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SINUMERIKKeep your productivity in motionAt Siemens, we measure the success of our innovations by customersuccess. We stand beside you in the search for perfect quality bydeveloping solutions that exceed expectations. For over a half-century,our brand name, SINUMERIK, has become synonymous with innovationand technology leadership in the American machine tool industry.As your partner in the U.S., we develop an understanding of yourneeds and goals. Siemens strives to beat your expectations — andour success is measured by the total customer support we provideto you and your customers.2Unique features of the SINUMERIK CNC 4Nationwide customer service Technical hotline supportSpare partsRepairField service5Machine assistanceMachine registrationWarrantyInternational coordination6TrainingSales and serviceWeb-basedHands-onOperation and programming8Marketing supportWebAppsPRVideoSocial mediaPrint collateralTradeshows and events12Our support team14

When the machine shop of the future utilizes Siemens CNCtechnology, their manufacturing efficiency is taken to thenext level. Siemens enables these machine shops to besmarter, more flexible and more competitive.Therefore, when your customers invest in the machine,insist on the control system that delivers the greatestreturns on their machines, people and operations.SINUMERIK delivers the greatest return on CNC.3

Our unique features keep your productivity in motionSINUMERIK sets the standard when it comes to your productivityExpect more from your machine — and expect more from your CNC supplier.Our controls do not radically change every three to five years. Instead, our proventechnology platform simply continues to evolve.Siemens offers you such an easy-to-use graphical interface, that it sets the standard forefficient machine tool operation. New features are continually being developed to increasemachine performance, usability and profitability.10 proven features that separateus from the competition4nConversational programingnSuperior navigationnPart probingnDraw / SimulationnTool, Spindle, M-code (TSM)nReturn from Jog (REPOS)nMid-program StartnTool offsetsnContour editornMultiple clamping

Nationwide customer service1-800-879-8079Always there when you need usDifferent applications require different solutions — and with extensive machine tool experience,you can call upon Siemens to assist with questions regarding the functions or handling ofSINUMERIK systems.Whether by phone or e-mail, Siemens experts are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a weekto advise and assist you. Siemens is committed to providing you with the best support foryour Siemens product.Call nationwide customer service1-800-879-8079nOption 1: pricing, spare parts, product availability, order status, repairnOption 2: technical support hotline*, on-site field service* request SR-number for later referenceOur nationwide customer servicenTechnical supportnSpare partsnRepairnOrder statusnField service5

Machine assistanceSiemens stands behind its products, solutions and servicesOur machine assistancenMachine registrationnWarrantynInternational coordinationMachine registrationFor the best service and support, make sure to register your machine. It’s quick and easy —it’s also required to activate your warranty for Siemens components inside the machine.To register, please visit or contact yourSiemens representative as listed at the end of this brochure.Warranty handlingnnnnn6Call Siemens customer service: 1-800-879-8079To activate the warranty for Siemens parts in a machine, machine registration is requiredin the Siemens Global Service Platform (GSP)Parts and labor for the SINUMERIK 840D sl are covered with an activatedRepair Service Contract (RSC)Parts and labor for the SINUMERIK 808D and 828D are covered with an activatedOn-Site Service (OSS)Parts can be exchanged in the U.S. regardless of where the machine was originally built

SINUMERIK 808D / 828D / 840D slunregistered machinesMonths012System deliverynnn2436End of warrantyPart exchange under warranty only if the machine was registered with Siemens (proof-of-purchase date required)System delivery transfer of risk (Siemens shipment date to the machine tool builder)Warranty on parts (labor not included)SINUMERIK 808D / 828Dwith OSS (On-Site Service automatically activated with registration)1)2)2)2)3)No OSSMonths012System delivery1)2)3)4)5)First commissioningat OEM24Second commissioningat end-user36End-userMaximum duration24-month on-site service (OSS) starts with delivery from the Siemens factory to the machine tool builderRegistration within 24-months prompts that the period will be extended up to 36-months from deliveryIf no registration within 24-months is done, the OSS ends 24-months after deliveryOSS extension is available for SINUMERIK 828D if a registration has been completed within 24-months after deliveryOSS covers the cost of one day on-site assistance at the end-customer (unconditional) per machineSINUMERIK 840D slregistered / purchased (e.g. 24-months) RSC (Repair Service Contract)1) Activation RSC ( assign to machine)2)3)Months0System delivery12Second commissioningat end-user24Second commissioningat end-user36End of contract(maximum)1) Contract activation of RSC within 12-months after delivery of the system (control)2) Contract starts with finished second commissioning date, but at the latest, 12 months after delivery3) If second commissioning finished date is after 12-months of delivery, the end of the contract is:end of contract delivery date 12 months RSC duration (e.g. maximum 36-months after delivery)4) RSCs are available for 12- or 24-month periods5) One-time RSC extensions are available for 6- or 12-months7

Training options to meet your needsWebinars, virtual training, classroom-style trainingOnline trainingAudienceDurationDatesWeb linksChargeDealersImportersUsers1.5 hrsSubscribe to be notifiedabout upcoming datesand mportersUsers1.5 hrsAny timeat your inars (live instructors)Program commonality between ShopMill,programGuide, CAD/CAM and ISO-modeSINUMERIK 808D Milling, Working with CAD/CAM and the high speed CYCLE832 functionG-code programming with programGuidefor turningWebinars (recorded)Easy CNC with ShopMill — setup andprogramming SINUMERIK 840D and 828DEasy CNC with ShopTurn — setup andprogramming SINUMERIK 840D and 828DSetup and programming with the SINUMERIK808D milling controlAdvanced milling cycles for the SINUMERIK828D and 840D sl CNCsOnline Service and SupportAnimated Elements, the ultimate helpfor machining cyclesBest practices for integrated machine safetyHow to program your SINUMERIK CNCfrom a DXF fileAchieve the perfect workpiece surfacewith SINUMERIK MDynamicsSINUMERIK HMI Operating AreasFactory automation technologiesfor automotive applicationsIndividual online trainingn8Custom-tailored, private, online training classes for customers covering any facet of operation and programming within theSINUMERIK CNC offering.nSINUMERIK 808D, 828D and 840D sl systems are all supported.nThese sessions are typically 1–2 hours in length and can span multiple days.nFor more information, please contact your Siemens representative as listed at the end of this brochure.

Our training optionsnSales and servicenWeb-basednHands-onnOperation and programmingClassroom trainingSINUMERIK 840D sl (CNC)840D sl Maintenance 1 with Operate840D sl Maintenance 2 with Operate840D sl Operations and Programming 1with HMI Operate840D sl Safety Integrated AcceptanceTest esmultiple coursesmultiple coursesmultiple optionsCharge840D sl Safety Integrated for OEMs840D sl Safety Integrated MaintenanceSINAMICS drivesSINAMICS S setup and maintenanceSIMATIC S7 with Step 7 V5 (PLC)S7 Programming 1S7 Programming 2S7 Programming 3Please inquire about the many additional classes we offer, in addition to the classes listed above.9

Technical Application CenterProgramming, operation and dealer service training options to meet your needsThe intuitive, PC-based SinuTrain solution comprises softwarethat is identical with that of the CNC system.Our Level 1, 2 and 3 hands-on, classroom-style courses have been created with machinetool programmers and operators in mind. With SinuTrain, our PC-based, control-identicalsoftware, you’ll quickly learn various methods to program and operate SINUMERIK CNCequipped machines.We also offer a dealer / importer service course for the SINUMERIK 828D and 840D slcontrols. Read on to learn more.Level 1: ShopMill and ShopTurnUpon completion of this course, you’ll be able to create part programs using ShopMilland ShopTurn, setup jobs through the jog functionality, as well as run parts in auto mode.You will be provided with a complimentary copy of SINUTRAIN for SINUMERIK Operate atthe end of the class.Basic knowledge of operation and programming of milling and turning machines is required.Level 2: programGuide for Milling and TurningUpon completion of this course, you’ll be able to create part programs in G-code usingprogramGuide, setup jobs through the jog functionality, as well as run parts in auto mode.You will be provided with a complimentary copy of SINUTRAIN for SINUMERIK Operate atthe end of the class.Basic knowledge of operation and programming of milling and turning machines isrequired. Attendance to the Level 1 ShopMill and ShopTurn class is recommended.10

Three levels of training for SINUMERIK 828D and SINUMERIK 840D slCourseAudienceOperation and programming:Level 1ShopMill / ShopTurnProgrammersOperatorsUsersOperation and programming:Level 2programGuide for millingand turningProgrammersOperatorsUsersOperation and programming:Level 35-axis and high-speed millingProgrammersDealer Service:SINUMERIK 828D / 840D slDealer ServiceClass size12 studentsDuration3 daysLocationElk Grove Village,IllinoisChargeLearnmoreFree**There is no fee for the workshop. Participants are responsible for their own travel and living expenses. Lunch will be provided.Level 3: 5-axis and High-Speed MillingThis advanced-level course covers special aspects of 5-axis operation and programming,and addresses high-speed cutting (HSC) for applications that use SINUMERIK 828D / 840D slcontrols. Each student will be provided with a complimentary copy of SINUTRAIN forSINUMERIK Operate at the end of the class.Knowledge of, and experience in, programming SINUMERIK 840D sl including: coordinatesystems FRAME concepts, tool compensations, program jumps and control structures,macro technology and parameterization of standard cycles. Attendance to the Level 2programGuide programming class is strongly recommended.Dealer Service for SINUMERIK 8282D / 840D slUpon completion of this training course, dealer service personnel will be able to installand service a SINUMERIK 828D and 840D sl-equipped machine tool.Basic knowledge of digital drive systems, computer numerical controls (CNC) andprogrammable logic controllers (PLC) is required.For complete details and to register, visit

Marketing supportThe world of SINUMERIK at your fingertipsIt’s a big country — so how do we connect with huge opportunities?Siemens takes an integrated marketing and communications approach to promote theSINUMERIK CNC brand. This approach includes a number of avenues such as traditionalprint advertising and PR, along with a number of digital, interactive marketing platforms.nnnnnYou‘ll find us in leading print magazines such as Manufacturing News, Modern MachineShop, Industrial Machinery Digest, Manufacturing Engineering and more.Meet us at industry-leading tradeshows like IMTS, EASTEC, SOUTHTEC and WESTEC.Learn about Siemens CNC technology and best-practice applications through ourextensive video library of technical webinars, how-to videos and customer testimonials.We’ve created a CNC app that’s in the minds and pockets of over 50,000 users, plus we’vegot quite the following on social media, too.We‘ll even support you during open house events and tradeshows with print collateral,posters and rollup banners — just ask.Our marketing supportnWebnAppsnPRnVideonSocial medianPrint collateralnTradeshows and events — the SINUMERIK CNC user communityCNC4you is the Siemens online community where you’ll find testimonial videos about ourcustomers and their machine tool applications, webinar replays, how-to videos, virtual producttours, trial software and even technical documentation.Discoverthe worldof CNC4youEasy CNC mobile appThis app contains all of the current training manuals for SINUMERIK CNC and will ensureyou always have the latest updates. With no more heavy manuals to carry, you have accessto over 5,000 pages of vital CNC instruction and content.A handy G-code compatibility tool also lets you quickly find compatible codes for Siemensand ISO G-codes. The glossary feature is your reference guide to CNC terminology, and weblinks to service, support and social media feeds open the door to our online user community.Don’t wait — download the Easy CNC app for your iOS and Android devices for free.Downloadthe appSocial mediaLike us and follow us — let’s be social. Stay up-to-date with the latest CNC information fromSiemens. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and cnc

Your local Siemens supportWe’re a well-coordinated teamSteve [email protected] 1 (937) [email protected] 1 (630) 935-0251Chicago, IllinoisDaniel Vitullodaniel.vitullo [email protected] 1 (224) [email protected] 1 (781) [email protected] 1 (862) [email protected] 1 (248) [email protected] 1 (513) 470-771514DealersImportersDealersImportersVirtual TechnicalApplication Center(nationwide)CNC technical schooleducation programs(nationwide)Detroit, MichiganWolfgang NeitzkeWNTechnicalApplication CenterNew York, New YorkBrian HamiltonBHImportersBoston, MassachusettsChris PollackCPDealersLexington, KentuckyLars FallerLFImportersLos Angeles, CaliforniaRandy PearsonRPDealersBirmingham, AlabamaStrategic accounts(nationwide)SH

Our team offers younSales support and sales trainingnTechnical school education programsnTraining in machine tool programming and operationLFCPBHRPDVWN15

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Warranty handling n Call Siemens customer service: 1-800-879-8079 n To activate the warranty for Siemens parts in a machine, machine registration is required in the Siemens Global Service Platform (GSP) n Parts and labor for the SINUMERIK 840D sl ar