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What is WiFi 6 ?Should I care?

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High capacity deterministic network model802.11ax KeysBenefit vs 11acMU-OFDMASmall packet efficiency; 37 usersMU-MIMO4x capacity, scheduled transmissionSpatial ReuseOverlapping networksTWTLonger battery lifeconnected client experience by1024QAMFaster Data Ratesmaking the network more efficient8x8 APHigh capacity 8SS SU/MUExtended Range3 dB range improvement802.11ax focuses on improving the 2020 Cambium Networks, Ltd

Wi-Fi 6 Real-World Performance2.4GHz only5GHz only2.4 / 5GHz802.11n: 64QAM, MIMO802.11ac: 256QAM, MU-MIMO802.11ax: 1024QAM, OFDMA450Mbps3.4Gbps9.6GbpsPeak PHY RatePeak PHY RateReal-WorldReal-World40Mhz channel on 5GHz2x2 client connected50% efficient40Mhz channel on 5GHz2x2 client connected65% efficient150MbpsPeak PHY Rate253MbpsReal-World840Mbps80Mhz channel on 5GHz2x2 client connected1200Mbps PHY70% efficient11ax is multi-user, expectation 2.5Gbps of aggregate throughput11n8/4/202011ac11ax 2020 Cambium Networks, Ltd

Downlink Multi-User OFDMA and MIMOOFDMAResource units as small as 2MHzAllocates Resource Units as small as 2MHz(2 4 8 20 40 80 MHz)Benefit: Reduced Latency, efficient use of time andfrequencyIdeal for: VoWLAN, IOT devices, always-connectedmobile devicesStadiums, Higher Education, Hotels, EnterpriseMU-MIMOUp to four concurrent transmissions, 2x2Transmit to multiple devices at the same timeBenefit: high capacity with high bitrateIdeal for: Streaming media, high bitrate applications,stationary PCsHigher Education, Hotel Conference center, Enterprise 2020 Cambium Networks, Ltd

Uplink Multi-User OFDMA and MIMOOFDMAMU-MIMOResource units as small as 2MHzUp to four concurrent transmissions, 2x2up to 4MUIncrease reverse-path range ofmultiple low power clientsGreater combined SNR improved rangeIncrease uplink datarate, reduce latencyGreat for gaming, high density socialmediaUp to 4.8Gbps PHY rate,combined, bi-directional 2020 Cambium Networks, Ltd

Other 802.11ax key technologyAdditional 11ax techWhat it will do1024 QAM30% topline speed improvement over 11ac. Works with 11ac clients and 11axSpatial ReuseAllows multiple BSS (AP its connected clients) to overlap in same frequencyPreamble Boost and sub-carrierrepetition3dB power boost increases range outdoor, increased GI improves resilienceTarget Wait TimeSleep time negotiated by AP and ClientLonger battery life for mobile devices even while streaming media, extended IOT life2.4GHz bandAX performance with 30% range, or, AX segmentation for IOT networks6GHz band1200MHz of clean RF spectrum, ideal for AX and expanded network services 2020 Cambium Networks, Ltd

Why is it critical tosuccess in Education?

Educational Focus PointsSAFE SCHOOLS Many schools (especially inthe US) are investing / orupgrading their securityinfrastructure (IP videosurveillance technology, newIP door access controlsystems, alarms andnotification systems) These schools will need toinvest in a network upgrade tosupport these enhancements.STUDENT SUCCESS Individual Education Basedon Student Data &Classroom Needs Analyze Student Attitude,Learning Move Tools to the Cloud for24 x 7 Learning Daily Per-User Information Online Testing & HighStakes PerformanceTestingFLEXIBLE LEARNING Distance learning, video &audio based lectures are allnow mainstream. On-line test applicationsmandated by most states. Requirement for reliable,stable network (both wiredand wireless) BYOD and high speedwireless needs to bothindoor and outdoorenvironments. 2020 Cambium Networks, Ltd

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Application Intelligence: Policy Enforcement at the Edge 2020 Cambium Networks, Ltd

Simplicity: Cloud-based Control from a Single ConsoleEasyPassTMAccess tenant ControlPolicyEnforcementL1-L7 ControlXPS LocationIntegrated ServiceAnalyticsWho, What, Where 2020 Cambium Networks, Ltd

Easy Pass Free for lify and secure user connections 2020 Cambium Networks, Ltd

Cambium Real-world Testing LabsAutomated Testing FacilitiesThousand Oaks, CAEnsure Real World EDU Success 2020 Cambium Networks, Ltd

Wi-Fi 6 Improves Wireless Performance1Wi-Fi 6 Advantage:Up to 40% HigherPerformance vs. Wi-Fi 5What is happening? 8x8 antennas provide better receivesensitivity and signal integrity Improved radio driver and offload 1024QAM is 25% more bits/HzXV3-8 (Wi-Fi 6)Wi-Fi 5 APTest DetailsAP located outside of Room 1Increasing distance from AP to Rooms on the right of graphThroughput measured to single Macbook 3x3 11ac client 2020 Cambium Networks, Ltd

Wi-Fi 6 Improves Wireless PerformanceSamsung S10,2x2, Wi-Fi 6RSSI over range (dBm)XV3-8Wi-Fi 6, 8x8Google Pixel,2x2, Wi-Fi 53m5m7mS10Pixel9m 1024QAM is 25% more bits/Hz Client-side CPU speed increaseMbps1mWhat is happening? More efficient signaling protocolsTCP Throughput: Wi-Fi 5 vs Wi-Fi 65004003002001000Wi-Fi 6 Advantage:Average 135%Improvement vs. Wi-Fi 511mTest DetailsiPerf3 client on Windows 10 PCiPerf3 server on smart phoneiperf3 –c ip -i 10 –t 10 –P 640Mhz channel, 44/48, short guard 2020 Cambium Networks, Ltd

Planning and Deploying

WiFi Designer Tool (Free)Wi-Fi Designer, it is a free, cloud-based app fordesigning and planning Wi-Fi networks.It is available on the Cambium web site e/wifi-designer-and-wifi-inspector/ and can be usedby customer, partners, or anyone.Features include:- Import or draw floor plans- Visualize Wi-Fi coverage by AP model- Tune AP parameters – rotation, 5GHz/2.4GHz,power- Develop a bill of materials- Create/email PDF reportsIt can be used in a guest mode, or users can registerto save their designs and get a PDF report. 2020 Cambium Networks, Ltd

Deployment ConsiderationsDensity ConcernsLocations needsEnd User DevicesAdoption of Wi-Fi 6 client devices for 1-1 deploymentsSwitching and Cabling UpgradeCloud Deployment and ManagementNetwork As A Service 2020 Cambium Networks, Ltd

Funding Options

ConsiderationsE-RateAll Schools have refreshed 5 Year BudgetsCares ActFocused on COVID-19 support and NTI environmentsLeasing vs NAASPayment Planning vs Outsourcing Day to Day deployments and support.What is real cost of Wireless Refresh?All APs are NOT made the same. Number of Radios, Shared Services, AnnualSoftware Subscriptions, Add-Ons, Support & Integration 2020 Cambium Networks, Ltd

About Cambium

Cambium Networks at a GlanceSpun out of Motorola Solutions in October 2011Pioneer in Point-to-Multipoint & Point-to-Point IP Wireless Broadband SolutionsFocused on wireless connectivity; 2 meters to 200 km – people, places & thingsHQ outside of Chicago, IL700 employees across 6 continentsMore than 8 million nodes shipped totaling over 1.5BEmerging leader in IIoT and 5G like solutions 2020 Cambium Networks, Ltd

Enterprise Wi-Fi from SMBs to Large o-touchPolicyEnforcementAccess ControlProvisioningSimple ManagementApp Control, SecuritySingle Cloud Dashboardfor Broadband/Eth/Wi-FiXPS LocationIntegrated ServiceMulti-tenant ControlL1-L7 ControlAnalyticsWho, What, WhereBroad Range of Dual Radio, Software-Defined, and High-Density APsSmall Form Factor to High Density Wi-Fi Solutions from Wi-Fi 5 (11ac) and Wi-Fi 6 (11ax)Segmented IOT, BYOD, WIFI, App Ctrl, Security servicesConverged Wi-Fi 6 AP’sIntelligent PoE SwitchesHotels/DormsSmall tions 2020 Cambium Networks, Ltd

High Density Wi-Fi 6XV3-8 Wi-Fi 6 Access PointUnique Value802.11 RadiosTri-Radio with SDRCloud or on-premises managed5GHz 8x8/4x4 11a/n/ac/ax2.4GHz 4x4 11b/g/n/axWPA3 secure public accessTri-Radio 11ax with Software Defined Radio and DedicatedSensor2 or 3 (software defined radio)Streams4x4 in 2.4G; 8x8 in 5GHz; or dual 4x4 5GHzAntennasInternalBT / BLEYes, BLE 4.0SensorTechnologyDedicated dual-band sensor radio. 2x2:2 for WIPs /Location services / RF scan / Network scanWi-Fi 6 11AX Software defined BLE SensorWired1 x GigE 1 x 5GigEApplication ControlPower802.3at802.3bz uplink (5Gbps)ManagementUSBEducationYesXMS-Cloud or cnMaestroPublic VenuesEnterpriseRetail 2020 Cambium Networks, Ltd

Cost Effective Wi-Fi 6XV2-2 Wi-Fi 6 Access PointUnique ValueCost effective 11ax, standards-compliant, high performance 2x2802.11 Radios2Streams2x2 in 2.4G; 2x2 in 5GHzAntennasInternalCloud or on-premises managedBT / BLENo5GHz 2x2 11a/n/ac/ax2.4GHz 2x2 11b/g/n/axSensorCost Effective 11axWPA3 secure public accessApplication Control802.3bz uplink (2.5Gbps)Shared sensor with data radios. Control duration, periodicity.WIPs / Location services / RF scan / Network scanTechnologyWi-Fi 6 11axWired1 x 2.5GigEPower802.3atUSBYes – USB 2.0 portManagementEducationXMS-Cloud or cnMaestroHospitalityS/M EnterpriseRetail 2020 Cambium Networks, Ltd

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8x8 AP . High capacity 8SS SU/MU: Extended Range. 3 dB range improvement: 802.11ax focuses on improving the . Client-side CPU speed increase. Test Details. iPerf3 client on Windows 10 PC. iPerf3 server on smart phone. iperf3 –c ip