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UNIFIED TEST AUTOMATION PLATFORMThe Journey of HCL’s Telecom Media & Entertainment Business verticalToday, testing is siloed and confined. Test teams select a test tool or test framework, and theninterrogate and assess product functionality and reliability based on what their selected tool allows.Test frameworks channel testing direction and confine the breadth of the testing.Moreover, in today’s world Telecom/Media/Entertainment service providers face a perennial challengeof converting complex scenarios into a set of actions enabled by a plethora of tools.CIOHow can weensure zerotolerance onour criticalapplications andkeep the CSThigh?PQADirectorHow can wegoto marketquickly withhigh quality?How can wecertify applicationwith Better - highquality, faster – lesscycle time, cheaper– low cost?TestManagerHow can weautomate all ourcomplex end toend test cases?ProductownerTestprofessional 1Wouldn’t it begreat if we couldrecreate this usecase and placethe unit under testin this state?Testprofessional 2Well yes, butour test toolsdon’t have thatflexibility.This exchange happens frequently within test and quality assurance teams, and inevitably, the optimaltest they really want gives way to what the chosen test tools allow. Our new Unified Test AutomationPlatform (UTAP)unleashes your test function by integrating and embracing multiple test tools andframeworks without committing your entire test organization to learning and relearning a test toolcontrol language. Instead, test tools and frameworks connect to the UTAP’s orchestration engine andyour test team programs this engine by dragging and dropping test “objects” into workflows.In other words, UTAP provides a platform for testers to create Automation Test Cases using a businessflow model with re-usable actions that represent the actual steps in the execution of a test.FOR THE SERVICE PROVIDER, THIS MEANS ENABLING TEST AUTOMATION OF COMPLEX END-TO-ENDTEST CASES ACROSS ENTIRE LIFECYCLE OF CONTENT CREATION, DISTRIBUTION AND CONSUMPTION.

UTAP ARCHITECTUREThe engine connects to every test tool and framework while presenting a common language and interface totest creators and test execution staff. Your test organization engages a drag-n-drop web user interface to feedtest steps into the UTAP, and then its engine translates the desired test steps into test tool specific routinesfor execution. This ensures adherence to your enterprise’s standards and promotes reuse of test routine bestpractices. In addition, UTAP’s test designer and test executor interfaces align to the strengths of your workforce.Next, UTAP, through a publish/subscribe pattern or query interface (depending on test tool),learns the outcomeof the test case execution and updates your test results repository such as Jira.1. Design the workflow using Activiti / BPMN.io2. Use TestConsole to select the Test Suites to be executed in a run via Jenkins (2a).3. The Orchestration Layer shall be the interface to execute tests on various test beds.4. Possibility of running on Storm, Revo, Appium, SeeTest and other test beds along with an interface for ManualTest actions (4a).5. Test results stored in JIRA for Triaging.GETTING STARTED WITH UTAPUTAP is virtualized and offered in both on-premises and cloud consumption models. The UTAP engine maybe virtualized on VMware vSphere or OpenStack KVM. UTAP’s associated test steps and test cases are storedas Business Process Model Notation documents in a document-oriented database. First step is to analyzeyour current test suites for test step and test case similarity then create those steps and cases in UTAP’sdesigner web interface. Those test steps are now UTAP objects that your engineers arrange into test casesand test suites. UTAP includes test tool adapter API’s for Appium, See Test, Selenium, Storm Test, and Revo.Other API adapters are possible so please work with our test integration architects to define your adapterneeds.

FEATURES OF UTAPVisualAbility to create test casesbased on the automated actionsRecommendationWorkflowRecommend what teststrategy based on analyticsAbility to act based on the rules – Ability tolog a ticket into JIRA, Push data to analyticsUTAPOrchestrationAct based on the metadata in the object –whether to be executed in STORM, REVO orother toolsAnalyticsBuild analytics on eachaction / test case / featureIntegrationAbility to integrate withdifferent automation toolsBENEFITS OF UTAPIncreased Test ToolUtilizationSimplified Test CaseCreationUTAP’s Orchestration Layerunderstands the capabilityof every attached test tooland framework. It uses thisknowledge to distributetest case and test stepexecution so the utilizationof every attached test toolis maximized.Test step repeatabilityand reuse is catalogedduring UTAP integration.This catalog knowledgeprovides your test staffthe ability to combinepredefined test stepsinto test cases withoutneeding to revalidate thecapability of every step.Handles all thetools and devicesseamlessly.UNIFIEDTESTINGExpedited TestResultsEnhanced Test ExecutionAccuracyUTAP executes test inparallel and continuouslyso test runs executethroughoutthedayindependentofteststaff’s availability. Thisunmanned test executiontriggers alerts whenfaults are encountered ortest case execution logicdeliveredunexpectedresults so administrativestaff may intervene andremediate issues.Reusability willreduce timetaken to setthe automationand simplify thedebugging oferrorsHIGHERPRODUCTIVITYUTAPmechanizesand reliably conductsthe defined test stepswithout misinterpretationor accidental omission.Every test step executionis recorded and auditabledelivering confidence andsupporting validation byoutside accreditors andauditors.Usability by nontechnical teamdue to reusableassets of actionsRESOURCEMANAGEMENT

A SAMPLE COMPLEX USE CASEUSER STARTS WATCHINGA VIDEO ON THE MOBILE APPUSER WATCHES A PART OF THIS VIDEOON THE TV IN THE LIVING ROOMTHE VIDEO IS THEN RESUMEDON ANOTHER TV IN THE HOUSESINCE ALL DEVICES ARE CONNECTED VIANETWORK, CONTENT CAN BE ACCESSEDFROM ANY DEVICE.This can be a very relatable example in today’stime. The growing scope of content andnetwork providers pave path for a complexecosystem. Consider end users with cabletelevision set top boxes, internet connection(routers), and mobile devices from the sameprovider. UTAP in this scenario would enableto embed separate test cases on differenttools with the help of adapters onto the UTAPengine, thus limiting the number of activities.



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UNIFIED TEST AUTOMATION PLATFORM. Today, testing is siloed and confined. Test teams select a test tool or test framework, and then interrogate and assess product functionality and reliability based on what their selected tool allows. Test frameworks channel