Installation Manual: Mustang Supercharger System(B1R8)Last Updated: August 25, 2009Supercharger Installation ManualFord Mustang GT 4.6L 24 ValveEngine: Ford 4.6L 24 ValveMustang Model Years: 2005-2010CALIFORNIA AIR RESCOURCE BOARD EXECUTIVE ORDER #D-231-30Page 1 of 97

Installation Manual: Mustang Supercharger System(B1R8)Last Updated: August 25, 2009Table of ContentsIntroduction.3Kit Components. 3Supercharger Oil. 3Recommended Tools. 3Pre-Installation Checklist .4Supercharger Installation Instructions .5Illustrated Installation Guide. 6Maintenance and Service .90Maintenance. 90Servicing Your Supercharger . 92Post-Installation Checklist .93Checklist Review . 93Symbol KeyThroughout this installation guide you will see the following symbols used:NOTEUsed to indicate tips and information to aid in installation, maintenance, or use of thesupercharger.!! CAUTION !!Used to indicate precautions that must be taken to avoid damage to thesupercharger and associated components.Ì WARNING!!Used to indicate precautions that must be taken to avoid bodily injury as well asdamage to the supercharger and associated components.Page 2 of 97

Installation Manual: Mustang Supercharger System(B1R8)Last Updated: August 25, 2009IntroductionThis supercharger was created for the 4.6L Ford 24 valve engine, model years of 2005-2007. It has been designedand tested specifically for this application. Before beginning installation of this supercharger, first read this sectioncarefully then complete the Pre-Installation Checklist.Kit ComponentsBefore beginning installation, be sure you have identified all components of your Whipple FRPP Supercharger Kit.Check the supplied packing slip.Supercharger OilAs described in the Illustrated Installation Guide, the supercharger must be filled with oil prior to use. Thissupercharger is shipped without any oil inside. The oil is in a separate bottle supplied with your kit and you will beinstructed to add it in the Illustrated Installation Guide.Warning label attached to Supercharger housing!! CAUTION !!Do not attempt to start the engine before adding the supplied Supercharger Oil to thesupercharger!Recommended Tools and SuppliesThe following items are not included in this supercharger kit and it is strongly recommended that they're used for easeof installation or maximum performance:Page 3 of 97

Installation Manual: Mustang Supercharger System(B1R8)Last Updated: August 25, 2009Fuel Line Removal ToolYou will need to remove the factory fuel line and fuel rail, this requires a special tool, contact your local parts store orFord parts dealer.Torque WrenchYou will need a quality torque wrench to ensure proper tightening of bolts.Tie StrapsThese will be useful for securing the wiring harness away from the installation area as directed in the IllustratedInstallation Guide. They are inexpensive and will be very handy during installation.SealantsBlue Loctite #242 or equivalent, Red Loctite #271 or equivalent. All bolts that need Loctite are marked with:Loctite (#242 blue) threads andbe used on all pipe threads.Loctite (#271 red) threads. Thread sealant such as pipe Teflon mustChemicals and lubricantsYou will need some cleaner/degreaser such as carb cleaner.You’ll be required to fill your intercooler system with approx. 1 gallon of distilled water and Ford approved enginecoolant. This is not supplied in the system, you can find the coolant at any local auto parts store.Motor oil will be useful as a lubricant and should be readily available during installation.VacuumA vacuum is necessary to clean up any debris resulting from grinder use.Clean Shop TowelsUse these to keep the installation area clean.Pre-Installation ChecklistBefore installing your Whipple Ford Racing Supercharger Kit, complete the following checklist.!! CAUTION !!Failure to complete the Pre-Installation Checklist may result in severe engine damage afterinstallation is complete.1. Verify Condition of Vehicle: Before the supercharger kit is installed, ensure the engine runs smoothly and thatthe factory malfunction indicator light (MIL) is off. Only install the supercharger kit if the engine runs smoothlyand the MIL is off.!! CAUTION !!This product is intended for use only on stock, unmodified, well-maintained engines.Installation on a worn-out or modified engine is not recommended without factorycomputer and fuel system modifications.2. Verify Fuel Octane: Ensure fuel of 91-octane or higher is in the vehicle fuel tank. If the octane grade is notknown, drain the fuel tank completely and fill to 1/8th with fuel of 91-octane or higher.Page 4 of 97

Installation Manual: Mustang Supercharger System(B1R8)Last Updated: August 25, 2009!! CAUTION !!Use only 91 octane fuel or higher. If fuel of less than 91-octane is present in the vehiclefuel tank, the tank must be completely drained and refilled with 91 or higher octane to1/8th of a tank.3. (INTERCOOLED/HIGH OUTPUT) Verify that your fuel level is below a ¼ full. When changing the fuel pump,this will be very important. If fuel level is above a 1/4 tank, then you will be required to drain fuel until you reacha ¼ tank or less.4. Assess Cleanliness of Installation Area: Make sure your work area and the underhood area are free fromdebris. This supercharger is a high-quality, close-tolerance compressor and must not be subjected tocontamination by dirt or any type of foreign material.!! CAUTION !!DO NOT remove the protective seal on the supercharger prior to installation. Foreignmaterial entering the supercharger will automatically void all warranties.5. Identify Supercharger Kit Components: Before beginning installation, identify all the components of yourWhipple Supercharger Kit and ensure all items are present and undamaged.6. Read Illustrated Installation Guide: Be sure to read through the Illustrated Installation Guide starting onpage 6 before beginning supercharger installation. Familiarize yourself with the components and tools you willuse and the procedures before you start for faster and easier installation.Supercharger Installation InstructionsVehicle: 05-07 MustangEngine: 4.6L 24VBefore you begin installing the Whipple Ford Racing 4.6L 24V Supercharger, make sure you have completed the PreInstallation Checklist. Be sure you have: Verified the Condition of the VehicleVerified the Fuel OctaneVerified that the fuel level is below a ¼ tank.Assessed the Cleanliness of the Installation AreaIdentified the Supercharger Kit ComponentsRead and Understood the Illustrated Installation GuideHave you completed all items in the Pre-Installation Checklist?Page 5 of 97

Installation Manual: Mustang Supercharger System(B1R8)Last Updated: August 25, 2009NOTE**NOTICE: Installation of Whipple Supercharger products signifies that you have readthis document and have agreed to the terms stated within.It’s the purchaser’s responsibility to follow all installation instruction guidelines andsafety procedures supplied with the product as it’s received by the purchaser todetermine the compatibility of the product with the vehicle or the device the purchaserintends to install the product on.Whipple Superchargers assumes no responsibility for damages occurring fromaccident, misuse, abuse, improper installation, improper operation, lack ofreasonable care or all previously stated reasons resulting from incompatibility withother manufacturer’s products.There are no warranties expressed or implied for engine failure or damage to thevehicle in any way, loss of use or inconvenience or labor reimbursement. Thisincludes merchantability and fitness.]NEVER SMOKE DURING THE INSTALLATION OF THE SC,THERE WILL BE FLAMMABLE FUMES AND LIQUID AROUND THEVEHICLEBe sure you have read and understand the Introduction section and have completed the Pre-Installation Checklist,then proceed to the Illustrated Installation Guide.Illustrated Installation GuideIt is strongly recommended that you read through this guide before you begin installing the Whipple Supercharger.1.Using an air hose, blow off any loose dirt or debris from engine compartment. If really dirty, then steam clean theengine compartment before proceeding to the next step.2.Release fuel system pressure.Page 6 of 97

Installation Manual: Mustang Supercharger System(B1R8)Last Updated: August 25, 2009The fuel pump relay can be found in the bussed electrical center located on the passenger side, frontof engine compartment fuse panel. The fuel pump relay is located in position 21 as shown in theinside cover of the bussed electrical center. Remove the fuel pump relay.Start the engine and allow it to idle until it stalls.After the engine stalls, crank the engine for approximately 5 seconds to make sure the fuel injectionsupply manifold pressure has been released.Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position.Ì WARNING!!Batteries normally produce explosive gases. Therefore, do not allow flames, sparks orlighted substances to come near the battery. When charging or working near a battery, always shield yourface and protect your eyes. Always provide ventilation. Failure to follow these instructions may result inpersonal injury.Ì WARNING!! Keep out of the reach of children.Batteries contain sulfuric acid. Avoid contact with skin,eyes or clothing. Also, shield your eyes when working near the battery to protect against possible splashingof the acid solution. In case of acid contact with the skin or eyes, flush immediately with water for a minimumof 15 minutes and get prompt medical attention. If acid is swallowed, call a physician immediately. Failure tofollow these instructions may result in personal injury.3.Disconnect ground cable from battery using an 8mm wrench.4.HOOD LINER: Under highway driving, the hood liner will push down towards the SC pulley, this will put a cut inthe hood liner. It’s recommended that you remove the hood liner. Remove the factory plastic clips and the hoodliner will come off.5.Find the factory coolant drain spigot located on the passenger side of the factory radiator (use a 19mm socket).Drain coolant in a coolant container, store for later use. **You may be able to use a 5/16” ID hose to routethe coolant away from the frame rail for a cleaner drain.Page 7 of 97

Installation Manual: Mustang Supercharger System(B1R8)Last Updated: August 25, 20096.Disconnect the following factory electrical connectors:Mass Air Flow Sensor element. Carefully pull red tab out, squeeze the connector and then pull theconnector away from connection.Electric Fuel PSI sender. Squeeze connector and pull.Electronic Throttle Control motor. Carefully pull red tab out, squeeze the connector and then pull theconnector away from connection.Page 8 of 97

Installation Manual: Mustang Supercharger System(B1R8)Last Updated: August 25, 2009Throttle Position Sensor. Carefully pull red tab out, squeeze the connector and then pull the connectoraway from connection.Charge Motion Control motor (located on rear/passenger side of engine). Push down tab and pullconnector away.7.Disconnect plastic breather hose from passenger side valve cover to rubber inlet piece. To release, push greentab on bottom side and then pull.Page 9 of 97

Installation Manual: Mustang Supercharger System(B1R8)Last Updated: August 25, 20098.Disconnect plastic EVAP connector (coming for purge solenoid) from factory intake manifold. To release,squeeze the clear plastic portion of the connector and pull.9.Disconnect plastic PCV hose fitting from driver side valve cover. To release, push green tab on bottom side andthen pull.10.Disconnect plastic PCV hose fitting from driver side of intake manifold. To release, push green tab on bottomside and then pull.Page 10 of 97

Installation Manual: Mustang Supercharger System(B1R8)Last Updated: August 25, 200911.Remove 3/8” ID rubber vacuum hose from brake booster barbed fitting.12.Remove the (1) 6mm bolt securing the factory air box (10mm socket) and loosen the hose clamp securing therubber inlet hose to throttle body. Remove air box and rubber inlet hose.13.Disconnect fuel injector connectors by squeezing connector and pulling.14.Disconnect coil connectors by squeezing connector and pulling.15.Remove plastic radiator shroud cover by removing the (6) plastic retaining clips.16.Remove radiator to overflow tank rubber hose from overflow tank. Push hose away for now.Page 11 of 97

Installation Manual: Mustang Supercharger System(B1R8)Last Updated: August 25, 200917.Move your coolant container under the factory thermostat housing, remove thermostat housing to overflow tankrubber hose at thermostat housing. (Drain coolant from system).18.Remove the (2) 6mm bolts securing overflow tank (8mm socket). Remove overflow tank from vehicle. Save forlater use.19.Remove the thermostat housing to water cross over rubber hose (M