid mishandlingthe remote engine starter (e.g.,dropping, throwing).Never submerge the transmitter inwater.Though this transmitter is waterresistant, do not operate or store itin a place where it can besplashed with water. It can causethe transmitter to malfunction.B127020HB127030HOutside CleaningUse a soft cloth to clean the transmitter.Do not use kerosene, thinner, or any other type of solvent.TemperatureAvoid exposing the transmitter toextreme hot or cold weatherconditions.ChildrenStore the transmitter out of reachof children.6410070B6410080B 2012 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. - All Rights Reserved.7

Outline of Functions *Ignition key (Depends on model)This remote engineKeystarter system isKeylessdesigned to start theentryintegratedengine while you arekeyaway from the vehiclewithout using theignition key*.B127040HUse the ignition key*/remote to drive theBuilt-in keyKeylessvehicle.accessThis system enablesremoteyou to lock and unlockthe doors using yourtransmitter.Note that the remoteB127050Hstart cannot improvethe vehicles original starting ability. The engine maynot start if the ambient temperature is too cold, thevehicle battery is drained, or there are otherproblems with the vehicles starting system. On vehicles equipped with automatic climate control,the remote engine starter can operate the airconditioner (defroster) and heating wire (reardefogger/heated door mirror*1) automaticallyprovided when the ambient temperature is low. Whenthe ambient temperature is warm, it canautomatically turn the air conditioner on in the AUTOmode.Refer to the section of “Automatic Defrost Function”for further information (page 27).*1 Only on vehicle equipped.6410090B8 2012 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. - All Rights Reserved.

Transmission and the Reception Ranges of the Electric Wave The transmitter range is 400 ft (120 m)(approximately 600 - 1,500 ft (180 450 m) in open area).Depending on where you are,you may experience reducedrange reception.Please see the following400 ft (120 m)conditions for more details.6410120BDepending on where you park,you may experience reducedrange reception. Interferencecan be cause by any of theseconditions:1. Proximity to buildings andautomobiles.6410130B Large trucks parked nearby Concrete walls Underground parking lot Steel walls2. Proximity to high power transmitters (television, radio,cellular, HAM radio, etc.).3. When your transmitter is carried together with suchcommunication devices as a cellular phone, a walkietalkie, or a notebook computer.4. When the transmitter is in contact with or covered bya metallic object. 2012 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. - All Rights Reserved.5. When the vehicle contains aftermarket window tint6. When another remote engine starter is used nearby.7. When the battery becomes weak, the remote controlrange becomes short.8. In some cases the remote transmission range can belonger than the reception range. Therefore the enginecan be started/stopped, and the remote status maynot be displayed. Vehicle construction and the surroundingenvironment cause reflected waves that mayinterfere with the low power RF signal transmittedby the remote control. This interference mayresult in “dead spots” around the vehicle; placeswhere remote control signals will not be acceptedby the main unit. The transmission and the reception ranges of theunlock/trunk release signal is setting to be shorterthan the others. When the RF signal from the transmitter does notcarry to the receiver, the transmitter emits threeRECEPTION FAILUREshort buzzer sounds andINDICATORreception failure indicator isshown on the display.B127540H9

Transmission and the Reception Ranges of the Electric Wave The transmission and the reception ranges of theelectric wave change depending on the direction ofthe transmitter. Generally, to send the electric wavefurther, operate atransmitter at theheight of theshoulder horizontally.B426080H If the sensitivity of the electric wave is low when thetransmitter is operated from the shielded place,particularly in a building, the electric wave may besent to the vehicle by moving to the place (near thewindow) where thevehicle can beseen.7731060S10 2012 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. - All Rights Reserved.

Parts and Their FunctionsTRANSMITTER To start engineENGINE/COMMANDBUTTON push and releasethen pushwithin2 seconds.To extend idling time (20-minute mode)LOCK/STARTBUTTON push and releasestarted.To stop engine push and releasethen push2 seconds.To check the vehicle condition push2 times within 2 seconds.To lock the doors push.To unlock the doors push.To set the panic mode push and holdTo open the trunk push and holdfor more than 1.5 seconds.To change the automatic defrost HMAJOR FUNCTIONS OF THE BUTTONS: ENGINE/COMMAND BUTTON: LOCK/START BUTTON: UNLOCK/STOP BUTTON: PANIC BUTTONwhile holding10 seconds. 2012 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. - All Rights Reserved.then pushafter engine iswithinfor more than 1 second., pushand hold for 5 -11

Remote Engine Starter SystemThe remote engine starter will only operate provided allthe following conditions are met: The gearshift lever is in the “P” (Park) position. The brake pedal is not depressed. The engine hood is securely closed. All the doors are closed and locked. The tailgate (or the hatch glass if equipped) or thetrunk lid is closed. The security warning system is not activated.*1 The panic warning system is not activated. The ignition key is removed from the ignition switch. The battery power is not low. The keyless access remote*2 is not inside the vehicle.*1 Only on vehicles equipped with the security system.*2 Only on vehicles equipped with the keyless accesssystem.12NOTE: After starting the engine in the 10-minute mode,restarting of the engine is inhibite

remote to drive the vehicle. † This system enables you to lock and unlock the doors using your transmitter. B127050H B127040H *Ignition key (Depends on model) Keyless entry-integrated key Built-in key Keyless access remote Key † On vehicles equipped with automatic climate control, the remote engine starter can operate the air