Oracle Retail Xstore SuiteRelease NotesRelease 7.1.6E89405-03March 2018This document highlights the major changes for Release 7.1.6 of Oracle Retail XstoreSuite.OverviewThis document contains the release notes for Oracle Retail Xstore Suite version 7.1.6components. These release notes cover new features and enhancements for this version ofOracle Retail Xstore Point of Service, Oracle Retail Xstore Point of Service Mobile, OracleRetail Xstore Office, Oracle Retail Xstore Payment, and Oracle Retail Xenvironment.Supported Payment ProcessorsXstore Suite 7.1.6 supports the following payment processors: Chase Paymentech (credit, debit, and gift card) Tender Retail to Chase Paymentech (credit and debit)Note: Tender Retail (for Canada only) Merchant Link (credit and debit)Note: Merchant Link supports tokenization. First Data Rapid Connect (credit, debit, and gift card) First Data TransArmor via Rapid Connect (credit and debit)Certified PlatformsThe Xstore Suite version 7.1.6 release is supported on the following platforms:TypeSoftware and VersionOperating SystemSuse Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 SP3Windows Vista SP2Windows 7 SP1Windows POSReady 2009Windows POSReady 7Windows Server 2003 SP2Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1Windows 8Windows 8.1Windows Server 2012Windows 101

DatabaseOracle 11g ( Patch)Oracle 12cSQL Server 2012 SP1SQL Server 2008 SP3SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1Application ServersJetty version 8.1.8Tomcat version 7.0.37Xadmin BrowsersInternet Explorer 9, 10, and 11FirefoxChromeMobile DevicesMotorola MC40 and TC70 running Android KitKat (4.4.2)iPod (1st-4th generation)Oracle Retail Product Compatibility MatrixProductSupported VersionOracle Retail Customer EngagementCloud Service11.4Oracle Retail Order Broker Cloud Service5.0Oracle Retail Order Management SystemCloud Service5.0Oracle Retail Xpay3.1Functional EnhancementsRetry Button Added to Error Screens in Xstore Point ofService MobileWhen Xstore POS mobile notifies the user that it encountered a remote procedure call(RPC) error, the error screen now includes a Retry button to allow the user to attempt toperform the action again.Interface EnhancementsAdded Processing Indicator to Xstore Point of ServiceMobileWhile Xstore POS Mobile is attempting to connect with the server, Xstore POS Mobilewill display an animation indicating that the connection attempt is occurring.2

Technical EnhancementsIncreased Default Maximum Length of an Xstore Point ofService Mobile SessionThe default maximum length of a session in Xstore POS Mobile has been set to twelvehours, allowing sessions to remain open if the client app is terminated.Configurable Request Timeout for Xstore Point of ServiceMobileThe value for the request timeout for Xstore Point of Service Mobile is now configurable.Verifone e355 Scanner SupportXstore POS now supports the Verifone e355 scanner.Note that the e355 magnetic stripe reader (MSR) is functional only for devices using theclock extension peripheral interface (CXPI). Devices using Point cannot use the MSR onthe Verifone e355.Linea Pro Not SupportedThe Linea Pro sled is no longer supported by Xstore POS Mobile.Xstore Point of Service Mobile Client Information Loggingon ServerWhen an Xstore POS Mobile client starts up and connects to the server, the followinginformation is logged on the server: Xstore POS Mobile client version Verifone Mobile Framework version Client IP address Client device name (iOS only)Xstore Point of Service Mobile Log Retention on iOSDevicesOn iOS devices running Xstore POS Mobile, log files are retained on the client when theapplication restarts. Log files are rotated on the system each time the app restarts and thecurrent log file is larger than a certain, configurable value. Xstore POS Mobile keeps acertain, configurable number of files on the system.iOS 11Xstore POS Mobile is now supported on devices running iOS 11.Resolved IssuesThe noteworthy defect fixes described below are included in this release.3

Resolved IssueDefect NumberWhen SSL Check is enabled in Xstore POS, Xstore POS will correctlycheck the certificates for connections with Xstore Office and XstorePayment and log the resulting information.26327915Multiple clicks on the Xstore POS Mobile user interface do not result inintermittent illegal RPC error screens.26305605Concurrency issues have been corrected in Xstore POS Mobile.26188295Users can successfully perform a long-press on the Xstore POS Mobilelogo after restarting the Xstore POS Mobile server.25925616After a Session Timeout popup appears on Xstore POS Mobile on iOS,Xstore POS Mobile will refresh, then continue processing.25925581After receiving a warning message that the store ID is incorrectlyconfigured in Xstore POS Mobile, the message does not appear again.25925539Xstore POS Mobile is able to open an external application on iOS 10.25878009A workstation open procedure can be successfully performed on multiple 25875992Xstore POS Mobile devices simultaneously.On iOS devices running Xstore POS Mobile, the magnetic stripe readercan be disabled.25816054In Xstore POS, deals will be evaluated properly when they haveinclusions or exclusions that use style IDs having the same startingcharacters.25961144Xstore POS does not open a password expiration prompt every time auser logs in using a fingerprint scanner.25765061When an RPC error occurs during an Xstore POS Mobile transaction, the 25750200message displayed no longer implies that the help desk should be called.A button allows the user to retry the connection to the Xstore POS Mobileserver.In Xstore Office, employees can be associated with more than threestores.25544025When returning the register after performing a tender exchange, a newsale transaction is created.25516302The InventoryCount.xml file in Xstore POS is properly formatted XML.25961159In Xstore Office, sending POS Log data from an Oracle database with afield length of 8000 characters does not cause a SOAP error.25452017When performing an item lookup in Xstore POS, a scrollbar allows usersto scroll through a long list of items.25960467When a user signs a Verifone signature capture device, Xstore POSdisplays the last-entered signature for validation.25430039Xstore POS only prompts users for customer tax exemptions in thecountry in which the customer’s tax exemptions are valid.25422770After opening a carton in Xstore POS and setting the items to expectedquantities, the status of the carton is changed to In Process.253735154

Double-clicking the Suspend Transaction button in Xstore POS during asale transaction does not produce a help-desk error.25340411Xstore POS Mobile can scan UPC codes during a cycle count.25960756After adding a tax exemption certificate to a transaction for a customer25171050that is registered in Oracle Retail Customer Engagement as a loyaltycustomer, the tax exemption certificate information is included in the POSLog record for the transaction.In the Employee Performance Report in Xstore POS, sales values forcommissioned associates are divided properly between employees whoshare a sale.25136192After a popup window opens in the internal browser in Xstore POS,escaping out of the internal browser returns focus to the Xstore POS userinterface.25098107The Xenvironment file is less likely to become corrupt. 24362225After selecting a type of discount to modify in a transaction, Xstore POSonly displays a selection list displaying discounts of the chosen type.23624803After sending the Xstore POS Mobile app to the background, thenreturning it to the foreground, barcode scanning will work correctly.23479856Known IssuesFor a list of known issues, speak with your Oracle product representative.5

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Cloud Service 11.4 Oracle Retail Order Broker Cloud Service 5.0 Oracle Retail Order Management System Cloud Service 5.0 Oracle Retail Xpay 3.1 . Verifone e355 Scanner Support Xstore POS now supports the Verifone e355 scanner. Note that the e355 magnetic stripe