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These warranties are given byTable of ContentsIntroductionCustomer Satisfaction. 2Some Repairs May Be Covered Beyond the Limited Warranty. 5A Quick Reference to Warranty Coverages. 6Your Warranties in DetailGeneral Warranty Provisions. 8New Vehicle Limited Warranty. 9Powertrain Limited Warranty.10Federal Emissions Warranties.11Federal Emissions System Coverage. 17California Emissions Warranties. 18California Emissions System Coverage. 25Hybrid Powertrain Warranty. 26High Voltage Battery Capacity Warranty. 27Tires. 28Seat Belt Limited Warranty. 29Rust Perforation Limited Warranty. 30Accessory Limited Warranty. 31Replacement/Remanufactured Parts Limited Warranty. 33Replacement 12-Volt Battery Limited Warranty. 34Replacement Exhaust Components Lifetime Limited Warranty. 35Your ResponsibilityOperation and Maintenance of Your Honda. 36How to Get Warranty Service. 38Warranty Coverage Outside the United States. 39Limitations and Disclaimers. 40Honda Automobile Division, a division of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., gives these warranties on behalf of American Honda Motor Co., Inc.,1919 Torrance Boulevard, Torrance, California 90501-2746, a California Corporation.WL-14724 2020 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. – All Rights Reserved

Customer SatisfactionYour complete satisfaction withyour Honda automobile is our maingoal. Personnel at authorized Hondaautomobile dealerships are trainedto provide the best service for yourvehicle.If you are not satisfied with anymaintenance or repair work done bythe dealership, follow these threesteps:STEP 1Talk over your concerns withthe dealership’s management,such as the service manager orgeneral manager. In most cases, asatisfactory solution is found atthis step.STEP 2We recognize that, on someoccasions, a customer will notbe totally satisfied with a dealer’sdecision or actions in Step 1. If thisis the case, you should call or writeHonda Automobile Customer Service.The address and telephone numberare on the inside front cover of thisbooklet.Please provide the followinginformation: Year, model, and VehicleIdentification Number (VIN) of yourvehicle, and its current mileage; The name of the dealer who soldyou the vehicle; The name of the dealer whoservices your vehicle; Date, mileage, and reason foreach visit to an authorized Hondaautomobile dealership;2Introduction Any non-Honda dealership repairservice for the problem(s); and Your daytime and eveningtelephone numbers.The staff of Honda AutomobileCustomer Service is interested inworking with you and the dealershipto find a satisfactory solution.STEP 3If you disagree with the decisionreached by the staff of HondaAutomobile Customer Service, youmay request to have your casereviewed in an independent forumrun by the National Center forDispute Settlement (NCDS). You mayfile a claim at any time by callingNCDS toll-free at 877-545-0055,ext. 120.You may also write to:National Center for DisputeSettlementP.O. Box 515831Dallas, TX 75251-5831

Customer SatisfactionThe purpose of NCDS is toresolve disputes between vehiclemanufacturers and their customers.NCDS’s decision makers are impartialthird parties who will listen to boththe customer and the manufacturerand decide what can be done toresolve the disagreement.NCDS’s decision is not binding onyou unless you agree to accept it.If you accept the decision, Hondawill abide by it. Generally, disputessubmitted to NCDS are resolvedwithin 40 days (47 days if you havenot first contacted Honda about yourcomplaint).Honda offers you the opportunity tomediate and arbitrate a disagreementthrough NCDS because we want youto feel that you have been treatedfairly.Eligibility is limited by your vehicle’sage, mileage, and other factors. Inorder to file a claim, you need toprovide your name and address, theVehicle Identification Number (VIN)of your vehicle, and a brief statementoutlining the disagreement. Initially,NCDS may try to resolve thedisagreement through mediation. Ifthis is not successful, your complaintwill be reviewed by an impartialarbitrator. You may present the factsof your case to the arbitrator at aninformal meeting.We encourage you to use thisprogram before, or instead of, goingto court. It is informal, free of chargeto you, and generally resolvesproblems much faster than the courtsystem. Lawyers are usually notinvolved in the resolution of claimsthrough NCDS, although you mayobtain one at your own expense ifyou choose.If you want to go to court, Hondadoes not require you to first file aclaim with NCDS. Please note thatlaws in some states may require thatyou file a claim with NCDS beforeyou can proceed to a state-operateddispute resolution process or thecourt system. If you do not accept thedecision of NCDS, you can still goto court.Introduction3

Customer SatisfactionLemon LawsMany states have enacted what arecommonly referred to as “LemonLaws.” Although the details of theselaws vary from state to state, theirmain purpose is to assure you certainrights if you have problems with yournew vehicle. In general terms, theselaws usually say that if your newvehicle has a problem that cannot berepaired in several attempts, or has aseries of problems that keep it out ofservice for an extended period, youmay qualify for relief under the lemonlaw in your state.4IntroductionSome states require you to notifythe manufacturer about theproblem(s), and some states give themanufacturer, or its representative,a chance to correct the problem(s).A state may require you to submityour complaint to a disputeresolution program, such as NCDS,before proceeding to other forums.Lemon laws have many provisions.If you feel your new Honda qualifiesfor consideration under the lemonlaw in your area, we suggest youcheck the laws in your state.We want you to be satisfied withyour Honda automobile. If you haveany questions, please contact yourauthorized Honda automobile dealeror Honda Automobile CustomerService.American Honda Motor Co., Inc.Honda AutomobileCustomer Service1919 Torrance BoulevardMail Stop 100-5E-8ATorrance, CA 90501-2746(800) 999-1009

Some Repairs May Be Covered Beyond the Limited WarrantyHonda may cover, on a case-by-casebasis, some or all of the cost to repaira problem that is not covered by yourvehicle’s limited warranties.If your vehicle develops a problemyou feel should be repaired by Hondaat no cost, discuss it with your dealer.If you are not satisfied with yourauthorized Honda automobiledealer’s decision, call or write HondaAutomobile Customer Service (theaddress and telephone numberare on the inside front cover of thisbooklet).Sometimes Honda offers a specialadjustment program to pay all or partof the cost of certain repairs beyondthe terms of the warranty. Check withyour dealer to determine whether anyadjustment program is applicable toyour motor vehicle.Please provide this information aboutyour vehicle: Year, model, and VehicleIdentification Number (VIN) of yourvehicle, and its current mileage; Maintenance history; A detailed explanation of theproblem; and Why you think Honda should beresponsible for the repair.Your request will be investigated,and you will be informed of Honda’sdecision.Introduction5

A Quick Reference to Warranty CoveragesThis is a brief summary of the warranties covering your 2021 Honda. Please refer to the listed page for a full descriptionof each warranty’s coverage and limitations.New Vehicle Limited Warranty. 9Every new Honda is covered, including the 12-volt battery, for 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first.The tires may be warranted separately.Powertrain Limited Warranty.10The powertrain in your new Honda is covered for 5 years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first.Federal Emissions Warranties.11The Emissions-related Defects and Performance Warranties cover the components that make up your Honda’semissions control systems.California Emissions Warranties. 18The Emissions Control Systems Defects and Performance Warranties cover Honda vehicles registered and operated inCalifornia or in other States that have adopted California emissions warranty regulations.Hybrid Powertrain Warranty. 26The Hybrid Powertrain Warranty (includes Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) systems) applies to all new Honda modelswith hybrid powertrains.High Voltage Battery Capacity Warranty. 27Gradual capacity loss of the high voltage battery is expected and not covered under warranty. Greater than normaldegradation is covered for 8 years or 100,000 miles, and can be determined by an authorized Honda automobile dealer.Tires. 28The original tires may be warranted by their manufacturer. Your authorized Honda automobile dealer can assist you incontacting a local representative of the tire’s manufacturer, if needed.6Introduction

A Quick Reference to Warranty CoveragesSeat Belt Limited Warranty. 29Seat belts that fail to function properly are covered for 15 years or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first.Rust Perforation Limited Warranty. 30Honda will repair or replace any body panel on your vehicle that rusts from the inside out. This coverage extends for5 years with no mileage limit.COVERAGE OF ACCESSORIES AND REPLACEMENT ITEMSAccessory Limited Warranty. 31All Honda accessories are covered up to 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first, depending on time ofinstallation.Replacement/Remanufactured Parts Limited Warranty. 33Honda Genuine replacement parts purchased from an authorized Honda automobile dealer are covered for at least 1year. Honda Genuine Remanufactured Parts purchased from an authorized Honda automobile dealer are covered up to3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first, depending on place of installation.Replacement 12-Volt Battery Limited Warranty. 34A replacement 12-volt battery (other than a Hybrid Powertrain System battery) purchased from your authorized Hondaautomobile dealer is covered by a 100-month (8 years and 4 months) limited warranty.Replacement Exhaust Components Lifetime Limited Warranty. 35Replacement exhaust components (muffler, A-pipe, and B-pipe) purchased from your authorized Honda automobiledealer are covered for as long as you own the vehicle. Installation is included if the covered exhaust components wereoriginally installed by your authorized Honda automobile dealer.Introduction7

General Warranty ProvisionsThe warranty coverages in thisbooklet are offered only to theowner or lessee of a 2021 Hondaautomobile. To be covered, thevehicle must be distributed byAmerican Honda through theHonda Automobile Division, andsold or leased by an authorizedHonda automobile dealer in theUnited States, Puerto Rico, theU.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and theCommonwealth of the NorthernMariana Islands.Parts replaced under any of thewarranties in this booklet becomethe property of Honda. Honda willmake the final decision whether torepair any existing part or assemblyor replace it.Honda may use factoryremanufactured parts rather thannew parts for some warranty repairs.Those parts, like new parts, arecovered for the remainder of the NewVehicle Limited Warranty(see page 9).8Your Warranties in DetailThe warranties in this booklet do notcover: The failure of any part or accessorydue to:- Abuse, misuse, accidentaldamage, or acts of nature.- Improper installation ormaintenance.- A low fluid level or the use ofa fluid other than specified byHonda.- The installation of any partthat is not equal to the originalin quality of materials orworkmanship.- Use of the vehicle in competitionor racing events.- Improper fueling procedures. Any installed part or accessory thatfails because it was not designedto fit that year and model of Hondaautomobile. Any vehicle with an odometer thathas been altered so it is impossibleto determine the actual mileage. Any vehicle while it is registeredor normally driven outside of theUnited States, Puerto Rico, theU.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and theCommonwealth of the NorthernMariana Islands. Any failure caused by modifyingthe vehicle, or installingaccessories not authorized byHonda. Any incidental expenses orinconvenience incurred due to theloss of use of your vehicle. Any vehicle that has ever beendeclared a total loss or sold forsalvage by a financial institution orinsurer, or that has been issued a“salvage” or similar title under anystate’s law. This exclusion does notapply to the Emissions Warranties,the Seat Belt Limited Warranty,the Replacement Parts LimitedWarranty, or any recalls or othercampaigns.

New Vehicle Limited WarrantyTime and Mileage PeriodThis warranty begins on the date thevehicle is put into use in one of thefollowing ways: The vehicle is delivered to the firstpurchaser by an authorized Hondaautomobile dealer. The vehicle is leased. The vehicle is used as ademonstrator or company vehicle.Your vehicle is covered for 3 yearsor 36,000 miles, whichever comesfirst. Some parts may have separatecoverage under other warrantiesdescribed in this booklet.Warranty CoverageHonda will repair or replace anypart that is defective in material orworkmanship under normal use.See Operation and Maintenanceof Your Honda on page 36. Allrepairs/replacements made underthis warranty are free of charge.The replaced or repaired parts arecovered only until this New VehicleLimited Warranty expires.This New Vehicle Limited WarrantyDoes Not Cover: Normal wear or deterioration ofany part. Cleaning and polishing. The adding of any fluids, unlessthey are needed as part of awarranty repair. Broken, chipped, or scratchedwindow glass unless it is due to adefect in material or workmanship. Any item concerning your vehicle’sgeneral appearance that is notdue to a defect in material orworkmanship. Cosmetic flaws orminor damage to the body, paint,or other items may occur duringmanufacture or shipping of yourvehicle. If you find any uncorrectedflaws or damage on your newvehicle, notify the dealer as soonas possible after delivery. Expendable maintenance items(such as filters, or brake pads/linings) when replaced due tonormal wear or customer abuse. Tires may be warranted by theirmanufacturers (see page 28 formore information).Limited Warranty Coverage Original equipment batteries forkey fobs and remotes are coveredfor the first 6 months of ownership. Original equipment wiper bladeinserts are covered for the first 6months of ownership. Wheel balancing and wheelalignment are covered for the firstyear or 12,000 miles, whichevercomes first, unless required as partof a warranty repair. Air conditioner refrigerant iscovered for the first 2 years or24,000 miles, whichever comesfirst, unless required as part of awarranty repair.Your Warranties in Detail9

Powertrain Limited WarrantyTime and Mileage PeriodThis warranty’s coverage begins onthe same date as the New VehicleLimited Warranty (see page 9).Your powertrain is covered for 5years or 60,000 miles, whichevercomes first.Some powertrain parts may haveadditional coverage under otherwarranties described in this booklet.Warranty CoverageHonda will repair or replace anypart that is defective in material orworkmanship under normal use.See Operation and Maintenanceof Your Honda on page 36. Allrepairs/replacements made underthis warranty are free of charge. Thereplaced or repaired parts are coveredonly until this Powertrain LimitedWarranty expires.10Your Warranties in DetailParts Covered by the PowertrainWarrantyYour vehicle may not be equippedwith all the parts listed. Otherparts may be covered. Contact anauthorized Honda automobile dealeror Honda Automobile CustomerService (see inside front cover of thisbooklet) for further information.EngineCylinder block and head and allinternal parts, timing gears andgaskets, timing chain/belt and cover,flywheel, valve covers, oil pan, oilpump, intake and exhaust manifolds,engine mounts, engine/powertraincontrol module, water pump, fuelpump, seals and gaskets.Transmission and TransaxleCase and all internal parts, torqueconverter, transfer case and allinternal parts, transmission/powertrain control module, sealsand gaskets.Front-Wheel-Drive SystemFinal drive housing and all internalparts, driveshafts, constant velocityjoints, front hubs and bearings, sealsand gaskets.Rear-Wheel-Drive SystemDifferential housing and all internalparts, propeller shafts, universaljoints, driveshafts, constant velocityjoints, rear hubs and bearings, sealsand gaskets.For a list of items not included in thiswarranty, please refer to page 9.

Federal Emissions WarrantiesCalifornia, Connecticut, Delaware,Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts,New Jersey, New York, Oregon,Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont,and Washington residents shouldalso refer to the California EmissionsWarranties on page 18.If an authorized Honda automobiledealer cannot repair your vehicle orhonor your claim within a reasonableperiod of time, contact HondaAutomobile Customer Service forassistance (see inside front cover ofthis booklet), or you may write to:Your Warranty Rights and ObligationsDirector,Light-Duty Vehicle Center,U.S. Environmental Protection AgencyAttention: Warranty Claim2000 Traverwood DriveAnn Arbor, MI [email protected] Federal Emissions-relatedDefects and Emissions Performancewarranties are in addition to theHonda New Vehicle Limited Warranty.These warranties are given only tothe owner or lessee of a 2021 Hondadistributed by American Hondathrough the Honda AutomobileDivision, and sold or leased by anauthorized Honda automobile dealerin the United States, the District ofColumbia, the Commonwealth ofPuerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands,Guam, American Samoa, and theCommonwealth of the NorthernMariana Islands.Your ResponsibilitiesTo qualify for coverage by theDefects and Performance warranties,you should operate and maintainyour 2021 Honda according tothe requirements on page 36of this warranty booklet and/or the information provided bythe Maintenance Minder . Thisschedule is designed to keep yourvehicle’s emissions control systemsfunctioning properly by maintainingyour vehicle in peak operatingcondition.Time and Mileage PeriodWarranty coverage begins on the datethe vehicle is delivered to the firstpurchaser other than an authorizedHonda automobile dealer, or the dateit is first used as a demonstrator,lease, or company vehicle, whichevercomes first. Refer to page 17 of thisbooklet for information on warrantyduration and the emissions systemsthat are covered.Your Warranties in Detail11

Federal Emissions WarrantiesHonda will not deny a claim foremissions warranty coveragebecause you did not generallymaintain the vehicle, or do not havemaintenance records to show thatyou did.However, any part that fails as aresult of abuse, misuse, unapprovedmodification, use of improperparts, or failure to perform requiredmaintenance affecting the failedpart will not be covered under thiswarranty.Honda recommends that only partssupplied by Honda or equivalentparts be used to repair your vehicle.Maintenance, replacement, orrepair of emissions control devicesand systems may be done by anyautomotive repair establishment orindividual using any certified part.Under normal circumstances, Hondawill pay for warranty repairs onlywhen they are performed at anauthorized Honda repair facility.12Your Warranties in DetailHowever, in an emergency situation,the repair of emissions controldevices or systems may be done byany automotive repair establishmentor individual, or by the owner,using an equivalent, non-Hondareplacement part. An emergencysituation is considered to exist if anauthorized Honda repair facility isnot reasonably available, when awarranted part is not available within30 days, or when an authorizedHonda repair facility is unable tocomplete a repair within 30 days.Honda will reimburse you forthose emergency repairs, includingdiagnosis, that are coveredby the Emissions Warranties.Parts reimbursement is at themanufacturer’s suggested retailprice, and labor reimbursement is ata geographically-appropriate hourlylabor rate for Honda’s recommendedtime allowance.For reimbursement, present thereplaced part(s) and a copy of thepaid receipt to any authorized Hondaautomobile dealer.The use of replacement parts notequivalent to the original parts mayimpair the effectiveness of yourvehicle’s emissions control systems.If a non-equivalent replacement partis used in the maintenance or repairof your vehicle, and if an authorizedHonda automobile dealer determinesit is defective or causes a failure of awarranted part, your claim for repairto bring your vehicle into compliancewith applicable standards may bedenied. However, a warranty claimwill not be denied if a vehicle failsto meet emissions standards forreasons unrelated to the use of anon-equivalent replacement part.

Federal Emissions WarrantiesThese Warranties Do Not Cover:Emissions-Related Design and Defects Warranty Failures or malfunctions of theemissions control systems causedby abuse, alteration, accident,misuse, or the use of leaded ornon-approved gasoline.Design and Defects WarrantyCoverage Replacement of maintenance itemssuch as, but not limited to, sparkplugs, filters, hoses, belts, coolant,or lubricants beyond their firstrequired maintenance point. Consequential damages such asloss of time or use of the vehicle.Honda warrants to the owner orlessee of any 2021 Honda model thatthe automobile:To Get Emissions Warranty ServiceRepairs covered by this warranty willbe performed at no charge for parts,labor, and diagnosis.Within 30 days of the time youtake your vehicle to the dealerfor emissions warranty service,an authorized Honda automobiledealer is required either to honoryour claim for adjustment, repair,andor replacement, or to notify you2. is free from defects in materialsin writing that your claim is beingand workmanship that would causedenied, and explain to fail to conform with applicableemissions requirements during thespecified time and mileage periods.1. is designed, built, and equippedto conform with all emissionsstandards applicable at the time ofsale or lease;Refer to the emissions warrantyparts list in the back of this bookletfor more information on warrantyduration and the emissions systemsthat are covered.Your Warranties in Detail13

Federal Emissions WarrantiesEmissions-Related Design and Defects WarrantyIf this time limit is not met, anauthorized Honda automobile dealerwill perform the requested repairsfree of charge. The only exceptionsallowed are when you, the owner orlessee, request or agree to a delay, orthe delay is caused by circumstancesbeyond the control of Honda or thedealer.If an authorized Honda automobiledealer is unable to repair your vehiclewithin 30 days from the time you takeit to the dealer, you may have yourvehicle repaired at any repair facilityyou choose. The only exceptionsallowed are when you, the owner orlessee, request or agree to a delay, orthe delay is caused by circumstancesbeyond the control of Honda or thedealer.14Your Warranties in DetailIf, due to an authorized Hondaautomobile dealer’s delay (aspreviously described), you choosea repair facility that is not anauthorized Honda automobiledealer, Honda will reimburse youfor the repair, including diagnosis.Parts reimbursement is at themanufacturer’s suggested retailprice, and labor reimbursement is ata geographically appropriate hourlyrate for Honda’s recommended timeallowance. For reimbursement,present the replaced part(s) anda copy of the paid receipt to anyauthorized Honda automobile dealer.

Federal Emissions WarrantiesEmissions Performance WarrantyThis warranty begins on the datethe vehicle is delivered to the firstpurchaser other than an authorizedHonda automobile dealer, or the dateit is first used as a demonstrator,lease, or company vehicle, whichevercomes first.To Get Emissions PerformanceWarranty ServicePerformance Warranty CoverageNOTE: The emissions test should beperformed with the vehicle at normaloperating temperature. Before havingyour vehicle tested, drive the vehiclefor several miles at 25 mph or aboveand test the vehicle as soon aspossible after driving.Honda warrants that, if your vehiclefails an EPA-approved emissionsshort test, during the designatedwarranty period, Honda will, at nocost to you, make all adjustments,diagnoses, repairs, and replacementsnecessary to

In the United States: American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Honda Automobile Customer Service Mail Stop